Pull the Plug Appliance Recycling Program

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					Pull the Plug Appliance Recycling Program

Schedule a Pickup with Southwest Iowa Rural Electric Cooperative’s new Appliance Recycling

Southwest Iowa Rural Electric Cooperative Recycling Rebate Program
Eligible appliances are refrigerators, freezers and window air conditioners. A rebate of $35 for a
refrigerator and $25 for a freezer and window air conditioner.

Requirements for Program Participation
1. The refrigerator, freezer and window a/c must be in working condition.
2. You must be a SWIAREC member.
3. Limit up to three (3) eligible Appliances per address.
4. Eligible Appliances over the maximum or ineligible Appliances can be arranged for
    collection by at the REC member’s expense.
5. Appliance must be left on the curb or at a readily accessible location at the REC member
    residence. ESI will not enter into the homes of any REC member for collection of any
(Southwest Iowa Rural Electric Cooperative disclaims any and all liability for any claims or
causes of action arising out of or occurring as a result of an Appliance being placed outside by a
REC member)

What do I as a REC member have to do to get my appliance picked up?
1. Contact SWIAREC and request collection of certain operable Appliances
2. SWIAREC will contact Environmental Services of Iowa, LLC (ESI)
3. ESI will contact REC member within one business day of submittal form to schedule the
   collection of appliance(s) by them.
4. At time of collection of the Appliance(s), ESI will issue a check to you the member for each
   collected Appliance.
5. In the event REC member is not on site during the scheduled collection time, the REC
   member shall arrange for an alternative delivery of payment of the incentive fee.

Why Recycle?
1. Old refrigerators and freezers are not biodegradable. ESI shall recycle and demanufacture
   appliances in accordance with local, state and federal laws and regulations. These appliances
   will not be refurbished or resold to a third party.
2. Old refrigerators and freezers can use more than two times the electricity of newer models. If
   everyone does their part to conserve energy and recycle responsibly, we could help extend
   our energy resources well into the future.
3. The average 10-year-or-older refrigerator contains more than 120 pounds of recyclable steel.
   The energy saved by recycling that refrigerator is enough energy to run a new ENERGY
   STAR- qualified refrigerator for eight months.

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