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									                     College Ten
                    Social Justice and Community

Student Life and Housing Guide | 2010-11
PriNCiPLeS                                 of        COMMUNiTY

The University of California, Santa Cruz is committed to promoting and protecting an
environment that values and supports every person in an atmosphere of civility, honesty,
cooperation, professionalism and fairness.

UC Santa Cruz expects that every campus member will practice these Principles of

We strive to be…
D i v e r S e We embrace diversity in all its forms and we strive for an inclusive community
that fosters an open, enlightened and productive environment.

O P e N We believe free exchange of ideas requires mutual respect and consideration for
our differences.

P U r P O S e F U L We are a participatory community united by shared commitments to:
service to society; preservation and advancement of knowledge; and innovative teaching
and learning.

C A r i N G We promote mutual respect, trust and support to foster bonds that strengthen
the community.

J U S T We are committed to due process, respect for individual dignity and equitable
access to resources, recognition and rewards.

D i S C i P L i N e D We seek to advance common goals through reasonable and realistic
practices, procedures and expectations.

C e L e B r A T i v e We celebrate the heritage, achievements and diversity of the community
and the uniqueness and contributions of our members.

We accept the responsibility to pursue these principles in an atmosphere of personal
and intellectual freedom, security, respect, civility and mutual support.
                             College Ten                                            CONTENTS
                            Social Justice and Community
                                                                                    Our College Community........2

                                                                                    Housing Options......................3
Welcome to College Ten!
                                                                                    UC Santa Cruz Dining.............6
Founded in fall 2002, College Ten was one of the first new colleges at UC Santa
Cruz since 1972. Consistent with UC Santa Cruz's founding vision, College           What to Bring..........................7
Ten provides students with a small, close-knit, integrated living and learning
community within the larger university environment. The college’s theme of          Frequently Asked Questions...7
“Social Justice and Community” provides exciting co-curricular opportunities,
and you will see this theme represented in many of the college courses, student     Policies and Rules..................12
groups and extra-curricular programming available to you as a College Ten
student. We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities to learn         Student Life and
more about yourself, your community and the world in which we live.                 Housing Staff..........................14

This packet includes important information about the housing options available      Contact Information............16
to you as well as details on how to apply. Living on campus provides an excellent
opportunity to build connections with others in our community. First-year           Web Resources for Parents...16
students live in one of our residence halls, and upper-division students may
live in one of the apartment buildings, the International Living Center or in
the residence halls. Please make sure to complete the housing application and
questionnaire online by the deadline. We will make every effort to honor your
preferences within the confines of our available space.

We are looking forward to having you join our community and are here to
assist you with any questions you might have prior to your arrival Please do not
hesitate to contact us. If you would like to arrange a tour of College Ten please
call (831) 459-3767.

Once again, welcome to College Ten.
    Our College Community

    Student Life
    College Ten is a vibrant community with many
    opportunities for you to get involved. Providing
    opportunities for students to shape their
    environment and develop leadership skills is a
    priority at College Ten. Student-driven groups,
    advised and supported by staff, have a primary
                                                           intercultural communication skills, and share in
    role in planning co-curricular programming and
                                                           celebrating the diversity of our community. This
    student activities.
                                                           weekend retreat, held in a beautiful redwood
                                                           setting, is one of the cornerstones of College Ten
    College Ten’s theme of Social Justice and
    Community recognizes the importance of
    building leaders who are deeply committed to
                                                           Student Government
    social justice and who will be equipped to engage
                                                           The governing body of the college, Student
    fully in their communities. Programming each
                                                           Government, appoints students to campus and
    month includes workshops, small-group classes,
                                                           collegewide committees, advises College Ten
    field trips, film series, faculty speakers, and open
                                                           administration on policy development and
    mic events. Issues addressed may include prisons,
                                                           provides monetary support to College Ten and
    labor, poverty, discrimination, environmental
                                                           university-wide student organizations.
    justice, community activism, and other topics
    related to the college’s theme. In addition to
                                                           Café Revolución
    participating in theme-related programming,
                                                           College Ten’s hot spot for community interaction.
    some examples of other activities you can become
                                                           From live performances (music, poetry, comedy,
    involved with include:
                                                           etc.) by College Ten students to hanging out
                                                           with friends, from studying to jazz music to
    Multicultural Community Weekend (MCW)
                                                           playing pool, there is never a dull moment at
    MCW is an opportunity for students to learn
                                                           Café Revolución! Also, attend a variety of special
    more about themselves and their community,
                                                           programs hosted by Café Revolución such as
    build cultural competency and develop
                                                           social justice documentaries, pool tournaments, or
    multicultural leadership skills in an atmosphere
                                                           karaoke nights. The café is open every night.
    of positive engagement and mutual respect.
    Through a series of structured exercises and
                                                           Cultural Resources to Educate and to
    discussion facilitated by College Ten staff, faculty
                                                           Empower (CREATE)
    and student leaders, participants explore issues
                                                           CREATE offers a community/home at College
    impacting our individual identities (e.g. race,
                                                           Nine and College Ten for students of color to find
    class, culture, sexual orientation, gender), build
                                                           support and empowerment through mentorship

and friendship. CREATE also hosts a variety          opportunity to develop their leadership skills and
of college outreach programs throughout the          explore their relationship to social justice and
academic year. In addition, CREATE works with        community.
a local community organization to increase the
academic success of students.
                                                     Housing Options
Praxis is College Ten’s service learning
organization and is geared toward community          Some of the most significant and lasting friendships
building and social justice. By participating in     are developed within the residential community
Praxis, members gain exposure to a variety of        during a student’s first year in college. At College
agencies within the Santa Cruz community by          Ten we are proud to offer a number of exciting
volunteering each month. Praxis is the first step    housing options to our students. Please read the
for students seeking engagement in the local         following information carefully as each option
community. Students can explore what it means to     has unique features designed to assist students
be agents of social change.                          in building a community that fosters friendship,
                                                     personal development and educational success.
Practical Activism Conference

