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    Après Ski Club

                                                     JUNE 2008
                                                                              WHERE’S TGIF?
              MEMBERS and GUESTS                                            Beginning at 5:00 pm
                                                                            each Friday Apres
               By Connie Burdette
                                                                            members and their
                                                                            guests meet at a
                                                                            local establishment
               Outgoing president, Bill Bartz hosted the first combination to unwind and socialize. All are
               Barbecue/Inaugural Dinner celebration. Judging by the welcome to attend. Locations for
               size of the crowd, it was evidently                          June TFIFs are as follows:
               quite successful. Traditionally there is
               a separate Inaugural Dinner to thank
               the outgoing Board of Directors and
                                                                                         June 6, 2008
               welcome and introduce the new Board
                                                                                CANTANKEROUS FISH
of Directors. It was Bill’s choice to make this a more
                                                                                      420 Castro Street
casual and affordable event for all. Barry Caffee
                                                                                       Mountain View
generously agreed to be the BBQ chef and did a
                                                                                       (650) 966-8124
wonderful and delicious job, as always. Everyone
had a choice of rib eye steaks or chicken, salad,
                                                                                        June 13, 2008
beans, garlic bread and cookies for dessert. After the
                                                                                    ELEPHANT BAR
meal, Bill acknowledged each member of his board.
                                                                              19780 Stevens Creek Boulevard
He awarded each board member with a clock, which he handcrafted.
Bill made 20 clocks for this occasion! In addition, Marie Barberi, Barry
                                                                                       (408) 865-0701
Caffee, Liz Frank and June Thomas, all members who made significant
contributions to the club during the year were also awarded these beautiful
                                                                                        June 20, 2008
clocks. In turn, the outgoing Board gave Bill a generous gift certificate
to Cabela’s, a sporting goods outfit which should cover all Bill’s outdoor
                                                                                   331 Hacienda Avenue
passions of hunting, fishing, camping, etc. Thank you Bill for all you have
done these past two terms of office and Happy Birthday!
                                                                                       (408) 374-3400
                            The June barbecue is scheduled for June 11
                                                                                     June 27, 2008
                            at Memorial Park in Cupertino. Cocktail
                                                                                LOS GATOS LODGE
                            hour is 5:00 pm and dinner at 6:30 pm with
                                                                              50 Los Gatos/Saratoga Road
                            announcements following. Tickets can be
                                                                                       Los Gatos
                            purchased online at the Après website (www.
                                                                                    (408) 354-3300
                   or via snail mail at Après Ski Club,
                            P. O. Box 4794, San Jose, CA 95150-4794.
                            Checks must be received by June 9. Ticket
                            prices are $12 before June 9 (members only)
                            and $15 (guests and at-the-door). You must
indicate your choice of steak, chicken or pasta. See you there!
          POSITION                                   NAME                               E-MAIL                         PHONE
President.................................. Bernadette Fife.............. 408-265-4669
Vice President.......................... OPEN
Secretary.................................. Julia Nicholls................. 408-776-9800
Treasurer.................................. Cheryl Lawson.............. 408-371-5342
Racing..................................... Paul Vlasveld................ 408-247-6472
Asst. Racing............................ John Schultheis............ 408-978-1420
Web Master............................. Ed Martin...................... 408-245-3024
Asst. Web Master.................... OPEN
Membership............................ Sharon Antonelli............ 408-247-3790
Asst. Membership................... Linda Eaton................... 408-371-5342
Marketing/PR......................... Robin Leineke............... 510-435-3838
Scribe Newsletter.................... Connie Burdette............ 408-270-8953
Sports Director........................ Janice Melena................ 408 623-4681
Asst. Sports Director............... Jim Sanchez................... 408 448-2997
Special Events Director.......... Kathy Wyss.................... 408 504-7254
Asst. Special Events............... OPEN
Activities Director.................. Georgiana Rudge........... 408-997-1451
BAC Representative.............. Linda Indreboe.............. 408-248-8426
Lodge Operations Director.... David Whetzell.............. 408-379-3489
Property Director.................... Rich Fisher..................... 925-945-8036
Travel Director........................ Cheryl Lawson      408-371-5342
Asst. Travel Director............... OPEN

                                                 APRÈS SKI CLUB
                                                              (Founded in 1970)
                                                      Après Ski Club, Inc., Owner
                                                           Published Monthly by
                                                     The UPS Store - Evergreen
                                                            Mailing Address:                      Need a single Scribe sent?
                                                            Après Ski Club
                                                             P.O. Box 4794                        Didn’t receive your Scribe?
      APRÈS BOARD OF                                  San Jose, CA 95150-4794                      Send a Scribe to a friend?
    DIRECTORS MEETING                               Entered as First Class matter
                                                       at the San Jose P.O. 1981                          CONTACT:
                                               Published by and for the membership of                    Marie Barberi
              Wednesday                                     Après Ski Club
                                                       Connie Burdette, Editor
         June 4, 2008                                                                        
           6:30-9:00 pm                         Scribe Deadline
              Location TBD                      10th of current month for ads and articles to appear in the next month’s issue.
                                                             E-mail your ads, articles and photos to Connie Burdette
Members: please have your                       at Articles must be proofed and in Microsoft WORD
concerns, suggestions and action                                              document.format
items to the Secretary at least one
week prior to each Board meeting so                                             Ad Rates:
that we may properly include them                              Members: $10 per 3 x 2-1/2 inch ad per month
on the Board meeting agenda in a                     Non-members & Business ads: $15 per 3 x 2-1/2 inch ad per month
timely fashion. All Après members                     STANDARD BUSINESS CARDS (3-1/2 x 2”) $12.00 per month
are welcome to attend.                                Non-members STANDARD BUSINESS CARDS $17 per month
                                                   For more information e-mail: Connie Burdette at
2    Scribe                                                                                                              June 2008
       New & Late Renewal Fee Increases
                                                                                   NEW MEMBERS
 The Apres Board of Directors approved a $5 new membership and late
 renewal fee increase, to go into effect on March 1, 2008. Several years
 ago, the Board reduced the new member fee from $75 to $55. We now                 Susanmarie Dinga, Los Gatos
 feel a need to increase these fees slightly because of a smaller number of
 members and also because some members were renewing several or more
 months after their membership renewal date.
 The Board is looking for ways to keep our club vital. The club has
 fixed monthly expenses for the lodge maintenance, insurance, and other
 operating costs. We need more activities, more member participation, and
 (alas) slightly higher membership fees. We also hope the membership
 understands the need for a slight membership fee increase.
 Sharon Antonelli
 Membership Director

Your Scribe editor needs your help and contributions. Event follow-up
articles and articles of personal interest such as bios and travel accounts
from you the directors and members of Après are needed. Far West requires
these types of articles as part of the judging criteria for newsletters. It also
makes your newsletter more interesting and informative. These articles
are also good advertising for future events. It is not always necessary
for event leaders to write these articles. Any participant of an event can             Sharon Antonelli
volunteer to do this. The articles do not need to be lengthy either. A                Membership Director
paragraph or two is sufficient along with a couple of photos. Also, one
need not worry about writing ability as articles are edited before going
into print. Personal trip accounts are also welcome. Please consider all of
this the next time you are attending an event or trip.
Connie Burdette                                                                         MEMBERSHIP
Scribe Editor                                                                          INFORMATION

