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                                                                                         Fall 2009—Annual Report Issue for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2009

                                                      The NewsleTTer of UrbaN MiNisTries of DUrhaM

               Our Mission
 to provide food, clothing, shelter, and supportive
        services to our neighbors in need.
                                                                                     rising to the challenge
                                                                                         Message from the Board chair
                Our Values                                Dear Friends,
     A welcoming, caring, and compassionate
     environment that affirms the dignity of
                                                          If change is the only constant, then Urban
         our guests, volunteers, and staff.               Ministries of Durham (UMD) has been
                                                          nothing, if not constant, over the past year.
                                                          We’ve weathered a series of changes, some
           Inside This Issue
                                                          implemented by the Board of Directors
Letters from the Board chair & executive Director         and others dictated by outside influences.
              Lives enriched by UMD                       And while change is never easy, the good
            Annual report 2008–2009                       news is that we have emerged as a stron-
                   …and more                              ger organization—and one that is better
                                                          able to transform the lives of our guests.
                                                              The economic recession has hit Urban
                                                          Ministries hard. We’ve seen a dramatic
                  Our Board
                                                          increase in the need for our services in
       Susan Amey                Jonah Kendall            the past 12 months. Compounding the
    Leah Berkowitz                Susan Olive             problem is the greater-than-ever challenge
     Joe chambliss             Luqman rasheed             of raising enough funds to meet that
    Forrest Daniels              Greg rowland             increased need.
      Sarah Fowler                Jan Sendzik                 The changes we have instituted
     Janice harper              rhonda Stevens            are designed to combat the daunting
   William harrison             carol thomson             challenges facing Urban Ministries. Under             Be assured that now, more than ever,
        LuSan hill            Debbie Stonehouse
                                                          the leadership of our new Executive                your gifts of time and resources will have
   Kaaren Johanson              William yarger
                                                          Director, Patrice Nelson, we are weather-          direct, immediate, and significant impact
                                                          ing the storm. Our management team has             on those we serve.
            Executive Director
                                                          worked diligently to reduce operating                 During the past year, we have
                patrice Nelson
                                                          expenses without curtailing services.              improved our financial management
                                                          They continually seek new means of                 systems, implemented cost management
                                                          funding and untapped sources of food               procedures, developed processes for
          Staying in touch                                and supply donations.                              making every hour of volunteer time
     Urban Ministries of Durham                               Most importantly, we have been able to         meaningful, and enhanced our guest
         410 Liberty Street, pO Box 249                   continue to serve the community in the             experience. All of these changes are
            Durham, Nc 27702-0249                         face of challenges and uncertainty because         resulting in a leaner, stronger, more
    Ph.: (919) 682-0538 • Fax: (919) 688-7969             of your continued and generous assistance.         responsive organization. An organization
                                On behalf of the Board of Directors, the           poised to meet the demands of the new
                                                          UMD staff, and the hundreds of neighbors           economic reality. We have a difficult road
      Community Café • Community Shelter
         Food Pantry • Clothing Closet                    who pass through our doors every day,              ahead. But we know that, with your
                                                          thank you for your support. Because                support, the journey will be much
                                                          of you, men, women, and children                   easier. Thank you for your support.
                                                          struggling to survive during these difficult
          Graphic Design by Archetype                     times can have a hot meal, clean clothes,          Warmest regards,
                               and a place to sleep.                              Greg Rowland, Board Chair
           printing by carter printing
heads held high, Moving On                      My first six months at Urban                          needed would appear. Those moments
                                            Ministries have been a blessing but                       always make me smile and encourage
Letter from the executive Director          also a struggle. A blessing because I                     me to persevere.
                                            recognize each day how fortunate I am                         Urban Ministries is a safe place

