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      Commissions Automator!

  For The First Time Ever, You Can Now Earn
                  Blog 24 Hours a Day,
        7 Days a Week - Without Lifting A Finger!

Commissions Automator is a Wordpress Plugin that automatically makes
a post on your blog FOR YOU, every single time we release a new instant
commission product.

Every post has YOUR affiliate link, and when your visitors click and buy,
you'll earn instant payments, directly to your PayPal Account!

     Simply Upload, Activate, and Never Touch It
        "Set It Up Once, Then Walk Away..."

    Use Commissions Automator On UNLIMITED
The instant commission posts are short, to the point, and ALWAYS contain YOUR
affiliate link. You can select which feeds your want to promote, and how often you want
to post to your blog.

You may install the plugin on UNLIMITED domains.

            Check Out This DEMO Site To See Actual Posts Made by Commissions

 Soon We'll Have Over 100 Instant Commission Products For You
                        To Earn From!

                  Join The Team Today!
NOTE: Before our public launch in March, we want to collect YOUR feedback, as well
as any new feature ideas you may have. As a result, you qualify for our BETA launch
special price, which WILL go up!

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   Only $4.97!

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Join as a member of our BETA launch, and you'll also get a FREE copy of our BRAND
NEW plugin that will take every blog post you make on your Wordpress Blog, and
INSTANTLY post it to your Twitter account!
Setup takes 2 minutes, then you never have to touch it again. It will work for you
24/7/365 to keep your Twitter account up to date with every blog post you make. That's
right... these two plugins combined and you can not only earn commissions from your
blog but you can also earn them from your twitter account!

You'll Get It FOR FREE As a BETA launch

The Icing On The Cake...
Earn 100% Instant Commissions For Everyone You Refer To This

In order to get the word out about our new Commissions Automator plugins, we need
YOUR help, and are willing to pay you for it. You'll earn the entire sales price of the
Commissions Automator EVERY time you refer a sale. There's no waiting on
commissions, because you get paid INSTANTLY, directly to YOUR PayPal account when
you refer someone!

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P.S. There's much more inside, but we're not spilling the beans to the
         Let's just say we've made it super easy for you. :-)

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