                                                                                                                         College Ten
Practical Activism is a day-long conference          Residence Halls
planned by a group of students working with staff    The three College Ten Residence Halls are set
and faculty advisors. The planning group forms       among multi-trunk deciduous trees on a large,
in spring, and works through fall to produce the     sunny knoll surrounding a landscaped plaza. Each
annual event. Offering interactive workshops,        building houses students in fully furnished single,
                                                     double, and triple rooms. The limited number of
speakers, arts and music, this is a dynamic day of
                                                     single rooms are usually allocated to residential staff
learning, inspiration and action. More information
                                                     and continuing residents. Only a few singles are
can be found at
                                                     set aside for incoming students. Each bedroom has
                                                     one telephone and an Internet connection for each
                                                     resident. Each resident is provided with an extra
ENGAGE, the College Ten Leadership Program,
                                                     long twin mattress bed (80" x 36" x 6"), chest of
meets weekly in fall quarter offering students an    drawers, closet, wastebasket, bookshelf, desk and
                                                     a chair. Residents are encouraged to bring a desk
                                                     lamp for their bedroom. All rooms are carpeted and
                                                     have blinds and a soft fluorescent overhead light.
                                                     All residence halls are completely smoke-free.

                                                     Students can choose between single-gender or coed
                                                     residence halls, in which members of all genders live
                                                     in the same hall or floor. Bathrooms may be coed,
                                                     while bedrooms are single-gender spaces.

                                                                                  Student Life and Housing Guide | 2010-11   3
          Sample Residence Hall Floor Plan                                                                                  Sample Residence Hall Room Types
                      (not to scale)                                                                                                    (not to scale)

                                                                                                 Stair             Triple
                     Stair                                                                               Single

                                                                                                                                                                             Loft bed with
         Triple                                                                             le
                                                                            B Triple B Doub                            Single

                                        Double             Stair   Triple                                                                                    Single

      Double      Single                                                                   Double                                                               Desk
                           Triple B
                                      Double     Single                           Bath

                                                                                                                                 Closet and
                                                                                                                                  Dresser         Desk
    There are one or two
    common bathrooms, consisting of toilets, sinks and showers on
    each floor of the residence halls. All toilet stalls have locking                                                                         Double
    doors, and all showers have a ceiling to floor curtain as well
    as a changing stall with a ceiling to floor curtain. On single-                                                              Closet and                            Bed
    gender floors, bathrooms are reserved for that gender only.                                                                   Dresser

                                                                                                                                 Closet and
    Apartments                                                                                                                                 Desk          Wardrobe

                                                                                                                                                                                Bunk Bed
    Apartment buildings house students in single, double, and
    triple rooms. The apartments are available to upper-division
    students from both College Nine and College Ten, and are not                                                                                Small Triple
    available for first-year students.
                                                                                                                                                                 Loft bed with
                                                                                                                                 Closet and                    desk and dresser
    Study Intensive Floor                                                                                                         Dresser
    Residents agree to maintain a quiet floor conductive to
    intensive study.                                                                                                                          Closet and Closet and
                                                                                                                                               Dresser    Dresser

    Gender Neutral Room Option
    This option is ideal for students whose gender identification and/or                                                                                                       Bunk Bed
    gender expression varies from the standard paradigm, as well as any

    student sensitive to the concerns of transgender people. The gender
    neutral room option allows for same-gender or other-gender identities
    to live together regardless of biological sex. Students wishing to live
    in a gender neutral room who do not self-select a roommate on their
                                                                                                                                               Loft bed with desk
    housing application will be assigned a roommate based on answers
                                                                                                                                                 and wardrobe                Desk
    provided on the Lifestyle Questionnaire and follow up interviews.

                                  Virtual tours of residence hall rooms are online at

                             International Living       Living Center community is based on consistent
                             Center (ILC)               participation by all ILC residents. Applicants will
                             The International          be selected based on their willingness to commit
                             Living Center, housed      to the following:
                             at the College Nine        	 •	 Sharing	their	culture	with	others
                             and College Ten            	 •	 Understanding,	appreciating	and	respecting		
                             apartments, offers              the values, cultures, and differences of others
                             a unique living            	 •	 Actively	participating	in	one	ILC	club/
                             environment fostering           organization (see application for examples)
                             understanding,             	 •	 Attending	ILC	and	College	Ten
                             cooperation and                 sponsored events
friendship among people from different nations,
cultures and backgrounds. About half of the             To be considered for placement in the ILC, be sure
residents of this apartment complex are students        to select that you are interested in living there on
from the United States and the other half consists      your housing application. Selecting this option will
of students from various countries around the           automatically provide you with the supplemental
world. Each apartment is shared by both U.S.            ILC appliaction.
students and students from abroad.

