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					                                          Who Is Here?

Asset NameDescription Type                               Who has it? Who can use it?
                                                     People who
                                                     work, live or
                                                     are interested
                                                     in Camberwell
                                   Community         SE5 in
SE5 Forum for    Community         Cohesion/Improvem Lambeth &
Camberwell       Group             ent               Southwark          See Who has it?
                 High levels of
                 cycling &
Low Car          public                                                 All residents
Ownership        transport use.                        All residents    walking & cycling
Sue Bell & the
Town Brixton     facilitator for                       Gresham
Heart & Soul     growing hope      Skill, knowledge,   Road, 020
group            & resilience      time                7274 0234
                 There is an old
                 building along
                 the train line
                 Junction to
                 Elephant &
                 Castle on the
Old building     left hand side    Building
                 the possibility
                 of a better
Train lines      community         Equipment           Everybody
                 Volunteer time
                 to                                    me, Treasurer,
                 Loughborough                          Loughborough
                 Junction                              Junction
Time             Action Group      Time                Action Group
Empty shops                        Building
Community                                              Loughborough
Hall             Party, meeting    Building            EMB              General Public
St John's,       Active local      Skill, knowledge,   Whole
Angell Town      church            building            community        Whole community
                 Seven railway
Bridges          bridges           Public realm        Network Rail

Back gardens     Usually
in Gresham       tenants or
Road             dental practice Green space           ?Landlords       Owners/residents
                                         Who Is Here?

                Horse Riding
                Centre from                                          Young people 8-25.
                Oct 2011 to                          Ebony Horse      Some of schools
                Jan 2012. For                        Club with       and youth groups.
                160 young                            football and    Absolute priority
Ebony Horse     people per       Skill, knowledge,   one other       for Coldharbour
Club            week             building            sport.          residents.

Gresham Road Canterbury
empty garages Crescent estate Building               ?
                                                     All statutory
                After                                bodies and
                extensive                            experienced
                consultation,                        local
Scarman         drafted in mid                       campaigners/a
Report          eighties!        Knowledge           ctivists      We all can
Empty shops                      Building
                Known as a
Loughborough    community
Centre          centre           Building            URH             We don't know
                                                     Friends of
                                                     Gardens, Elm
                                                     Park) and
Parks                            Nature facilities   Council         The community
Guillotine/Lami cutter/Plastic
nator 1 hour    covering for                                          Locals – out of
per week        paper A3/A4      Equipment           2       Step     hours
                                                                      Paying customers /
                                                                      or persons who
                College where                                         qualify for
Universal       skills are                                            government and
College UK      taught           Skill, knowledge    Private resident EU funding
                people                                             Community
Artists/Musicia working in the   Skill, knowledge,   Workshops/stu engagement/area
ns              area             time                dios          upgrade
Gordon Grove Hall/Play
Adventure       Equipment on                         Lambeth
Playground      Minet Road       Building, equipment Council         General community
Nu-Breed        Social           Skill, knowledge,   Nu-Breed        Mixed
Enterprise      enterprise       equipment, time     Enterprise      demographics
                                                                     There needs to be
                                                                     a variety of
Commercial                                                           businesses &
buildings at                                         Private         services to offer
Loughborough    Shops and                            landlords       more attractive
Junction        premises         Building            (banks?)        and relevant...
                                         Who Is Here?

People/Knowle everything     Skill, knowledge,                         Everyone who
dge           about the area time                      We all do       listens
              We got space
Space         to do things

Volunteering &
Apprenticeship   Admin/Childcar                                        Local community &
opportunities    e/Education    Skill, knowledge       2nd Step        business
Empty shops      need to be
around Angell    refurbished &                         Lambeth       Anybody who can
Town             leased         Building               Council       afford
Empty shops                       Building             us            Local business

                 community                             Gresham
                 groups to help   Skill, knowledge,    Road, 020
Sue Bell         with money       time                 7274 0234
                                                       Privately       operator/communit
                 empty pub on                          owned &         y pop up cafe,
                 Coldharbour                           empty for 2+    restaurant, art
Warrior Pub      Lane             Building             years           gallery
Many empty
Pub building
                                  Skill, knowledge,    Mothers
                                  time, other: with    looking after
Mothers, Dads                     childcare provided   children        The community
Marcus Lipton                     Skill, building,     Lambeth
Youth Club                        equipment            Council         Youth in the area
Moorlands                                              Moorlands
Elderly                                                Community
Disabled                                               Development     Local elderly
Project          Drop in centre   Building             Project         disabled residents

Gordon           Adventure
Adventure        playground
Playground       with computers Equipment                              Adults & children
Adventure                                                              Anyone, children &
Playground                        Building                             adult
                                        Who Is Here?

