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					Rev. Thomas A. Pesci, S.J., Moderator                    February / March 2011                               Danielle Davis, Editor

                                              A Message From . . .
                               The Mothers’ Club President
            I had a conversation with my daughter the other day and told her of a recent
     revelation that I had. I really like the month of February. In fact, next to summer,
     it might be my favorite month of all. I realized that it had to do with the word
     reflection. This is the time of year when the holiday excitement is quieting down
     and the pressure of exams for our sons has passed. This is a time when I
     find it easier to quiet myself and reflect on all that has transpired in my life
     and in the world during the past year. As well as what it is that I want to be
     different in my life in the coming year.
            I know that I want to be more mindful of being grateful for each blessing
     in my life. In that vein, I am thankful for so many wonderful women who organized
     the festive events during the month of December. The NYC Bus Trip, Christmas
     Cocktail Party, and Christmas Dinner were each a great success and provided fun
     opportunities for connecting with one another. Serving the school by decorating the
     campus and reaching out to those less fortunate at the Adopt-a-Family Day were great ways
     to give back. I want to say thank you to all of those who helped in ways big and small with
     all of those events.
            If you are looking for some time for reflection, make plans to join us for our annual Day of Reflection that will take
     place on Wednesday March 16. Come and spend a day as we take a look at Divining the Human, Saints in the Making. This
     is a wonderful day for fellowship with other moms and a great way to begin the season of Lent. Look for details of how to
     sign up in this issue of the Bulletin.
            While we reflect on the past year, the Mothers’ Club also begins to plan for next year. We will be looking for
     volunteers to fill vacancies on next year’s board. Take some time to consider how you might become involved. All of the
     information on how to volunteer will be in the next issue of the bulletin coming out in late March.
            May each of you find some quiet time this month to take stock of all that we have been blessed with and the privilege
     we have of being part of the Loyola Community.


                                                                  Monica Bradley
                                 T he C ollege S earCh
Juniors:                                        seniors                                         Loyola Blakefield’s High
                                                                                                School Code – 211030:
•	 The	 college	 counselors	 advise	 all	       •	 Mid-Year	 Reports: First semester
                                                   grades are automatically sent in late        When requesting information from
   Juniors to take the SAT twice in their
                                                   January to all colleges where Seniors        colleges, completing applications, and
   Junior year. The SAT I will be offered
                                                   have submitted transcript request            registering for the SAT or ACT, you will
   at Loyola on March 12th and May 7th.
                                                   forms.                                       be asked for this 6-digit code. Our code
   It will also be given on June 4th, but not
                                                •	 SAT and ACT scores should be sent            number is 211030.
   at Loyola. Register as soon as possible
   at or by mail to           directly from the SAT program or from
   secure Loyola as your test site. Forms          ACT to all schools to which your son
   are available from Mrs. Jenkins. If your        has applied. They can be sent by phone
   counselor recommends taking an ACT,             or online at or
   it is offered on April 9th and June 11th
   at various local schools. Register at        •	 Financial	 Aid: The CSS Profile for, or request a form           nonfederal student aid, for those colleges
   from Mrs. Jenkins.                              that require it, should be completed as
                                                   soon as possible at www.collegeboard.
•	 The	 Junior Parent and Student                  com. The FAFSA for federal student
   meeting with the College Counselors             aid should be completed as soon as
   will be held on January 26th at 6:00 and
                                                   possible after January 1. Apply at www.                 Did You Know . . .
   repeated at 7:30. Students and parents Beware of other websites
   are welcome to attend whichever time                                                         Daily school wide announcements may
                                                   with similar names that charge you a
   is most convenient for your schedule.                                                         be read on Loyola’s Internet website?
                                                   fee to file.
                                                •	 Scholarships:	 Most colleges review          Select Daily Bulletin in the menu for the
•	 SAT Subject Tests are not required by
   all colleges. Colleges that do require          admissions applications for scholarships.     announcements. Fall sports and game
   them will indicate as such in their             Some have earlier deadline dates and         schedules are listed as well on the web-
   application. Various SAT Subject Tests          require additional forms. In addition,           site. Check it out! Bookmark it!
   will be offered on the May and June             Mrs. Jenkins posts scholarship updates
   test dates. Check the College Board             on the Naviance website. Please check             Buy Innisbrook Year Round!
   website for details.                            with your church and other local             
•	 The	Jesuit College Fair will be held on         and philanthropic sources for other            Loyola Blakefield’s School number is
   March 7th in the Dining Hall from 6:30          opportunities. Another source is the           103268. You may place orders on line
   until 8:30. Juniors and their parents are       Fast Web College Scholarship Search                      365 days a year.
   welcome to attend. Watch for further            in the College Counseling section of
                                                                                                  Our school will receive 50% on each
   details.                                        Loyola’s website.
                                                                                                     order. Check out the beautiful
                                                                                                      gift wrap and gift selections.

