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Rally Package


									                            National African-American RVer’s Association, Inc.
                            National Headquarters Office          614 Chipley Ave.        Charlotte, NC 28205

National Officers
Elbert D. Smith

Pat Coxeff
1st Vice President            To: NAARVA Members
Ezell Johnson, Jr.
2nd Vice President

Gladys M. Curtis              Enclosed is your 18th Annual NAARVA National Camp Rally registration
Recording Secretary           package. Mark your calendar and return your registration application. The
                              Western Region is busily working on making this rally memorable, so please
Patricia A. Durant
Asst. Recording Secretary
                              submit your registration early.

Jimmy Smith                   In reading this package, you will notice a lot of different and interesting events,
Treasurer                     activities and seminars. Many of them will have limited participation, so please
                              send in your registration form as soon as possible. The enclosed information
Albert Wilson                 represents just some of the exciting activities/events awaiting you at this rally.
Asst. Treasurer
                              We look forward to seeing you in Hemet! The 2010 National Camp Rally is
Dorothy Smith
Financial Secretary           scheduled for July 18th – 25th 2010 in Hemet, California

Dorothy L. Redd
Asst. Financial Secretary
                              Thomas Jones
Immediate Past President      Western Region Director
Rev. John Womack

Regional Directors              Pat Coxeff -          Chairperson
                                Aubrey Manuel -       Co-Chairperson
Alvin Scruggs                   Eddie Norris -        Co-Chairperson
Northern Region                 James Brooks –        Wagon Master
Lemuel Horton
Southern Region

John Robinson
Eastern Region

Tom Jones
Western Region

Carolyn Buford.
Central Region

                     18th Annual NAARVA National Camp Rally
                             July 18th through 25th 2010
                           Golden Village Palms RV Resort
                                  Hemet California

                                  RALLY REGISTRATION FORM
                    Please type or print clearly, duplicate first for additional adults or families

Home Phone (_____) ___________________________Cell Phone(_____)
NAARVA Membership Number 94______________Email______________________________
Name of local chapter or group ____________________________________________________
Or, Member-at-Large _________________and the Region in which you reside______________
Type of Unit: Trailer___5th Wheel__ Motor Home: Class A___ Class B___ Class C___
Make of Unit
Is this your first NAARVA Rally? Yes _____No___ or you a Single Member? Yes

Disability Information: Handicap Parking needed? Yes _________No _________ (If yes, please
attach your current Doctor’s Certificate, or a photo copy of both sides of your rear mirror
Handicap Placard.
Will you be using either a motorized or non-motorized wheelchair? Yes______ No _______


Additional Adult (s) 1. _________________________ 2. ______________________________
                       3. ________________________ 4. _____________________________

Youth Registration: In order to plan the appropriate activities for children and youth they should be listed below.

Ages 5-8     M__F__Name_____________________ M__F__Name_____________________

             M__F__Name_____________________ M__F__Name_____________________

Ages 9-12 M__F__Name_____________________ M__F__Name_____________________

             M__F__Name____________________                        M__F__Name_____________________

Ages 13-17 M__F__Name____________________                          M__F__Name_____________________

               M__F__Name____________________ M__F__Name_____________________

                            2010 Rally Registration Fees Mail to
                                     614 Chipley Ave
                                   Charlotte NC 28205

RALLY FEES: July 18th-25th, 2010 (Sunday to Sunday)

RV with 2 Adults          Rally Package $295.00  $________
RV with 1 Adult           Rally Package $235.00 $________
Each Additional Adult      ________Number X $90.00 = $_________
Children 6-12 Meals       ________ Number X $30.00 = $_________
Ages 13 and over Meals    ________ Number X 40.00 = $_________
No charge (5 and under)                              Total amount      $_________

RALLY FEES: July 21st-25th, 2010 (Wednesday to Sunday)

RV with 2 Adults          Rally Package $265.00      $_________
RV with 1 Adult           Rally Package $205.00      $_________
Each Additional Adult      ________Number X $90.00 = $_________
Children 6-12 Meals       ________ Number X $30.00 = $_________
Ages 13 and over Meals    ________ Number X 40.00 = $_________
No charge (5 and under)                              Total amount     $_________