empty nursing
home                             Building            Don't know

Top floor of
Gresham Road It's not being                          Lambeth
fire station used                Building            Council

                Supports local
Green Man       residents into   Building,           Lambeth
Skills Zone     jobs             equipment, time     Council           Local residents

                                                     URH (although     Use is extremely
                                                     it should be      limited due to cost
                Space for                            “the              and lack of
Loughborough    community                            community”        transparency in its
Centre          groups           Building            who has it)       management.
Social/Recreati Groundation
onal            Environmental                        Community         No-one without
“Learning”      Sustainability                       members &         permission of Land-
Spaces          Program          Skill, knowledge    local residents   owners
Urban           Urban
Architectural   regeneration –   Skill, knowledge,                     Lambeth Council/7
Design          planning         time                Walter Reed       Bridges

                                                                       People in the
                                                                       community who
                                                     People            are concerned with
                                                     unknown, &        the education
Empty shops                                          Lambeth and       levels among
around the                                           Angell Town       young people in
estate          A lot            Building            Housing           the community.
Loughborough                                         Lambeth           local community
Park            local small park Green space         Council           growing group
Whirled Art                      Entertainment
Cinema                           centre              ?                 Members?
Community       Community                            Metropolitan
Centre          centre           Building, equipment Housing Trust     General community
Creative                                             Arts College
community       Artists          Skill, knowledge    students          Everyone
                Time, energy,    Skill, knowledge,
Lovely people   enthusiasm       time                The people
                                      Who Is Here?

               Empty building
               that belongs
               to council and
               agreements                        Lambeth
Boiler House   are not used(?) Building          Council   Community
                                           Who Is Here?

How else could it be used? Who else could it help?                          Postal District

Tremendous potential for networking

Sustainable & public transport exemplar for London. All people travelling
to & through the area. If main distributors Milkwood Road, Loughborough
Road and Coldharbour Lane were only for buses, emergency vehicles,
walking, cycling & deliveries.


It looks unused, it could make a great art

Quality delicatessen and/or quality cafe

You think about it                                                          SW9


Improve to kickstart regeneration. Local artists and local people.

Grow food; grow community links; create wild life corridors                 SW9
                                         Who Is Here?

Sexual health advice for young people. Literacy + job advice + training
for young people.                                                              SW9

? games centre; ? business/social enterprise; ? Gardening                      SW9

As part of Brixton/Camberwell/Lambeth/Southwark regeneration needs
this report should be a starting point.
Pop up shops for new business (or existing)

It is currently very underused. Could be used by many more people.             SW9

Facilities tailored to teenagers needs so they don't have to hang out in the


Can be rented out or volunteered for local youths on weekends. Local
people need to be encouraged because its mostly people outside of the
area who use it.

Schools, businesses

Hire venue, training ground, schools, playgroups, young parents, youth
groups, social/community enterprise to raise/train in play work e.g.           SE5
Children 8-15, 16+, NEETs, low self esteem, single parents, elderly, poor
fitness, self defence, education                                               SW9

businesses (shops, cafes) for local people from the whole community.
Maybe joined up lobbying by Loughborough Estate, Loughborough
Junction Action Group & Business Link.                                         SW9
                                          Who Is Here?

Agencies/Public & Private/Self-governing community associations

e.g. exercise if they were safe outside

Advertise opportunities at Green Man Skills Zone                       SE24

To run social activities for youth or older people                     SW9
With attractive new shops, people would feel better and visit (would
improve socialising)


local community resource, local artists                                SW9

Creative community, our young people                                   SW9

Creative community, our young people                                   SW9

Creative community, our young people                                   SW9

Roof – to site solar panels to make energy and money                   SW9

Other parents/children/teenagers

I feel that it could be opened up to the community at large            SW9


For adults/business who need to send email or write letters            SE5

Building not used during the day or at weekends (except Saturday).
Could be used for courses, workshops and projects.                     SE5
                                          Who Is Here?

? community gym                                                             SW9

This could be explored further                                              SW9

It could be used for regular classes + workshops. This needs to be
resolved URGENTLY!!                                                         SW9

WN3 St Agnes Park Community Safety & Regeneration CIC

Local residents, pull in colleagues/schools.

Community centre for local housing estates like Angell Town &
Loughborough Road. Community projects such as dance, exercise and
fitness which is important for general health in the area.                  SW9

project for children, youth and elderly to be involved in growing.          SW9


* Micro businesses, play workers, young people groups, elderly, parenting
groups, hire venue                                                          SW9

Ideas to develop & regenerate the area.

We need space + time to meet
                                         Who Is Here?

Building is next to a school and is not suitable for housing. The building
needs refurbishing to be fit for purpose.                                    SW9
                  Who Is Here?

Postal District

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