K        EEP yOUr hEAD UP, MAN.”
         With those words of encour-
         agement, one UMD guest
encouraged another on the corner
of Queen and Liberty. Contrary to
                                            to have health, family, food, clothing,
                                            shelter, and a job I enjoy. The blessing
                                            is magnified because I am surrounded
                                            by so many who have so much less. yet,
                                            frequently they encourage one another
                                                                                                      where people struggling with sobriety,
                                                                                                      sanity, lack of money or a safe place to
                                                                                                      sleep, come for support. But it is also a
                                                                                                      place where those who want the joy
                                                                                                      that comes from a heartfelt thank-you,
stereotypical images of the homeless,       and give thanks for the gift of the day,                  the reward of knowing they’ve done
these were neatly dressed men, sober,       the meal they have received, the kind                     something that makes a real difference,
mentally sound, and able bodied. Six        words of a fellow UMD guest, and the                      the awareness that they are not alone
months ago, all of them had jobs.           faith that better days lie ahead.                         in times of difficulty, the reminder
Now, the snowball effect of job losses,         It has been a struggle to watch                       that miracles happen and that
followed by losses of transportation,       demands for services rise steadily and                    tomorrow may well be a better day,
health care, housing, and overall sense     revenues sink below projections. Like                     also gather around.
of stability, has landed them at Urban      many of the guests we’ve served, we’ve                        yes, it has been a tough year, but
Ministries of Durham. having tired of       cut expenses wherever possible and                        together as a community, we are
filling out applications around the city    redoubled efforts to seek new resources                   serving and persevering. We’re holding
only to be told “We’ll call if we have      to meet the demands. There have also                      our heads up high and meeting the
something,” they stand on the corner        been days when a surprise donation                        challenges head-on. We believe . . .
in hopes that someone will drive by         would arrive, a supporter would show                      we know. . . great days are ahead.
looking for day laborers.                   up to lend a hand, or an item we really                       Peace, Patrice

Financial Stewardship                       food from its food pantry and clothing                    people—and the price of toilet paper.
By Susan Olive, Board treasurer             to help families meet their most basic                    Add the cost of the building itself.
                                            needs. Last year, UMD served more than                        Last year, it cost approximately
UMD’s financial report is more than just    7,600 guests—more people than the                         $113,000 in cash each month to keep
numbers. We do provide numbers, of          entire population of hillsborough.                        the doors open at UMD. That monthly
course, including those in this report,         Think about your own budget. What                     cost would have been more than
which are based on our internal (unau-      would it cost to feed 700 people? Add in                  $84,000 higher but for the wonderful
dited) financial and program reports.       the cost of 145 houseguests, with towels                  donations of goods and services given by
Our audited financial statement and IrS     and bedding. Think about the cost of pro-                 friends throughout the community.
information return are posted on our        viding clothing and food to another                       Where did that money come from? We
website promptly after they are filed.      group of friends, who cannot make ends                    received over $1.2 million last year, not
    True financial stewardship, though,     meet without your help. Add counseling.                   counting the value of volunteer time and
begins with an understanding of the         Add security. Add the water bill for 900                  non-cash donations. Sixty-two percent of
program’s function, an assessment of the
needs that must be met, and raising, pre-                                                                                               continued on page 5
serving, and spending funds in a way
that both meets those needs and ensures       Bread for the Journey                                        This program is non-sectarian and open to
the financial stability of the program                                                                people of all faiths, as well as to those not affili-
over time. The IrS recognizes this, and       Bread for the Journey is a new program that             ated with any faith tradition. The effort grows
these factors are reflected in the ques-      seeks to meet the need for spiritual and pastoral       out of the activities of a volunteer chaplain, the
tions we answer on our return.                care during times of homelessness. To be without        Rev. Susan J. Dunlap, who has been working 10
    UMD assists both “prevention              a home is to experience disorientation, estrange-       hours per week providing pastoral and spiritual
guests”—those on the verge of home-           ment from loved ones, loss of life’s meaning, loss      care for the past year. UMD residents and guests
lessness, for whom our support may            of identity, depression, and anxiety. Taking steps to   are playing a lead role in the development of this
                                              leave homelessness requires perseverance, hope,         program, saying it gives them "strength for the
make the difference—and the recently
                                              courage, and hard work. Through voluntary prayer        day." Goals for the coming year include the
and chronically homeless. We also edu-                                                                development of a devotional book written by resi-
                                              times, one-on-one support, and community-
cate our community about homelessness.        building activities, the program helps people           dents, monthly community activities, a choir,
    The need is huge—and growing.             endure the hardships of homelessness, as well as        funds for a part-time chaplain, and a program to
Every day, UMD serves between 500 and         find the inner resources to leave homelessness.         enable residents to send cards to their families.
700 meals. Every week, UMD provides