RALLY FEES: July 19th Monday or July 20th Tuesday Arrival

Add 30.00 for each day ________Number X $30.00 Total amount         $_________

Any registration postmarked after June 1st add $25.00
Non-NAARVA Member(s) Add $50.00                       Total amount $_________
Do not mail registration after July 1, 2010
GATE REGISTRATION: An additional $50.00 will be charged this includes late fee plus an
administration fee Cash/Money Order or Credit Card

Palm Spring Aerial Tramway (July 20 2010)
Price includes entry fee and transportation: Adults __________Number X $40.00 = $________
Price includes entry fee and transportation: children (3to12____Number X $35.00 = $________
Price is for transportation only—free entry for Military (active/retired) __Number X $20.00 = $________

RED HAT TEA           July 23 2010                            _______Number X $10.00 = $_________

MARY THOMPSON Golf Tournament July 22, 2010                   _______ Number X $50.00 = $________

2010 SENIOR OLYMPIC (Includes T-Shirt) July 23 2010 ___________Number X 10.00 = $________

SINGLES LUNCHEON                                                _______Number X $5.00 =       $________

CHECK NUMBER: _____                       GRAND TOTAL OF ALL FEES:                          $______

Pleases CHECK all events in which you wish to participate, your age category, desire to
volunteer and T-Shirt size.

AGE CATEGORY: ___ 50-59 yrs.                  ___ 60-69 yrs.                 ___ 70 yrs & Over

TRACK EVENTS: ___ 5k Run                      ___ 5KWalk

      ___ 50 yd Dash                          ___ 100 yd Dash                ___ 200 yd Dash

FIELD EVENTS         ___ Javelin Throw        ___ Discus Throw               ___ Shot Put

VOLUNTEER            ___ Yes                  ___No

T-SHIRT SIZE         ___Small      ___Large ___ X-Large ___ XX-Large

DATE AND TIME OF ALL EVENTS WILL BE POSTED:                             Awards will be granted to the
1st , 2nd , and 3rd place finalist, male and female, in each age division for each event. A
presentation of the Awards will be made at the Awards Ceremony only, recipients must be

For additional information, please contact event Co-Chairs:

Eddie Norris: 723-556-0271
Roger Smith 520-886-5226


                        2010 NAARVA NATIONAL RALLY
                                       SOUVENIR BOOKLET

Received From ________________________________________ DATE _________________
                  NAARVA Club/Member
Address _________________City __________________ State__________ Zip_____________

Phone________________________ _____ E-mail Address ____________________________
To place an ad in the Souvenir Booklet of the NAARVA National Camp Rally, hosted by the Western
Region include a copy of your ad, as you want it to appear.


( ) Full Page Color                   $300.00

( ) Full Page Black & White           $175.00

( ) Half Page                         $100.00

( ) Quarter Page                        $50.00

( ) Eighth Page (Business Card)         $25.00



The Sum of $___________ Check or Money Order No.____________________

Business ads may be mailed, and receipts will be sent to you. Make check payable to: NAARVA

Mail to:

NAARVA National
Headquarters 614 Chipley Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28205-7002

For questions or further information call: 704-333-3070            DEADLINE- JUNE 1, 2010

                             NAARVA IDOL Talent Show Registration

        Name:                                Contact Number_______________________
List your talent._________________________________________________________________
        Will you need music? Yes _________ No. _______
        I brought my own music Yes ______ No: _______


Will your club win the prize? Western Region challenges all chapters to a line dance contest: please pre
Name of Chapter __________________________________________________________
Region               ______ Contact person                         Phone number _________________

Youth Activities: Please be sure to register all youth, so that the appropriate number and type of activities
can be planned for them. Parents, grandparents and guardians are being asked to assist and support the
various activities/events being planned for the youth. Activities/Events will be held from 10:00 am to 12:00
pm and from 2:00-4:00 pm Monday to Friday. There will also be events occurring on some evenings, so
refer to your Souvenir booklet for additional information.
Youth should wear their name badges at all times.

