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  FALL/WINTER 2005   |


PLAYING BY THE RULES                                FROM CANDLES TO CLEAN-UP

                                                COLLEGE OF BUSINESS AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION
                                                Creating Business Leaders One Degree at a Time
FROM            the Dean’s Desk…

        he holiday season is upon us and it’s time to cele-

T       brate the year’s exciting moments and success, no
        matter how big or small. Even though this is the
busiest time of the year, we hope you are able to take
some time to celebrate your own exciting moments with
family and friends.
  The College of Business and Public Administration is
no exception, as we feel very fortunate to have so much
to celebrate. Exciting moments range from the contin-
ued success of our students to the milestones we’ve
reached in our Creating Business Leaders Capital
Campaign to the individual success stories we hear from
our alumni, as you will read about in this newsletter. For
example, we are very proud of recent students like
Christopher Rohrich, an accounting graduate who
recently received the Elijah Watt Sells Award, which indi-
cates that out of 50,000 examinees, his CPA exam score
was among the 10 highest in the nation. We are also
proud of numerous other students, like Leslie Morsette,
Julie Varian, Matt Nankivel, and many others who have
utilized their knowledge and skills gained during their
time at UND to pursue challenging business ventures.
And many of our faculty and academic departments
continue to excel as well, like the Department of Political
Science and Public Administration, who was recently
granted accreditation status by the National Association
of Schools of Public Affairs and Public Administration
(NASPAA) for seven years—the longest term possible.
We also have numerous alumni that continue to make
their mark in the world of business and public adminis-       Dean and Professor of Marketing, Dennis J. Elbert (’68, ’72)
tration, alumni like Gary Marsden and Jeff Gau, who
took a small typewriter business and turned it into one       support of the campaign. To celebrate our success, and
of the Top 25 Best Small Companies to Work for in             say thank you face to face, we are planning an All Class
America. These stories are only a few examples of the         Reunion during Homecoming 2006. The dates are October
many successes we have to celebrate.                          4-7, 2006 and we hope that you can return to see the
  Our Creating Business Leaders Capital Campaign is           impact the campaign has made within the college.
another reason to celebrate, as we continue to make sig-        The holidays are a special time to celebrate and all of
nificant strides towards our $20 million dollar goal. Last    us in the College of Business and Public Administration
spring we reached the $16.5 million mark, and as we           wish each of you the best and many more successes to
approach the remaining months of the campaign, we are         celebrate in the New Year!
excited to say that we are at $19.2 million! A million          Happy holidays,
thanks are not enough to show our gratitude to so many          Dennis J. Elbert
who have made a commitment to improving the College             Dean and Professor of Marketing
of Business and Public Administration through their             College of Business and Public Administration

                                                                                       TABLE OF CONTENTS

Dr. Charles Kupchella, President,
University of North Dakota
Dr. Dennis Elbert, Dean, College of
Business and Public Administration
CK Braun-Schultz, Director of External
Relations and Newsletter Editor, College of
Business and Public Administration
Marie Aune, Assistant Editor

Additional Contributors
Marie Aune, MBA Graduate Student
DeAnna Carlson Zink, Chief
Development Officer, UND Foundation
Bill Clements, Twin Cities Monthly
Lisa Davis, Grand Forks Herald Staff Writer
Peter Johnson, UND University Relations
Craig Silvernagel, Entrepreneurship
Director and CoBPA Faculty                    College of Business and Public Administration students utilize the state-of-the-art Lanterman Investment
                                              Center to conduct financial management and portfolio research.
Shannon Smidt and Stephanie Andrews,
Proof Readers, UND College of Business
and Public Administration
                                                          Master of Public                                         Class Dismissed!
HITEK Print Management Graphic
Design and Creative Treatment                 14          Administration Gets
                                                          a Seven Year Nod for
                                                                                                       14          Long-time Accounting
                                                                                                                   Professor Art Hiltner
On the Cover Winter nighttime image                       Accreditation                                            Retires
of the University of North Dakota campus.
                                                          Student Profiles:                                        From Candles to
Front and Back Cover Photos
Chuck Kimmerle, University Relations,
                                              16          Matt Nankivel and
                                                          Christopher Rohrich
                                                                                                       16          Clean-up, Entrepreneur
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of the college. If you have suggestions,                  Classrooms
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comments, questions, or you wish to be
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(701) 777-6937. Or write to:                  10          Students in Free
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University of North Dakota                                Out of the Big Apple
                                                                                                                   CoBPA Success…
College of Business and Public
                                              12          Playing by the Rules:
                                                          CoBPA Students Get a
                                                                                                       22          in Pictures!
PO Box 8098
                                                                                                                   Wear your UND Spirit
Grand Forks, ND 58202-8098

                                                          Lesson in Ethics
                                                                                                       23          on Your Sleeve…literally

                                                                                                                   BUSINESS@UND FALL / WINTER 2005 3
Master of Public Administration Program
Receives Maximum Accreditation Term

The faculty and staff of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration toast their success with the recent accreditation announcement by the National
Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration. Back row (L to R): Dana Harsell, Steven Light, Mark Jendrysik, Paul Sum, and Jason Jensen. Front row (L
to R): Robert (Bo) Wood, Robert Kweit, Mary Kweit, and Karen Bowles.

       ucky number seven, a number the Department of                                    “I would like to emphasize that this success is the result

L      Political Science and Public Administration (PSPA)
       is fond of these days. In late July, Dr. Mary Kweit,
chair of UND’s Department of Political Science and Public
                                                                                     of the contributions of many people. The College of
                                                                                     Business and Public Administration and the University as
                                                                                     a whole ensured that we had the necessary resources to
Administration and Dr. Rob Kweit, director of the master’s                           apply for accreditation. All members of the Department
program, were notified by the National Association of                                of Political Science and Public Administration work very
Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA)                                hard at ensuring the program is of the very highest qual-
that the department received accreditation status for seven                          ity possible. Our former students have made us proud as
years, the maximum possible. The announcement came                                   a result of their successes and our current students are
after an intense and rigorous preparation by the faculty                             committed to achieving a quality education. We want to
and staff in the PSPA Department and an extensive review                             thank them all,” said Dr. Mary Kweit.
by the NASPAA committee.                                                                Dean of the College of Business and Public

