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									                                                                                                                                                   Bronte BigK
Bronte Big K Mountain Bike Challenge
Part of the ‘Ride for Ryder’ series
Terms, Conditions and rules.

  Liability -The Bronte BigK Mountain Bike Challenge is operated by Sue Ryder Care, and all riders take part at their own
  risk. Neither Sue Ryder Care nor its sponsors accept responsibility for any loss, injury or damage suffered by any rider
  personally or to their property as a result of taking part in the Bronte BigK Mountain Bike Challenge in the absence of
  negligence or breach of statutory duty on the part of either Sue Ryder Care or its sponsors. Personal accident and public
  liability insurance cover is advised to cover any loss, damage or injury you may sustain yourself or to your personal
  property or cause to a third party or their property.

                                                                                                                                                   Mountain Bike Challenge
  As part of their entry into this event participants agree to ride safely with consideration for others and also declare that
  their cycle is well maintained and in good working order. They also agree to follow the instructions given by event
  officials on the day. Your signature on the entry form or your clicking on the box in the on line entry conforms your
  acceptance of these conditions of entry. If during the event you are involved in an incident with a third party please
  ensure that you pass on all your details – it is not the responsibility of the event organisers.

Registration - Every participant must fill in their own registration form unless they are completing it for an under 16. We also need to ensure
we have contact details for all participants in the case of an emergency.
                                                                                                                                                   Sunday 19th September 2010
  The Anne route is suitable for all ages though riders aged 11 or under must be accompanied by an adult (aged 18 or                               In aid of
  over) throughout the event. There must be at least one adult (aged 18 or over) for every 5 riders aged 11 or under.
  Parents must be confident that their child/children has/have a good level of road safety awareness and bike control over
  bumpy ground.
  For the Charlotte and Emily routes, riders must be 14 years of age or above on the day of the event.
  Anyone under 16yrs old must have their entry form signed by a parent/guardian and must abide the rules. Riders
  under 16yrs old must be accompanied throughout the event by an adult over 18. It is each riders or parents/guardians
  responsibility to ensure they or their children are suitability fit and healthy to take part in the rides and have a good level
  of road safety awareness.

Refunds - The entry fee for the Bronte BigK Mountain Bike Challenge is non-transferable and non-refundable. Due to unexpected health and
safety reasons on the day, the Bronte BigK Mountain Bike Challenge organisers reserve the right to adjust the route to account for unforeseen
conditions (for example, flooding).
Publicity - By participating, participants agree to take part in post-event publicity which may include interviews, photography and/or filming
for Sue Ryder internal communications, sport Keighley publicity and local and/or national media.
Contact details - Participants are personally responsible for updating the organisers with any new address and telephone details. In the case
of an emergency, Sue Ryder Care may use the Emergency Contact details provided by you to contact your home or office.
Health and Fitness -The event is a challenge ride that is graded to suit many levels of fitness but some of the hills are steep and, given the
time of year and prevailing conditions riders should ensure they are medically fit and well hydrated. All riders should satisfy themselves that

                                                                                                                                                   Main Sponsor
they are in good health and physically able to participate in the Bronte BigK Mountain Bike Challenge and choose a route that suits their
ability and fitness. If in doubt, participants should consult a GP or hospital doctor prior to the event. All riders should have appropriate sun
Data Protection - Please be aware that by registering you authorise Sue Ryder Care to process your personal data in accordance with the
Data Protection Act 1998 for the purposes of this event. Sue Ryder Care will endeavour not to use any photographs, images or likenesses
of children aged 16 or under.
By ticking the box on our registration form you agree to Sue Ryder Care using your personal data for the purposes outlined above.
Risks - Sue Ryder Care has a comprehensive risk assessment process for each event which aims to minimise or eliminate the risk to
everyone taking part. However, by taking part in this event, you acknowledge that there may be conditions or circumstances beyond our
control that can lead to unforeseen risks.
    •     All cyclists must abide by the Country Code and Highway Code
    •     Riders must ensure their cycles are suitable for the terrain and are roadworthy
    •     By taking part in this event cyclists are representing Sue Ryder Care and are asked to show consideration to other cyclists, road

