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					                                   Redwell Infant School

       Mathematics Policy                       Redwell Infant School

Our Aims
We want the children to be confident, competent mathematicians, able to think
mathematically, and to select and use the mathematics they need in problem
solving and investigations.

Learning Objectives
The Numeracy Strategy outlines clearly what must be learnt. Learning objects are specified
and laid down sequentially in our purchased scheme, New Abacus. New Abacus provides
the structure of the activities we offer the children. New Abacus matches closely the new
requirements as laid out in the Numeracy Strategy and Framework.

Each lesson consists of three parts:
•  a mental warm-up session
•  a main teaching activity, which involves the direct teaching of the whole group, as well as
   teaching of smaller groups engaged in paired, individual or group activities
•  a plenary session, when key ideas and common difficulties are addressed, and children
   have the chance to share their work or apply it to problem situations.

Practical Arrangements
1.     The children are organised into year groups, and within year groups, according to
       mathematical attainment and maturity. The largest groups are of 30 children, the
       smallest is 11. Because the groups have animal names, they are referred to by pupils
       and staff of parallel classes as “Zoo”.

2.     Activities are planned for each group on a weekly sheet, which has been designed to
       support the three-part structure of each lesson.

3.     The elements in the learning of mathematics are

             a.     direct teaching of small groups
             b.     practical experience
             c.     practice and consolidation of skills through a variety of activities usually
                    suggested in the teachers’ resources of the New Abacus scheme.
             d.     using and applying the skills, knowledge and understanding acquired

4.     Children regularly count
                          take part in aural work
                          play games
                          experience open-ended activities

5.     Please note that the pages of the New Abacus workbooks are for practice and
       reinforcement of learning, after practical experience and direct teaching.

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6.      In addition to the New Abacus scheme, there is also a programme of mental Maths,
        designed to be carried out on a regular basis during the warm-up session.

Planning Mathematics for Years 1 and 2
1.      The children are grouped for attainment and maturity. These groupings may be
        altered during the year through discussion between staff and by agreement.

2.      The termly planning grids form the New Abacus scheme are used to plan the units for
        the term. Each unit takes approximately three days.

3.      Weekly planning is based on the units identified for the week in the termly planning
        grid. Ideas for each of the three parts of each lesson are selected from the teachers’
        cards provided in the scheme files, and explained in further detail in the Activity
        Book. Ideas for the warm-up session often come from the separate mental maths

Planning Mathematics for Reception classes
1       All children in the Reception year are grouped for Maths according to attainment and
        maturity. The children learn their mathematics in the Numeracy room, as part of a
        “carousel” of activities which also include work in the Literacy room and the Area.

2       Planning is based on the framework provided in the Numeracy Strategy
        documentation. The planning grid supplied is annotated with relevant resources and
        teaching ideas at team planning meetings. The teacher in charge of the Numeracy
        room fleshes out the necessary details to create weekly plans, differentiating the
        activities for the three groups of children.

3       The main sources used in Reception are

•    the framework
•    Abacus Early Years
•    New Abacus Reception (for the most able and/or oldest children)
•    Cambridge and Abacus Games
•    notes from a range of equipment for practical maths e.g. teddies, links, blocks, sorting
     equipment, patterning equipment etc.

4       The approach is essentially a practical one. The children are supported in a range of
        play contexts which support the learning of maths. They count regularly, and there is
        always some teaching of the whole group in each session.

Each teacher of Year 1 or Year 2 children has access to:

•  a copy of the mental maths programme
•  a file containing New Abacus Teachers’ cards
•  a Teachers’ Book for the appropriate year group
•  a New Abacus Activity Book
•  a New Abacus Photocopiable Worksheet Book
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•   a New Abacus Assessment Book
•   New Abacus Games
•   New Abacus Warm-up Book
•   Abacus “Infant Simmering” Book
•   Cambridge Maths Games and accompanying notes
•   planning sheets
•   record sheets
•   magnetic board with magnetic money and place value arrow cards
•   a large hundred square
•   small hundred squares for the children to use
•   number fans, sets of numbers, flash cards and large dice etc.

For Year 2 groups, there are also text books for the children.

Every group also has access to adequate supplies of:

       squashy boxes                            counting sticks
       multi-base equipment                     Unifix
       Multilink cubes and prisms               dice and counters
       coins, coin stamps etc.                  equipment for weighing and measuring
       clocks, clock faces, clock stamps        dominoes
       rulers, metre sticks etc..               compare bears

Cambridge Maths games are stored centrally in the shared area cupboards. There are three
modules, graded for difficulty in   yellow                green
                                    blue                  red         zipped folders.

Assessment and Record Keeping
During medium-term planning, days are set aside for assessment. The children often
complete an assessment worksheet for the New Abacus units which have covered that half
term. Assessment worksheets are photocopied from the Assessment Books provided.

Records are kept of the children’s scores, and other information deemed useful by the

Assessments for Record of Achievement books are completed as required by our own
assessment policy.

If you have any questions, problems or concerns, please share them with the
Maths Co-ordinator.

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