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                      ISSUE 2 : SPRING ‘05

                     We're pleased to report
                     that the first issue of In
                     Brief was so well received
                     we've had plenty of
                     requests from both our
                     staff and customers for
                                                  and upwards!
                     the next issue.              home. Also on the North East region:            On top of that, we now also have Castlebrae
                     So, here it is.              Eddie Roughley, who has done a sterling         Drainage in Glasgow, an extension of the
Graham Tattersall                                 job managing the whole of our operation         LFD group and still headed by Tommy
And, we've plenty of exciting news to report:     there, is finally able to hand over the         Easton. And we intend to extend our
about new contracts and customers, about          Middlesbrough office reins to new manager       coverage to Aberdeen, Edinburgh and
our own expansion and services, and about         Dave Hartley, and go back to concentrating      Dundee soon, so watch this space.
the people who make Lanes the successful          on his own depot at Chester-le-Street.
and dynamic company that it is today.                                                             Don't forget to let us know what you
                                                  In Scotland, we've established an office in     think of In Brief – good or bad – we'd like
Two of our depots - Preston and East              Alloa to service Scottish Water Solutions for   to hear your comments.
Midlands - are moving into new and bigger,        whom we're contracted to carry out 376 km
purpose-built premises, whilst Tyne and           of sewer rehabilitation and renovation over     See you in issue 3!
Wear is in temporary accommodation and            the next 4 years.                               Graham Tattersall
currently on the lookout for a suitable new

                                                  The contracts were originally awarded back      That used to mean all maintenance work

All aboard                                        in 2000, each for a three-year term, but
                                                  have proved so successful that they have
                                                  been extended for two further years.
                                                                                                  was done only between 1am and 5am –
                                                                                                  in reality about 2.5 hours’ working time
                                                                                                  once tools had been set up and taken down
                                                                                                  afterwards. The new scheme allows working
                                                  A recent Lanes' project was considered          round the clock, but avoids the morning
                                                  newsworthy enough to be featured in             and evening rush hours, and it's proved
                                                  'Platform', the Tube Lines' in-house            to be a winner.
                                                  magazine, as an example of ground-breaking
                                                  'round-the-clock' station works which           Kevin Harcombe of Tube Lines says that
                                                  proved that completion times could              the new system will save the company
                                                  be reduced massively.                           money and time, explaining “By working
                                                                                                  most of the day, we've cut job times by
                                                  Back in September, Tube Lines embarked          90 per cent. It also allows us to improve our
                                                  on a pilot ambience improvement project at      performance. We can do more deep cleaning
                                                  Leicester Square underground station.           and accelerate things like escalator and lift
                                                  Lanes carried out all the work including        maintenance - all at a fraction of the time
                                                  repainting, replastering, relamping and         it took before. Now that's massive!”
                                                  refurbishment of doors and handrails which
Lanes Rocky Arnold gets to work                   would, under previous arrangements, have
                                                  taken four months. This project took just
Lanes Engineering and Construction Limited        four weeks thanks to a new scheme which
is a major maintenance contractor on the          allows work to be completed outside the old
London Underground and has direct contracts       'engineering hours'.
with both Tube Lines and Metronet Rail.
                                                                                                  T : 0800 526488
                                                              W : www.lanesfordrains.co.uk        E : michelle.ringland@lanesfordrains.co.uk
Lanes tackles
                                                                 tank system was coming to            conditions were quite difficult too – clay
                                                                 the end of its life, a solution      with a jelly-like texture – so we had to lay
                                                                 had to be found quickly.             54-cubic metres of concrete to a thickness
                                                                                                      of 600mm as a base for the plant which
                                                                 Graham Gartland from the             would normally only require a platform of
                                                                 YHA called in the combined           225mm depth.”
                                                                 services of Kee Process and
                                                                 Lanes for Drains to carry out        Another significant consideration was the
                                                                 the tricky task. Kee Process         sensitive location: the whole area is part of
                                                                 as the main project contractor,      the National Park, and the site for the
                                                                 provided the NuDisc 1600             treatment plant was just 200-metres from a
                                                                 Sewerage Treatment Plant             fresh water lake providing local drinking
                                                                 whilst we did all the preparation,   water which had to be protected. To cope
                                                                 installation and reinstatement of    with that we constructed a soakaway –
                                                                 the site afterwards.                 filled with another 350 tonnes of stone,
Lowering the waste treatment plant into position                                                      latticed with pipework and lined and
                                                   Allan Fellows of Lanes’ Chester branch             covered with permeable terram – some 20
It was nothing to do with climbing mountains       describes the difficulties facing the team:        metres away from the plant.
though! This Snowdon challenge took 7              “Although the site was only 25 metres
weeks and involved installing a new waste          from the road, a substantial drop from the         Finally, the whole site was finished re-using
management system at the Snowdon                   surface meant that only the crane could be         the excavated marshland and materials dug
Ranger Youth Hostel.                               brought in that way. Everything else –             out during the project – 1800 tonnes of
                                                   including a 20-ton excavator – had to be           earth in total – all of which was dried out
The hostel is a popular one, situated in           brought in across the National Park over a         first. As a finishing touch, a screen of
Betws Garmon at the foot of the Welsh              car park and through 100-metres of                 mountain ash trees has been planted
mountain in the heart of the National Park.        marshland. We had to build a road across           around the final structure.
It’s perfectly placed for the many tourists        the marsh, digging out 500 tonnes of wet
who explore North Wales every year, so             earth and putting down 400 tonnes of
when it became clear that the old septic           stone,” says Allan, adding “The ground