                                                                                                                             College Ten
                                                          R.PAATH Rosa Parks African American
All regularly enrolled, full-time College Nine and        Theme House
College Ten undergraduates are eligible to apply.         r.PAATH is a student-initiated themed living
Priority for the limited spaces available will go         option for all students whose interests span
to upper-division students who have a housing             historical, present-day, and future experiences of
guarantee. This includes new transfer students,           predominately black/African American peoples.
new international students, Regents Scholars,             r.PAATH is a community that is culturally sensitive
Karl S. Pister Leadership Opportunity Program             and promotes cultural intelligence through
                                                          organizing, living, studying, and socializing with
recipients and Educational Opportunity Program
                                                          staff passionate about political, cultural, popular,
(EOP) participants, assuming all deadlines and
                                                          social, and economic issues of the African Diaspora.
requirements are met.                                     r.PAATH is located at Stevenson College.

All applicants must complete the online UC Santa          Indigenous Peoples Hall
Cruz Housing Application/Contract to be eligible          This themed living option is for American indian
to live in the ILC. To be considered for placement        students and their allies and has planned
in the ILC, be sure to select that you are interested     programs with the American indian resource
                                                          Center, Native American faculty, and regional tribal
in the living there on your housing application.
                                                          leaders. Activities include a trip to the American
Selecting this option will automatically provide
                                                          indian Film Festival, guest speakers, and the
you with the supplemental ILC application.                opportunity to dialogue about current global
For more information go to                  indigenous rights issues. This will be a substance-
The strength and vitality of the International            free living space. The indigenous Peoples Hall is
                                                          located at Merrill College.

                                                                                      Student Life and Housing Guide | 2010-11   5
    UC Santa Cruz Dining                                    If you are in the mood for just a light meal or
                                                            snack, Flexi Dollars are gladly accepted at all of the
                                                            coffee shops and retail restaurants on campus.
    Students find mealtime an opportunity to meet
    old and new friends, visit and relax, and, of course,   Food Service Advisers
                                                            The university Food Service Adviser (FSA)
    eat! All students living at the colleges and at the
                                                            program offers a unique opportunity for students
    University Inn are required to have a meal plan.
                                                            to be involved in the dining program. The FSA
    Carefully select the meal plan option that you think    is a liaison between UC Santa Cruz Dining
    best suits your needs. If you wish to alter your meal   managers and college students/administrators.
    plan during the year, changes for the following         You will frequently see FSAs in the dining hall
    quarter may be made online during the specified         talking with students. Your FSA will also maintain
    filing period. All meal plans include additional        bulletin boards, post weekly menus and wellness
    Flexi Dollars that can be used in a college coffee      information, and announce special FSA activities.
    shop, dining hall or other campus dining outlets.       Get to know your FSA and feel free to make
                                                            contact by phone, e-mail, through the college
                                                            office, or at the designated bulletin board location.
    Dining halls are located throughout the campus and
    there is one downtown at the University Inn. Your
                                                            College Nights
    student ID card, which also functions as your meal
                                                            College Nights have been a special tradition at
    card and bus pass, may be used at all of the dining
                                                            UCSC since the founding of the campus in 1965.
    halls, as well as several coffee shops on campus.
                                                            The custom of special dinners at the college
                                                            where students, faculty, and staff gather together
    The dining halls offer a wide selection of freshly
                                                            to share a meal and a program of entertainment
    prepared entrées, a soup and salad bar, deli bar,
                                                            or enlightenment has been a core part of college
    fruits, beverages, and desserts. In addition to the
                                                            community since the beginning. Student
    regular meal program, several features contribute
                                                            involvement in College Night is always welcome!
    variety and fun to the dining hall atmosphere:
    special College Night entrées, chef creations,
                                                            University Center (UCEN)
    vegetarian and vegan entrées, and specialty bars.
                                                            The University Center, located above the College
    The offerings are always freshly prepared and well
                                                            Nine/Ten Dining Commons, is open for students
    balanced. Menus and nutritional information can
                                                            as well as faculty and staff. Coffee beverages and
    be viewed at

snacks are served in the morning and lunch is
available at the upscale Terra Fresca restaurant in
the afternoons.

What To Bring

Listed below are some items that you will need
and might want to bring with you to make your         What Not to Bring
life in the residential buildings more comfortable.
Please remember the college has no storage space       •    Alcohol or other drugs and paraphernalia
for your personal belongings. Bring only what can      •    Amplified instruments or drum sets
fit in your room.                                      •    BBQ grills, charcoal, lighter fluid, propane
                                                       •    Candles, lanterns, hookahs, smoking
  •   Alarm clock                                           devices or other fire hazardous items
  •   Bathrobe, bath/beach towels, shower shoes        •    extension cords (without an internal
  •   Bedding (blankets, pillows, pillow cases,             circuit breaker)

