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Our taste buds are what allows us to experience flavor of the foods and
drinks that we consume. Some people have taste buds that are stronger
than others. This is why a food can taste one way to you and another way
to me. The combination of foods and drinks can also affect the flavor of

Most of us have flavors that we really like to add when we cook. This is
why there are so many spices available for people to choose from. Some
people like their food to be spicier than others do. This is why people
have preferences about certain restaurants over others. It is also why
they tend to frequent chain restaurants when they travel. They already
know what the flavor of the food they order is going to be like when they
get it.

For many people, the flavor of food is often locked in with the smell of
it. For most of us it is the smell that we get first that makes us want
to taste it. In most instances we eat due to the smell of the food making
us want that flavor rather than for the fact that we are just hungry.

Individuals that smoke and drink often find that the flavor of food isn’t
the same as it once was. This can sometimes happen when a person is
taking medications for an illness. One side effect of such medications is
that a metallic taste can be left in the mouth. It can last for several
weeks or even months. As a result foods you normally enjoy may taste very
different to you.

Those that stop drinking alcohol or stop smoking will   often find that
their taste buds return. Food can have a new enhanced   flavor that hasn’t
been there for them for a very long time. This is why   so many people who
do stop using such vices are prone to gaining weight.   They eat more than
usual just because they love the flavor of it.

Children should have the ability to try out new tastes so they can decide
for themselves which types of flavors they like and don’t like. Encourage
them to try new things with the agreement that they don’t have to finish
it if they really don’t like it. If it has been a while since you tried
something new order a new flavor off the menu and see what you think of