                                           Come and Let Us Pray Together
                              We invite all Loyola moms to join us for a special and uplifting time of prayer each month before the
                          Mothers’ Club meetings.
                              We will meet in the Chapel at Burk Hall from 8:00-8:25am to pray for our sons, school, teachers, staff,
                          and for one another.
                              Join us on Wednesday, February 2, and April 6 at 8:00am in the Chapel. We look forward to seeing

                           Please contact Morenike Oyenusi (410-961-0164) or if you have any questions;
                                            feel free to send in your prayer requests even if you can’t make it.
                        Calling all Moms and Dads!
                                   2011 Post Prom
                                 May	31,	2011	11:00pm	to	3:00am

    The 2011 Post Prom Committee has been hard at work preparing for the big night on May 31st!
WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT and involvement to make this memorable PARENT SPONSORED
event a success. Our mission: Keep our Senior Dons and their guests safe on Prom Night.

Volunteer:          Contact Tina Lindner with your availability
                    (11pm-3:00am, 11pm to 1:30am or 1-3:30am)
Donate	a	prize: Contact Kelly Nolan
                Angela Class
                Diane Kapinos
                Linda Young
                See our “wish list” in this newsletter! We can’t forget the girls!
                Anything a junior or senior girl would like is appreciated!

Please	join	us	at	one	of	our	upcoming	meetings:	          Wednesday, February 9th at 6:00pm in the Knott Conference Room
                                                          Wednesday March 9th at 6:00pm in the Knott Conference Room

                               For more information contact Julie O’Toole

                                                                                              Loyola Mothers’ Club
     Calendar of Events                                                                      2011 Fashion Show
     Feb. 15-17                  Sophomore Retreat                                            SAVE THE DATE - OCTOBER 23rd
                                                                                               MARRIOTT HUNT VALLEY INN
     February 18                 Faculty Professional Day / Early Dismissal
                                                                                             We are changing the Date and Location
     February 21                 Presidents’ Day Holiday / School Closed                         So mark your calendars now!

     March 8                     Sophomore Conversations / Early Dismissal                           COME JOIN THE FUN!

                                                                                                  We need your help! Join the fun, meet
     March 11                    Faculty Professional Day / Early Dismissal
                                                                                             new moms, make new friends, create last-
                                                                                             ing memories! Many areas to choose from
     March 16                    Mothers’ Day of Reflection
                                                                                             based on your interest - raffle committee,
                                                                                             gift baskets, decorations, grand raffle com-
     March 25                    No Classes                                                  mittee and more. Let us know where you
                                                                                             would like to volunteer before the 1st meet-
     March 26                    Blue and Gold Auction                                       ing. Committee chairpersons still needed!

                    February 2011                             March 2011                           Our first volunteer meeting is
                S   MT    W    T F S                      S   M T    W    T F S                         April 6th Knott Hall
                6 7 8
                      1    2
                                3 4 5
                               10 11 12                    6 7 8
                                                                 1    2
                                                                           3 4 5
                                                                          10 11 12
                                                                                                  6:30 pm - upper level Knott Hall
               13 14 15   16   17 18 19                   13 14 15   16   17 18 19                         See you there!
               20 21 22   23   24 25 26                   20 21 22   23   24 25 26
               27 28 29   30   31                         27 28 29   30   31
                                                                                                  Questions? Or just want to sign up
                                                                                                        for a committee?
                                                                                                       contact Maggie Carroll
                                                                                        Divining	the	Human:
       Class News and Events                                                            Saints In the Making

Middle School                                       Loyola
 6th Grade Dinner & Show
  Please join us for pizza and beverages
                                                 Alumni Moms
    with your classmates and parents.