                                                                                                                          College Ten
      extra long twin sheets)                          •    Firearms, knives or other weapons
  •   Compact fluorescent light bulb (preferred)       •    Fireworks
  •   Decorations                                      •    Halogen lamps
  •   Desk lamp/light bulbs (no halogen)               •    Paintball guns, airguns, BB guns
  •   ear plugs, headphones                            •    Pets (except fish, in up to 10-gallon tank)
  •   emergency kit (see             •    Portable heater
                                                       •    Skateboards, roller skates, in-line skates
  •   ethernet cable
  •   Landline phone
  •   Laundry items (basket, detergent, hangers,      Frequently Asked Questions
  •   Lock (for your bike and/or computer)
  •   Plate, cups, silverware
                                                      When will I receive my housing assignment?
  •   Power strips (UL approved, with surge
                                                      Your housing assignment packets will be mailed
                                                      by mid-summer. This will include information
  •   rain gear, umbrella
  •   reusable water bottle                           regarding your room assignment, roommates and
  •   Sleeping bag                                    move-in instructions.
  •   Tv cable
                                                      Will I have to move out between quarters?
                                                      You may not stay in your room during the winter
                                                      break period. You may stay in your room during
                                                      the Thanksgiving and spring break periods as they

                                                                                   Student Life and Housing Guide | 2010-11   7
    are covered by the housing contract. Please note
    that dining service is not available for either break   telephone or call
    period. Please see the Terms and Conditions for         (831) 459-3111.
    more information about quarter breaks.                  Internet Access and
                                                            Computing Support
    How do I establish telephone, Internet and              The ResNet program,
    cable services?                                         which stands
    UC Santa Cruz ITS Telecommunications is a               for RESidential
    modern communications network that provides voice       NETwork, is a
    and data services for students living on campus.        joint effort between
                                                            The Colleges and
    Telephone Service                                       University Housing Services and Information
    The ability to make local and toll-free calls is        Technology Services (ITS). Using the ethernet
    provided in all on-campus residential rooms as          port from your room provides a direct connection
    part of your room rate. One telephone line and          to the campus network and the Internet. There are
    one voicemail box will be assigned to each double       ethernet ports in all bedrooms. Most computers
    or single room. Rooms with three or more people         come ethernet-ready and no special fees or charges
    will have two lines and two voicemail boxes.            apply. If you need assistance you can call the
    Setting up voicemail is important since this is         ResNet Help Desk at (831) 459-4638.
    how students are notified in case of a campus-
    wide emergency. You are expected to activate the        All you need to take advantage of your Internet
    voicemail account associated with your phone after      port is an ethernet capable (or upgradable)
    you move in. How-to Instructions will be provided       computer with the appropriate configuration.
    in the materials you receive on move-in day. You        For information about computer standards,
    will need a calling card to make long distance          specifications, or other questions, visit ResNet
    calls from your room. Calling cards are available       online at You can also e-mail
    at many retail locations, including the Bay Tree        questions to
    Bookstore on campus. Telephone numbers will
    be pre-assigned to the room, not to an individual       CruzNet is the wireless network technology at
    student, for the duration of the academic year.         UC Santa Cruz and allows you to connect to the
    If you move to another room, you will use the           Internet from 200 wireless access points across
    number assigned to your new room.                       campus. This service may or may not be available
                                                            inside your bedroom, but is generally available in
    Bring your own touchtone telephone. Students in a       all study lounges, cafes, and libraries.
    double room need only one telephone to share, while
    students in a triple room will need a total of two      Cell Phone Service
    telephones. When you get your room assignment,          The UC Santa Cruz campus is located on a large
    you and your roommate(s) may want to talk about         hill overlooking Santa Cruz and the Monterey
    who will bring the phone. For more information,         Bay, and the campus has many tall redwood trees
    visit ITS Telecommunications online at its.             and buildings that are situated within the trees.

Service at UC Santa Cruz may be sporadic. Please        The college does not have space to store packages,
consult with cell phone service providers before        so plan to have your packages arrive after you do.
purchasing a cell phone to bring to campus. It is
your responsibility to update your student portal       Are laundry facilities available?
(, if your cell phone will be your          Yes, facilities in the college are equipped with
primary contact phone.                                  card-operated washers and dryers. Machines
                                                        for loading money on to your card are located
Cable Network and Radio Station                         throughout the college.
All college residences are connected to basic
cable via telecommunications jacks in the rooms.        Can I decorate my room?
Residents can connect to on-campus student              If you wish to hang items on the wall to decorate
programming or dozens of local and national             you room, you can do so. Please use push pins
broadcast channels. Established in 1973, KZSC           or picture hangers. Using nails or screws is not
Santa Cruz 88.1 FM is a listener-supported,             permitted. Items may not be affixed to the ceiling.
commercial-free, educational radio station located      Students will be billed for any accidental or
at the University of California, Santa Cruz. KZSC       intentional property damage done to college or
broadcasts 10,000 watts to the Monterey Bay             university property.
Area 18-24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Tune in

                                                                                                                           College Ten
and you’ll find everything under the sun: public        Can I cook in my room?
affairs, comedy, news, surf, jazz, rock, punk,          For fire safety reasons, hot plates, electric or gas
reggae and funk.                                        grills, toaster ovens or other cooking appliances
                                                        are not allowed. Microwaves are permitted in the
How do I get my mail and what will my new               residence hall bedrooms.
address be?
You will be able to receive mail and packages at        Can I have guests?
the college. The College Office is responsible for      The housing contract allows a student to have
assigning a mailbox to each student. Issues with your   a visitor stay in her/his room, with restrictions.
mailbox should be directed to the College Office.       Please talk to your roommate(s) about guests.
When you arrive on campus, you will receive your        Students may have a guest(s) for up to three
college mailbox number. Your address will be:           (3) consecutive days and up to fifteen (15)

    Your Name
    UC Santa Cruz
    College Ten Box#
    600 McLaughlin Drive
    Santa Cruz, CA 95064

It is not possible to assign a mailbox prior to
arrival, and new box numbers may be assigned.