Tentative Youth Activities: Ages 4 to 17

•Volleyball in pool and sandlot
•Participation in the Opening Ceremony
•Remote Controlled car races
•Face Painting
•Children’s tour
•Picture taking (Some digital cameras will be available, but we urge the Youth to bring their own, if
•Bicycle decorating for the parade

                   2010 NAARVA NATIONAL CAMP RALLY
                         GENERAL INFORMATION

            Please retain these Rally information pages for your future reference

This information is being sent to you to help make the registration process fairly simple and
as informative as possible. You may duplicate the Registration Form prior to completing it
and share with other families. It can also be downloaded from the website. at

All registrations postmarked after June 1, 2010, will be charged a late fee of $25.00. Do
not mail registration after July 1, 2010. The deadline to receive mail-in registration is July
9, 2010. On-site gate registrations will be charged an additional $50.00 fee above and
beyond the regular registration fee.

Acceptable forms of payment: Payment must be made in full by check or money order.
Do not send cash. All returned checks will be assessed a fee of $50.00 and a $15.00
administrative fee above and beyond the registration fee. Payment after June 1, 2010
must be paid in full by money order or cashier check

Golden Village RV Resort Hemet CA.

Nestled in the high desert of Hemet, California lies Sunland RV Resorts’ premier resort,
Golden Village Palms. Golden Village is California’s largest and most luxurious RV resort
featuring picturesque mountain views in a gated resort community.

Fantastic Location: Just a short drive away from Palm Springs, Golden Village Palms offers a
resort experience that is private and relaxing while still connected to city life. Nearby activities
include golf, wine tasting, hot air ballooning, shopping and more. Major attractions such as
Disneyland, the San Diego Zoo, Legoland, and Sea World are within driving distance making
for excellent day trips. The resort’s convenient location puts the best of southern California at
your fingertips.

Everything you need: From wireless internet access, 50/30 AMP electric service, and pull
through sites to modern laundry facilities, the resort is well equipped to accommodate both
short-term and long-term stays. If you’re an RV owner looking for the best resort living in
Southern California, look no further than Golden Village Palms to experience the luxury of the
high desert.

Finest Facilities: With over 1,000 landscaped and groomed sites, full service hookups, and
great service, Golden Village Palms has everything you would expect from a luxury RV resort.
A stunning multi-million dollar recreational complex is the centerpiece of the resort with
multiple pools and spas, a state-of-the-art fitness center, widescreen TV and lounge, grand
ballroom and much more. The breadth and quality of the facilities ensure that the resort truly
has something to offer for each and every guest.

Scenic Surroundings: Lush, year-round green and flowering landscaping, Zahati palm trees,
paved patios and charming details create the beautiful outdoor atmosphere that gives the
resort its ambiance and character. Unique landscaping provides the extra personality at each

site that can make Golden Village Palms your home away from home.

Parking: RV’s will be parked from Sunday July 18th to Wednesday July 24th from 8:00
am to 9.00 pm. Please plan your trip to arrive during this time period. Your camp site
information will be sent with your confirmation card. You must stay in your assigned site.
If you move without permission, you will be asked to leave the resort. There will be no

Chapters and groups that want to park together must send in their registration forms in
the same envelope.

Handicap Parking: There are special campsites for anyone using either a motorized or
non-motorized wheelchair, so please designate on the registration form, if you want to
have one of these sites. All other persons requesting handicap parking will be parked I
the campsites closest to the Events Center.

Please send a copy of your doctor’s certificate or a copy of both sides of your rear view
mirror handicap placard with your registration form.

Extra night Parking: Full hookup sites are available at $30.00 per night for those
individuals who either arrive early or wish to stay after the rally. All efforts will be made to
put you in your assigned site to eliminate site changing.

Meals: One meal (Ribs/Chicken/hotlinks/salad/bean/bread) will be provided Saturday

Camp Pass: (Guests Only) $30.00 For Thursday, Friday and Saturday, which includes
entertainment and food.

Tour Information:
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway – Tour
The lower Valley Station has a gift shop and outside patio. At the top in the mountain station is a gift shop,
two restaurants, one casual dining and one fine dining, cocktail lounge, natural history museum and a theatre
showing a special documentary film on the history of the Tramway. There are picnic areas and observation
points with telescopes at both lower and upper stations. At the top mountain station is located the Mount San
Jacinto State Park and Wilderness area with over 54 miles of hiking trails, primitive campgrounds and picnic
When – Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Time: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Cost: $40.00 (Adults 14 and older), $35.00 (Children 3 to 13), 2 and under free. Price
includes entry fee and transportation.
Active and Retired military no charge for tour (must show ID card). Transportation $20.00
Red Hat Tea – Another opportunity to enjoy yourself, strut your colors and partake of
delicious food and invigorating conversation. This event will be held on Friday, July 23rd
from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.
Mary M. Thompson Memorial Golf Tournament: Will be held on Thursday, July 22nd at
the Hemet Landmark Golf Course. Tee Time: 7:30 am. Your registration fee includes
green fees and golf cart. Meet location and time to be announced. Lunch not included in
price. Available from $7 to $9.