                                                                                    CHANGE OF ADDRESS?
                                                                                    NEW PHONE NUMBER?
     Après Ski Club
  Standard Cancellation                                                                  NEW EMAIL?
         Policy                                   REMINDER                         HAVE SCRIBE MAILED TO
• If an event has a waiting list, the                                                YOU EACH MONTH?
   event’s full price will be refunded.
   You may also solicit your own re-                                               ASK SHARON by EMAIL:
   placement if a waiting list does not   You may join Après or renew your
   exist.                                 membership at
• If the Club cancels an event, a full    and pay your subscription using 
   refund will be made.                   PayPal. Click Join/renew/update
• Cancellations up to one week be-        on the opening page. You can also           or send information to:
   fore the activity = full refund.       check your membership status
• Cancellations three days                here. Receiving the Scribe is not               Après Ski Club
   before the activity, 8 p.m. =          a guarantee of membership, we                   P. O. Box 4794
   50% refund                             sometimes send Scribes to expired          San Jose, CA 95150-4794
• Cancellations after three days be-      members in the hope it will remind
   fore the activity, 8 p.m. = no re-     them to renew.
                                                                                        Attn: Membership
• No refund for no shows.                 Remember, if you have a free
Après Ski Club, Inc. accepts no claims    membership period for BOD service          Membership Application
of damages for Club-cancelled events.     of you are a lifetime member you            page 22 of this issue
Event specific cancellation policies       must still fill out the application and
shall have precedence over this policy.   sign the waiver every year.
June 2008                                                                                             Scribe     3
             P R E S I D E N T ‛S
                     By Bernadette Fife


4   Scribe                                June 2008
            MEMBERS          If you do not receive frequent e-mails from the
                             Club as addressed above you are missing out
              A VERY         on lots of information about Club events and
                             other important Club information. We realize
     HAPPY BIRTHDAY          that most of us get too much e-mail these
                             days but this is one of our primary methods
                             of communicating with our Members. We
                             strongly recommend that you opt-in. The
                             self-sign up at the above address is not too
                             user friendly but is not difficult. If that does
                             not work for you contact Connie Burdette at
                    with your name and e-
                             mail address.

                             E-MAIL ADDRESSED to the Membership Director and Scribe Editor:

                             Courtesy of Rich Fisher

                             When you use the email address “apres@yahoogroups, “ that alone is
           Bill Bartz
                             sufficient to get your message to each and every member of “yahoo
        Kevin Blakeman
        Kendrick Chan
                             It is redundant and results in duplicate emails to individuals if you
        Anne Chartier
                             additionally use the “To” or “CC” field to address individuals as well,
       Carol Copperstein
      Tamara Eichelberger    when doing a group email.

                             I know it may be thought of as a good way to recognize individual
       Carol Lynne Ford
                             Après Members, but really, is it necessary to generate two copies of
        Warren Forest
                             your email to an individual? If it isn’t, then when addressing the group,
         Judy Harger
                             try to refrain from using additional individual addresses.
        Judith Liegmann
                             This goes for replying to a group email as well. If you want your reply
          Richard Ludt
                             to only go to the sender, then delete the Yahoo groups address from
         Janice Melena
                             your reply email and vice versa. That is if you want your reply to go to
                             the group, refrain from addressing individuals on your reply.
            Miki Michlich
            Ursula Nevins
            Julia Nicholls   Courtesy of Jim Huffman

            Barbara Ross
             Lane Scott
            Sharon Slone

             Lester Tally
            Paul Vlasveld

June 2008                                                                                 Scribe      5
                                 APRÈS RACING
                Après competes in Open League, which includes about 20 clubs in the Bay
                Area Council of Ski Clubs (BAC). Après is a powerhouse when it comes to
                racing, winning the Open League 7 years in a row. A typical year has 40
                - 60 racers with skiers from beginner to advanced having an opportunity to
                participate. Racing is divided into 10 skill levels, plus age and gender groups.
 This gives everyone a chance to be competitive, earn points for the club and even win their Paul Vlasveld
 class! And as you’ll read below, there’s no way you can lose. You are invited to become part of
 this Après success story, join us and share the advantages, some of which are listed below:

    1. Meet new skiers and racers in Après.
    2. Enjoy the camaraderie of race weekends at the lodge.
    3. Earn lodge coupons by racing (each allows a free night’s stay).
    4. Meet racers from different clubs.
    5. Improve your skiing skills by racing and partaking in race clinics.
    6. Ski the different Tahoe areas where races are held.

         Interested? Contact: Paul Vlasvld, Race Director -

                                        APRÈS TENNIS

     This informal tennis activity is a fun way to meet other members of the Après tennis group. It is intended to pro-
vide “social” tennis opportunities for varied abilities and levels of play. Play is continuous, so anyone can drop in for
tennis on any of the days listed below. These are public courts and we sign up for each court per the rules posted on
the sign-up board. Even when postings may allow longer times, when others show a desire to play, we give up a court
after one hour of use.
      On Tuesdays a group meets from about 2:30 p.m. at Memorial Park located at Stevens Creek and Stelling in
Cupertino. After tennis, many go to Longhorn Restaurant, located at Fremont Avenue and Sunnyvale-Saratoga Road,
for food, refreshment and socializing.
       Our Tuesday group meets from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Wallenberg Park off Curtner between Cottle and Cherry.
Chuck Cropley, upon request has volunteerd his services to assist tennis players to improve their game. This service is
mainly for beginners and anyone else who needs to sharpen their skills. After tennis the group heads to Round Table
Pizza on Lincoln Ave. (near the Garden Theater) to socialize.
      On Saturday and Sunday mornings, and on holidays, the group swings their racquets at Del Mar High School
from 8:30 am to 11:00 am. Drop-in any time! The courts are located at Stokes Street and Del Mar Avenue. After ten-
nis the group gets together for refreshments at the Round Table Pizza on Bascom Avenue.
      If you are a guest, a new Après member, or just new to the tennis group, don’t be shy-come over and introduce
yourself when you hang your racquet on the fence. Not a “pro”??? Don’t worry--neither are we!!! Don’t let that deter
you from coming out. Again, we have members who play at all different levels.

6   Scribe                                                                                                 June 2008
                  WINE TASTING Doubleheader
                Sunday, June 1 WINE TASTING TOUR ON OUR OWN
                           BUS    --- Leave the driving behind ---
                                Saturday, June 7 WINE TASTING WALKING TOUR IN LOS
                                   Vintner’s Festival 2007 Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyards
                                                  Sunday, June 1, 2008 10:30 AM - 5:45 p.m.
                                             Bus Leaves Promptly at 10:45 a.m. - Return about 5:45 p.m.
                                          Saturday, June 7, 2008 - Meet in Los Gatos at 11:00 a.m.