                                                                                    Student Life and Housing Guide | 2010-11   9
     days during one academic year. Residents are
     responsible for the actions of their guests at all
     times. See the Terms and Conditions of residence
     for specific policy details.

     Should I bring my bike? Where can I store it?
     Yes, if you like to ride on hills. Be sure to bring
     a high quality bike lock so that you can secure it
     at the bike racks located on campus. The college
     assumes no responsibility for damage, theft or loss.   those with mobility impairments. Additionally, the
     When you arrive to campus you should contact           Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District (Metro)
     UCSC police to register you bike.                      provides regular and convenient bus transportation
                                                            to campus and to outlying areas around the Santa
     Can I bring my skateboard or in-line skates?           Cruz community. This service is funded by a
     The use of skateboards, rollerskates or in-line        mandatory student fee. You may ride any Metro
     skates anywhere on campus is prohibited. This          bus without additional charge by showing your
     policy is enforced by the UC Santa Cruz Police         current UCSC identification card to the driver.
     Department and citations are issued.
                                                            UC Santa Cruz is also among a growing list of
     Can I bring my car to campus?                          college communities that support a new alternative
     Parking regulations are strictly enforced, and         to car ownership: Zipcar. Zipcar is a membership-
     all eligible students who bring a car to campus        based program that allows you to use a car when
     must purchase a permit in advance. First-year          needed, while avoiding the costs and headaches
     students and sophomores who live in university         of car ownership. Zipcar provides self-service
     housing (including The Village, University Inn         access to safe, convenient, reliable cars located on
     and University Town Center) are not eligible for       campus and in the community. Students 18 years
     a parking permit. Eligible students must apply         of age and older are eligible to apply. For more
     for a parking permit through the Transportation        information, visit
     and Parking Services (TAPS) web site at Contact the TAPS Sales Office           I’m flying in – how do I get from the airport
     at (831) 459-4543, if you have questions about         to Santa Cruz?
     parking.                                               UC Santa Cruz is located approximately 40 miles
                                                            south of San Jose International Airport and about
     Even without a car, movement around our                70 miles south of San Francisco International
     spacious campus is made easier by the network          and Oakland International Airports. All services
     of foot and bicycle paths, and an extensive            listed below connect with university buses. A
     intracampus shuttle system. Both day and night         number of companies provide transportation from
     shuttles provide wheelchair-accessible services and    the airport. This listing is a starting point and is
     are free of charge. TAPS also operates a Disability    neither an endorsement of these businesses nor a
     Van Service, which provides transportation to          complete listing of services in the area:

                                                    at which point we begin to experience the lower
    Abacus Transportation                           temperatures and rain that winter brings to Santa
    phone: (831) 469-3333 or (877) 291-3300         Cruz. This weather generally lasts through March,
    ABC Transportation                              when it begins warming up again for springtime.
    phone: (800) 734-4313
                                                    What recreation facilities are available?
    Expresso Limousine
    phone: (831) 429-5466                           A valid UC Santa Cruz student ID grants you
                                                    access to a variety of athletic facilities at the East
    Greyhound                                       Field House, including an Olympic-sized pool,
    phone: (800) 229-9424                           tennis and basketball courts, and the state-of-the-
    Highway 17 Express                              art Wellness Center, fully equipped with a variety
    web:                of aerobic, cardiovascular, and weightlifting

Are there banks on campus? What banking             How can I be part of campus sustainability?
services are available in Santa Cruz?               UCSC is dedicated to sustainability. We actively
Most major California banks have branches in        support recycling and waste reduction, and there is
Santa Cruz. Check with your local office for        strong participation by students, faculty, and staff
branch information. Bay Federal Credit Union

                                                                                                                        College Ten
                                                    across campus. You can be part of the solution by
(831) 479-6000, Bank of America (831) 457-3560      bringing your own reusable plate, bowl, cup, and
and Wells Fargo (831) 469-3525 have on-campus       flatware when you move in. These can be used
automatic teller machines at the Quarry Plaza.      when you attend programs offered by your college.
The University Cashier’s Office will cash checks
up to $25.00 with a valid student ID for a 25¢      If you are interested in finding out more about
service charge.                                     how you can get involved in UCSC’s sustainability
                                                    efforts, you can checkout
What’s the weather like?
Santa Cruz weather is variable, but mild overall.   Can I get a tour, or learn more about the
In the fall, the weather usually remains quite      college?
warm and comfortable up through November,           Campus tours are offered all year long through the
                                                    Admissions Office. Visit
                                                    campustours. If you would like to arrange a tour
                                                    of College Ten please call (831) 459-3767.