         Friday, March 4th
        Italian Gardens Restaurant
              Kenilworth Mall
                 Cost $10                                                                    Day	of	Reflection
                                                           Join us!                       Wednesday,	March	16,	2011
   Followed by the Loyola Blakefield               Saturday February 5th                (Snow date - Thursday, March 17)
        Players performance of
                                                       	5:00-9:00	p.m.
        “Children of Eden”                                                                   Open to Loyola Mothers
Parents will need to provide transportation                Celebrating our 10th Year!             of all Faiths
                to Loyola.
                                                                                           Alumni Moms and guests are
                                                                                                warmly welcome
    Please contact Deanna McElwee
       to RSVP or for questions.                                                            Join us for Prayer, Mass
                                                                                                and Fellowship
    **When purchasing your tickets,               Tickets are only available at:
           request to be in the                           Coffee			8:15	-	8.50	am
    section reserved under the name                                                         Foyer outside Performance Gym
                                                  or by phone at 443-841-3672
           Deanna McElwee.                             Get your tickets now,               Reflection	&	Mass			9am	-	1:10pm
                                                This event has sold out every year!                   Burk Chapel
                                                                                               Luncheon				1:15	-	2:30pm
                                                …..also mark your calendars for….               Dining Center, Knott Hall

                                              A	Day	of	Reflection                          RSVP	by	Wednesday,	March	9	to:
                                                                                                      Lori Zgorski by

     Loyola Mothers’                             Divining the Human:                      email at or at
       Club Board                                Saints in the Making                              Please title the email
                                                                                                 “Day of Reflection” and
        Meetings                                     Wednesday	March	16th                       indicate how many guests
     Wednesday,	February	2,	2011                                                          For the Luncheon, please bring sand-
                                                  Call or email Morenike Oyenusi
      Wednesday,	April	6,	2011                                                          wiches, salad or dessert for 8 and indicate
                                                  with questions: 410-961-0164;
                                                                                        your donation with RSVP Parking may be
                                                                limited; please carpool if possible
    All	Loyola	Moms	Are	Welcome
                                              Add	your	name	to	the	LAM	contact	list:                 Sponsored by
         Refreshments	8:30am	
                                                Patti Tizard              Loyola Mothers’ Club
           Meeting	9:00am                      Kelly Buedel
      2011-2012	Used Book                                                Christmas Cocktail Party
      Committee	Needs	Help                                                A Special Thank You!
     The Mothers’ Club is still in search of a mother to assist           The Loyola Parents’ Christmas Cocktail Party was a
Pam Buckley with the Used Book Collection and Sale. You               huge success! We would like to thank everyone who sup-
would be working as a team with Lynn Taylor and Damye Hahn            ported the event. The response for Adopt-A-Family was
and would need to be available in the Spring for book collec-         tremendous. Thank you all for your generosity to those
tion and the Fall for the Book Sale. Anyone who is interested         in need at St. Gregory’s church. Blessings to you and your
or has questions please contact Lynn Taylor at 410-560-3179           families as we move into this new year.
or Damye Hahn at 410-641-9175.                                            The Loyola Mothers’ and Fathers’ Clubs

                                An Open Invitation
                                 To Loyola Moms
                                                   6th Grade Luncheon
                                             Thursday,	February	24th	at	1:00pm
                                                       Bahama Breeze
                                                   Hope to see you there!
                       RSVP to Cheryl Stout or Sandy Wicklein at

                                          7th Grade Parents Happy Hour
                                                 	Friday,	January	28th	at	7:00pm
                                                      Bluestone Inn, Timonium
                       Join us with the 6th Grade parents for a relaxing evening of cocktails & conversation!
                                         Please RSVP to Toni Bacon at