Senior Olympics: This event will take place on Friday morning, Time and location to be
announced. Please complete the enclosed forms if you plan to participate.
Casino Night – This Event will take place Friday night in the Resort Dining room from
7:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Come and enjoy the fun.
Jazz and Blues by the Pool: Thursday from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Comedy night and talent show: This will be on Saturday night from 8:00 pm to 11:00

Fishing: Open fishing at Diamond Valley Lake.
            Entrance/parking:                         $7.00
            Fishing permit:                           $3.00
            Boat rental – Basic fishing boat          $30/hour, $55/half day, $70/full day
            Bass boat:                                $40/hour, $95/half day, $120/full day
            Pontoon boat (8-person):                  $50/hour, $125/half day, $160/full day

Sobora Casino:
Located 20 miles from the Resort. Free shuttle to the casino will be provided.


The following rules and regulations are prepared for all NAARVA members and others who
have registered children and youth to attend the National Rally. Adults responsible of these
youthful attendees are urged to familiarize yourselves with this document, and to make sure
that the child (children) also understands what is expected of him or her while at the NAARVA

1. All youth will be required to wear a name tag with their site numbers on it at all times.

2.Children under 8 years of age must be accompanied by an adult, or person 18 or older,
when out on the campground.

3. Activities for the rally have been designed for each respective age range on registration

4.Eligible aged children and youth are expected to participate in all activities designed for their
age groups.

5.No youths are to be outside of the area where RV's are parked AFTER DARK except for
going to or coming from planned youth activities.

6.QUIET HOURS are to be respected by all children and youth and none should be away from
their site after the start of quiet hours.

7.Security teams assigned to patrol the campgrounds during the day and night are authorized
to return any child or youth found in OFF LIMIT AREAS back to their respective site, and must
be turned over to an adult.

Open year round, Golden Village Palms RV Resort includes:
Site Amenities

         1,019 groomed sites with full hook ups
         65 pull-through sites
         30 and 50 amp electrical service
         Cable TV
         Motorcoach-friendly with concrete paved
         Accommodates the largest RVs
         Beautifully landscaped
         Phone service available for long-term stays

Resort Amenities

         Gated Community, with night guard on
        Friendly helpful staff
        Sparkling clean modern bathroom facility
        Laundry facilities
        Large professional quality kitchen
        Wi Fi acces at every site (fees apply)
        Full mail service (fees apply)
        3 heated swimming pools and 3 spas
        Pool-side barbeques and patio
        Large Clubhouse with big screen TV
        Shuffleboard Pavilion
        Free modem connection in clubhouse
        State-of-the-Art Fitness center with
        Volleyball Courts
        Putting Green
        Billiards Room
        Private meeting rooms and large club
        Guest library with book exchange
        Free computers in library
        Fax and copy service (fees apply)
        Visitor parking
        VIP suite for special occasions
        Local Gas Stations (providing diesel)
        Trash pick-up
        Propane services
        Ice and filtered water available in Vending
        Public Pay Phone

Guest Services
At Golden Village Palms RV Resort, we are dedicated to making your stay as enjoyable as
possible. Our extensive guest services are a testament to this commitment. Guest services

•Activity Director: On staff year round planning fun events and activities for all.

•Activity Office: Brochures and information on local and in-resort attractions, available seven
days a week

•Barbecues: Available in the pool are for your use.

•Large Screen TV: Located in the Clubhouse.

•Computers: Four desktop computers with high-speed, wireless Internet access.

•Coffee: Complimentary and freshly brewed every morning in Clubhouse, 8-11 am.

•Concierge Services: Friendly, knowledgeable staff can help make future reservations, provide
local area information or answer any questions you may have.