                                                    What is the college system?
                                                    All undergraduate students, whether they live
                                                    on campus or not, are affiliated with one of 10
                                                    residential colleges at UC Santa Cruz. Each college
                                                    provides academic support, organizes student
                                                    activities, and sponsors events that enhance

                                                                                 Student Life and Housing Guide | 2010-11   11
     the intellectual and social life of the campus             to highlight some of the college’s policies,
     in addition to housing students in small-scale             procedures and regulations. All of these are in
     residential communities. Every college community           conjunction with the university policies stipulated
     includes students with diverse backgrounds                 in the UC Santa Cruz Student Policies and
     and academic goals. Your college affiliation is            Regulations Handbook, Terms and Conditions of
     independent of your choice of major.                       residence and the College Handbook. This is by
                                                                no means a complete list.
     How safe is the campus?
     While the university community and the town                It is your responsibility to know the rules of
     of Santa Cruz are considered friendly and                  both the college and the university. For more
     relatively safe communities, neither is immune to          information about specific rules and policies, refer
     the realities of the world. You will need to take          to the Student Policies and Regulations Handbook
     precautions to secure your personal property.              online at
     You must also consider your personal security
     and be aware of vulnerable situations. Keep                Aerial Objects
     your roommate and neighbors informed of your               Safety concerns prohibit throwing anything
     whereabouts and when you will be returning                 from or at the buildings, windows, or balconies.
     home. When possible, travel with a friend and              Additionally, quads, patio areas, and public
     check campus maps for the lighted paths. Report            walkways are not to be used for play involving the
     any suspicious activity immediately to your college        throwing or kicking of any object. Residents are
     staff or the police. Your careful attention to             responsible for damages or clean-up charges that
     security is in everyone’s best interest.                   result from such action and are subject to possible
                                                                college/university judicial sanctions.

     Policies and rules                                         Alcohol
                                                                Federal and state laws, as well as university policy,
                                                                prohibit alcoholic beverages from being sold,
     The university and the colleges adhere to all              furnished, possessed by, or given to any person
     federal, state and local laws. It is our goal to           under the age of 21. In addition, no possession or
     provide a safe, secure and educational community           transportation of open containers or consumption
     for our residents. In that spirit, this list is compiled   of alcoholic beverages will be allowed in public
                                                                areas by any person, regardless of age or college
                                                                affiliation. Kegs or other “common source”
                                                                containers holding alcoholic beverages are not
                                                                allowed on campus and may result in termination
                                                                of your housing contract.

                                                                Animals and Pets
                                                                No pets (except fish in a 10-gallon tank or smaller
                                                                aquarium) are allowed in the residential community.

Balconies and Building Exteriors                        a controlled substance into the human body.
Objects are not allowed to be displayed, draped,        Violation of these laws and policies will result in
or placed outside of residential buildings and          judicial action at the college level and may result in
apartments. Additionally, items may not be placed       police and local, state, and/or federal intervention.
on balconies or affixed to railings. Items may be
removed and residents may be held responsible for       Fire Safety
this policy violation.                                  Any person who willfully tampers, covers,
                                                        restricts, or breaks any public or private fire alarm
Barbecues                                               apparatus or any fire fighting equipment or gives,
Propane gas barbecues are prohibited on campus.         transmits, or sounds any false alarm of fire is
Charcoal barbecues are prohibited on all balconies,     guilty of a misdemeanor. Any such violation could
patios, or within 25 feet of a building.                result in disciplinary action and a maximum fine
                                                        of $500 and six months in jail. Extinguishers and
Bicycles                                                alarms are for your use, should the need arise. The
To comply with fire regulations and for general         cost of refilling a misused extinguisher, as well
purposes of safety, bicycles may not be parked in       as any damages resulting from the extinguisher
walkways, hallways, stairways, or entrance ways.        being discharged, will be charged to the person or
Illegally parked bicycles may be removed by college     persons responsible.

                                                                                                                           College Ten
                                                                                                                           College Ten
staff. It is a requirement to equip your bicycle with
the appropriate lights and reflectors. We strongly      Furniture
recommend all bikes be secured with a lock.             Furniture may not be removed from any residence
                                                        room/apartment or common area. Students found
Candles, Incense, or Sage                               in possession of college/university furniture,
No smoking materials, including the items listed        other than what was assigned to their room/
above, can be burned in any residential room or         apartment, may be charged for its replacement.
apartment.                                              Residents found to have dismantled furniture
                                                        without college permission will be charged for all
Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia                            costs related to reassembling the furniture and
The university and the college must adhere to all       replacement costs. Room, apartment, and lounge
federal and state laws as they pertain to illegal       furniture may not be taken outside and/or onto
substances. Delivering, furnishing, transferring,       patios, decks, or balconies.
manufacturing, using, and possessing illicit drugs
or drug paraphernalia is strictly prohibited at         Halogen Lamps
the university. Additionally, the university does       Because of the high risk of fire, all halogen lamps
not recognize the priviliges associated with a          are prohibited in residential facilities.
medical marijuana card. Drug paraphernalia is
defined as all equipment, material, and products        Harassment Policy
intended for use or designed for use in growing,        Physical and verbal harassment will not be
processing, harvesting, storing, concealing, injec-     tolerated by students, staff, or faculty and is
ting, ingesting, inhaling, or otherwise introducing     prohibited on the UC Santa Cruz campus. If any

                                                                                    Student Life and Housing Guide | 2010-11   13
     form of harassment occurs, notify a staff member        community rooms, restrooms, lounges, common
     immediately. It is the policy of the college and        areas, cafes, and dining halls. Additionally,
     the university that the working and learning            smoking is prohibited in all indoor public
     environment shall be free of harassment, including      spaces at UC Santa Cruz—both academic and
     any form of sexual harassment. The college and the      residential. The no smoking policy also includes
     university will take action to eliminate harassment.    exterior stairways, decks, patios and balconies.
     For further information on sexual harassment please     Smoking outside is permitted only in designated
     refer to the Student Policies and Regulations at        areas, at least 25 feet away from all buildings, or contact the campus            thoroughfares, and air intakes and not in any
     Title IX Officer at (831) 459-2462.                     wooded or bush areas.

