Rights_ Responsibilities and Duties of American Citizens

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      NOTES-Rights, Responsibilities and Duties of American Citizens
                          Chapter 5 Section 1 and 2 of Civics (classroom text)
           NOTES-if you missed the notes in class or you want to compare, use the notes
          below…remember, your notes do not have to look exactly like mine but you can
                             use them to help you with your own!

         Rights: See Constitution and Bill of Rights
                        Security—protection from government
                        Equality—equal treatment under the law
                        Liberty—rights guaranteed under the Constitution

         Responsibilities: Things citizens should do (voluntarily)

         Duties: Things citizens are required to do

  Focus of Chart: Important civic rights, responsibilities, and duties that American
  Citizens need to follow in order for a democracy to work.

            Rights                              Responsibilities                           Duties
    *See constitution and                  Be Informed—know what                   Obey laws—for safety;
 amendments for a list of our               government is doing; b/c gov’t           order/organization; to
          Freedoms.                         purpose is to protect and serve          help make the right
  Security: due process                     citizen; citizen must be                 decisions; to protect the
  Equality: due process                     informed to voice opinion; to            health, safety, and
  Liberty: amend. 1                         help make decisions; to choose           property of citizens…
                                            leaders; to know your rights             for example: driving
Bill of Rights 1-10                         and exercise them and not                laws to help maintain
Amend. 1:Freedom of Speech,                 abuse them or be abused; to              order and to keep us
Religion, Press, Assembly,                  preserve them; stay educated in          safe; criminal laws, local
Petition                                    your vote—example: town                  laws. Criminal laws—
                                            council makes laws that you              prevent citizens from
Amend. 2: Right to Bare Arms                need to follow…if you do not             harming one another;
                                            agree…you can voice your                 local laws to help people
Amend. 3:No Quartering                      opinion…gov’t will act in the            get along
Troops                                      interest of all its people
                                                                                    Pay Taxes- Taxes pay
Amend. 4: Search & Seizure                 Vote-to exercise right of self-          for government
                                            government; to choose who                services/activities.
Amend. 5:Rights of Accused                  runs the government; to change           Taxes are paid to
                                            the government if government             federal, state and local
Amend. 6: Right to Speedy,                  isn’t doing what the people              governments to help
Fair Trial                                  want; to have a say and to have          improve roads, pay for
                                            direct power. Vote is                    police and some
Amend. 7:Civil Suits                        democracy; vote is a voice.              firefighters. Example: if
                                            Example: We vote to elect our            Federal government did
Amend. 8: Bail & Punishment                 representatives who are there            not collect taxes we
                                            to work for our best interest. If        would not have
Amend. 9:Other People Rights                we feel they are not doing the           government employees
                                            job, we can vote someone                 to maintain army and
Amend. 10: State Rights                     new…in a peaceful and orderly            navy; collect taxes for
                                            manner.                                  public schools, paved
                                                                                     roads, and other services
        Responsibilities                            Duties
   Participate in Government-            Defend the Nation- Men
    participate in                         aged 18 and over are
    community/government.                  required to register with the
    Volunteers like firefighters and       government in case the
    rescue squad, or the                   country needs to enforce the
    government like Mayor or               DRAFT. Draft-to call up,
    town council. Example: If no           men for military service.
    one volunteered/participated           Draft has not been used
    the community may not have a           since Vietnam War.
    rescue squad. Think about the          However, government has
    soccer and baseball                    the authority to use the draft
    coaches/programs—need                  if needed. Currently we
    community members to be                have a volunteer military to
    involved/participate or the            protect us. Reason—protect
    town/community will not have           the nation
                                          Serve in Court- Citizens are
   Respect Rights of Others-              given the right to a trial by
    Laws have been put in place to         jury (Amendment 5 & 7). In
    encourage people to respect            order for this right-citizens
    each other; show respect for           are asked to serve jury duty.
    public property and property of        Also, it is a duty of a citizen
    others; Example: in your               to serve as a witness at a
    neighborhood your are                  trial, if called to do so. The
    expected to respect each               Amendments 5-8 are to
    other—noise level and                  protect the rights of the
    property…you would want                accused (due process of law)
    others to respect your rights          and it is the duty of the
                                           citizens to serve in order for
   Respect Diversity- Respect             us to have these rights
    and accept others regardless of
    beliefs, practices, or other       Attend School-In most states
    difference: TOLERANCE.             people are required to attend
    For example: We have               school until age 16. Very
    Freedom of Religion and need       important right for you and the
    to respect that there are          government—education is
    different religions; everyone      important in teaching
    should have a say no matter        knowledge and skills to be a
    what they believe; Diversity of    good citizen. Educated voice
    people has been America’s          and votes are what keeps a
    greatest strength—Immigrants       democratic society successful.
    have brought different             For example the government
    religions, traditions, and         needs its citizens to be able to
    lifestyles to the country. All     examine all sides of an issue,
    citizens are equal and entitled    separate facts from beliefs, and
    to be treated the same             draw own conclusions—to help
                                       you have an informed, well-
                                       reasoned opinion.