                              MAIN EVENT Sunday June 1, 2008 - Traveling by our bus though the Santa Cruz
                              Mountains (west side) with its great views, we will taste at about 6-7 wineries.
                              There will be sufficient free complimentary appetizers at each winery.

BONUS EVENT Saturday June 7, 2008 – we will meet in Los Gatos and walk to 4 locations in Los Gatos – see
about 15 wineries at these 4 locations. Option, after the walk of about 1.5 hours, we will drive to Nonno’s for
more wine tasting and free food. You can do both events or either one.

You will need to buy the 2007 Vintner’s Festival wine glass, which acts as your admission. Cost is $30
in advance or $35 “at the door” through the Vintner’s Festival. Special group pricing through Après/Stanford
Singles for early registrants is $25 for members. This “glass ticket” is good for all 4 days (two weekends) of the
Vintner’s Festival. (Last year those who said they were not drinking, e.g. designated drivers, did not have to buy
a ticket.)

   •   Lunch - Do not bring wine - it’s not cool. Free appetizers were sufficient food for most people last
       year, but you can bring food.
   •   More about the 2008 Vintner’s Festival and advanced ticket purchase
         Website: - Site will contain more info by mid April
         Call 831 479-9463 – purchase using credit cards maybe they will add PayPal.

   •  Price – purchase by check or PayPal on Après site:
   •  By check (payable to Dick Ahrons) to Dick Ahrons, 983 Garrity Way, Santa Clara, CA 95054-4129
      Please enclose your email address.
          Bus only $25.50 for members* before May 22
          Bus and Ticket(glass) $50.50 for members* before May 22
          Bus only $29 for non-members before May 22
          Bus and Ticket(glass) $55 for non-members before May 22
          Bus only $29 for members* on or after May 22
          Bus only $33 for non-members on or after May 22
   • Reserve early - payment required
   After bus fills, we will start a waiting list, which also requires refundable payment to be on the list.
   Cancellation policy: Full refund before May 16, 2008 if you cancel.
   Due to legal and administrative reasons - no separate cars following the bus will be allowed.

   •   Directions:
         Sunday, June 1 – Meet at 10:30 AM in east side parking lot on Bear Creek Rd at Route 17
        (First overpass after Los Gatos – 2-3 miles after Los Gatos heading towards Santa Cruz)
         Saturday, June 7, 2008 – Meet at 11:00 AM in Los Gatos – location TBD

   •   More info: Contact Dick Ahrons: E-mail: --- or tel. 408 970-8892

June 2008                                                                                            Scribe     7
                                                   THE WIZARD OF OZ
                                                          MT. TAM MOUNTAIN THEATRE

                                                     Carpool with free shuttle up and down or hike
                                                         approximately 6 miles down with us

                                                         SUNDAY, JUNE 1, 2008
                                                              1:00 pm
                                                                Senior (65+) $22/24/26
                                                                   Adult $33/35/37

                                                           20 tickets available at $22 each
                                                             20 tickets available at $33
                                                          Admission at the door = $26 & $37

                                                   BRING YOUR LUNCH, DRINKS (WINE OK)
                                                    & SOMETHING TO SIT ON THEN JOIN THE
                                                     Dress in layers -- it may be hot and sunny or
                                                    cold and windy, but it is a fabulous place. Don’t
                                                   forget hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and a cushion or
                                                                   something to sit on.

                                                                   Georgiana Rudge
                                                                    Activities Chair

                              MOVIES, MOVIES, MOVIES
                           Georgiana’s endeavors to create a group of moviegoers are becoming
                           very popular. Another movie date in June is planned but because the
                           theaters do not give advance notice of upcoming shows, a specific date
                           and time cannot be made at this time. Watch for an announcement
                           from Georgiana via or check the Après website at
    Georgiana Rudge
    Activities Chair

8   Scribe                                                                               June 2008
                                    By Reed Martin and Austin Tichenor
                         Additional material by Matthew Croke and Michael Faulkner

These bad boys of abridgement have been on PBS, NPR and breaking box office records across the country. Get
ready for your biggest belly laughs as America’s most raucous, outrageous and inventive performers make their
                                       first appearance in the South Bay.

A little Dickens. A short Longfellow. Reduced Proust…All the Great Books. Less is more. The literary canon ex-
plodes as London’s longest-running comedy troupe unleashes their outrageously sharp comedic compendium of
the world’s greatest books. Confused by Confucious? Thoroughly thrown by Thoreau? Wish Swift was swifter?
Tennyson tinier? Then buckle up and hop aboard as the three cultural guerrillas zip
                             through everything you didn’t get around to reading in

                                    ALL THE GREAT BOOKS
                                            TUESDAY, JULY 8, 2008

                                              San Jose Rep Theatre

                                            Box Office 408-367-7255

        Contact:                              Pre-show Happy Hour & Dinn at the Bella Mia
    Georgiana Rudge                                   58 South 1st Street, San Jose
     Activities Chair                                Happy Hour 5:15 - Dinner 6:00

                       JUNE 13-15
Georgiana Rudge and Ursula Nevins invite you to the Apres lodge for a weekend of hiking around the
Tahoe area. Hikes will be led on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Bring your own sleeping bag, towel, clothes, bathroom stuff, swimsuit if the hot tub is fixed, and any
food you will need. There is a Safeway about a mile away (lovely walk along the beach) to shop for
meals, anything you forgot, and restaurants near by if you want to go out for supper.

For hiking you will need hiking boots, water bottles, sunscreen, hat, and day pack to carry your lunch
and water and jacket that you will want to take off as we hike.

I hope you can join us up there for any part of the weekend that you can.
We look forward to seeing you there!                                             Georgiana Rudge
                                                                                 Activities Chair
Georgiana and Ursula                                                   

June 2008                                                                                            Scribe   9


                                   HIKING AND CAMPING SAFETY
s    Hiking and camping provide exercise and interest for people of any age. Just getting out and walking around is
 .   a wonderful way to see nature. Since unexpected things happen, however, the best way to help guarantee a good
     time for all is to plan ahead carefully and follow commonsense safety precautions.
-      * If you have any medical conditions, discuss your plans with your health care provider and get approval before

        * Review the equipment, supplies and skills that you’ll need. Consider what emergencies could arise and how
     you would deal with those situations. What if you got lost, or were unexpectedly confronted by an animal? What
     if someone became ill or injured? What kind of weather might you encounter? Add to your hiking checklist the
     supplies you would need to deal with these situations.
        * Make sure you have the skills you need for your camping or hiking adventure. You may need to know how
     to read a compass, erect a temporary shelter or give first aid. Practice your skills in advance.
       * If your trip will be strenuous, get into good physical condition before setting out. If you plan to climb or travel
     to high altitudes, make plans for proper acclimatization to the altitude.
        * It’s safest to hike or camp with at least one companion. If you’ll be entering a remote area, your group should
     have a minimum of four people; this way, if one is hurt, another can stay with the victim while two go for help.
     If you’ll be going into an area that is unfamiliar to you, take along someone who knows the area or at least speak
     with those who do before you set out.

