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Finding Sonic Gold
              hen I reviewed the Monitor                                                                                        volume levels.
        p e a k s
              Audio GR 60 speakers some time                       •                                         •                     The generally smooth tonal balance and
              back, I stated that they were true                                                                                response of the speakers meant that voices
audiophile-grade units that should only be used      VERDICT                                                                    sounded natural and that pace and impact
with reference-quality components.                   If you’re in the market for a supremely                                    could be described as superb.
   That review looked at the speakers’               revealing surround sound system that is                                       On music, played through all the speakers
performance in a stereo role, whilst for this        as good with music as it is with movie                                     in Dolby Pro Logic II mode, the speakers also
review, the GR 60s were used as part of a            soundtracks, then you should listen to                                     fared supremely well, although, I did pick up
surround sound system comprising a pair of           these speakers. However, they must be                                      one or two small anomalies.
GR 20 floorstanders doing rear surround              used with source components up to the                                         Firstly, I detected a slight miss-match
speaker duty, a GR Centre speaker in the             speakers’ high standards.                                                  between sub and main speakers on pieces
centre role, and a FB 210 subwoofer.                                                                                            of music recorded with extremely low and
   It’s worth mentioning that Monitor Audio          PRICE                                                                      accurate bass. Secondly I found that the centre
also manufactures a dedicated pair of bi-pole        Monitor Audio GR 60......................R33                        995    speaker tended to sound slightly sibilant.
GR effects speakers, but these weren’t available     Monitor Audio GR 20......................R21                        995       I must however add that had I had a little
for this review. Not that it bothered me too         Monitor Audio GR Centre ..............R7                            395    more time with the system, I could probably
much: It’s generally accepted that direct radiat-    Monitor Audio FB 210 subwoofer                                             have dialled out these sonic anomalies by
ing speakers are more suited to 5.1 channel          ..............................................................R10   995    altering sub phase or position and by playing
music than di/bi pole speakers.                                                                                                 around with the processor.
   Space precludes the mention of all speaker        SUPPLIED BY                              BSC Technologies                     Overall, I have to say that the Monitor Audio
specifications, but the important ones are as                                                    011-485-2448                   Gold Reference speaker system and FB 210
follows.The GR 60 has a frequency response                                                                                      subwoofer performed at a level at or above
of 28 Hz to 30 kHz and a sensitivity of 90 dB.      centre speaker used a single wire configuration.                            its asking price, with the only caveat being
The GR 20 will play from 30 Hz to 30 kHz and is     The system used a Myryad integrated DVD/                                    that speakers as revealing as these demand
89 dB efficient.The GR Centre features a response   processor and Myryad five-channel power                                     superior-quality ancillary components.
of 40 Hz to 30 kHz and 90.5 dB efficiency.          amplifier.                                                                     Partner them with anything less, and the speak-
   Finally, the FB 210 subwoofer features two          Watching and listening to a movie on DVD,                                ers will simply reveal the flaws in your system.
10-inch drivers - one forward-firing and one        it was immediately apparent just how revealing                                                                   Joel Kopping
down-firing - a pair of front baffle-mounted        the Monitor Gold speakers were. Subtle sounds
ports, a 250 watt RMS/500 watt peak power           that generally are lost in the surround sound
amp, a fourth crossover slope, and a response       mix clearly revealed themselves.This added to
down to 25 Hz.                                      the sense of realism and spaciousness delivered
   As I reviewed the speakers at the dealer’s       by the speakers.
premises, I wasn’t involved in speaker set-up,         Equally impressive was the cohesive nature
and this made my life easier as all I really had    of the surround experience. Closing my eyes to
to do was walk into the demo room and con-          remove visual cues, it was easy to forget that I
centrate on what the speakers sounded like.         was sitting in a relatively small demo room and
   I did however note that the GR 60s were          not in a far larger environment.
tri-wired, the GR 20s were bi-wired and that the       Another impressive aspect of the speaker
                                                    system’s performance was that of sub bass
                                                    response. I knew from previous experience
                                                    that the GR 60s are speakers possessed with
                                                    super-fast pace, and that it would take a good
                                                    subwoofer to integrate with them.
                                                       I can safely say that, in surround sound movie
                                                    mode, the FB 210 sub was more than capable
                                                    of integrating with the main speakers. It played
                                                    low - and most importantly, kept control over
                                                    its dual cones at just about all frequencies and

                               A U D I O            V I D E O                         54                   D E C           2 0 0 4   /   J A N      2 0 0 5

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