Administration, Dennis Elbert, applauded the depart-
ment’s efforts and added, “The recent notification by
NASPAA of the Master of Public Administration pro-
gram is a result of the department’s dedication and
commitment to the highest standards in the field of
public administration and political science. This
announcement solidifies the MPA programs already
strong reputation and adds another important dimension
to the College of Business and Public Administration as
a leader in the region for educating business and com-
munity leaders.”
  UND President, Charles Kupchella, also commended
the PSPA Department on their accomplishment. “This is            Dean Dennis Elbert (far left) and Associate Dean Steve Moser (far right) pose for
                                                                 a congratulatory photo with Rob and Mary Kweit, MPA Director and Chair in the
a significant recognition for the Master of Public               PSPA Department, as the recent accreditation news is announced.
Administration program, and it ties in nicely with the
portion of our Strategic Plan which states that all aca-           The report went on to commend the MPA program for
demic units on campus will work toward full accredita-           the following:
tion wherever applicable. It is a testament to the                 • integration of the Bismarck and Grand Forks sites,
leadership of Dean Dennis Elbert and Mary and Rob                     and effective use of the North Dakota Interactive
Kweit, and to the hard work and caliber of the political              Video Network.
science and public administration faculty. We’re also              • rigor and depth of the coursework.
proud that the accreditation team made note of our out-            • support and enthusiasm of alumni and current
standing students and alumni in their report,” he said.               students.
  “Since the program’s inception we have followed the              • accessible and responsive faculty.
academic standards set by NASPAA. Recent retirements               • excellent reputation in the state and prominence
have allowed us to hire new junior faculty involved in the            through their alumni in key state and local organ-
program and they are taking the program to a new level,”              izations.
said Dr. Rob Kweit, professor and graduate director of             • leadership shown by the MPA director and chair of
political science and public administration. He added,                the department.
“We have been proud of the program for many years.                 The Department of Political Science and Public
Our students and graduates are outstanding which is evi-         Administration provides the most comprehensive under-
denced by the successes they have achieved. They have            graduate Political Science major in North Dakota and the
been very loyal and supportive, which certainly helped us        state’s only undergraduate and graduate programs in
to attain accreditation.”                                        Public Administration. The Department is committed to
  The NASPAA accreditation team members were pleased             providing quality liberal arts and professional programs
with what they found at UND, according to Rob Kweit. In          that help students develop their ability to think critically,
part, the report says: “The MPA Program has a strong and         to communicate well, and to become conscientious and
impressive faculty. They demonstrate a high degree of col-       productive members of their communities. For more
legiality and productivity. Their ability to integrate politi-   information on the department’s recent accreditation,
cal science and public administration both at the graduate       please contact Dr. Robert Kweit at (701) 777-3541 or
and undergraduate level is impressive.”                          email D

                                                                                                           BUSINESS@UND FALL / WINTER 2005 5
STUDENT                   Profiles

UND Accounting Alumnus Scores in the
Top Ten for CPA Examinees in Nation
and Earns the Elijah Watt Sells Award
          ut of the 50,000 people          “Chris was one of those rare individ-     finance, marketing, all assisted me

O         that complete the Uniform
          Certified Public Accountant
Exam, most people just hope to be in
                                           uals who used the class assignments
                                           to assist him in truly understanding
                                           the material being covered. He
                                                                                     with the exam.” He felt prepared for
                                                                                     the multiple-choice part of the
                                                                                     exam, even though he admitted,
the passing category, but Christopher      approached all of his classes as          “the simulations were tough.” This
Rohrich did more than just pass.           though each one was the most              was also the first time the CPA exam
Rohrich not only passed all parts of       important for his future. In addition,    was administered online.
his Certified Public Accountant (CPA)      Chris would ask those questions in          Starting out as an intern at Price
exam on the first try, but he owns         and out of class that make professors     Waterhouse Coopers in the winter of
one of the 10 highest scores in the        stand back and think about the            2003, Rohrich is now an Audit
nation. For this feat, Rohrich was         answer. He enriched all the classes he    Associate with the firm and resides in
recently notified that he is a recipient   took. I truly enjoyed having him as a     Minneapolis, MN. When questioned
of the 2004 Elijah Watt Sells award,       student in our program,” Wilde            about where he sees himself going in
which indicates out of a population        recalled.                                 the accounting profession, he said, “I
of more than 50,000 examinees, his            Rohrich completed the three por-       am just working to get exposed to as
scores were among the highest in the       tions of the exam by May of 2004          many aspects of accounting and see if
nation. Rohrich is a native of Fargo,      and the last section of the exam in       there is one particular avenue I
ND, and graduated Summa Cum                July. In October of 2004, he was          would like to pursue in the future.”
Laude from the University of North         relieved to find out that he passed         The Department of Accountancy in
Dakota in May of 2004 with a               the entire exam, but it wasn’t until      the College of Business and Public
Bachelor of Accountancy and a              May of this year that he was notified     Administration is proud of Rohrich’s
Bachelor of Business Administration        of his outstanding success.               success—and all the other accounting
in Information Systems.                       When asked how he prepared for         graduates that have come before him;
   After taking an accounting course       the exam, Rohrich responded, “I           however, Wilde admits, “It is pretty
in high school, Rohrich decided to         took the Becker Review Course, but        nice to tell our students and future
attend UND and when the time came          it also definitely helped that I was in   students that our program produces
for choosing a major; he decided to        an Audit course at the time I took        graduates that not only pass the CPA
pursue a degree in accounting. He          the audit section of the exam and I       exam, but also the earn highest score.”
liked the coursework and stuck with        had just taken an Advanced                  For more information on the
it. Harold Wilde, Associate Professor      Business Law course which helped          Department of Accountancy and
and Chair of the Department of             me on the regulation section of the       the programs offered, please visit
Accountancy, quickly recognized            exam. Even the core business    
Rohrich as an outstanding student.         courses, information systems,             tancy or call (701) 777-2921. D

                                                                                   STUDENT               Profiles

MBA Student Matt Nankivel
Gains Real-World Experience
with Amazon Fellowship
        he Dilbert® comic strip by        unique perspective, his data collec-

