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									           HAWAAN INVESTMENTS (PTY) LTD
                COMPANY REGISTRATION NUMBER 2001/000257/07
                       Directors: P Naicker A.M. O’Neill

P.O. Box 2147                                            Tel No: 031-566-5868
MECCE                                                    Fax No 031-566-6437
Durban 4301                                              Email:

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife

Attention: Mr. A Blackmore

Fax no: 033-845-1699

Dear Mr. Blackmore,


Thank you for your letter of the 29th July and the delay in this response has been
due to the fact that I have been abroad and returned to my offices only yesterday.

I appreciate your very full response to our application, and the time spent by you
and your colleagues, as an interested and affected party and as a commenting

It must be noted that the Hawaan Forest has been under threat for some decades
now, and our research has shown that the integrity of the Forest has been sorely
surrendered to abuse, neglect, and the many threats , to date, that it faces, which
threats have steadily increased over the last twenty years.

This Company acquired the land by registration on the 1 st August 2003 and we have
so far set up some of the parameters of control, in fencing the land and to limit the
further incursions onto the land.

Dealing now with your letter, we all agree that the superlative option would be the
200 meter buffer, but this is an impractical as well as an improbable option.

Since December 2002, and after much research and input on reporting from our
retained Environmentalists, on our team, we came to the conclusion that our best
option of our Town Planning Scheme would be to develop it with our functional
habitat design (FHD). This scheme enables us to develop the area farmed on, and
previously farmed on for cane, whilst not in any way impacting on the forest but
through management of the FHD, enhancing the value and integrity of the forest.
 As far as our design is concerned FHD follows through for the whole of the
proposed Estate up to the forest edge INCLUDING the buffer zone. The setback /
eco tone / buffer should not be viewed as a division in terms of management. We
believe therefore, FHD does not only complement the forest but enhances its

I will now deal with your “condition” as listed on Page 2 of your letter.
Since the inception of our negotiations for the purchase of the land, sometime in
October 2002, we have engaged with Morelands in discussions, initially to deal with
the establishment of the Conservation Trust and subsequently to invite Morelands
to sit on the Board as Trustee. I will not go over the correspondence between
Morelands and ourselves’ as this is amply documented in our application within the
EIR. Suffice it to say that the Conservation Trust has now been set up and
Morelands are represented as a Trustee.

We enclose the relevant documents to confirm this. Please note however, this Trust
only covers the area of the Forest in the ownership by Hawaan Investments.

There has been an indication from Morelands that they propose setting up a Trust
possibly in similar terms to cover the part of the Forest under their ownership,
sometime in the future, and we have no doubt that this Company will be invited on
Board their Trust. Both landowners have similar goals in sight in respect of the

Hawaan Investments have already put in place an EMP for the first 3 months in
terms of the Forest under our acquisition. We are indebted to your department for
the time spent on discussing various issues and trust this inter-action will continue
into the future.

We now deal with your sub- paragraphs and comment as follows,

       (a) In response, please see report from Dr. Michael Mentis

       (b) The planting palette for all the grassland area and its composition is
           intended to be strictly controlled and managed. This is written into the
           legal documents on each intended sale. We do not however agree to the
           turning circles being replaced by grassland. This would be impractical to
           our design or convenience for the ultimate owners. The overall effect
           however, will be to give precedence to functional habitat design (which
           includes grasslands) to its maximum extent.

       (c) Please see Dr. Michael Mentis report attached.

       (d) Agreed – within the development footprint of each property
       (e) We are confused by your comments. Whilst we invited your Department
           to our Board on the Conservation Trust, we received a response from
           your legal department on the 7 th July that it was not advisable for your
           organization to act as a Trustee. May we suggest therefore, in the
           circumstances that a representative acts in an advisory capacity on our
           Trust. Please note that the first meeting is scheduled for the 18 th
           September 2003. A notice will be sent to you in due course. A full CMP
           will be discussed at that Meeting.

       (f) We and our Environmental team have given this suggestion much
           thought and have come to the conclusion that the re-locating of the
           cluster part of the development is unnecessary. The spatial areas between
           the clusters are wider than between the individual units and give our
           scheme scope to a wider area of management to increase fauna being
           attracted. Our Environmentalists are of the opinion that these areas can
           be more suitably adopted for the grasslands. You will also note that the
           density proposed on the entire development is far lower that dictated
           under present town planning legislation.

In conclusion we draw your attention to Dr. Michael Mentis report attached, which
must be read in conjunction with this letter as a response to your letter of the 29 th
July 2003.

Yours sincerely,

Pat Naicker

CC : Guy Nicolson
     Dr. Debra Roberts
     Mr Richard Boon
     Ms Helene Epstein
     Ms Sarah Allan
     Mr Rob Kirby
     Mr Richard Evans

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