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					                             EA ST R A ND ORCH I D SOCI ET Y

                                       P. O. Box 85, Edenvale, 1610

                                March NEWSLETTER
       NEXT MEETING:           SATURDAY 10TH APRIL 2010

       VENUE:                  EDENVALE COMMUNITY CENTRE
                               C/r VAN RIEBEECK AVE & 2ND STREET

       TIME:                   2.00 pm

       SPEAKER:                Ann Duckworth (Long standing member of Council and very
                               knowledgeable orchid grower from Pietermaritsburg.)

       TOPIC:                  TO BE ADVISED.

Monthly Meetings - Dates for 2010
10th April; 12th June; 10th July; 14th August; 11th September; 9th October;
13th November.
Autumn Show: 6th May – 9th May
Spring Show: 2nd September – 5th September

Entrance fees:
An entrance fee of R5.00 per person is levied at every monthly meeting. This contributes towards our
hire costs for the venue. There are no exceptions. Tea and coffee are free and provided from society

Name Badges:
Please wear your name badges to the meetings. There will be a ‘fine’ of R5.00 for not wearing your
badge. The money will go towards the year end party. Please contact Alan Pike on 011-979-3081 if you
do not have a society name badge.

New Members:
Please do try and encourage your friends who are interested in orchids to join our society as there is so
much to learn about these fascinating plants. Our speakers provide guidance and help not readily
accessible in books or journals. The plant table is always a ‘mini-show’ and a treat for those attending.
Young blood and enthusiasm are desperately needed.
In order to avoid confusion and overlap, all membership fees are, in future, to be paid to
the TREASURER ONLY (Tiek Lombard).

Raffle plants:
Any good quality orchids are welcomed for the monthly raffle. If you have a spare plant that would be
suitable, bring it along and give it to Luisa Roscani at the door. Raffle tickets are on sale at the beginning
of the meeting.

The library will only be open half an hour BEFORE the monthly meeting and NOT at tea-time.

Our Librarian Leila Bailie has unfortunately resigned as she has gone back to work as an estate agent
and cannot commit to doing the library. If there is anyone who would like to volunteer for the job please
let any one of the committee members know. If everyone puts in a bit of their time to the running of the
club then it is not left to the faithful few who seem to do all the work.

Plant table in January:

Best Hybrid : Ascocenda Princess Mikassa belonging to Beverly Kramer

This plants parents are: Ascocenda Royal Sapphire x Vanda coerulea
The Vanda coerulea imparts cool growing properties to the plant ie. 10 – 16 C at night.
It also needs bright indirect light.
Best species : Cymbidium elegans belonging to Eduard Seijdlitz

This species comes from the Nepal & Himalya region of northeast India
Also cool growing with a min of 3 C to a max of 23 C
It should be grown with low light as in the natural habitat it grows on the forest floor in an area where
there is constant cloud cover. The humidity therefore would also be high.

Growing tip:

Contributions and ideas are welcome.

I had the idea of asking for volunteers to read books in the library and if they find any interesting
information they could do a summary and email it to me for inclusion into the next news letter.
I did this for a while for the WOS news letter and because I had to put my mind to finding something
interesting and then take the trouble to write it down I learned a great deal.
Beware…….. if I don’t get volunteers I will approach you personally and twist your arms till they hurt!!!

Many thanks go to Craig Cowie who sent me the following information for the news letter.

Sarcochilus – the orange blossom orchid

                                            Sarcochilus fitzgeraldii
Kingdom:                     Plantae
Order:                       Asparagates
Family:                      Orchidaceae
Tribe:                       Vandeae
Sub-Tribe:                   Aeridinae
Alliance:                    Phalaenopsis
Genus:                       Sarcochilus

General Information
-25 Species       - Northern & Eastern Australia
                  -    Tasmania
                  -    New Caledonia

-Word – sarcochilus form Greek words – “sarx” means flesh and “cheilos “meaning lip which refers to the fleshy labellum.
- epiphytic/lithophytic with leaves from pseudobulb
- axillary racemose inflorescence is pendant to arching.
- flowers- few to many successive opening flowers with free petals and sepals.
- some species can form keikis.

         Sarcochilus aequalis D.L.Jones et M.A.Clem., 1991
         Sarcochilus australis (Lindl.) Rchb.f. in Walp., 1861 Butterfly Orchid
         Sarcochilus borealis (Nicholls) D.L.Jones, 1989
         Sarcochilus ceciliae F.Muell., 1865 Fairy Bells (mostly a lithophyte)
         Sarcochilus chrysanthus Schltr., 1913
         Sarcochilus dilatatus F.Muell., 1859 Brown Butterfly Orchid (epiphyte)
         Sarcochilus falcatus R.Br., 1810 Orange Blossom Orchid (epiphyte)
         Sarcochilus fitzgeraldii F.Muell., 1870 Ravine Orchid (mainly lithophytic)
         Sarcochilus gildasii N.Hallé, 1986
         Sarcochilus hartmannii F.Muell., 1874 Hartmann's Orchid (almost completely lithophytic)
         Sarcochilus hillii (F.Muell.) F.Muell, 1860
             o Sarcochilus hillii var. hillii.
             o Sarcochilus hillii var. thycolus N.Hallé, 1986
         Sarcochilus hirticalcar (Dockrill) M.A.Clem. et B.J.Wallace, 1989
         Sarcochilus iboensis Schltr., 1913
         Sarcochilus koghiensis Schltr., 1911
         Sarcochilus odoratus Schltr., 1913
         Sarcochilus olivaceous Lindl., 1839
         Sarcochilus parviflorus Lindl. in Edwards’s, 1838
         Sarcochilus ramuanus (Kraenzl.) Schltr. in K.M.Schumann & C.A.G.Lauterbach, 1905
         Sarcochilus rarus Schltr., 1906
         Sarcochilus roseus (Clemesha) Clemesha, 1969 (true lithophyte)
         Sarcochilus serrulatus D.L.Jones, 1972
         Sarcochilus spathulatus R.S.Rogers, 1927
         Sarcochilus tricalliatus (Rupp) Rupp, 1951
         Sarcochilus uniflorus Schltr., 1913
         Sarcochilus weinthalii