T       Scott Adams is famously
        known for making wise
cracks about interns, but Matt
                                          tion and analysis skills, his research
                                          ability, and his understanding of
                                          Amazon’s context. The net result
Nankivel is living proof that interns     appears to be that he is and will con-
are more capable than those in            tinue to provide unique, well-
Dilbert’s world. Nankivel is serving      founded insights into productivity
as the first Amazon Fellow for the        management in Amazon’s contact
College of Business and Public            center context,” Hollingworth said.
Administration in cooperation with          According to Jen Lukach, human in Grand Forks.                resource      representative       for
   Nankivel was selected from a pool in Grand Forks, “This
of candidates to receive the fellow-      was the first time Amazon has ever       and Public Administration to “cre-
ship and was charged with studying        done an MBA fellowship in one of our     ate a relationship with UND and’s associate productivi-        customer service contact centers,        open a recruiting pipeline for UND
ty and efficiency in the Grand Forks      there are established and structured     grads. UND is a valuable resource
contact center. For the past several      programs in Amazon’s Fulfillment         for the community and local busi-
months, Nankivel has been actively        Centers, but this was all new for both   nesses. We wanted to utilize the col-
engaged in collecting and research-       Matt and us, here at the Grand Forks     lege as a resource while developing a
ing data and presenting his results to    Customer Service Contact Center.”        valuable learning experience for stu-
Amazon’s management to improve              In Nankivel’s opinion, the advan-      dents at the same time,” Lukach stat-
employee performance and create           tages of this fellowship were the        ed. “Based on Matt’s success, we
or define policy that aids productiv-     opportunities he encountered             look forward to working with new
ity. In other words, “This wasn’t         throughout his fellowship. “I had the    individuals in the future and contin-
your regular make coffee, do some         opportunity to take research data        uing to build on our relationship
filing, type of internship,” Nankivel     and build it into something tangible     with the College of Business and
explained. He is also using the expe-     and understandable. I also got to sit    Public Administration.”
rience for his independent study as a     in on project brainstorming sessions        Dilbert® may continue to crack
component of the MBA program.             with site managers and attend the        jokes about interns, but
   David Hollingworth, Management         same leadership training that man-       and the College of Business and
Faculty and Nankivel’s advisor, has       agers take. I’ve really enjoyed my       Public Administration know that
been impressed with the quality of        experience at Amazon because this        Dilbert is not talking about Matt
research Nankivel has completed dur-      type of project is something I have      Nankivel. For more information
ing the fellowship. “Matt has done a      always been interested in.”              about the Amazon Fellowship
very interesting job of integrating his developed a fellow-         Program, please contact Steve Moser
prior educational experiences, his        ship with the College of Business        at D

                                                                                            BUSINESS@UND FALL / WINTER 2005 7
Accounting student, Dommineck Kennedy, describes to Deloitte representatives the benefits of the new accounting classrooms. Inset photo: Appearance of classroom
215 before the renovation of the Deloitte Accounting Learning Center.

Department of Accountancy Kicks Off the
Year with Renovated Corporate Classrooms
       onstruction dust has become                     faculty and student interaction.                        ogy difficult. The redesign of both

C      a common occurrence in the
       Department of Accountancy,
but after a summer of remodeling,
                                                         Classroom 225—now known as the
                                                       Brady Martz Accounting Learning
                                                       Center—was small and barely fit 25
                                                                                                               classrooms allowed the space of the
                                                                                                               two classrooms to be balanced in
                                                                                                               terms of size, and each classroom was
the department opened two new                          students and it also lacked a net-                      tiered and updated with instructional
alumni and corporate sponsored                         worked instructor media station to                      technology and professional furnish-
accounting learning centers this fall.                 enhance student learning. Although                      ings. The exterior of the classrooms
The Deloitte and Brady Martz                           classroom       215—the       Deloitte                  was re-finished with burnished block
Accounting Learning Centers are the                    Accounting Learning Center—could                        and new doors with side windows,
two newest additions to Gamble Hall,                   hold more students, the classroom                       bearing etched glass with the class-
which feature updated classrooms                       had not been updated since Gamble                       room’s corporate sponsors.
with improved instructional design                     Hall was built, making student-facul-                      The students are especially appre-
and technology to foster better                        ty interaction and the use of technol-                  ciative of the gifts given by Brady

Martz and Deloitte that created the     Brady Martz. Having our name asso-                       positive momentum in the College
new rooms. CoBPA student Nick           ciated with the Department of                            of Business and look forward to our
Hacker explains, “The new account-      Accountancy at UND gives us name                         future together.”
ing learning centers have enabled       recognition with the students.                              “We have 50 employees across the
students to communicate with the        Hopefully, this will create an interest                  country that have connections with
professor in a more efficient capaci-   in Brady Martz and they will want to                     UND and we are proud to have the
ty through its tiered layout allowing   learn more about us and career                           opportunity to give back to the stu-
students to be in closer proximity to   opportunities with our firm or other                     dents and faculty. It is only one of
the professor. The technology           large regional accounting firms.”                        the many reasons why Deloitte and
upgrades have allowed more flexi-          “Many of us at Brady Martz sat in                     its employees donated this facility,”
bility in teaching and learning         the same classroom that now bears                        Gendreau concluded.
styles. The atmosphere has also         our firm name. It was time for a                            The Deloitte Accounting Learning
played a crucial role. These rooms      change and we are happy to be part                       Center was dedicated on Friday,
are much more comfortable both in       it. The improvements will enhance                        October 14, 2005 and the Brady
seating and atmosphere than tradi-      the image of the Department of                           Martz Accounting Learning Center
tional classrooms, allowing me to       Accountancy and the College, while                       will be dedicated on Friday, March
stay focused and concentrate on the     creating a great learning environ-                       3, 2006.
material throughout the entire class    ment for the students.”                                     The students, faculty and staff
period.”                                   Jeff Gendreau, Director for                           would agree…once the construction
  “The new classrooms are better        Deloitte, LLC in Minneapolis,                            dust settled, the Department of
suited for the education of today and   Minnesota, also recognizes the con-                      Accountancy had two wonderful,
the future,” says junior Connor         nection between UND College of                           state-of-the-art classrooms. Thank
Coughlin. Coughlin also adds, “It       Business and Public Administration                       you to all those that made it possible.
means a lot that outside firms would    and their accounting firm. He says,                         For more information on the
invest in our education and make it     “UND has been a terrific source of                       Department of Accountancy, please
possible to have such a professional    accounting and tax professionals for                     visit:
environment to study and learn.”        us. We are excited to be part of the                     accountancy/. D
  Scott Steiner, President of Brady
Martz Associates, PC, commented
on the company’s connection to
the College of Business and Public
Administration and their decision
to be involved in the campaign.
  “Brady Martz has a long history
with the college, dating back to the
mid 1920’s. Many of our current and
past partners, as well as staff, are
graduates of CoBPA’s Department of
Accountancy. Given our history with
UND, Brady Martz has a special
attachment to UND and we wanted
to participate in the Creating
Business Leaders Capital Campaign
in a way that expressed our appreci-
ation for what UND has meant to
our firm.”
  “We expect UND will continue to
play a significant role in educating    CoBPA Students and SIFE team members participate in class and utilize the new classroom for meetings.
many of the future employees of         Bottom left corner image: Classroom 225 before the transformation to the Brady Martz Accounting Learning Center.

                                                                                                                BUSINESS@UND FALL / WINTER 2005 9
UND SIFE Team takes a break from their competition to enjoy Central Park in New York City. Pictured L to R: Ryan Foss, Jana Rewey, Myna Wintz, Rock Byrd, Casey
DeLanghe, Landon Weninger, and Marie Aune.