     Inappropriate Behavior                                  Student Life and Housing Staff
     Any students who are a danger to themselves
     or other community members, or who refuse
     intervention for a situation harmful to themselves      College Administrative Officer (CAO)
     or others, may be asked to leave and/or be              The College Administrative Officer is the chief
     restricted from the college residential area.           administrative officer responsible for the overall
                                                             planning, development and coordination of the
     Musical Instruments                                     business and operational functions of the college
     Instruments are allowed in the residential facilities   and student life program including supervision of
     however amplification and drum sets are not             the staff, fiscal management, policy development,
     permitted in the residential facilities. Instrument     and facilities management. The CAO works in
     use must conform to established noise policies.         collaboration with the college Provost to further
                                                             the mission of the college.
     Noise Policy
     Due to the nature of our living spaces, it is very      Associate College Administrative Officer (ACAO)
     easy to disturb classes and/or your neighbors with      The ACAO is responsible for the Student Life
     music or other noise. To preserve academic and          Program. This includes the complete oversight
     community standards, noise levels must be held          of residential living, student activities, and non-
     to a minimum at all times and students will be          academic student conduct aspects of the college.
     expected to adhere to the college’s quiet hours. It     The ACAO supervises the Housing Coordinator,
     is the responsibility of each resident to make sure     CREs, and College Programs staff.
     his/her activities are not disturbing to others.
     Smoking Policy                                          Coordinator
     In accordance with University policy for a              The Housing
     smoke-free environment, all university housing          Coordinator is in
     facilities and residences are smoke-free. Smoking       charge of roommate
     is prohibited in all university housing facilities,     assignments,
     including student rooms and apartments,                 contract changes

                                                           Programs Assistants and the college tech-crew.
                                                           In addition, the office advises the College Ten
                                                           Student Government.

                                                           Community Adviser (CA)/International
                                                           Peer Adviser (IPA)
                                                           CAs/IPAs are undergraduate students who have
                                                           been hired and trained to serve as community
                                                           leaders. They work to develop and maintain a
and the co-management of the Housing Office.
                                                           safe, positive, and productive living environment.
The Housing Coordinator will help you with
                                                           The CAs/IPAs address community issues,
needs or questions related to your housing or
                                                           plan educational and social activities, provide
student life at College Ten.
                                                           resources and support to residents, and ensure that
                                                           community standards are upheld.
Office Coordinator
The Office Coordinator is responsible for the day-
                                                           Maintenance and Custodial Staff
to-day operations of the Housing Office. These
                                                           The Maintenance staff is available for repairs
include scheduling appointments for other office
                                                           in your room and throughout the residential
personnel, key control, and any other general office

                                                                                                                             College Ten
                                                           buildings. Requests for service are made via the
activities. The Office Coordinator is also available
                                                           “fixit” web site at Custodians
to answer general housing related questions.
                                                           are people you will come to know, respect, and
                                                           appreciate. All residential buildings are staffed
Coordinator for Residential Education (CRE)
                                                           with custodians who work cooperatively with
CREs are full-time professional staff members
                                                           students to make each residential building a clean
who reside at the college and coordinate all aspects
                                                           and safe place to live. They do general cleaning of
of the residential life for their respective residential
                                                           public areas, bathrooms, lounges, and hallways,
areas. They are responsible for the selection,
                                                           as well as other specific tasks to maintain
training, and supervision of the Community
                                                           good housekeeping throughout the buildings.
Advisers, advise student groups and programs, assist
                                                           Individual room cleaning is the responsibility of
with various aspects of the Housing Office, and act
                                                           each resident.
as judicial officers. Additionally, they are resources
for students when questions or concerns arise.
                                                           Community Safety Program
                                                           Community Safety Officers (CSOs) patrol
College Programs Office
                                                           university residential communities, both on and off
The Programs Office works to plan orientation,
                                                           campus, every night and perform a wide range of
graduation, as well as many events and programs.
                                                           duties including emergency and disaster response,
The College Programs Office sponsors a wide
                                                           policy enforcement, and other duties in order to
range of fun events at the college each year to
                                                           help build a safer, more secure community.
ensure an enjoyable and social living community.
The Programs Office supervises the Student

                                                                                      Student Life and Housing Guide | 2010-11   15
                   Contact information                                  Web resources for Parents

                   College Ten Office
                   (for general college information, including             UC Santa Cruz Parents Guide
                   academic advising)                                      web:
                   phone: (831) 459-5034
                   web:                                UC Santa Cruz Policy on Privacy
                                                                           of Student Records
                   College Ten Residential Life                            web:
                   and Housing Office
                   (keys, room assignments, roommates)                     UC Santa Cruz Academic Calendar
                   phone: (831) 459-3834                                   web:
                   fax: (831) 459-1662
                   web:                                Office of the Registrar
                   (for Internet access information)                       Code of Student Conduct
                   phone: (831) 459-4638                                   web:
                   web:                                    University Magazines
                   ITS Telecommunications                                  web:
                   (for telephone service information)
                   phone: (831) 459-3111

                   Phone numbers and addresses are subject to change.