                                                Serving and persevering
                           Guests and Volunteers Share how UMD has enriched their Lives

WE hAvE BEEN searching for a way to honor our godson,                 Although I am no longer at UMD every day, UMD is still
Justin, who died last year at 13 from cancer. Justin loved            with me. Each day I recall the transformations I observed and
family, children, and "home" and was concerned about                  know that I can overcome the challenges I face. Countless
people less fortunate than he. UMD introduced us to raina             times, UMD’s residents and staff have thanked me for giving
and her three daughters who were living in the shelter. raina         my time to UMD. But really, I'm the one who should be
is taking high school classes and looking for work; she is            thanking them.
highly motivated. We formed “The Just Imagine Network,”
                                                                      —Anna Parris Walker,Volunteer
or “JustIN” to provide support and opportunity to parents
and children. The family has moved into a house in Durham
and is making it a happy home. JustIN pays the rent and               WhEN I CAME TO UMD, I had been sober for 11 months,
utilities. raina continues taking classes, has found part time        but I wasn’t in recovery. Although I had been dry all this
work, and is on the way to being self-sufficient. UMD has             time, I never really worked on healing the wounds that
helped us persevere through loss to honor Justin in a way             caused my addiction. If I hadn’t come to UMD, I know I
that reflects what he valued in life.                                 would still be using today. In two days, I will graduate from
                                                                      the Believe recovery Program. What I really want to do next
—Kerry Shad,Volunteer
                                                                      is stay in the area and go to school to become an LPN. At the
                                                                      recent recovery Block Party, Mr. Leroy Joyner, recovery
WhEN I FIrST ArrIvED at Urban Ministries and was                      Program Manager, asked, “Linda, if you had a cashier’s check
accepted into the recovery Program, I wanted to be clean              in your hands today to write out to UMD, what amount
and sober but didn’t want to look at the behaviors that led to        would it be?” and I said, there’s just no way to even put an
my addiction in the first place. UMD’s 12-step recovery               amount on my experience and what UMD has done for me.
Program and the people I’m with each day have made me
                                                                      —Linda, UMD Guest
look at the self-will and anger that got me here in the first
place. There are staff members who have been through the
program who have helped me to persevere, because they’ve
worked past some of the mistakes I’m still making. They’re
like mentors to me, and I really appreciate that. I’m helping
out as a leader in the kitchen while I’m here, and that‘s
good, because I feel like I’m giving something back. It’s hard
but I’m glad that I’m not where I was three months ago. I
really don’t want to go back to the way I was living. I believe
I can do better.
—Ron, UMD Guest
                                                                                                Other Ways to Give:
                                                                                             Holiday Honor Cards Are Back
DUrINg A TrANSITIONAL time in my career, I began
volunteering in the UMD Community Shelter on a daily                      the honor card program is an annual campaign to raise awareness and
basis. I sought simply to learn more about nonprofit work,                funds to meet the needs of the homeless. this year’s card by Greensboro
get myself into a routine, and interact with people. Little did           artist William Mangum features a painting of a picturesque winterscape
I know that I would gain so much more.                                    entitled Moving On. Available for a minimum donation of $5 per
                                                                          card, you may purchase the cards as a gift and send them to friends and
From my post in the shelter office, I watched as UMD’s                    family, telling them that they have been honored with a gift to UMD. Or,
guests learned to cope with their addictions, stepped out of              consider sending one to everyone on your holiday card list. Better yet,
wheelchairs and began walking, sought and found work, and                 send us your list, and we’ll take care of the rest!
moved from the shelter into homes of their own. The halls
                                                                          All proceeds from the sale of this card directly benefit Urban Ministries of
of UMD were alive with a spirit of hope and renewal.
                                                                          Durham. to purchase, contact Deanna Kleiss at (919) 682-0538, ext. 35 or

                                       The Year in Review: 2008–2009 Annual Report
                                               Issued november 1, 2009 For the Fiscal year ending June 30, 2009