                                                                                                      T : 0800 526488
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A ‘newt’ challenge
                                                                     the year on land, but      Lanes also spent two full days preparing
                                                                     towards the end of         the site before the decontamination process
                                                                     winter adult newts         began. Regional manager Nigel Ward
                                                                     return to their breeding   explains: “We took down fences and cut
                                                                     pond and lay eggs on       back huge amounts of undergrowth to
                                                                     underwater leaves          open up the access. We also carved steps
                                                                     near the edge. It          into the mud banks and set up hand rails
                                                                     takes four weeks for       and supports for safety.”
                                                                     the eggs to hatch as
                                                                     tadpoles and a further     It was certainly no easy task, but the work
                                                                     three months to            was completed within the allotted week
                                                                     develop into young         and Tom and Ecologia are pleased with
                                                                     newts capable of           the success of the operation.
                                                                     leaving the water.”
                                                                                                “We had worked with Lanes on a number
                                                                    The clean-up operation      of other projects, so knew its capabilities,”
                                                                    had to ensure that no       he says. “But we were especially impressed
                                                                    newts or eggs were          with the way the Lanes’ team
                                                                    harmed, or damage           communicated with us throughout this
The Lanes crew in action during the clean up   caused to the habitat – itself a criminal        project. Nigel came down to the site
                                               offence.                                         straightaway and was very keen, very
We may be best known as the UK’s                                                                enthusiastic. After that he kept in touch
largest independent drainage specialist,       Avoiding the breeding season and waiting         regularly and our two companies really
but sometimes we are called on to help         for the special licence from DEFRA to carry      worked closely to solve the problem.”
out with more unusual projects.                out the work gave experts time to plan for
                                               the logistics of the project.                    With work now completed and the pond
This time it was to save the Great Crested                                                      decontaminated, everyone is happy –
Newt – a species protected under the           The site was some 150 metres from the            including – we hope – the great crested
Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the      road through woodland and undergrowth            newts!
Habitat Regulations Act of 1994 – from an      giving difficult and limited access, so Lanes
environmental disaster.                        arranged to bring in additional high
                                               specification specialist equipment.
Lanes was brought in by environmental
firm Ecologia which gives specialised          For instance, since there was no convenient
support to insurance companies dealing         water supply, a high volume pump unit
with such incidents.                           was used to carry water from a lake –
                                               across country for 350-metres and up a
Tom Hayes, Ecologia’s operations manager,      10-metre lift – to loosen the sediment in
summarises the problem: “5000 litres of        the pond.
domestic heating oil had leaked and
contaminated a pond 250 metres away            Meanwhile, from the roadside, a Kaiser
in an area designated as a habitat of          tanker provided high-pressure water jets
the great crested newt.”                       to cut away the solidified matter, whilst an
                                               massively powerful ‘DISAB’ vacuum, also
“First we commissioned a survey to check       positioned on the road, suctioned out the
for the presence of newts and, although        contaminated material and carried it back
there were none in the pond, there was         up the 15-metre lift along 150-metres of
evidence of them in the vicinity,” says Tom.   pipe to the waste unit.
“The great crested newt spends much of