        * Some areas require you to have reservations or certain permits. If an area is closed, do not go there. Find out
     in advance about any regulations--there may be rules about campfires or guidelines about wildlife.
o       * Pack emergency signaling devices, and know ahead of time the location of the nearest telephone or ranger
     station in case an emergency does occur on your trip.

       * Leave a copy of your itinerary with a responsible person. Include such details as the make, year, and license
     plate of your car, the equipment you’re bringing, the weather you’ve anticipated and when you plan to return.

     Get trained in American Red Cross first aid before starting out. Contact your local American Red Cross chapter
     for a Community First Aid and Safety course.

     Always allow for bad weather and for the possibility that you may be forced to spend a night outdoors

     It’s a good idea to assemble a separate “survival pack” for each hiker to have at all times. In a small waterproof
     container, place a pocket knife, compass, whistle, space blanket, nylon filament, water purification tablets,
     matches and candle. With these items, the chances of being able to survive in the wild are greatly improved.

     Published courtesy of The American Red Cross. For a list of “What to Bring: A Hiking Checklist see:
     10   Scribe                                                                                               June 2008
                    June 19-22, 2008: Yosemite!
      NOTE: You check must be received by no later than May 14. After that, Yosemite
      will reclaim any slots and it is unlikely that you will be able to get a space.

      When and Where. The SF Ski Club has booked 20 tent cabins in Camp Curry (see for pictures) on the Yosemite Valley
      floor for the nights of Thursday June 19, Friday June 20 and Saturday June 21, 2008. Most of us will be
      leaving early on Thursday to beat the traffic. We have to check out on Sunday, but many people like to
      spend some of that last day in Yosemite (or at least have brunch at the Ahwanee Hotel there) before
      heading back.

      Who Can Come. Anyone who is a member of a Singles League club – and yes, you can bring guests!
      (Subject to approval by the trip leader.)

      Why You Should Go. It’s not easy to get lodging in Yosemite. If you love Yosemite or want to see it for
      the first time, this is your chance! This is an extremely popular trip. (For some great photos of Yosemite,
      see There is hiking for all levels, bicycling (rent a bike
      there or bring your own), lazy river rafting, swimming (the pool or the river), a group barbecue on Saturday
      night, optional dinners at the restaurants in the valley and much, much more. (Yes, the photo is from an
      earlier Yosemite trip.)

      Accommodations and Prices. Each tent cabin sleeps two, in separate beds, or three, though two of them
      will have to share a double bed. For two people per tent cabin (the usual), the price is $175 per person for
      the three nights. (Yes, the cabin rates have gone up.) For three people per tent cabin, the cost is $140 per
      person. These prices include drinks and chips the first night, morning coffee and non-food supplies for the
      barbeque are included. (The price does not include the $20 park entrance fee or food, but you can bring
      your own and there are food stores in Yosemite.) Yes, you must sign up for all three nights.

      Food. There really aren’t any cooking facilities in the tent cabins. Still, Camp Curry has a cafeteria that’s
      open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a coffee bar that sells muffins and coffee in the morning and an
      outdoor pizzeria. There’s also a store at Camp Curry that sells food (perhaps twice the size of a
      convenience store and with more appropriate selections). People often buy sandwiches and trail mix there
      to take with them for lunch. There is also a full-size food store in Yosemite Village and some lunch places.
      Finally, there are a number of restaurants available for dinner at various prices, and of course there will be
      the barbecue on Saturday night. It really does work.

      How to Sign Up. Complete the Reservation Form (go to
      M.pdf) and send it with a check for the correct amount made out to the S.F. Ski Club. Mail it to: Bruce E.
      Methven, Methven & Associates, 2232 Sixth Street, Berkeley, CA94710. Your reservation is not
      confirmed until your check is cashed and it clears.

      Preparation. If you plan on hiking, you should consider walking for at least one-half hour each day each
      day for the three weeks prior to the trip. You may want to throw some items in a day pack for a bit of
      weight when you do this, since you'll be carrying water, food and perhaps a sweatshirt when you hike.

      More Information. Those who sign up will receive an email with many details about the trip.

      Questions. Contact Bruce E. Methven at for questions.

June 2008                                                                                                Scribe        11
                                                                                 


                                                                         
                                   
                                                 
                                                         
                                                              
                                               
                                       
                           
                         
                                         
                                                             
                                                        
                                                                 
                                          
                                                           
                                        
12   Scribe                                                                                         June 2008
                            JULY 4TH CELEBRATION
         Cloria Vandermate has invited everyone to attend her annual 4th of July Pool Party
      celebration at her home in Saratoga. This is a very casual event beginning at 3:00. Just
    show up with a dish to share, a towel, swimsuit, a couple of bucks and your drink of choice.
                                            20122 Chateau Drive
                                               Saratoga, CA

                      Rancho San Antonio Hike
                                  (Note time change)

    The Wednesday morning hike at Rancho San Antonio has been a tradition for Après members and friends
 for many years. Beginning May 7th we begin the 4-5 mile Wildcat loop at 8:30 a.m. sharp meeting at the lower
 parking lot by the restrooms. Hike lasts approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. An optional run before the hike
 begins at 7:30 a.m. at the same location as the hike. Afterwards, meet for coffee at Panera at 20807 Stevens
 Creek Blvd. in Cupertino.

June 2008                                                                                        Scribe     13
                              GREEK ISLAND TOUR
                             October 1 - October 17, 2008
                                 $3390 per person*
                   3 and 4 Star Hotels                                              12 Dinners
                   Breakfast Daily                                                   3 Lunches

USA to Athens (Oct 1)

Athens to Rhodes - Take Ferry from Pireas to Rhodes. Dinner, sleep and have breakfast on board. Rhodes
accomodations on the seaside part of town. Stay in Rhodes Four Days. Enjoy tours, see Palace of Knights,
wine tasting, visit Ancient Kamiros, take small ferry to visit Lindos, enjoy“Meze” snacks, traditional Arhangellos
dinner, music, and dancing.

Crete - Fly to Crete, stay four days. Dinner at Loukoulos, see Minoan Palace, wine tasting at Peza, visit Thrap-
sanos pottery, dance at Arolithos village, see valley of Lassithi Plateau with windmills, walk or donkey ride to
Kyra. Dinner at Agios Nicolaos. See Emetian Chanea and evening optional Creten cooking lesson.

Santorini - High speed boat between islands with two days at Santorini. Tour ancient Acrotiri excavations and
afternoon at Oia to see their famous sunset. Take donkey ride to old port and boat trip to volcano. Back to port,
then on cable car or 487 steps. Visit Museum at Fira, donkeyride to boat, view caldera.

Mykanos - High speed boat to Island. Three days that will include walking tour to meet Peter the Pelican and
see windmills, private Caique boat to Delos, a multicultural center of the ancient world; one of the greatest
ancient sights. BBQ on the beach. Tour to the old lighthouse.