                                                   7th Grade Luncheon
                                                 Friday,	March	4th	at	12:00pm
                                              California Pizza Kitchen, Hunt Valley
                                          Save the date - hope you can join us for lunch!
                                   Please RSVP to Tamara DeHaven at

                                             8th Grade Parents Breakfast
                                             Thursday, February 24th after drop-off
                                                      Panera Bread, Timonium
                                           Stop by after drop-off or on your way to work.
                                                                                                  Coming Soon….
    Collection For The Homeless
     Once again we will continue our collection for the homeless, beginning with
                                                                                                Nominations	for	
a request for skin/body lotion for February. Donations of bath soap are requested
for March. In the past, these donations have been a great blessing to the count-
                                                                                                 the	2011-2012	
less men, women, and children who visit the homeless shelters in and around the
Baltimore metropolitan area.
                                                                                                 Mothers’ Club
     Students can place their donations in the Christian Service Office, located in
the rear of the balcony in Knott Hall. Our collections are generally overflowing
with your generous contributions. Thank you in advance for remembering those
who live beyond the borders of our Blakefield campus. If you have any ques-
tions, please call Erin Warfield.                                                                 Please look for sign-up in next edition
                                                                                              of the Bulletin. Easy on-line registration
                                            COLLECTIONS FOR THE                               will be available. This is a great oppor-
                                            HOMELESS SCHEDULE                                 tunity for mothers to get involved in the
                                                                                              Loyola Blakefield Community. There
                                        MONTH                   TOILETRY ITEM
                                                                                              are many different committees to join!
                                        February                Skin/Body Lotion
                                        March                   Bath Soap                     No act of volunteering is too small.
                                        April                   Toothbrushes
                                        May                     Toothpaste

                      An Invitation to Loyola Parents...
Dear Loyola Blakefield Parents,

     For the past several years, many of our parents have participated in an introductory program based on the Spiritual Exercises of St.
Ignatius. As many of you know, these Exercises are central to Jesuit values and to the Jesuit philosophy of education here at Loyola.
     I’d like to extend an invitation to you to experience a taste of these Exercises in our eight-week spring program of introductory
prayer, reflection and discussion here at Blakefield from early February to early April. There are various ways of experiencing the
Spiritual Exercises, from an individual with one director over an intensive period of a month to a less intensive communal program
spread out over more time. Our Loyola Blakefield program is an experience of the latter.
     No prior “expertise” in prayer is necessary; this is not a bible studies program. We ask only that you bring your interest and
your commitment to a brief amount of time each day devoted to scriptural and reflective prayer exercises. There will also be one-
hour group meetings during the eight-week period on Tuesdays either from 8 to 9am in the morning or from 7:00 to 8:00pm in the
     There will be an informational/organizational meeting about the program in the Burk Hall Chapel on Tuesday evening,
February 1, at 7:00pm. It would be helpful to know in advance how many will be attending this February 1 meeting, so you are
asked to contact me either by phone at 443-841-3524 or by email at if you plan to attend.
     Thank you for your consideration of this opportunity!


                                                          John	Weetenkamp
                                               Director of Ignatian Mission and Identity
                                          Christian Service
Dear Loyola Moms,