Intrageneric hybrids include

         x Aeridochilus (Aerides x Sarcochilus)
         x Gastrosarcochilus (Gastrochilus x Sarcochilus)
         x Luichilus (Luisia x Sarcochilus)
         x Malcolmcampbellara (Drymoanthus x Plectorrhiza x Sarcochilus)
         x Parachilus (Parasarcochilus x Sarcochilus)
         x Plectochilus (Plectorrhiza x Sarcochilus)
         x Pomatochilus (Pomatocalpa x Sarcochilus)
         x Porterara (Rhynchostylis x Sarcochilus x Vanda)
         x Rhinochilus (Rhinerrhiza x Sarcochilus)
x Sarcocentrum (Ascocentrum x Sarcochilus)
x Sarcomoanthus (Sarcochilus x Drymoanthus)
x Sarconopsis (Phalaenopsis x Sarcochilus)
x Sarcorhiza (Rhinerrhiza x Sarcochilus)
x Sarcothera (Renanthera x Sarcochilus)
x Sarcovanda (Sarchilus x Vanda)
x Sartylis (Rhynchostylis x Sarcochilus)
x Sladeara (Doritis x Phalaenopsis x Sarcochilus)
x Uptonara (Phalaenopsis x Rhynchostylis x Sarcochilus)

Sarcochilus australis

Sarcochilus ceciliae                           Sarcochilus falcatus

Sarcochilus fitzgeraldii                       Sarcochilus harmannii
There is an absolute wealth of information in the books in the library and on the internet and I appeal
once again that if anyone finds any paragraph interesting please just type it out (or copy and paste)
giving the reference as to where you found the information and email it to me for inclusion into the news

Now how about a non committee member sending me something?
Please do not be intimidated. I am also new at compiling a news letter and to boot I am not computer
literate as both Luzia and Craig can confirm how many times I had to go to them and ask for help!!!...but..
in this way I am at least learning.
Thank you, Luzia and Craig for your patience with this old duck.

We would like members to bring along mugs for their personal use. These could be washed by the
member and then either left in the cupboard for future use, or brought back for each meeting. The
alternative will be Styrofoam cups which will be available from the cupboard.

Plant Sales Table at the monthly meeting:
Please remember to hand in a list of your plants, with the prices, to Giel de Lange at the back of the hall.
The plant/pots must also be marked with a sticker with your name and telephone number on it. This will
avoid confusion with the sale of plants. You are expected to donate ten percent of sales takings to
the Society – we trust you to comply.

Please note if any member would like to place an advert in this newsletter, the cost is R20.
Contact Paula Cimardi to arrange for the inclusion of the advert in the next newsletter.

Serendipity Orchids : phone 011-452-0600
Guano Organic Fertiliser is now available. R65.00 a bottle

Forthcoming Events:
The following is a list of orchid shows and events around the country. If you are in an area where there is a
show, please do visit:

13-17 April – TOG Autumn Show
23-25 April – WOS Autumn show, Floreum, Johannesburg Botanic Gardens
7-9 May – Cape Orchid Society Autumn show, Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens
5-6 June – NOS Winter Show, Durban Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre
4-5 September – NOS Spring Show, Durban Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre
24-26 September – Gauteng International Show, Safari Garden Centre, Pretoria
28 Sept – 2 Oct – TOG Spring Show
29-31 October – Cape Orchid Society Spring show, Alphen Hall, Constantia
5-7 November – WOS Spring show, Floreum, Johannesburg Botanic Gardens
18-27 November - 20th World Orchid Conference, Singapore
13-21 September, 21st World Orchid Conference, South Africa

Committee Members:

They are not ‘Ivory Tower’ people, but members of Your Society. They can be approached and they
welcome new ideas. Please help them to improve EROS so that we can all enjoy orchids and be proud
of our society.

President:            Alan Pike         Tel: 011-979-3081 or 083-929-6948
Vice President:       Paul Nel          Tel: 011-453-8170 or 072-810-6771
Secretary:            Craig Cowie       Tel: 082-888-3475
Treasurer:            Tiek Lombard      Tel: 011-894-7388 or 082-928-3469
Meetings Organiser:   George Vorster    Tel: 011-455-4269 or 083-456-3226
Show Chairperson:     Luzia Bohi        Tel: 011-795-2704
Librarian:            Vacant            Volunteer required
Extra Member:         Vanessa Harris    Tel: 011-928-4251
Newsletter Editor:    Paula Cimardi     Tel: 011-902-5116 or 082-322-0324

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