And Takes a Bite Out of the Big Apple
and Wins Regional Championship
         team of University of North                  to Kansas City, Missouri, where they                   to provide students the opportunity

A        Dakota business students
         recently traveled to New
York City and took a bite out of the
                                                      were one of 180 SIFE teams com-
                                                      peting for the national champi-
                                                      onship at the SIFE USA National
                                                                                                             to make a difference and to develop
                                                                                                             leadership, teamwork and communi-
                                                                                                             cation skills through learning, prac-
Big Apple, returning to Grand                         Exposition this past May.                              ticing and teaching the principles of
Forks as Students in Free Enterprise                    Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)                   free enterprise.
(SIFE) regional champions. The                        is a non-profit organization, active                      At the regional competition, UND’s
UND SIFE Team competed with 27                        on more than 1700 college and uni-                     SIFE team won due to their annual
other universities; beating out five,                 versity campuses in 42 countries and                   report and presentation of their year-
top New York universities for the                     territories. SIFE works in partnership                 long community outreach projects.
title. The win advanced UND’s team                    with businesses and higher education                   The purpose of each community

project is to teach people of all ages
the principles of free enterprise. The
SIFE team not only taught free enter-
prise, but students made a difference
in the Grand Forks community by
developing projects to meet specific
community needs. One such project
included a business partnership with
Wells Fargo Bank, where the UND
SIFE team incorporated the Hands
on Banking ProgramTM as an educa-
tional offering for kids at
Thompson Elementary. The program
focuses on lifetime development of
successful money management skills.
The UND SIFE team also completed
training to be eBay Education
Specialists. By partnering with the
Small Business Development Center,       The UND Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Team members proudly accept their award as regional champi-
                                         ons in New York City. Members of the team are (L to R): Marie Aune, Jana Rewey, Ryan Foss, Landon
the team members facilitated train-      Weninger, Casey DeLanghe, Myna Wintz, and Rock Byrd.
ing for community groups on how to
start an eBay business, with contin-       “I’m very proud of all the hard                     more than 40 other countries.
ued offerings for American Indians       work our team has put forward to                        In addition to national competi-
at various locations in North Dakota     participate in our community and                      tion, UND SIFE students had the
during 2005-2006. Due to their edu-      educate the next generation about                     opportunity to network and inter-
cational outreach efforts related to     free enterprise. It really paid off at                view for jobs and internships during
finance, the SIFE team also won first    the regional competition and we                       a two-day Career Opportunity Fair
place in the National Personal           were able to show how we have                         with representatives from more than
Financial Success Skills category at     grown together as a team,” said                       50 companies. Members of the UND
the regional competition. The event      Casey DeLanghe, UND SIFE Team                         SIFE Team include: Marie Aune
was one of 21 SIFE USA Regional          President, who is majoring in avia-                   (Lake Park, MN), Rock Byrd
Competitions being held across the       tion management and is from                           (Larimore, ND), Casey DeLanghe
United States in April of 2005.          Falcon, Colorado.                                     (Falcon, Colorado), Ryan Foss
  At the national competition,             The UND SIFE team was also able                     (Grand Forks, ND), Kim Konerza
UND SIFE presented their projects        to witness the potential of an indi-                  (Grand Forks, ND), Jana Rewey
and community outreach efforts           vidual SIFE group and just how                        (Anoka, MN), Landon Weninger
from the past year to rooms of           powerful the entire SIFE organiza-                    (Eagan, MN), and, Myna Wintz
judges in an attempt to emerge as        tion is to many communities across                    (Lake Park, MN).
the RadioShack SIFE USA National         the globe. The winning team in the                      For more information, contact
Champion. Although the UND SIFE          four-year college division, Drury                     UND SIFE Vice President, Landon
team did not place, it was an excel-     University, moved on to represent                     Weninger at (651) 308-6734, or
lent learning experience and pro-        the United States at SIFE World Cup                   Craig Silvernagel, Director of
vided new project ideas that the         2005 in Toronto, Canada, October 5-                   Entrepreneurship and Student SIFE
team could put into place to benefit     7, 2005, where they competed                          Advisor at UND, (701) 777-2463 or
the Grand Forks area.                    against national champions from                       visit D

                                                                                                           BUSINESS@UND FALL / WINTER 2005 11
Enron Whistleblower and Ecolab Executive
Explain the Importance of Playing by the Rules
By Lisa Davis, Grand Forks Herald Staff Writer

         lways tell the truth, and you’ll never have to        Brewer that she knew did not exist, she turned in her letter
         remember what you said.” It’s a lesson that Lynn      of resignation. She then went to public officials.
         Brewer, who blew the whistle on Enron’s uneth-          In December 2001, Brewer contacted Sen. Byron
ical practices, learned from her father. But after working     Dorgan’s office to tell them she had evidence of espi-
at the company, as she pointed out, she “could just as eas-    onage and bank fraud on the part of Enron. She was
ily have gone to prison.”                                      asked to send an email, which she did. That same month,
   Brewer was one of the featured speakers at the College      the Enron Corporation became one of the largest bank-
of Business and Public Administration’s Olafson Ethics         ruptcies in U.S. history. The public ramifications of that
Symposium, “Playing by the Rules: Creating a Corporate         bankruptcy have changed federal law, and there’s evi-
Culture of Ethics,” held on Friday, October 28, 2005 in the    dence that it’s changing the way people respond to the
Chester Fritz Auditorium. She’s the author of                  way things are run at their workplaces. That year, there
“Confessions of an Enron Executive: A Whistleblower’s          were 6,400 reports to the Securities and Exchange
Story,” and founder and president of The Integrity             Commission—at a time when there were 12,000 publicly
Institute Inc. The Olafson Business Ethics Symposium           traded companies. Today, there are 40,000 reports per
also included Tim Dordell, the associate general council       month. Currently, there are about 14,000 publicly traded
for Ecolab Inc., based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota.           companies, Brewer explained. Brewer stressed to stu-
Dordell discussed how Ecolab, Inc. sets itself apart from      dents that their choices could very well change the rest of
the Enron’s of the world. For the past six years, Ecolab has   their lives. An ethical culture must be practiced at a
been recognized as one of the Top Ten Best Corporate           young age and at all levels of the company, she said.
Citizens, according to Business Ethics Magazine.                 “What we’re finding in the post-Enron world is very
   Not long after Brewer began her career at Enron, she        young people are going to jail as a result of it,” she said.
learned that a loan had been secured with gas that didn’t      “The cost of compliance is about the personal cost we
exist. When she told her supervisor about it, she was told     pay as individuals.”
to leave that fact out of the brief she was preparing. She       When interviewing for jobs, Brewer encouraged stu-
said she followed instructions because her other option        dents to interview the companies with the same rigor.
was to search for a new job. After several similar findings,   She noted that students need to choose their jobs wisely
she called for assistance within the company, to no avail.     and to remember that ethics should be practiced at com-
When a supervisor said he had received numbers from            panies large and small. “There are a lot of companies

                                                                                                                  FACULTY                       Profiles

Playing by the Rules: Creating a Corporate Culture of Ethics was the topic of the Olafson Ethics Symposium. Pictured from L to R is the event sponsor and featured
speakers: Robert Olafson (’71,’72), Lynn Brewer and Tim Dordell.

