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					         FAQ’s                          OVERVIEW

How does the payment                Essential! is a short-term insurance stated benefit product that will cover certain co-

procedure work?                     payments for in-hospital procedures. After reviewing various mainstream medical
Essential! is a product that will   schemes’ co-payment structures, Resolution Underwriters have compiled a list of
pay a stated benefit according      procedures for which you would normally have to pay a certain amount upfront. We
to procedures listed in the table   then allocated specific stated benefits to these procedures.
of benefits. If the claim is
approved, the stated benefit        Essential! has a premium of R85 per month for a family of five.
will be paid in full into the
insured’s bank account.
                                        Procedure                                                      Stated Benefit
                                        Cataract surgery/ Myringotomy (grommets)/ Tonsillectomy/       R 1,000.00
Would Essential! pay for a
                                        Adenoidectomy/ Excision nailbed/ Circumcision
gastroscopy          in      the        Colonoscopy/ Sigmoidoscopy/ Proctoscopy/ Gastroscopy /         R 1,250.00
                                        Skin lesions
doctors’ room?
                                        Cystourethroscopy                                              R   1,500.00
No, Essential! is for procedures        Conservative back and neck treatment                           R   2,500.00
done in-hospital only.                  Arthroscopy/ Hysteroscopy/ Endometrial ablation                R   2,500.00
                                        Hysterectomy (excl. for pre-operative diagnosed cancer)/       R   3,000.00
                                        Functional nasal and sinus surgery/ Laparoscopy
Can this be used with any               Nissen fundoplication (reflux surgery)                         R 4,000.00
medical aid?                            Back surgery/ Joint replacements/ Spinal Surgery               R 5,000.00

Will you cover my co-
payment in full?                    IMPORTANT INFORMATION
We    pay    a   pre-determined
stated benefit. In some cases
this benefit will be more than
enough. Some cases it might         o   Standard 3 month waiting period
be slightly less than the actual    o   Pre-existing conditions may be excluded for minimum 12 months
co-payment.                         o   This brochure is for information purposes only; any claim is subject to
                                        the policy wording
        Contact Us                  o   There is no maximum entry age
Tel:   0861 791 6425                o   Terms and Conditions apply on all Products and might change due to
Fax:   086 508 2292                     changes in Legislation
Web:             Underwritten by Resolution Underwriters (Pty) Ltd (FSP: 4710) under
                                                   contract from Resolution Insurance Company Limited

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