       Spring will soon be upon us, and the focus right now in Ignatian Service turns to our junior and senior classes. I want
to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped make our Adopt-A-Family program a success. Led by Fran Acle, Cathy
Morency, and a team of amazing mothers, our community worked to make Christmas a reality for hundreds—a Christmas
filled with love, excitement and marvel. We have also gained a better understanding the gifts of hope, community and
generosity in this process of giving.
       I hope junior families may join us for the Junior Missioning Mass on February 10th at 10am. This Missioning is a
wonderful way to invite each junior to answer God’s call to love and service of others. Each junior family should receive an
e-mail about the Mass and the senior service requirements.
       The interview/application process for Summer Service is about to begin and our teams will soon be chosen. We will
be taking students on trips around the country to various sites: Ridgley, Maryland; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Camden, New
Jersey and Appalachia in West Virginia. We will also have our 2nd year of the Loyola Talent Tour, in which Mr. Garretson and
a group of chosen students will create a traveling variety show that they will then perform for a number of different agencies
in Baltimore and Philadelphia.
       It is a long and difficult process to select these teams, a process which includes short essay answers on the application,
an interview, and teacher input/recommendations. We try to include as many students as possible on these summer trips, but,
unfortunately, the number of applicants often exceeds the number of spaces available on these trips. If your son is interested
in applying for a trip, he MUST turn in his application and sign up for an interview no later than Thursday, February 17th
at 3pm. Due to the volume of applications each year, I will not be able to consider any late applications.
       In addition to the Summer Service trips run by Blakefield, we also have connections with many local summer camps
and a wide variety of approved agencies for continued service throughout the summer and school year. Please log in to our
website under “Ignatian Service” for more detailed information. If your son cannot attend a summer service trip, please have
him complete and return his Senior Service Intent Form by Friday, May 13, 2011.
       As a Loyola Blakefield graduation requirement, each senior must perform 40 hours of Ignatian Service at a pre-
approved service site that benefits the needy of our society. The	Class	of	2011	is	required	to	complete	their	40-hour	
service project and send in their completed evaluation forms by May 2, 2011. The seniors are also required to reflect on
their project through a journal or a typed 3-page reflection paper due by May 2, 2011. The evaluation forms and format for
the paper are also available on our website at the bottom of the Ignatian Service page. Our seniors who did not attend last
year’s Summer Service trips have also been meeting in small Service Reflection groups. Each group of 8-10 students meets
monthly with two faculty members to discuss their service experiences. The sessions have been really successful so far, and
the boys have been impressive with their insights!
       We also have a group of students who have helped with CaST (Catholic Schools Together), a service and advocacy
group consisting of students and service directors from Loyola, NDP, Maryvale, and Calvert Hall. The group has met weekly
to plan events and bring students together in service and justice. In February, we have planned a series of events focusing on
the theme of Hunger and Homelessness.
       Thank you all for your valuable time, help, and generosity. Also, as some of you may know, this will be my last year
as the Service Director. I will be heading back into the math department full-time. It has been wonderful to work with you
and your sons in all of our service endeavors!


                                                   Erin Warfield
                                                       Erin Warfield
                                                Director of Christian Service
       On February 17th the 11th grade families will provide Mexican Fiesta Chili
Casserole for Beans and Bread Soup Kitchen. Loyola’s Simiple Chicken Recipe
Casserole will be provided by 8th grade families on March 17th.. Please place your
casserole in an aluminum casserole pan (cake pans are too fragile) and freeze your
casserole before bringing it to Loyola. We ask that these casseroles be sent to the
Dining Hall in Knott Hall by 9:00am on the morning designated for your class. We
try to coordinate our casserole deliveries with our visits to serve Beans and Bread, so
it is very important that the casseroles arrive no later than 9:00am.
       Another project that we will continue this year is our Brown Bag Lunch Days.
One day per month, our middle schoolers are asked to pack an extra bag lunch to
bring to Beans and Bread. The clients at Beans and Bread truly look forward to
receiving lunches from our Dons that they can take home with them. As with the
casseroles, we ask for the bag lunches to be delivered to the Dining Hall by 9:00am on the dates listed below.