today that aren’t building for 80 years into the future,                             they were passionate about, because it makes it easier to
they want to build to sell or go public,” Brewer said. “It’s                         resist temptation when it comes along.
far easier to do it right when you’re little, because even-                            C.K. Braun-Schultz, director of external relations for
tually, it becomes a world of its own.”                                              the UND College of Business and Public Administration,
  “I think there’s a shift to teaching not just business                             said the event was held to be a leader at a time when
ethics and business management,” Brewer said. “It’s                                  business schools are in the spotlight for making sure col-
across the board, integrated into the way we live and the                            lege graduates are prepared to make ethical decisions.
way we do our business.”                                                               The Olafson Ethics Symposium will be held annually
  “You’ve got to have a strong solid base and make sure                              for the next several years with the purpose of providing
there are consequences—from the bottom up and the top                                a platform for students, and the business community, to
down,” Dordell emphasized to students. He said his com-                              explore the importance of ethical behavior in work-
pany also has tools in place so its employees can report                             place. D
incidents, and continues to talk about ethics, because “it’s
                                                                                     The above article appeared in the Grand Forks Herald on Saturday, October 29,
not just the bottom line, it’s how you get it done.”                                 2005, and was written by Herald staff writer, Lisa Davis. The article is re-printed
  Dordell also encouraged students to do something                                   here with permission.

                                                                                                                               BUSINESS@UND FALL / WINTER 2005 13
Art Hiltner says, “Class Dismissed!” for the Last Time
     t’s almost impossible to be a                                                                     pened a couple of years ago on a

I    student or an alumnus of the
     Department of Accountancy and
not know Art Hiltner. For the past
                                                                                                       Monday morning, after a long stormy
                                                                                                       winter weekend. The message light was
                                                                                                       blinking on his phone and the student’s
three decades, almost four, Art Hiltner                                                                voice mail said, “Professor Hiltner, I
has been telling students, “Class dis-                                                                 regret having to miss your class today,
missed!”—but only after passing on his                                                                 as I am stuck in the cities.” The student
accounting wisdom and guidance first.                                                                  forgot one minor detail though; the
This past summer, after 37 years of                                                                    system captures the phone number of
teaching and service, Professor Hiltner                                                                the caller. Hiltner was just a bit curious
said, “class dismissed!” for the last time                                                             and checked the number only to find
and journeyed into retirement.                                                                         out the call was from a dorm on cam-
   Hiltner’s history with the College of                                                               pus. “I thought that one was cute.”
Business and Public Administration                                                                        Hiltner’s rather unique sense of
began after earning his Bachelor of            Art Hiltner retires after 37 years of service to UND.   humor has made him widely known
                                               This spring Hiltner was recognized by the students
Science in Accounting in 1967 and his          and awarded him the Professor of the Year honor         among students, which they fondly call
Master of Science in Accounting in             from the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society.                Artisms. While in an 8:00 am advanced
1968. That same year, he was asked to                                                                  accounting class, one student recalls
teach for a professor that was on a            al to when they grow into more expe-                    the following Artism; “You know if I
leave of absence. He enjoyed it, and the       rienced students in their senior year,”                 tried to tell people this was being taped
department offered him a one-year              he explains. Hiltner has had the                        in front of a live studio audience and
position, which evolved into 37 years          opportunity to witness this cycle with                  had to prove it, I would be in trouble.”
of service to UND. Hiltner’s dedica-           more than one generation of students,                   Hiltner says,“there should be some fun
tion to teaching comes from his enjoy-         as noted at a recent award ceremony in                  in accounting, although I know our
ment of working with young people              which Hiltner was honored, a student                    ideas of fun are sometimes different
and fantastic colleagues. Hiltner is also      recalled several fun facts and then con-                from the students.”
quick to note, “The loyalty of our             cluded, “And he also taught my dad.”                       Although retirement calls, Hiltner
accounting alumni is also very gratify-           Professor Hiltner says there are too                 will not leave the College far behind.
ing as a professor, so I guess it’s just all   many memorable moments at UND                           He continues to work on some proj-
the people that have kept me going.”           to pick just one, but one of his most                   ects and updating materials for the
   Even with the number of classes             rewarding experiences was when he                       new professors joining the faculty.
Hiltner has taught over the years, he          was chosen as Professor of the Year by                  Surely he will be missed as someone
won’t confess to having a favorite.“I do       the Beta Gamma Sigma Chapter in                         who expected hard work, but was fair.
not have a favorite class. It is really just   the College of Business and Public                      Hiltner’s other retirement plans simply
a function of the students in the class        Administration, which is voted on by                    include, “Doing something different.”
each semester. One thing I really enjoy        the students. “We work our account-                     He’ll be spending time with the grand-
is having the opportunity of teaching          ing students very hard, so for them to                  kids and traveling with his wife. Most
the first accounting class to sopho-           say good things, is very special to me.”                of all, he is excited for the new aca-
mores and the last accounting class to            And what Professor could retire                      demic year to begin, “this fall, when it
seniors. I get to see the whole cycle          without a few good student stories?                     all starts to happen, I want to come to
from when they are new to the materi-          One story Hiltner remembers hap-                        UND on a nice day and just watch.” D

$19 Million and Counting…
       veryone likes to make a differ-     building of the College of Business

E      ence. Everyone likes to be a
       part of success. Through the
Creating Business Leaders Campaign,
                                           and Public Administration through
                                           new endowed chairs, faculty fellow-
                                           ships and professorships, renovated
you can do both!                           classrooms and additional technolo-
   Thanks to the great generosity of       gy; however, there is much to be
alumni and friends, students and           done and it can only be accom-
faculty in Gamble Hall are seeing          plished by all of us pulling together
changes within the College of              and participating in the campaign.
Business and Public Administration            There are many ways for you to par-
through faculty support, student           ticipate. By the end of the campaign,
scholarships, technology updates,          we would like to have at least one fel-
and classroom renovations. This            lowship available in every depart-
generosity has now pushed the cam-         ment. We’d also like to have two
paign to the $19 million mark!             professorships and four chairs in place
   Your participation remains key to       and ready to be utilized by our out-
the success of this campaign and the       standing faculty. We continue to need
College of Business and Public             room renovations and technology
Administration. Every gift, no matter      upgrades; we would like to, at a mini-
the size, is appreciated and will help     mum, renovate five more classrooms
the College be better prepared. It’s not   and lab areas, which would include
too late to participate! Only you can      technology upgrades. Maybe you have
help ensure the College’s goals are met.   a project or something special you
   You may not have realized it while      would like to do for the college but
you were on campus, but virtually          you’re not sure how to accomplish this
every day you were on campus, your         goal—it may be the perfect opportu-
life was touched by the dedication of      nity for you to look at the Named
alumni and friends—people you              Endowment Program or the Giving
didn’t know, but who made a differ-        Clubs, both can help you do some-
ence in your life. The faculty you         thing wonderful for the College.
learned from, the programs you par-           DeAnna and Jeff continue to meet
ticipated in, the scholarships you         with alumni and friends across the        DeAnna Carlson Zink (’87) and Jeff Bowen (’88),
                                                                                     are development officers for the UND Foundation
may have enjoyed—all of these were         nation telling the College of Business    and the College of Business and Public
made possible by alumni and                and Public Administration story. If       Administration Capital Campaign. They are commit-
                                                                                     ted to creating business leaders one degree at a
friends. Now it’s your turn to contin-     you would like to host an event in        time and achieving the $20 million campaign goal.