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On the high seas
Our sewer renovation crews can be called            “I just hope the crews bring their
to anywhere in the UK, so they're quite used        sea legs with them,” says Jon.
to travelling a fair distance to work.              “A tanker crew came over to do
                                                    some pre-cleaning and they looked
This project is a little different though because   pretty green when they stepped
the 'work' is in Lerwick, the main hub of the       off the ferry!”
Shetland Islands, and it's 12-hours by ferry
from Aberdeen!                                      The Lerwick project is scheduled
                                                    to finish by Easter.
As we go to press, a substantial Lanes'
contingent is en route for Lerwick to carry
out renovation work on 5km of sewers in
Lerwick town centre as part of our contract
with Scottish Water Solutions. Needless to                                                    Ready to disembark in Lerwick
say, there's a huge amount of kit to be got
from A to B – or in this case, more like A to        Shetland Islands Fact File
Z! – and it's all going by boat.
                                                              latitude        60º north                   population          21,988 (2001 Census)
Speaking from Lerwick where he is preparing                   longitude       1º west
for the 1 February start, Jon Close, contract                                                             length of coastline 1,450km
                                                              distances       360km Bergen
manager, explains: “The equipment is being                                    228km Aberdeen              highest peak        Ronas Hill (450m)
packed into three freight containers specially                                957km London
kitted out for the trip. We will have our own                                 1,123km Reykjavik           most sheer cliff    The Kame, Foula (372m)
crews, boilers and a fully functioning wet
                                                              area            1,468 sq km                 highest mean temp15º c (July and August)
out plant so the logistics have been quite
a challenge!”                                                 no of islands 100+ : 15 uninhabited         all time UK record 1.1.92 194mph wind

Lanes looks to environment
                                                    Safety Council at a ceremony at The Tower           He obviously worked hard and now has a
                                                    of London in December. He graduated after           well deserved diploma under his belt, but
                                                    studying on the three-month course in York.         what does it mean to Lanes for Drains?

                                                    “Afterwards, the tutor admitted that it was         “I have a greater, in-depth knowledge of
                                                    the equivalent of the first two years of a degree   environmental management which I can
                                                    course,” explains John “Now I know why it           convert into good, sound working practices
                                                    was so tough!”                                      to reduce the environmental impact of
                                                                                                        our business. I'll also be developing and
                                                    The course was very intensive. “We had to           implementing new systems and procedures
                                                    attend block sessions in a classroom                with the aim, ultimately, of attaining ISO
                                                    environment, with assignments and extra             14001 standards across the group. Because
John Glover (rt) gets his well earned diploma       work to complete in between,” says John,            we believe, as a company, that it's absolutely
                                                    adding “And of course I was still wearing my        the right thing to do.”
Lanes' health and safety manager John
                                                    usual Lanes' health and safety hat too, so it
Glover was awarded a Diploma in
                                                    was no mean feat, even if I say so myself!”
Environmental Management by the British

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Keeping up with the law..                                                                        Lanes puts
                                                                  That's why we called in
                                                                  ACAS. Steve Lee of Acas
                                                                  Yorkshire and Humber
                                                                  answered Lanes' “call out”
                                                                  by designing a tailored
                                                                                                 safety first
                                                                  series of intensive training   At Lanes we're big on health and safety.
                                                                  sessions for managers on       So, whenever we can do anything extra
                                                                  basic employment law           to look after our employees, we make
                                                                  and anti-discrimination.       sure we do just that.
                                                                  Barbara Tattersall, Lanes'
                                                                  group personnel manager,       That's why we've issued a special directory
                                                                  was more than pleased          to all our regional offices which makes it
                                                                  with the result: “Steve Lee    easy for everyone to order all the safety
                                                                  carefully considered our       equipment and clothing they need to ensure
                                                                  needs and put together a       they get maximum protection whilst they're
                                                                  programme that was spot        at work.
Barbara and Steve check the small print
                                                on - good humoured and not too formal.
                                                It really worked for us.”                        Our supplier, Suresafe, offers everything from
With over 500 directly employed staff now
at the Lanes' Group, it can be tricky making                                                     waterproofs to hi-vis, from fleeces to hard
                                                Barbara adds: “On a similar theme, we are        hats, from coveralls to boots and gloves - and,
sure all the managers out in the field are
                                                obliged to inform our employees about the        where appropriate the clothing carries the
kept completely up to date with new
                                                new Dispute Resolution/Disciplinary &            Lanes' logo.
requirements - like the changes to the
                                                Grievance legislation which came in on
Employment Act 2002 which were introduced
                                                1/10/04, so we are including a detailed
on 1 October 2004.
                                                explanation on the company's intranet
                                                site which staff members can download
                                                for information.