         FEBRUARY                                                              MARCH

        Mexican Fiesta Chili Casserole                                    Loyola’s Simple Chicken Recipe
                                                                                   (NOTE: This simple chicken casserole
     INGREDIENTS:                                                                 is the #1 favorite at “Beans-N-Bread”)
     3 lbs. lean ground beef
     3 cups chopped onions                                               INGREDIENTS:
     2 packages of chili seasoning                                       • 4 pounds of chicken-boiled, skinned and deboned
     3 cans of tomato sauce (8 oz. ea.)                                  • 3 packages of frozen broccoli
     2 cups of water                                                     • 1 can of mushroom pieces (drained)
     3 cups of red kidney beans drained (1 lb. ea. can)                  • 3 cans of Cream of Mushroom soup (undiluted)
     1 package (3 3/4 ounces) small corn chips                           • 2 packages of stuffing mix (i.e. Stove Top)
     3/4 cup sliced pitted black olives
     1 1/2 cups of shredded sharp cheddar cheese                         DIRECTIONS:
                                                                         • Cook broccoli, drain well and place in aluminum
     DIRECTIONS:                                                           casserole pan.
     • Cook meat in large kettle/pot until it loses its red              • Cut chicken into chunks, and mix together with
       color, breaking with a fork. Add onions, seasoning,                 mushrooms and soup.
       water and sauce. Stir, and bring to a boil. Cover                 • Cover Broccoli with chicken/mushroom/soup mixture
       and simmer for 15 minutes, stirring several times to              • Prepare stuffing mix and layer on top of chicken
       prevent sticking.                                                   mixture
     • In 4-quart aluminum disposable casserole (about
       3 1/2 inches deep), layer meat mixture alternately                At this point, the casserole is ready to be brought to
       with beans, corn chips and cheese (about two layers               “Beans & Bread”, so cover tightly with aluminum foil
       of each). Bake in slow oven at 325 degrees, for 50-               and freeze. Please label with name of casserole and
       60 minutes.                                                       your own name.
     • Coo1 and refrigerate/freeze until the morning of
       December 17th .

     At this point, the casserole is ready to be brought to                 Casserole Campaign Monthly Schedule
     “Beans & Bread”, so cover tightly with aluminum foil
     and freeze. Please label with name of casserole and                 MONTH           GRADE         CASSEROLE DUE DATE
     your own name.
                                                                         February         11th         Thursday, February 17th
                                                                         March             8th         Thursday, March 17th
                                                                         April             9th         Thursday, April 14th
The Loyola Blakefield Players Present

 Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, Based on a concept by Charles Lisanby
     Produced by special arrangement with Music Theatre International

March 4, 5, 11, and 12 at 7:30pm
    And March 6 at 3:00pm
          Tickets are available in the school store
          For more information call 443.841.3224
          2011 Loyola Mother’s Club Fashion Show ationa Sheet
                             October	23rd	,	Marriott	Hunt	Valley	Inn
                                 Our	First	Meeting	-	April	6th,	6:30

We have many committees that contribute to the success of the Mother’s Club Fashion Show. Volunteer-
ing for the Fashion Show is a great way to meet other Loyola moms and have fun while getting involved
in your son’s school. Please circle the committee that you are interested in and you will be contacted.
This show is sure to be fun and exciting!

                                  •	Assistant	Fashion	Show	Chairperson:
       Attend all Fashion Show meetings and work closely with Fashion Show Chairpersons, “learning the ropes”

                                               •	Bake	Sale	Table:
                          Assist in organizing, packaging and set-up of donated baked goods

                                       •	Blakefield	Basket	Committee	
                         Send letters and follow-up with businesses that donated in past year
                                                Solicit new businesses
                                   Transport and arrange packages at Martin’s West

                                              •	Gourmet	Baskets
                           Prepare and package goods; assemble gourmet baskets at school
                                   Transport and arrange baskets at Martin’s West

                •	Model	Liaison	(Broken	down	into	two	groups	–	clothing	and	script)
                               Coordinate with clothiers for model fittings/scheduling
                    Arranging for rehearsal prior to the Fashion Show and the morning of the show

                                         •	Decorations	Committee
                                    Create decorations according to theme

                                         •	Program	Ad	Committee
                                       Contact local businesses for ads

                        Send	this	form	or	e-mail	information	to:
                Maggie	Carroll	-	11	Brook	Hill	Ct.	Cockeysville,	MD	21030
                         Email to

 Name: ___________________________________ Phone #: _______________________________

 E-mail Address: ____________________________ Son’s Name & Year: _____________________

                          Any questions? Call Maggie Carroll @ 410-274-9783
                          Thank you in advance for your time and involvement!

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