•Copy and Fax Service: Located in the office.

•Groceries: Two supermarkets, Target and 99 cent Store across the street.

•Vending Center: Ice, snacks, and filtered water.

•Laundry: Coin operated facility is daily, 6am to 10pm. Change available at the office. Digital
card system is available for longer stays.

•Newspaper: Complimentary copy of The Press Enterprise available in the Clubhouse. Other
local newspapers are available from our newsstand in the Vending Center.

•Pet Stations: Located throughout the resort for your convenience.

•Pools and Spas: Open and heated year round.

•Propane Services: Local companies provide scheduled delivery.

•Restrooms and Showers: New state-of-the-art bathrooms are spotlessly clean and modern.

•Public Transportation: Riverside Transit Agency stops just outside of the resort; route
schedules available at the front desk.

•Fitness Center: State-of-the-art equipment opens for use at 6am to 10 pm daily.

•Massage Therapist: Complimentary 10 min. massage; full hour by appointment (seasonal)

•RV Wash and Wax: Local companies provide on-site RV washing, waxing and detailing.

•Mobile RV Repair: Local Company provides on-site RV Repair and diagnostic service
Legoland California
One of San Diego's premier theme parks, Legoland ignites creativity in kids and adults of all ages. Feel the excitement grow as you
approach the front entrance, where a 9-foot, bright red, LEGO dinosaur welcomes you to a day of color, amusement, thrills, and action.

Sea World San Diego
Touch a dolphin's fin, stare down a shark and connect with the sea's creatures in their own world. Experience Believe-the visually stunning
Shamu show. Encounter polar bears at Wild Arctic and brave the daring drop on the Journey to Atlantis water coaster. Everywhere you
look, the energy and wonder of the world's water surround you in the sights and sounds of SeaWorld.

Birch Aquarium
The mission of Birch Aquarium is to provide ocean science education, to interpret Scripps Institution of Oceanography research, and to
promote ocean conservation. They provide ocean science education through creative exhibits, programs, and activities designed to help
people use critical thinking, and to make science relevant to their daily lives.
Quail Botanical Gardens
One of San Diego's best family-friendly attractions. There are over 35 acres of gardens including Seeds of Wonder, an interactive children's
garden, a world famous bamboo collection and other unusual plant collections.

The Carlsbad Flower Fields
This 50-acre rainbow of blooming Ranunculus flowers thrills everyone who visits. Pathways take you up the gently sloping fields, where
most people stand in silence, taking in the abundant flowers and gazing at the Carlsbad coastline.

Bates Nut Farm
Founded in 1921 by Gilbert and Beatrice Bates, the farm started out producing and selling walnuts, but now sells a wide variety of nuts
from all over the world. There is also a fudge shop and candy counter, which has a selection of regular as well as sugar free candy. Bates
Nut Farm also hosts special events and offers tours on occasion.

Welcome to the nations longest running outdoor                                      drama. You and your family will
enjoy the experience of this classic story of the                                   many struggles of early
California. The natural beauty of the Ramona Bowl                                   Amphitheatre and the love of
land and family all combine in this award winning                                   presentation of RAMONA,
California's official state outdoor play
The Western Center Museum
The Western Center is home to a fascinating array of Native American artifacts and Ice Age fossils that were
unearthed at Diamond Valley Lake. You'll be moved by "Max", the largest mastodon found in the Western U.S., as
well as "Xena", a Columbian mammoth. Let your imagination run wild as you walk on ternpered glass which houses
"Little Stevie", a large mastodon installed beneath the museum floor to re-create the actual dig site.
Who could pass up the chance to visit the happiest place on earth? Round up the troops and spend a day with
everyone's favorite Disney characters-past and present. From the daring rollercoaster at California Adventure to
the teacups in the classic park, Disneyland has something for the whole family.
Palm Springs Windmill Tours
Voted one of the best tours in the area, the Palm Springs Windmill tour takes you on a fascinating and
educational journey into the windmill world. One of the most comprehensive tours of its kind offered in the
San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park
Experience a unique adventure at the 2, 1 DO-acre San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park, where animals wander
freely in surroundings much like their native homelands. A quiet railway, pathways and animal shows enable
visitors to observe the animals and many species of exotic plants in natural environments.
San Diego Zoo
Walk or ride a double-decker bus throughout this                                        expansive park, home to
over 4,000 rare and exotic animals exhibited in beautiful                               garden habitats. More than
a park, this zoo is a major research facility-although it is                            cleverly disguised with
entertaining shows and inspiring exhibits like Polar Bear                               Plunge and Hippo Beach.
Truly an extraordinary zoo.