Christmas bonus....
Last September, Lanes Engineering &             Peter Radley, duty operational engineer of
Construction was awarded a 5-year               Tube Lines, writes: “I would like to thank
contract by Tube Lines for Winter Working       Lanes for their response to the adverse
Activities. This involves de-icing track and    weather warning issued on Christmas day.
station areas when necessary, to keep the       A number of staff put themselves out to
service operational – and to save the           assist our de-icing plans and supplied five
clients enormous penalty payments.              teams to respond to incidents as requested.      Safety gear is a top priority
                                                This contract is certainly a benefit to Tube
At Christmas our boys on the front line         Lines whilst the adverse weather season
were put to the test by the arctic conditions   is upon us.”
but, we're happy to report, obviously
impressed the client!                           Well done to all those involved!

No 17, Parkside Lane, Parkside Industrial Estate, Leeds, LS11 5TD
Tel: 0113 385 8400 Fax: 0113 385 8401
E : michelle.ringland@lanesfordrains.co.uk
W : www.lanesfordrains.co.uk
The darlings of Darlington?
                                                                             management             workspace unusable. Fortunately, prompt
                                                                             company, Lingfield     action by Lanes meant this wasn't the case.
                                                                             Investments.           A van pack unit was despatched and
                                                                                                    relieved a blockage caused by lumps of
                                                                             Lingfield Point is     grout, whilst a CCTV team found evidence
                                                                             an impressive          of more grout within the lines. A Lanes' jet
                                                                             site. Steeped in       vac unit and high pressure cutting machine
                                                                             industrial heritage,   made short work of the blockage, and for
                                                                             it was originally      peace of mind the camera crew has returned
                                                                             built in 1950s by      3-monthly to reassure Capita and Lingfield
                                                                             Patons & Baldwin       that there is no danger of a repeat
                                                                             and is being           performance.
                                                                             transformed into
                                                                             a prestigious          Eddie Humphries, Lingfield's estate manager,
                                                                             business park          wrote to thank us for our 'prompt and
                                                                             by Lingfield           effective' action, saying “Your co-operation
 Lanes to the rescue at Lingfield House         Investments. The showpiece, Lingfield               in providing a clearance team and CCTV
                                                House, is a lovingly-restored art deco              inspection facility at extremely short notice
Well, that might be stretching it a bit, but    building and the home of business support           was greatly appreciated and went a long
certainly when a tenant reported a nasty niff   services giant Capita Group plc, with over          way in assuring the tenant that everything
coming from the drains at Lingfield Point       600 workers handling contracts for a host           that could be done, was being done.”
near Darlington, it was Lanes who sorted        of high profile clients. So it's easy to see
out the problem, and Lanes who got a big        what kind of business disruption could have         Thanks Eddie! It's nice to know that
thumbs up from the landlord and property        been caused if drains had made the                  we're appreciated!

John's on the right track
We've always said that one of the reasons       John said: “I would have been hanging
for our success is the dedication of our        around all day otherwise, and realised
staff, but even we were amazed when we          that if I could get to the job it would be
heard that one of our engineers travelled       quicker for the customer than waiting for
by public transport to a job!                   another engineer. I was happy to do it -
                                                though I'm not sure the other passengers
John Painter from our West Mids depot was       were impressed at sharing their carriage
on the way to a blocked drain call in Milton    with my drain rods!”
Keynes when his van broke down. Mercedes
roadside assistance took the vehicle to a       Luckily, John was able to fix the problem
garage for repair and John had to be content    at the Revolution Bar in the Escape Centre          John: above and beyond the call of duty!
with booking into a B&B for the night.          on the spot. But, with all his paperwork still
In the morning, he jumped in a taxi to the      in the van, had to go back there to get sign        What he did was definitely 'above and
garage to be told that the van wouldn't be      off when the van was finally back on the road.      beyond the call' – even for a dedicated
ready until 17.00 hrs.                                                                              Lanes' engineer!” adding “So we have
                                                Regional manager, Dave Green, says “I think         acknowledged his dedication with a
When the depot confirmed that it would be       perhaps Mercedes Roadside Assistance                small bonus!”
another 3-4 hours before a replacement          could learn a thing or two about service
Lanes' engineer could get there, John took      from us! John finally arrived back at the           And well deserved too!
matters into his own hands. He threw his        depot at 21.00 hrs that night.
tools and drain rods over his shoulder -
and went by train!
                                                                                                    T : 0800 526488
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