Program Highlights                                                                Volunteerism
                                                                                  • over 700 new volunteers came through our doors to help those in need.
                                                                                                                                      (based on $20.25/hr.)
• Provided emergency shelter to 1,956 different guests, a 32% increase.           Year            # Volunteers               # Hours              $ Value
• The number of children increased 38% to 134.                                    08–09           4,100                      17,142               $347,125
                                                                                  07–08           3,392                      15,589               $315,677
• Provided case management services, including assistance with housing,           06–07           2,600                      15,139               $306,565
  school registration, and job placement to 80 guests through a six-month         05–06           2,500                      13,785               $279,146
  Outreach Ministries program.
                                                                                  SpeciAL thANKS tO:
                                                                                  • nC110 Legacy Group for raising funds and renovating seven family rooms,
• Served 197,800 meals to over 5,600 unduplicated guests, a
                                                                                    including paint, furnishings, and bath and bed linens; building two picnic
    10% increase.
                                                                                    tables; and renewing the sandbox in the children’s play area.
FooD PanTry                                                                       • The Durham young Professionals for also lending their time and talents
                                                                                    for the family room renovation project and for holding monthly food
• Distributed 45,300 pounds of food, a 29% increase over last year.                 drives for the Food Pantry.
• assisted 6,200 hungry adults and children with food, more than three            • Chapel Hill Bible Church for maintaining the herb garden all summer and
  times the number of those who came to us for assistance last year.                for planting winter greens.

cLOthiNG cLOSet                                                                   Volunteer Categories
• Distributed 31,900 articles of donated clothing.

recOVery                                                                                                            n   Communities of Faith 53%
• 24 adults graduated from the Hope-Believe recovery Program.                                                       n   Individuals 27%
                                                                                                                    n   Civic–Community Groups 8%
Fund-Raising & Special Events                                                                                       n   Corporate Small Business 7%
                                                                                                                    n   Schools 5%
• empty Bowls benefit sets record, raising over $25,000 for the
  community café.
• Campaign against homelessness, launched in May and donated by                     Finance & Technology
  McKinney, wins O’toole Award for creative excellence.
                                                                                    • Moved outsourced accounting/bookkeeping to new internal system.
• First annual Beloved Community resource Fair, hosted and sponsored by
  St. philip's church, brings together other local churches and members of          • Upgraded eight workstations through a generous donation of PCs and
  the community for a day of food, fun, fellowship, and sharing.                      monitors from iBM/Lenovo; software donated by rti.
• Three Strings attached Concerts, hosted by St. Philips Church, were held          • Launched new website, thanks to web development and support services
  to benefit UMD.                                                                     donated by Mindworks Multimedia.

        Financial Information                             The audit for the 2007–2008 fiscal year reported that 83 cents of every dollar
             July 1, 2008–June 30, 2009                   donated directly supports our program services.

Sources of Revenue: total: $1,235,616—year ending June 30, 2009
                                                                                                                           These figures are
                               $10,000     $60,000    $110,000      $160,000     $210,000    $260,000     $300,000         unaudited and
                                                                                                                           based on UMD’s
                    Individuals                                                                                 24%        internal reporting
                  Foundations                                                            18%                               of revenues and
                        County                                             12%                                             expenses, which
        Federal & State Grants                                      11%                                                    do not reflect,
                                                                  10%                                                      for example:
         Communities of Faith
    Jani-King & Other Income                          8%
                                                                                                                           • Donated services
   Civic & Community Groups                          7%                                                                      of volunteers and
                Special Events                  4%                                                                           donated professional
      City ESG & CDBG Grants      3%                                                                                         services.
                     Businesses 2%
                                                                                                                           • Depreciation and
         Federated Campaigns 1%                                                                                              amortization

Expenses by Functional Area: total: $1,356,491—year ending June 30, 2009

                                   $50,000     $150,000    $250,000        $350,000   $450,000    $550,000

                          Shelter                                                                            44%
                             Café                                   20%
                        Jani-King                    12%
      Fundraising & Development                8%
                  Administration               8%
          HUD Housing Program             4%
   Food Pantry & Clothing Closet          4%

