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									Gift Wrap

Giving someone a gift is very common in our society. You want the
wrapping for it to be lovely as well. This shows that person that you
took the time to really think about them when you purchased it. Some
retailers will offer to wrap the gift for you at no charge. Others will
do it for you but at a very low price such as a couple of dollars.
Generally during the holiday season you will see plenty of non profit
organizations set up at the malls and various retailers offering such a
service as well.

For most of the rest of the time though you will be on your own to
complete the gift wrap process. If you find there are always gifts to buy
then you should stock up on the wrapping. You can often find it on sale
and then buy several rolls. I always go the day after Christmas and get
many rolls of gift wrap that I will use the next time it rolls around.
You need to pay attention to the quality of the gift wrap too though as
some of it is so thin you can’t hardly work with it.

You can create your own gift wrap too which can be fun. Using paint,
makers and even stamps you can make it on plain white paper or even brown
paper bags. This is a great way to conserve paper and to save you money
as well. If you do decide to buy gift wrap try to buy those that are made
from recycled paper. This is a good way to do your part to cut down on
waste in the environment.

Some individuals use paper bags with some tissue paper on the top
instead. They can easily reuse these gift bags as you will get plenty
when your children have birthdays or for the holidays. It eliminates
waste and you can find these gift bags in many sizes. For odd shaped
gifts it can be much easier than using gift wrap.

It can be difficult to get the hang of gift wrapping as well. You have to
make sure you get enough of it to cover the item. If there is a design on
the gift wrap you should try to line it up where the piece meet on the
top. Using clear tape can help your gift wrapping job to look very nice.
Make sure you cut the excess off the sides and the tuck the pieces in
before you tape them securely into place.

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