Salton Sea

The Salton Sea, located in the southeastern corner of California, is actually a lake which occupies a desert basin know as the Salton
Sink. This body of water covers a surface area of 376 square miles, making it larger than Lake Tahoe and Mono Lake. In fact, the
Salton Sea is the largest lake in California. The Sea’s current elevation is about 227 feet below sea level, its maximum depth
reaches 51 feet and its total volume is about 7.5 million acre-feet. Besides the opportunity for bird watching and fishing, the Salton
Sea and its immediate vicinity offer recreational opportunities including boating, camping, off-roading, hiking, use of personal
watercraft and photography. One of the attractions, the Salton Sea Recreation Area, has 1,400 campsites in fie campgrounds,
hundreds of picnic sites, trails, playgrounds, boat ramps and a visitor’s center.

Hotels in the area
Quality Inn Hemet –1201 West Florida Avenue. Located close to the RV

Hampton Inn and Suites Hemet - 3700 West Florida Avenue. Located next
to the RV Resort

Super 8 Motel Hemet – 3510 West Florida Avenue Hemet – Located east
of the RV Resort in the same block.
Best Western Inn of Hemet – 2625 West Florida Avenue Hemet – Located
East of the RV Resort
American Best Value Inn and Suites Hemet – 800 West Florida Avenue
Table Games: Regional scuffle board, horse shoes and bean ball tournaments.

Swimming: There three (3) swimming pools at the park. There will be no life guard on
duty. One   pool will be for children only, when accompanied by an adult.

Health Walk: This guided walk will take place from Monday through Friday starting at 7:00 am
from the Bathhouse.

Cake Walk: Each chapter and members-at-Large should bring three (3) cakes. Please bring
your cakes to the Registration Booth.

Auction: Each chapter and members-at-Large should bring two gifts valued at least $20.The
gift should be wrapped in newspaper or put in a gift bag. Please bring your gift(s) to the
Registration Booth.

Parade: All Chapters are invited to participate in the annual NAARVA parade. Everyone,
including your four-legged pal is invited.

Youth Activities: Activities for the youth will be held at various locations, so please refer to
your 2010 Souvenir booklet for the various activities and locations. All youths should wear
their name badges at all times.

Acceptable forms of payment: Payment must be made in full by check or money order. Do
not send cash. Please make sure the amount you send is correct. All returned checks will
be assessed a fee of $50.00 and a $15.00 administrative fee above and beyond the
registration fee. Payment after July 9, 2010.

Cancellation Policy:
All cancellations must adhere to the following
1. Must be requested in writing.
2. Must be sent to the National office         NAARVA National Headquarters
                                               614 Chipley Avenue
                                               Charlotte, NC 28205-7002

     3. Must be postmarked no later than July 1, 2010. No Refund after July 15, 2010.
             4. Approved refunds will have a $50.00 administration fee deducted.

Rally contacts:      Thomas Jones          Western Region Director 623-935-2878
                     Pat Coxeff            Chairperson                     702-614-7234
                     Aubrey Manuel         Co-Chairperson                  213-276-0001
                     Eddie Norris          Co-Chairperson                  623-556-0271
                     James Brooks          Co-Chairperson                  951-849-0952

Please refer all of your questions to NAARVA Headquarters at: 1-704-333-3070

I-10 (Westbound or Eastbound) – Exit Highway 79 South (Beaumont Exit), South for 15
miles (79 South turns into Sanderson Ave) Right on Highway 74 (Florida Ave) for 1 block ,
Right on Golden Village street.

I-15 North – Exit Winchester Road, North for 15 miles. Right on Highway 74 East (Florida
Ave) for 6 miles, left at Golden Village Street.

I-215South – Left on Highway 74 East (Florida Ave) for 6 miles, left at Golden Village


3600 West Florida Ave
Hemet, CA 92545
Tel: 800-323-9610
Fax: 951-929-5672


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