ue the tradition of success and mak-       your area or you would like to visit
ing a difference in the lives of           with DeAnna or Jeff on your partici-      the enclosed postage-paid return
students and faculty today.                pation in the campaign, feel free to      envelope and mail your gift directly
   Special thanks to alumni, friends       contact them at (800) 543-8764 or         to the UND Foundation for the ben-
and businesses who continue to step        email: or           efit of the College of Business and
forward to help in the on-going   Or, simply use       Public Administration. D

                                                                                                BUSINESS@UND FALL / WINTER 2005 15
Julie Varian displays her entrepreneurial spirit with her Apple Country Candles. Varian is a student entrepreneur taking part in the Mueller Entrepreneurship Program
through the Center for Innovation.

Entrepreneurship Students Take Their Innovations
from the Classroom to the Customer
By Craig Silvernagel, UND Entrepreneurship Director

    t’s no secret, entrepreneurship students learn by                                 Business and Public Administration, is the former

I   doing. Fortunately, UND entrepreneurship students
    get the opportunity to develop their own innovations
and bring them to market while also earning a stipend.
                                                                                      Chairman and President of the Center for Entrepreneurial
                                                                                      Leadership at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation of
                                                                                      Kansas City, Missouri. The Kauffman Foundation is the
For nearly eight years, the Center for Innovation has                                 largest foundation supporting entrepreneurship at all lev-
administered the Mueller Entrepreneurship Program, a                                  els—from students to high-growth entrepreneurs—pro-
unique opportunity which offers UND undergraduate                                     viding millions in support for innovative entrepreneur
and graduate students the chance to explore an entrepre-                              initiatives nationwide. Since 1997, Mueller has made sig-
neur internship while in the early stages of launching a                              nificant gifts to the Center for Innovation for a student
new venture or product.                                                               internship program to encourage and foster student ven-
  The Mueller Entrepreneurship Program allows UND                                     tures, and learn entrepreneur skills by working in an entre-
students to earn a stipend and pursue their own entrepre-                             preneur environment. Thirty eight (38) students have
neur ventures in the Center for Innovation Tech Incubator                             taken advantage of the internship opportunity since 1997.
environment. The program is made possible through the                                   Students are expected to complete a business plan or
generosity of Kurt Mueller. Mueller, a native of Grand                                develop a viable business model for a for-profit venture
Rapids, Minnesota and ’62 graduate of the College of                                  during their internship. Types of entrepreneur develop-

Shannon Pearson sits in the Center for Innovation’s Wet Lab, an environment that allows her to work on her entrepreneur venture in bio-remediation clean up.
Pearson is also a participant in the Mueller Entrepreneurship Program.

ment projects eligible to be completed during a semester                            in July 2004. Currently, Varian is working under the
include: prototypes, test marketing, market plan, busi-                             Mueller Internship Program at the Center for Innovation
ness plan, accessing capital, cash flow management,                                 to explore ways to expand her business and to better coor-
and/or exploring strategic alliances or partnerships.                               dinate marketing and sales. All of her products and scent
Students may apply as an individual or a team for up to                             descriptions can be viewed online at www.applecoun-
$1,500 per semester per student. The Center for                           ; orders can also be placed on the website.
Innovation provides office space (value of $1200/semes-                               While Varian’s soy candles burn clean, UND entrepre-
ter) and access to staff expertise and consulting ($2000                            neurship major Shannon Pearson cleans up, literally.
value). Bi-weekly reports of progress are a condition of                            Growing up in a family-owned cleaning and restoration
accepting the entrepreneur internships and preference                               business, Shannon is now pursuing an expanded oppor-
may be given to entrepreneur majors and track students,                             tunity in the bio-remediation clean-up business. As part
although all UND students are eligible.                                             of her Mueller internship, Pearson completed HazWoper
  For Julie Varian, a senior majoring in Entrepreneurship,                          training and is looking to take her experience and interest
the Mueller Program means more late nights with her                                 in the world of clean-up to a larger market. Her specialty
candles; soy candles to be more exact. To take advantage                            interests and skills include methamphetamine lab reme-
of a growing market and because of her own passion and                              diation and other bio-hazard contamination clean-up.
talents, Julie formed Apple Country Candles, LLC, a soy                             Shannon is working to complete a business and market-
candle manufacturing company. Julie’s company focuses                               ing plan she started in early 2005 while taking the Venture
on creating a high quality, all natural product line. Her                           Initiation class in the UND Entrepreneurship Program.
candles burn longer and cleaner than traditional paraffin-                            From candles to clean up, Varian and Pearson are two
based candles and provide environmental benefits as well.                           student entrepreneurs who learn by doing—turning
Varian chooses the scents and hand pours each order so                              their ideas into business ventures…and that’s no secret.
customers can expect a unique soy candle that is clean                              To learn more about the Mueller Entrepreneurship
burning and free of dyes or preservatives. Apple Country                            Program, contact Bruce Gjovig; (701) 777-3132; or email
Candles has sold hundreds of candles since its beginning                   D

                                                                                                                             BUSINESS@UND FALL / WINTER 2005 17
                 September 30, 2005, the College of

On               Business and Public Administration
                 awarded over $38,000 in scholarships to
students who excel in the classroom and beyond. Over 80
students were honored with scholarships created by alum-
ni, special friends and businesses. The College of Business
and Public Administration would like to acknowledge the
dedication and generosity of the alumni, special friends         College of Business and Public Administration recently awarded students that
and businesses, whose gifts have established scholarships        excel in the classroom with college scholarships. Student scholarship award win-
                                                                 ners pictured here are: Back row (standing L to R) Nicholas Wilson, Jeffrey
that assist students in earning their college education. The     Wagen, Matthew Remfert, Raymond LeFebvre, James Carlisle, Kristopher
college would also like to extend congratulations to the         Mrachek, Jason Stadstad, Brian Kostek, Andrew Hoffarth, Daniel Dahlberg,
                                                                 Emily Wirth, Benjamin Wirth, and Deborah Shaffer. Front row (kneeling L to R)
following students who were awarded scholarships:                Amber Lund, Ann Olsen, Jessica Neuman, Kristi Smith, and Natalia Popikova.