Athens - Fly to Athens. Two days in Athens. Time to see Acropolis, National Archeological Museum, tour Plaka.
Farewell party with typical Greek dinner with Folklores show and music.

Depart for USA (Oct 17)
           * Does not include exchange rate changes, air and departure taxes. Approximtely $293. Delta airfare in conjunction with
           this trip is based on 2007 actual airfare. As soon the 2008 airfare is available, we will let you know if there are any changes.

October 17 - 24                     Option Extension to Turkey                                            $1050 per person*
Athens to Samos - Flight to Samos, short ferry ride to Kusadasi, Turkey.
Izmire/Ephesus - Tour Ephesus (Greco-Roman City), Basilica of St. John, and house of Virgin Mary. Tour Izmir.
Kanakkale - Enjoy a Pergonum’s Hellenistic City Tour and visit the Acropolis. Visit Asklepion (earliest Asia Minor
Health Center), Troy, ferry across Dardnelles to Istanbul.
Istanbul - Tour Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, St. Sophia, Suleymaniye Mosque, and other sights. Cruise
Bosporous strait with stops at Rumelihisar Fortress, Saryer fishing village, and Beylerbeyi Palace.
Depart for USA (October 24)
                                                 *Does not include exchange rate changes, air and departure taxes. Approximtely $100

$200 deposit per Greek participant, $200 deposit per Turkey participant. Limited space - only 64 participants.
Cancellation without penalty April 1, 2008. Limited single supplements. Priority placement based on first received
post-marked mail envelopes. Make checks out to Far West Ski Association with “Greece” in the check “for” space. Include
the following: (1) your legal name and address, (2) phone number, and (3) email address. (4) designate Greece only, or
Greece and Turkey. (5) designate SFO or LAX departure airport. No flight deviations for this trip.

Mail to: FWSA, c/o Norm Azevedo, 901 Sousa Dr., Walnut Creek, CA 94597. Email to to
confirm that you sent a check and /or request more information. Norm and Mary Azevedo can also be reached on
(925) 944-9816.                                                                                   CST# 2036983-40

For more detailed itinerary, visit FWSA.Org, (travel section)
14   Scribe                                                                                                               June 2008
                   FAR WEST SKI ASSOCIATION
                        2009 SKI WEEK
                                     BIG SKY
                                     January 24 - 31, 2009
                                  Average Price $965
                   *Price does NOT include air or ground transportation.
                                Prices vary depending on lodging selection.

            Price includes 7 nights lodging (double occupancy) and the FWSA amenity package.
                           (FWSA amenities packages will NOT be sold separately)

                            The FWSA amenity package includes:
                                  Registration
                                  Welcome Party
                                  Pub Crawl
                                  3 Races
                                  Mountain Picnic
                                  Après Ski Party
                                  Farewell Awards Banquet
                                  5 day Lift Ticket

Bay Area Snow Sports Council (BAC) is accepting $200 per participant deposits. Deposits are fully
refundable until July 1, 2008. Make checks payable to BAC with FWSA Big Sky noted in the “for” space.
Please include the following with your check: (1) your legal name and address, (2) phone numbers, and (3) e-
mail address. Send to: BAC Travel, 1908 Columbard Way, Modesto, CA 95351. For information contact Linda
Hennings at 209-538-3590 (evenings), or email:

                   Must be a Member of Far West Ski Association      CST # 2036983-40

June 2008                                                                                      Scribe    15
                        ARANA GULCH HIKE

By Jim Huffman

Don’t you just hate when somebody goes to the beach, without you? Well, there were nine of us who were
not thinking that. Georgiana Rudge led us on a hike to the beach with a stop at Aldo’s for lunch. Wow, Thanks
Georgiana. You’re the best!

We started out at the Park `N Ride located in Los Gatos. We all situated ourselves in three different cars;
exchanging phone numbers in case anybody got lost and we were on our way to Agnes Street in Santa
Cruz. Everybody arrived in fine shape with little or no traffic to contend with, going up and over the summit.

The hike itself through Arana Gulch was very mild with a well-defined trail and little if any ups or downs. It
took us maybe forty-five minutes to get to Aldo’s, only because we stopped to smell several flowers along the

After a delicious lunch at Aldo’s with cocktails, salmon, crab and oysters we tipped the waiter and headed off
to the beach with a quick stop at the lighthouse. The lighthouse offered a breezy view of all the sailboats and
cormorants plying the Santa Cruz Harbor. The highlight was a platoon of pelicans flying right across us. It
looked like a couple of them winked as they surfed the air over the top of us.

To the beach! We took off our shoes and played and sunned and played and threw frisbees and then headed
back, eventually. The weather was great, the beach was even greater, all in all, a very worthwhile walk on the
wild side.

                                                                                 Photos courtesy of Jim Huffman

16   Scribe                                                                                           June 2008
                                      The Beach Walk.
                     By Georgiana Rudge

                       We divided up into carpools in Los Gatos and headed over
the hill to Santa Cruz. We walked across Arana Gulch Park, admiring all the wild
flowers we saw, until we got to the harbor. There we enjoyed the view of all the
boats and water. We saw quite a few interesting birds, (cormorants, pelicans, a grebe, a willet, various ducks, and
a reddish bird the no one knew the name for) and got to Aldo’s at about 11:30. Everyone opted for lunch before
the lighthouse. The food was great, the view was great, and so was the weather. After lunch we went to check
out the lighthouse at the end of the breakwater protecting the harbor and then headed for the beach. A large flock
of pelicans flew directly overhead. Most of us walked to the other end, through the natural bridge, and saw the
San Lorenzo River meandering across the beach. Coming back, some of us waded around the point (it was low
tide) and others went back through the bridge. We returned to Aldo’s (they did not have any exciting desserts)
where we caught a water taxi that took us all the way to the other end of the harbor. While we were waiting we
watched a catamaran tipped over trying to right itself. It succeeded since we saw it later sailing into the harbor
as we were riding in the water taxi.. There was a beautiful night heron sitting on a boat as we disembarked and
he allowed us to photograph him. Then we walked back along another trail through Arana Park to our car and
drove back home.

            Lunch at Aldo’s                                                               Night Heron
                                             The Water Ferry Arrives

              IN PLEASANT HILL ON MAY 15TH!
                           Was “Sylvia” really a dog? A cast of four humans, surprisingly,
                           was able to portray two men, three women and a dog, to reveal the
                           impact that an animal can have on the life of humans.

                            In this play, a young woman, with a hat with ears, effectively demonstrated the limited
                            thoughts and feelings of a dog, contrary to her human master, who talked to Sylvia
                            as if she was another woman. This is what brought trouble to the couple’s long-term

                            We enjoyed dinner at Le Cheval in Walnut Creek and also had time for a short walk
                            on the balmy evening before the theatre presentation.

