Minutes and message from the Chairman                                        11 June 2007

To All industrial designers, affiliate and future members

On behalf of the newly elected board, it is with great pleasure that we announce the
formation of the Industrial Designers Association of South Africa. This historic
occasion was extremely well attended at the launch and inaugural AGM held at the
University of Johannesburg's FADA campus.

The 9th June 2007 is therefore a day to remember. We would like to thank everybody for
their participation and registration and for those who traveled from Cape Town and
Durban. For those who could not attend the event, we wish firstly to extend a welcoming
hand to join the association and secondly, briefly communicate the important points of the
first AGM, outcomes and way forward.


1. A total of 60 persons registered attendance at the inaugural AGM.
2. A total of 60 persons registered as members – a fantastic 100%.
3. Opening address by Dr Bethuel Sehlapelo, Deputy Director General of the Department
    of Science and Technology. Dr Sehlapelo highlighted the important role of industrial
    design and how this could integrate into government strategies for the manufacturing
4. Bernard Smith presented 'the bigger picture' of current national initiatives to develop
    industrial design as well as a strategic vision for the future.
5. Andro Nizetich outlined the salient points of the business plan for the association.
6. Joroen Engel explained the draft constitution of the association.
7. Ms Adrienne Viljoen explained the role the association can play internationally through
    registration with ICSID (International Council for the Societies of Industrial Design).
8. Membership registration was conducted.
9. The constitution was adopted, allowing the board to be elected by a voting process.
10. The outcome of the voting process is as follows:
    ● Chairman: Bernard Smith
    ● Vice Chairman: (to be elected - see notes)
    ● Treasurer: Joroen Engel
    ● Secretary: David van der Merwe
    ● Committee Chair, Government: Gold Mametja
    ● Committee Chair, Education: Craig Duff
    ● Committee Chair, Marketing: Ms Hanne Defosse
    ● Committee Chair, Membership: Jose Loureiro
Assistant members to the above committees are:
     ● Government: Christo Botes, Mike Wythe and Thuri Govender
     ● Education: Bart Verveckken, Chris Bradnum, Perter Harrison, Adriaan Hugo and
        Stefan Jacobson
     ● Marketing: Anneline Christie, Ryan Pomeroy and Gregory Van Der Boon
     ● Membership: Donovan Penaluna, James King and Hendrik van der Westhuizen

MINUTES AND MESSAGE FROM CHAIRMAN 9TH JUNE 2007                                           1
Tristan Melland offered his services as assistant to the chairman, which I warmly accept
and thank him. Fifteen people in total have offered their services in assisting the board.
This is truly a fantastic show of support and commitment. We welcome all new board
members and assisting members as well as the outgoing committee members who worked
so hard in preparation for the establishment of the association and others who contributed.
We also thank the SA Design Institute for their support during this process.

The following immediate steps will be taken concerning the association:
1. A meeting of the Board will be convened.
2. Minutes of the above will be forwarded to members outlining roles, responsibilities and
3. The registration of a section 21 company for the association.
4. Opening of a bank account.
5. Communication channels.
6. Membership forms sent to those who could not attend the inaugural AGM.
7. Payment and collection of membership fees.

These steps will run concurrently with actions being carried out by the committees which
will include: ratification of membership and further development of database, fund raising,
corporate image and website. Further notice will be given to the election of Vice Chairman
as this position has links to ICSID membership which can only take place once the above
steps have been taken.

This leaves me to say that I am humbled and honoured to be elected first Chairman of this
association and I thank you all. I accept the responsibility of this challenge however, would
like to stress that this is a team effort and am therefore looking forward to working with a
great team and this extends to each and every member of the association.

I also wish to make a point that this association is not a 'talk shop'. We are serious
about a strategic process and vision to revolutionize the manufacturing industry through
industrial design. We are serious about demonstrating the value of industrial designers in
governments' social and economic development agenda. We are serious about developing
quality industrial design education. We are serious about elevating the professional
status of industrial designers in industry. We are serious about ensuring that industrial
designers are remunerated in line with their contribution to the economy, such as lawyers,
chartered accountants, engineers, doctors and sportsman are. We are serious about
creating a powerful national design culture and a sense of belonging for industrial

Most of all, we are serious that this association will become a phenomena of economic
development across the world.

To achieve this, we need the commitment, ideas, talent and expertise of each and every

We welcome you all to be part of this challenging and exciting future.

Yours faithfully

Bernard George Smith
For and behalf of the Board

MINUTES AND MESSAGE FROM CHAIRMAN 9TH JUNE 2007                                             2
Some pics of the day ...

        9th June 2007

    Industrial designers get down
    to serious business ...

                                             LAUNCH AND INAUGURAL AGM
                                               INDUSTRIAL DESIGNERS
                                            ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH AFRICA

                                          The newly elected board with Dr Bethuel Sehlapelo, Dept.
                                          Science and Technology and Adrienne Viljoen from SA Design
                                          Institute in centre. From left: Craig Duff, Jose Loureiro, Joroen
                                          Engel, Andro Nizetich, Gold Mametja, Hanne Defosse and
                                          Bernard Smith

                                          Dr Bethuel Sehlapelo, Deputy-Director General of the
                                          Department of Science and Technology talks to the

MINUTES AND MESSAGE FROM CHAIRMAN 9TH JUNE 2007                                                               3

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