Cliff Danielson              Katun                Colonel Robert                Herb Stennes                      Myron Bender
Bryan Kellerman              Corporation          Fletcher                      Derrick Kuntz                     Deborah Shaffer
                Jeffrey Baumgartner               Memorial                      Jason Stadstad                    Alan Rinehart
Ruth Johnston   Kayla Dalzell                     Kristi Smith
Memorial        Clark Davis                                                     Fred Davidson                     Marvin Poyzer
James Carlisle  Amanda Eidenschink                Havig-Heen                    Casey Marsh                       Jeremiah VanderVorst
Daniel Dahlberg Jacob Geiermann                   Scholarship                   Malia Mosman
Candayce Hecker Jordan Hatzenbuhler               Quinn Christiansen                                              M.W. ‘Bob’ and
Andrew Hoffarth Tyson Heiser                      Kole Hetletved                Steven Campbell                   Jean Kiesau
Loren Loftesnes Brandon Hellevang                 Raymond LeFebvre              Memorial                          Jeffrey Anderson
Lisa Pedersen   Andrew Klamm                      Andrew Lerud                  Clint Nordstrom                   Moxa Giddings
Matthew Remfert William Lindsay                   Ryan Spah                                                       Rachel Gordan
                Kristopher Mrachek                                Treacy                                          Lisa Gronseth
Owen and Orison Jeremy Olson                      Bridston/Hedlin Foundation                                      Justin James
Young Memorial Matthew Spicer                     Daniel Chase                  Stephanie Lucking                 Tiffany Kosciolek
Ryan Bakke      Jason Stadstad                    Nicole Ficenec                                                  Lora Lettenmaier
Crystal Coons   Ryan Tranby                                                     James Rice                        Ashley Patrick
Ann Olsen       Danielle Young                    Butler Business               Memorial                          Natasha Sandberg
Ashley Wandler                                    Scholarship                   Brian Kostek                      Jonathan Thomas
Mary Wertish    Edith Steinbach                   Jessica Jastrzebski                                             Mary Wertish
Nicholas Wilson Oren Fallon                       Jason Rolland                 Milton Young                      Jessica Yelick
Benjamin Wirth  Emily Wirth                                                     Justin Hagel
                                                  Warren Hanna                  Ashley Heitkamp                   Carol Bergloff
Gerald “Jerry”               F. Duane and         Brandie Ball                  Jaclyn Stebbins                   Memorial
Ryan Memorial                Mary Walen           Moxa Giddings                                                   Insurance
Gina Hatzenbuhler            Gregg Schildberger   Amber Lund                    Adrian Dunn                       Jessica Neuman
Amy Indridason                                                                  Krista Yordanov
Natalia Popikova             Vukasovich           Douglas                                                         Wayne and Sara
                             Foundation           Schindele                     Lloyd Omdahl                      Hansen
Thomas and                   Jennifer Heinz       Memorial                      Undergraduate                     Jeffrey Wangen
Sophia Swiggum               Jessica Neuman       Hayley Haider                 Writing Award
Memorial                                                                        Alina Zakharchuk
Justin Jahr

An Innovative and Unique Business Concept
for Local Native American Community
        elebrating life, honoring her-

C       itage. This is the business
        motto of Leslie Morsette’s
new entrepreneurial venture, Native
Spirit Memorials, LLC. Morsette, a
recent MBA graduate from UND, is
also confident that she has the right
business plan to succeed—as she
recently won the top prize at the first
annual Great Plains Regional Tribal
Economic Development Business
Plan Competition held in Wahpeton,
ND. The business plan competition
was sponsored by the United States
Department of the Interior and the
Great Plains Regional Office of the
Bureau of Indian Affairs this past        Morsette (center), Stamp (L) and Silvernagel (R) discuss the details of the Native Spirit Memorials business plan.
May. Morsette won the competition
over four other finalists that came       a business that could strengthen her                       intends to launch a national market-
from Tribal colleges, including           community, while also respecting                           ing campaign and an e-commerce
United Tribes Technical College in        Native American traditions. Her con-                       website this summer. Morsette’s busi-
Bismarck and Turtle Mountain              cept was to build a company that                           ness growth serves as a positive force
Community College in Belcourt.            makes Native American handcrafted                          that contributes to the economic
The theme for this year’s summit was      burial caskets and other spirit memo-                      development in regional tribal com-
“Empowering and Strengthening             rials for the U.S. Native American                         munities and rural North Dakota.
Economic Development in Indian            community. Through the entrepre-                             Morsette is among a successful
Country through: Education,               neurship program at UND and the                            group of student entrepreneurs
Technology, and Entrepreneurship.”        guidance provided by Jeff Stamp and                        graduating from UND’s College of
  In order to win first place, Morsette   Craig Silvernagel, Morsette devel-                         Business and Public Administration
made a 15-minute oral presentation        oped a business plan that brought                          Entrepreneurship Program. The
followed by an additional round of        her vision to life, and thus, Native                       entrepreneurship program at UND
questions and answers from a panel        Spirit Memorials, LLC was born.                            was recently recognized nationally
of judges. The panel of judges con-         Upon      graduating,      Morsette                      as one of the Top 25 best programs
sisted of economic leaders and            launched her business in the Fort                          for educating the next generation of
investors from various tribal com-        Berthold Reservation community,                            entrepreneurs in the U.S., accord-
munities. Winning the top honor           near New Town, North Dakota, with                          ing to the Princeton Review and
entitled Morsette to a complete office    the assistance of her brother, Darian,            For more information
computer system and an opportunity        who serves as the COO. Morsette’s                          regarding the Morsette’s business,
to network with interested investors,     business has already established a                         Native Spirit Memorials, or the entre-
who can provide funding to acceler-       customer base in three states and                          preneurship program at UND, please
ate her business startup.                 intends to expand her business and                         contact Dr. Jeff Stamp at (701) 777-
  Morsette knew she wanted to create      create 18 jobs by 2008. Morsette also                      3701 or email D

                                                                                                                   BUSINESS@UND FALL / WINTER 2005 19
From typewriters to the internet, the St. Cloud-based
firm has nimbly followed changes in communications
By Bill Clements, Twin Cities Monthly Magazine

         all started with a newspaper’s mistake. In 1972,    ness partner, Dave Marquardt, gave the proposal a good