We are in the process of planning more events in the East Bay area. Please contact me if you have any

Nancy Bartolomei
June 2008                                                                                             Scribe     17
                                           Far West Member Benefits - Ski Shops & Service

                                        BLACK TIE SKIS - 15% Discount
Linda Indreboe,Après’BAC (Bay
Area Council) Representative,           Identify yourself as a FWSA member and receive 15% off ski rentals.
has FWSA (Far West Ski                  (20% off groups of 20). Go to:, and enter “ski
Association) / BAC membership           club” in coupon area.
cards available for all current
Après members. There are tons           DAVE’S SKIS & BOARDS, Lake Tahoe - Dave’s VIP Discount
of discounts available with these       Present your FWSA membership card to receive 15% off rentals, or 10%
cards, too many to list here. As an     off any retail item or shop repair.
Après member you automatically
become a BAC, FWSA and NSCF
(National Ski Council Federation)       LEVEL NINE SPORTS - Receive 40-80% off Retail/Top Quality Brand
member. To get your membership          Name. Gear for any FWSA member, family member or friend, Enter the
card come to a general meeting;         code: SC001 to receive free shipping of your entire order from Level Nine
or send Linda a SASE - if you do        Sports. Check out the website at:
not have her address, send Linda
( an e-mail          MOUNTAIN CHALET - 20% Discount
requesting it.                          Identify yourself as an FWSA member to receive 20% off your next
                                        purchase of Mountain Chalet merchandise. 800.815.9236, or email:
Here are a few discounts for which
you are eligible. You may also
visit and www. then click on         NATIONAL SKI COUNCIL FEDERATION - See Ski Federation
benefits):                               website for many special deals. Click on for
                                        discounts on Bolle helmets and other products, plus much more.
�10% off - any purchase – THE
SPORTS        BASEMENT       (3         THE POWDER HOUSE, Lake Tahoe (2 locations) - 15%-20% Discount
locations, including Sunnyvale),        Present your FWSA membership card to receive 15% discount of gloves,
CA (800) 869-6670 www.                  goggles, clothing, or 20% discount on ski rentals.
�15% off - COPELAND                    REPLAY SPORTS, Aspen CO - 10% Discount
   SPORTS, CA, NV, OR, UT               Present your FWSA membership card to receive 10% off purchase.               Visit Brad at 465 N. Mill Street (across the street from the Aspen post
�30% off - lift tickets (see FWSA
website for further details, blackout   RENTSKIS.COM - 10-25% Discount
dates) - THE CANYONS, PARK              Book on-line: to receive 10-25% off
CITY, UT             rental package
�Up to 43% off - discounted price is
$79 weekday/$119 weekend (some          SHOP TEK GOLDEN, Colorado - 10% discount
blackout dates) - HAMPTON INN           Identify yourself as an FWSAmember to receive a 10% discount on Retail
& SUITES TAHOE-TRUCKEE,                 Products. Call Giff at 800.407.2800.
11951 State Hwy 267, Truckee, CA
(530) 587-1197 www.hamptoninn.          SKI ESSENTIALS - 15% Discount
com                                     Identify yourself as an FWSA member, provide your ski club name as a
                                        password and receive a 15% discount for any item purchased online at
�Up to 20% off – HERTZ CAR   
RENTALS U.S. & Canada/up to
25% off Europe (see NSCF website
for further details)      SPORTS BASEMENT - 10%
                                        With identified FWSA membership, receive 10% off any purchase
  Best Western Truckee offers
 FWSA members up to a 20 %              THE SPORTS EXCHANGE, Truckee - 50%
 discount on lodging at their re-       Present your FWSA membership card for 50% off any ski or
           sort property
                                        snowboard rental
18   Scribe                                                                                           June 2008
                                  MARK WELLMAN CELEBRITY GOLF CHALLENGE

                                    September 11-12, 2008
                              Thursday-An Evening at Coyote Moon
                         Friday-Tournament at Tahoe Donner Golf Course
                                       Truckee, California
Why: To benefit the programs of Disabled Sports USA, part of a national non-profit organization dedicated
to providing affordable, inclusive physical and recreational activities that build health and confidence.

Event Overview: The 2008 annual tournament is a two-day event, beginning Thursday evening Sept. 11,
5:30-8:00PM at Coyote Moon on the terrace. Open to the public, this pre-tournament ‘Meet the Celebrities
Reception’ includes live music, hors d’oeurves, Charbay ‘martini bar,’ silent auction, educational forum, and
book signing by local authors. Here each golf team will be matched with a celebrity. Special honored guests
present will be soldiers wounded in the Iraq War. Friday, Sept. 12th includes the Celebrity Golf Challenge
Tournament at Tahoe Donner Golf Course. Sign-up begins at 8:00AM with a shotgun start at 10:00AM. An
awards party and banquet will follow at 3:30PM at The Lodge on the golf course.

Charity Information: Disabled Sports Doug Pringle 916-722-6447

Sponsor Opportunities: Presenting sponsor, Associate Sponsor, Hole Sponsor, Hole-in-One Sponsor.
Other Sponsor packages can be customized to accommodate Sponsors’ needs.

Media: Ken Bastida anchorman for KPIX-TV will be guest commentator for the event. In addition, our
media sponsor KPIX-TV, San Francisco will broadcast a live feed from the tournament. Additional PSA’s by
KXTV- 10 ABC in Sacramento. Media print coverage by Tahoe Quarterly, Sierra Sun and North Lake Tahoe
Resort Association.

Event Producer: Mark Wellman, of No Limits in Truckee, CA, is a disabled adventure athlete, author,
filmmaker and motivational speaker. Utilizing his innovative climbing methods and sports gear adaptation,
Mr. Wellman has successfully summited El Capitan and Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. He is dedicated
to improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities, including our injured American war veterans,
inspiring them to reach their full potential through outdoor sports and recreation.

Contact: Mark Wellman or Carole Praxmarer at No Limits

Phone: 530-582-1135 Fax: 530-582-1199 Email:

                                                     Set amidst the natural beauty of forest and streams.
                                                    Tahoe Donner Golf Course offers 18-holes of cham-
                                                    pionship golf that will challenge the best intentions
                                                    of all abilities. This course is cradled amongst tow-
                                                    ering pines, meandering creeks, and is recognized
                                                    for having the “Best Greens in the Tahoe region.”

June 2008                                                                                          Scribe    19
                                   LODGE UPDATE
LODGE             SOLD            -    ESCROW                TO        CLOSE             IN       30       DAYS!
                          Just kidding but since I have your attention please read on. Ski season is pretty much over
                          and summer is on the way. Lot’s of fun stuff is going to be happening in the Reno - Tahoe
                          area this summer and your lodge is a great place to stay to enjoy it all. June 13-15 is going
                          to be an unorganized long weekend - Georgiana Rudge and friends will be leading local day
                          hikes on each of those days - wildflowers should be pretty good. July 4th will be an organized
                          lodge weekend with old fashioned BBQ and fireworks show. June 20-28 is the Reno Rodeo.
                          June 28 is the Eldorado BBQ Brews & Blues Festival. July 10 - Aug 17 is the Lake Tahoe
                          Shakespeare Festival. August 2 -10 is Hot August Nights. August 16-17 is the Reno-Tahoe
Blues Festival. August 27 - Sept 1 is the Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-Off. Sept 5-7 the Great Reno Balloon
Race. Also there will probably be a few summer lodge events (Labor Day for sure). Keep an eye on the club website
for more details or feel free to contact me for more information. Have a great summer and make your lodge a part of it!