16   College Ten
Your Housing Contract and related Business
Before you log in to complete your online      it is our goal to place all students in the
application, complete the checklist below:     best possible living situation. However,
                                               pursuant to the Terms and Conditions of
o	read and understand the Terms and            residence, we make assignments based on
  Conditions of residence. The Terms and       space availability.
  Conditions can be found at                      The Campus Housing Office is responsible
                                               for your application/contract records and
o	Apply for housing at                         room-and-board billing. Contact them if you                      have questions about your housing con-
	 m rank your preferred housing and            tract, meal plans, payment plans or billing.
    meal plan options
	 m Complete your Lifestyle Questionnaire      Campus Housing Office
	 m review and submit your application/        104 Hahn Student Services Building
    contract                                   University of California, Santa Cruz
                                               Santa Cruz, CA 95064
All students living in university housing
are required to acknowledge and agree          Phone: (831) 459-2394
to these Terms and Conditions when they        Fax: (831) 459-3665
submit their online Housing Application/       e-mail:
Contract.                                      Web:
                                               Online Application:
Please note that when you apply for housing
and your housing space is confirmed, you
are entering into a legally binding contract
between you and the university for the
entire academic year.

As part of your online Housing Application/
Contract process, you will be asked to
complete a Lifestyle Questionnaire. We use
the information you provide us as a guide
to place you in a housing space and assign
one or more roommate(s) who are the most
compatible with your stated preferences,
wherever possible.

Disability-Related Housing Accommodation Needs:
Contact the Disability resource Center (DrC) for a request form. e-mail or fax
(831) 459-5064. Medical documentation must be submitted with your request. For University
of California documentation requirements, visit the DrC web site at
Questions: (831) 459-2089.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    College Ten
                                                                                                                  NINE/TEN APARTMENTS
                                                                                                                               BLDG 5
                                                                      PARKING LOT 167                                         LOUNGE
                                                                                                                                                BLDG 5

                         Disabled parking space

                                                                                                                             DG TM EN

                                                                                                                                                         ATIONAL R
                                                                                                                                4 EN
                                                                                                                           BL PAR E/T
                                                                                                                             A IN

                         Disabled access path

                         Disabled access ramp
                         Power assisted doors

                                                                                         ENTS BLDG 3
                         Emergency blue light phone
                         Public phone
                         Metered parking
                         Campus shuttle stop

                         Santa Cruz Metro bus stop

                         Stairs                                               /T
                         Elevator                                           NE

                                                                                                                                                   COLL EMIC BLD ES 1
                                                                                                                                                   ACAD L SCIENC
                                                                                        LDG 2
                                                                                    TS B
                                                M                                 EN

                                                                                                                                                       EGE N
                                             N O
                                           TE RO                            A
                                         E/ Y

                                      IN IT                               AP
                                    N UN                               EN
                                                                    E/T                                                     COMPUTER

                                                                                                                                                             INE /
                                                                 NIN                                                             LAB
    IN                            CO                                                                                                                                          NINE/TEN

      E/                                                                                                                                                                      ADMINISTRATION RM 117


               AP                                                                                                                                                            COLLEGE NINE MAILROOM RM 101
                   TM                                                                                                                                                         NINE/TEN CO-CURRICULAR
                          TS                                                                                                                                                  PROGRAMS OFFICE RM 104
                               BL D
                                                                                                                                                                              CLASSROOM 110
                                             LOT 165

                                                                    N       /
                                                                 TE DG
                                                              GE BL
                                                           LLE EMIC           S2
                                                        CO AD              CE                                                                                                               LOT 166
                                                         AC       L SC
                                                              CIA                     E/ R
                                                                                   FFE BA
                                                           SO                    CO ACK


                                                                                                             COLLEGE TEN                                                                                                                        RESIDENCE

                                                                                                              MAILROOM                                                                                                                            LIFE

                                                           CLASSROOM 71

                                                             CLASSROOM 75


                                                                                                                                                                                              NT        S
                                                                                                                                                                                           CE        ON
                                                                                                                                                                                     I TYfloor) MM
                                                                                                                                                                                  RS nd        C O
                                                                                                                                                                               IVE (2 NG
                                                                                                                                                                           UN          NI

                                               PARKING LOT 164



                                                                                                                                                                              MU POS
                                                                                                                                                                              PU OO


                                                                                                                                                                                LT E





                                                                                                                                               L L4
                                                                                                        . HA
                                                                                                         LL 6

                                                                                                                                                       FE ION
                                                                                                                                                    CALUC                                     ACTIVITIES OFFICE
                                                                                                                          N RES. HALL
                                                                                                        COLLEGE TE

                                                       PARKING LOT 114

                                                                                                         MCLAUGHLIN DRIVE

               REV. 5/07

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