It       Gary J. Marsden (a ’63 CoBPA alum) was 30. He
         had a sales job with a Minneapolis microfilm
company, but he was looking for more. “That need to be
                                                             look. “We thought we could do something good with a
                                                             sleepy business like this, and so we bought it in January
                                                             1973, “ Marsden recalls.
in control that all entrepreneurs have was kicking in,” he      Marsden and Marquardt renamed the company Marco
says. One day, while flipping through the classified sec-    and immediately began looking for ways to move beyond
tion looking for business opportunities in the Twin          selling calculators and typewriters. Their idea from the
Cities, Marsden spotted an ad for a business for sale. The   start was that a diverse product line would help ensure
company’s name, The Typewriter Shop, caught his eye,         the company’s survival and success. “Because of my expe-
because he’d started his career as a salesman with IBM in    rience at IBM, I knew the St. Cloud market was a good
1964.                                                        one that we could develop,” Marsden says.
  But when he looked at the ad closely, Marsden realized        By 1975, Marco was selling copiers and office furniture;
that the business was based in St. Cloud, 70 miles north-    by 1983, it had added personal computers. In the late
west of Minneapolis. The newspaper had mistakenly put        1980s, the company began selling business software; and
the ad in the wrong section. “I had no intentions of leav-   by the end of the century, Marco had become an infor-
ing the Twin Cities,” he says.                               mation technology consultant-providing integrated
  Still, the price for this 14-emplyee, $500,000-a-year      communications for voice, data, video, and print. “Our
typewriter business was right. So Marsden and his busi-      strength has been that we’ve been able to adapt and

Gary Marsden, ’63, CEO (right) with President Jeff Gau, ’84, (left) pose in front of their company logo, MARCO, which was recently named one of the Top 25 Best
Small Companies to Work For, out of 450 companies reviewed across the United States. Both Marsden and Gau are alumni of UND and the College of Business.
Photo: Kelly Rogers.

change over time, from a seller of office products to a                            companies with such plans are generally more profitable
technology solutions provider,” Marsden says.                                      and productive, with greater employee retention,
   From 14 employees and $500,000 in revenue in 1973                               Marsden says. “That’s because employees say to them-
to 189 employees and $40 million in revenue in 2003,                               selves, ‘As an owner, I better do the things that make cus-
Marco continues to grow-it now has 197 people serving                              tomers want to come back.’”
5,000 clients in Minnesota, as well as corporate accounts                             The plan is paying off in another way; In June 2004,
nationwide. Employees have full ownership of the com-                              Marco was named one of the “Top 25 Best Small
pany through as employee stock-ownership plan                                      Companies to Work For in America” by the Great
(ESOP) that was started in 1989, when Dave Marquardt                               Places to Work Institute, a San Francisco-based man-
departed.                                                                          agement consulting firm. A total of 450 compnaies
   Employee ownership “is a key part of who we are, the                            across the U.S. vied to be one of the 25. “Being on that
core part of our philosophy,” Marsden says. Marco                                  list helps,” Marsden says, “because I think customers
became 100 percent employee owned in 2001, when                                    feel fairly assured-especially those we haven’t worked
Marsden sold his company stock in anticipation of his                              with before-that we are trustworthy and doing things
January 2005 retirement. An ESOP “is a wonderful way                               right.” D
to share slices of the pie with your employees,” he says,
                                                                                   The above article appeared in the Twin Cities Monthly Magazine in December
adding that the company so far has contributed $7 mil-                             2004, and was written by magazine writer, Bill Clements. The article is re-print-
lion to the plan. Numerous studies have shown that                                 ed here with permission.

                                                                                                                            BUSINESS@UND FALL / WINTER 2005 21
in Pictures!

                                                                                                         CoBPA faculty and UND Alumni Association
                                                                                                         staff join CoBPA alum and Deloitte
                                                                                                         Representative, Jeff Gendreau, ’90, at the
                                                                                                         dedication of the Deloitte Accounting
                                                                                                         Learning Center on October 14, 2005.
                                                                                                         Pictured (L to R): Steve Moser, Associate
                                                                                                         Dean, CoBPA; Mary Loyland, Faculty,
                                                                                                         Department of Accountancy; Jeff Gendreau,
                                                                                                         Director, Deloitte, Minneapolis, MN; Tim
                                                                                                         O’Keefe, Executive Vice President and CEO,
                                                                                                         UND Alumni Association & Foundation,
                                                                                                         Dennis Elbert, Dean, CoBPA; DeAnna
                                                                                                         Carlson Zink, Chief Development Officer,
                                                                                                         UND Foundation; and, Harold Wilde, Chair,
                                                                                                         Department of Accountancy.

                                                CoBPA marketing students receiving scholarships for the 2005-2006 academic year, back row (L to
   Michelle Fendt (’05 accountancy grad)        R): Justin James, Jonathan Thomas, Joseph Haj, Erika Johanneck, Eric Beutler, Rachel Gordon,
   celebrates graduation with a future UND      Jenni Glick, Natasha Sandberg. Front Row (L to R): Lisa Gronseth, Jessica Yelick, Lisa Phelps,
   student and alum, her neice, Madison.        Jeffrey Anderson, Jennifer Heinz, Andrew Christensen.

   Danielle Dries (’05 marketing grad) and      UND Faculty, staff and alumni receiving awards were (L to R): Robert Kweit, Political Science; Ken
   Tanya Waasdorp (’05 management grad)         Mellem, ’66, ’68 alumnus, Karen Bowles, Political Science; Nancy Beneda, Finance; Robert Dosch,
   enjoy their last moments as UND students,    Department of Accountancy; Sandy Braathen, Information Systems and Business Ed (ISBE); Mary
   before graduation ceremonies at the Alerus   Askim-Lovseth, Marketing, Assion Lawson-Body, ISBE; Tim O’Keefe, ISBE; Ron Holten (standing in
   Center.                                      for winner, Becky Bolman), Technology, and, Steven Light, Political Science.

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MODEL Connor Coughlin, BPAC                 MODEL Judy Jahnke, CoBPA                                                              and Shannon Smidt, Administrative
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                                                                                                                               BUSINESS@UND FALL / WINTER 2005 23
   MARK        Your 2006 Calendar

                                    Please save the date and mark your
                                    calendars for the following events
                                    related to the College of Business
                                    and Public Administration:
                                    February 9, 7:00 p.m.
                                    Hultberg Lectureship Series,
                                    featuring CoBPA Women Alumni,
                                    UND Memorial Union
                                    March 3, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m
                                    College of Business and Public
                                    Administration Business Conference,
                                    sponsored and organized by CoBPA
                                    Student Council
                                    April 27, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
                                    College of Business and Public
                                    Adminstration Alumni Gathering,
                                    Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
                                    May 24 – 26
                                    UND Alumni Days

                                     October 4 – 7, 2006
                                     UND Homecoming and College
                                     of Business and Public Admi-
                                     nistration All Class Reunion!
                                     Please plan to return to your
                                     alma mater and celebrate the
                                     success of the Creating Business
                                     Leaders Capital Campaign!

                                                          Nonprofit Org.
                                                           US Postage
                                                         Grand Forks, ND
                                                          Permit No. 10

UND College of Business
and Public Administration
PO Box 8098
Grand Forks, ND 58202-8098

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