Dave Whetzell
Lodge Director

                                 “UNORGANIZED WEEKEND”

                     For most of you spring flowers have already bloomed but up here in Tahoe the snow is just
                     starting to melt away. The flowers have not even budded yet. Also, if you come up you may
                     get a chance to see the elusive snow flower. It is very pretty. For those who would like to
                     do a BBQ, I could help on Saturday night, say Tri Tip? Also I have the horseshoe pit up and
                     running for those would like to have an afternoon activity. They are quite fun to just hang
                     out in the back yard with a cocktail, beer or glass of wine in hand. Finally, for those late-
                     nighters, if there is anything going on around town I will know about it and share with you.
                     I did this hike last year with Georgiana and it was just amazing and the photos were even
                     better. I would like to second this event.
Nick Saadi
Lodge Manager


                     A motor and a pump for the hot tub have been ordered under warranty and a valve and new
                     spa cover are also on order. We expect the spa to be up and running by Memorial Day.
                     Thanks for your patience during this “outage”. Please remember to shower to remove
                     cosmetics, sunscreen and grime before using the tub. See the Scribe, YahooGroups and other
                     communications regarding summer activities at the lodge. Hiking/relaxing “unorganized”
                     weekends are being planned for June and July. July 4th and Labor Day weekends are being
planned. We are looking for someone to help us organize some cycling events and a Luau/Hot August Nights
event around August 2nd or 9th weekends.

Rich Fisher
Property Director
20   Scribe                                                                                              June 2008
                                                                                Lodge Information and Procedures
                                                                                                            9. No TV’s or radios allowed in bunk rooms.
                                                       Club, and/or sign and date your coupons and          10. The shed has full ski waxing facilities.
                                                       mail them to the Lodge Ops Director no earlier       11. Sleeping on couches in the living room is
                                                       than 30 days in advance of your stay. If reserving         not allowed.
                                                       just one bed in a deluxe room, the other bed may     Guests at the Lodge
                                                       be assigned to another person. Upon arrival,         All guests must be accompanied by an Après
                                                       sign the waiver sheet in the binder on the dryer.    member. The Après member must write the check
                                                       Rates for BUNKS on non-organized                     for their stay because checks are not accepted
                                                       weekends and weekdays:                               from guests. Guests may use Paypal if in effect
Procedures for Organized Weekends                                                                           for the event. Guests can be single or married.
                                                                                            Children        A price differential shall be charged non-
                                                             Rates     Members      Guests    4-18          members. A member may sponsor up to five (5)
The Scribe and web list the planned weekends,
dates, prices and lodge captains. The listed                                                 $5 less        guests at the Lodge without prior approval by
                                                            All Year   $20/night $25/night than M/G         the Lodge Operations Director. A member can
captain will take paid-in-full reservations no
sooner than 30 days in advance. Make your                                                                   reserve a deluxe-room bed and an additional bed
check payable to Après Ski Club (cash is not           Prices are PER PERSON, PER NIGHT. Rates              for one (1) guest in the same deluxe room up to
accepted) and mail it to the lodge captain. You        are for beds only. Food is not included on an        thirty (30) days in advance. Additional beds in
may use Paypal if the captain permits this. If         unorganized day. Make check payable to Après         deluxe rooms can be reserved for guests of the
you are using coupons, be sure to sign and date        Ski Club. See cancellation policy.                   same member only seven (7) days in advance.
them. Reservations are accepted on a first come,        DELUXE ROOM RATE - Bunk rate plus $5.00              Children are allowed on non-organized
first served basis, according to the postmark on        per person, per night. A deluxe room is a room       weekends and weekdays only. Children
your envelope. Indicate to the lodge captain           with two single beds and a lock on the door.         are allowed on organized events only when
your room preference and chore. However, your          Rooms #3, #4, #7 and #8 are deluxe rooms. They       specifically advertised that they are welcome.
choices are only valid once the captain confirms        may be reserved Friday and Saturday nights.          Children under 4 years of age are not allowed
your reservation and selections. Checks will           Check-out procedure for non-organized                at the lodge at any time for their own safety.
also be accepted in person at general meetings,        weekends and weekdays:                               Note: children, age 4-21 on the ski race team
if the captain is in attendance at the meeting.                  1.         Clean up your bedroom and       will be allowed to stay at the lodge during the
Before leaving for Tahoe, check with the lodge                      empty your wastebasket.                 scheduled race weekend. Lodge coupons
captain for the door code. Upon arrival at the                       2.     Check to see that you have      can be used for you and your guests, including
lodge, sign the waiver sheet and check the                            not left any of your personal         other members, but cannot be given away to
chore sheet to verify your chore. Everyone will                         belongings.                         other club members. If used for other members,
be assigned a chore. Typical chores include                              3. Clean the bathroom that         you and the other member must be staying at
cooking cleaning, carrying out garbage, and                                you have used and empty the      the lodge at the same time.
replenishing firewood. You will be expected to                                       wastebasket.            Lost or left articles may be reported by
perform your assigned chore in a responsible and                                                                         calling and leaving a message for
timely manner. In the event your plans prevent                                                                           the Lodge Resident on the lodge
you from performing your chore, you must                                                                                 answering machine at (530) 546-
notify the Lodge Captain as soon as possible                                                                             2105. The lodge resident will place
so that an alternate chore can be assigned.                                                                              the lost articles in the lost and found
Those who repeatedly shirk their assigned                                                                                box in the attic. He is not expected
chores may lose their lodge privileges, at the                                                                           to return calls. Arrangements can be
discretion of the Lodge Operations Director.                                                                             made with the Lodge Ops Director
Lodge rates on organized weekends - the                                                                                 or assistant for pick-up.
price is to be determined by the lodge captain.
Check with them or refer to the Scribe or web.
Included in the price of most organized weekends
is a Friday night snack, breakfast, lunch and dinner
on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.
Race team priority - During ski season,
the race team has first priority at the
lodge on the scheduled race weekends
until 8:00pm the preceding Sunday.
Guests - The guest rules pertaining to deluxe          4. Check the refrigerator for your personal
rooms apply, see Guests at the Lodge. In                  food and drinks.
addition, members may reserve a bunk room for          5. Empty the kitchen trash and resupply the
one guest up to thirty (30) days prior to the event       wood pile.
start date if a deluxe room is not available and       6. Sweep and mop the kitchen and dining
beds in any room for up to 5 guests one week              room floor if it needs to be done.
prior to the event start date.                         7. Turn down the heat to 62 degrees and turn
                                                          off all the lights.
Procedures    for    Non-Organized                     8. Close all the windows and make sure the
Weekends and Weekdays                                     doors are locked when you leave.
Call the Lodge Ops Director or assistant for           General Rules
the door combo before leaving for Tahoe.               1. You must sign the waiver sheet in the
Bunks - Bunks are first come, first served.                 binder on the dryer
                                                       2. The maximum number of guests at the                      LODGE: 8473 Rainbow Street,
Upon arrival at the lodge, find an open bunk,                                                                         Kings Beach, CA 96143
write your name on white board behind                     lodge is 30
the front door, sign the waiver sheet in               3. Bring your own sleeping bag, pillow, towel
                                                          and soap                                               LODGE RESIDENT: Nick Saadi
the binder on the dryer, and leave a check                                                                        530/546-3213
and/or coupons in the folder in the binder.            4. Do not wear your ski boots in the lodge
Deluxe Rooms - Deluxe rooms may be                     5. Absolutely NO PETS at the lodge, midweek
reserved Friday and Saturday nights but are first          included.                                         DELUXE ROOMS: David Whetzell
come, first served week days. For availability          6. SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE                     231 Watson Drive, #3, Campbell, CA 95008
check the reservation table and contact the lodge         LODGE and is permitted outside only.              408-379-3489
operations director. Remember your reservation         7. Food in the dining rooms only (except for
is accepted by “check in hand” and not a phone            hors d’ oeuvres).                                 LODGE DOOR CODE: Dave Whetzell
call. Make your check payable to Après Ski             8. A shed is provided for bicycle storage. 
June 2008                                                                                                                                    Scribe          21
                                                APRES SKI CLUB
                                                      A Nonprofit Organization
                                              P. O. Box 4794, San Jose, CA 95150-4794