          users and pedestrians.
          Safety is paramount. All riders must wear helmets (Compulsory)
                                                                                                                                                   A mountain bike route for all standards, choose between
          Your presence at every checkpoint must be recorded
          Remember that the event is NOT a race but a personal challenge                                                                           the Charlotte the Emily and the Anne.
     •    Marshals will be situated at points throughout the course and their signals should be observed at all times
     •    Cyclists should be properly equipped to ride in inclement weather
     •    Any cyclist who drops out must report to an official to prevent any unnecessary search being started
     •    The Organisers reserve the right to decide if the event is to start in a group or staggered start
     •    Participants and supporters are welcome to take pictures on the day but please ensure that where the pictures captures
          images of children that only one’s family members are included.                                                                                                                              sportKeighley
     •    Alcohol - For health and safety reasons, participants may not consume alcohol prior to or during the event.
     •    Smoking - Sue Ryder Care asks that participants and supporters do not smoke during the event                                             A Ride for Ryder Event
                                                                                                                                                                            Sue Ryder Care is a charity registered in Scotland (SC039578) and in England and Wales (1052076)
Take on one of three superb mountain bike challenges amidst the                    REgiSTRATion FoRM
beautiful scenery of Bronte Country and raise funds for Sue Ryder
Care – Manorlands Hospice. Charlotte, Emily or Anne, which one
do you fancy?                                                                       The Bronte Big K Mountain Bike Challenge
                                                                                                             Sunday 19th September 2010
The Charlotte                                                                                                          Please register online if possible at…
Original 31 Mile Bronte Mountain Bike Challenge Route                                                                    www.brontebikechallenge
                                                                                    If not possible please read the rules and disclaimer on the back page and complete the entry
From Oxenhope, over the moors to Widdop, historic Wycoller and back                  form, return it with payment to Sue Ryder Care - Manorlands Hospice to the address below.
via Stanbury. A challenging mix of tracks, trails and minor roads. 14 years
and over. Registration from 8:15am. Optional group start at 9:00am, then                                       Please tick which ride you wish to take part in
staggered starts until 9:30am.                                                         The Charlotte entry fee £25 per person
                                                                                       The Emily entry fee £25 per person
                                                                                       The Anne entry fee £25 per family
The Emily                                                                           If Anne route is chosen, how many will be taking part, maximum six people
An intermediate of approximately 21 miles.                                          Contact Name:
From Oxenhope to Widdop then along the Mary Townley route to Hebden                 Address:
Bridge and back over ‘stairs’ to the finish in Oxenhope. A challenging mix of       Post Code:                                                Tel:
tracks, trails and minor roads but not as hardcore as the Charlotte. 14 years       Mobile:
and over. Registration from 8:15am. Group start at 9:00am, then staggered           (by which you can be contacted on during the event)

starts until 10:00am.                                                               Email:
                                                                                    Emergency contact name:
The Anne                                                                            Emergency contact number:
Original Manorlands Family/Fun Route Approximately 11 miles.                          By ticking this box you agree to the event terms conditions and rules stated overleaf.

A scenic loop from Oxenhope towards Haworth and Harecroft, mainly on                If you are under 16 please ask a parent/guardian to sign below to agree to the terms and
                                                                                    conditions on their behalf.
minor roads but some tracks. Suitable for all ages though under 11s must be
accompanied by an adult. Registration from 9:30am. Group start at 10:00am.          Parent Guardian                                                                              Date

                                                                                       I enclose a cheque payable to Sue Ryder Care - Manorlands Hospice
Entry fees, £25 per individual for Charlotte and Emily, £25 per family for Anne.   or I would like to pay by: Mastercard                      Visa            Solo         UK Maestro
All participants receive a complementary meal at the Bay Horse Inn and a
                                                                                   Name on Card                                                      Type
Ride for Ryder medal at the finish. Please enter in advance. Limited entries
on the day (£5 additional surcharge). All routes marked and marshalled, feed       Please debit my credit card number: Debit                           Credit Card
                                                                                   Start Date                  /               Expiry Date                /             Issue No
For online entry go to                                           Please return this form with your payment to:
                                                                                   Andrew Wood Sue Ryder Care - Manorlands Hospice, Hebden Road, Oxenhope, Keighley BD22 9HJ
To enter by post use attached paper entry forms or download your own at
For more information including route maps go to                                                                                      sportKeighley
                                                                                                                     Sue Ryder Care is a charity registered in Scotland (SC039578) and in England and Wales (1052076)

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