                                         APPLICATION AND INFORMATION CHANGE

 Last name:                                         First name:                                         Gender: M          F



 State:                        Zip:

 Phone:                                                Email:

 First joined:                                         Birthday:

 Occupation:                                           How did you hear about us:

 New member: 12 month $60                            Renewal $55 (More than 30 days late: $60)

                   6 month (first time) introductory $35                         Information only change, no cost

       Check box for newsletter mailing (newsletter always available on-line)

         Please make check payable to “Apres Ski Club” Send with stamped self addressed envelope

                       WAIVER AND RELEASE OF ALL CLAIMS
 In consideration of my being allowed to participate in Après Ski Club events and activities, I hereby agree as follows:
    1. Liability - I hereby assume all risks involved in my participation in Après Ski Club events and activities, and release and
 hold harmless from liability Après Ski Club and its members. I waive any and all claims I may hereafter have against them as a
 result of injury to my person (including death), or to my property, as a result of or in connection with my participation. I also agree
 to indemnify the above persons and organization for any and all claims, actions, losses, and damages (including attorney fees),
 which may be brought against me or against any of them by anyone claiming to have been injured (including death) as a result of
 any injury to or caused by me, or injury to my or the claimant’s property, or due to my death, which may occur as a result of my
 participation of or in connection with my participation.
    2. Scope of Release - I am signing this Liability Release, Claim Waiver and Indemnification with full knowledge of California
 Civil Code Section 1542 which reads: ‘A general release does not extend to claims which the creditor does not know or suspect
 to exist in his favor at the time of executing the release, which, if known by him must have materially affected his settlement with
 the debtor.’ The provisions of this statute and any similar provisions of the state in which these events and activities are to be held
 are hereby waived.
    By signing below, I am indicating my acceptance of this release, waiver and indemnification. I am representing that I am in
 sufficiently good physical condition so as to be able to participate without jeopardizing my health, and that I am of legal age
 to sign this release, waiver and indemnification. I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to the above. I am also
 attesting to the fact that I am single as defined by Après Club Policy and over 21 years of age. ,

 Signature:                                                      Date___________
    Membership not valid without waiver signed.

22    Scribe                                                                                                              June 2008
      Sunday      Monday       Tuesday   Wednesday       Thursday          Friday           Saturday
 1                2        3             4               5            6                7

                           Tennis        BOD
 Wizard of Oz                                            FWSA         FWSA             FWSA
                           Memorial      MEETING
 Mt.Tam Theatre            Park          6:30-9:00       Convention   Convention       Convention
                                         Rancho Hike                                   WINE TOUR
 WINE TOUR                 Tennis        8:30-11:00 am                TGIF
                           Wallenberg                                 Contankerous
                           Park                                                        Tennis
 Tennis                                                               Fish
                           5-7 pm                                                      Del Mar HS
 Del Mar HS                                                           Mt. View
 8:30-11am                                                            5:00 pm

 8                9        10            11              12           13               14

                           Tennis        BBQ
 FWSA                      Memorial      MEMORIAL                     Unorganized      Unorganized
 Convention                Park          PARK                         Weekend at the   Weekend at the

                                                                                                          JUNE 2008 Calendar
                           2:30-4:00pm   CUPERTINO                    Lodge            Lodge
                                         5:00 pm
 Tennis                    Tennis
 Del Mar HS                Wallenberg    Rancho Hike                  TGIF             Tennis
 8:30-11am                 Park          8:30-11:00 am                Elephant Bar     Del Mar HS
                           5-7 pm                                     Cupertino        8:30-11:00am
                                                                      5:00 pm

 15               16       17            18              19           20               21

                           Tennis        Rancho Hike
 Unorganized               Memorial      8:30-11:00 am                TGIF             Tennis
 Weekend at the            Park                                       Effie’s           Del Mar HS
 Lodge                     2:30-4:00pm                                Campbell         8:30-11:00am
                                                                      5:00 pm
 Tennis                    Wallenberg
 Del Mar HS                Park
 8:30-11am                 5-7 pm

 22               23       24            25              26           27               28
                           Tennis        Rancho Hike                                   Tennis
 Tennis                    Memorial      8:30-11:00 am                Los Gatos
 Del Mar HS                                                           Lodge            Del Mar HS
 8:30-11am                 2:30-4:00pm                                Los Gatos        8:30-11:00am
                                                                      5:00 pm
                           Park 5-7 pm

 29               30       1             2               3            4                5
                           Tennis                                                      Tennis
                           Memorial      Rancho Hike
 Tennis                    Park          8:30-11:00 am                TGIF             Del Mar HS
 Del Mar HS                2:30-4:00pm                                TBA              8:30-11:00am
 8:30-11am                                                            5:00 pm
                           5-7 pm

June 2008                                                                                        Scribe            23
                                                                                                                   A Singles Club for Sports and Social Activities

                                                                                                                   Ski Club

                                                                                                                   BARBEQUE IN THE PARK
                                                                                                                     MEMORIAL PARK, CUPERTINO
                                                                                                                            (across from DeAnza College)

                                                                                                                              Wednesday, June 11, 2008
                                                                                                                          Cocktails and hor d’oeurves 5:00 pm

                  P.O. Box 4794
                                                                                                                                    Dinner 6:30 p.m.
                                                                                      June 2008 Scribe

              A nonprofit corporation
                                 San Jose, CA 95150-4794
                                                                                                                              Announcements 7:30 p.m.
                                                           Membership expiration shown with name

Après Ski Club, Inc.

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