Financial Stewardship
continued from page 2                                Urban Ministries is committed to            September 2008. As a result, even
                                                 responsible stewardship. To meet the            after our cost reductions, and without
that income came from private gifts,             challenge, we restructured our manage-          replenishing reserves, we require an
26% from public grants, and the rest             ment team and cut costs where feasible          annual income of $1.3 million in cash
from civic and community groups,                 without compromising services. Strategic        to operate, in addition to continued
communities of faith, businesses, special        planning sessions were held and will            volunteer time and in-kind donations
events such as Empty Bowls, workforce            continue to ensure that we focus our            valued at more than $1,000,000.
development operations, facility rental,         efforts in the most productive ways                 Meeting our budget and replenishing
and other sources.                               possible, building on existing partner-         reserves despite the tough economy is
    But need increased, as our neighbors         ships and creating new alliances. These         good financial stewardship, and we are
lost jobs or had their hours cut, with           efforts have cut monthly costs of               committed to doing so. Urban Ministries
no way to make up the difference in              operations by approximately $5,000 per          has been the face, and the heart, of
income. More people, with no alterna-            month, despite the increased number             Durham for its neediest neighbors for
tive, found their way through our doors          of guests served.                               over 25 years. Whatever the amount of
for help. Meeting those additional needs             The need for our services continues         your gift, and whatever its nature, your
cut reserves to the bone, and we ended           to rise. In September 2009, we served           support will help rebuild the lives of the
the fiscal year with a loss (excluding           2,744 more meals and provided                   people we serve and ultimately make it a
depreciation) in excess of $100,000.             436 more overnight stays than in                better community for all.

                                   Donor Acknowledgements                                                                               Volunteer center                              timothy riggs & carolyn coolidge-riggs
                                        July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009                                                                   Wagner Auto Salvage                           John & Barbara Schwartz
                                                                                                                                        Watts Grocery                                 John Shanley
                                                                                                                                                                                      David & cyndy Shumate
The services offered to the community on our campus in downtown Durham                                                                  COMMUnITY GROUPS                              Andrew & Maggie Silton
                                                                                                                                        & SCHOOlS $1000+                              thomas & Joanna Spector
are made possible through the compassion and support of the community. We                                                               American Legion post 7                        Jon & Debbie Stonehouse
deeply appreciate all who come together to serve with our neighbors in need                                                             charlyn Wohlnick Sheltering home of           Allen terrell
                                                                                                                                           Kings Daughters                            William & Lee Ann tilley
by volunteering; donating food, clothing, toiletries, and a multitude of other                                                                                                        Brian & Jennifer Vosburgh
                                                                                                                                        Duke clinical research Operations
items; and providing monetary contributions to sustain our programs and                                                                 Duke University Medical School                Allen & claire Wilcox
operations.                                                                                                                                Students & Faculty                         Bob & Mary Wilkinson
                                                                                                                                        Forest at Duke retirement Home                harriet Williams
                                                                                                                                        Nc110 Legacy Group                            chuck & Jean Wilson
Over 1,200 individuals, communities of faith, businesses, foundations, schools,                                                         tobaccoland civitan club
                                                                                                                                        UNc hospitals/Sodexo                          InDIVIDUAlS $100–$999
and civic and community groups made financial gifts last year. Federal, state,                                                                                                        rod Abraham
and local governments continue to be vital partners in our mission as well. Each                                                        COMMUnITY GROUPS &                            Julie Adams
and every gift is important to us, no matter the size; however, to conserve space,                                                      SCHOOlS $100–$999                             Judith Agnew
                                                                                                                                        Brogden Middle School                         Newman Aguiar
we limit the list of gifts in this publication to those that are $100 and above.                                                        concern of Durham, inc.                       terry Allebaugh & Lori pistor
For a complete listing of donations, visit our website at                                                             Disabled American Veterans charitable trust   Kathleen Allen
                                                                                                                                        Duke Divinity School                          Susan Amey
Thanks again for sharing and partnering with us to build community to                                                                   Durham chorale inc.                           William & Kristin Anderson
rebuild lives!                                                                                                                          Durham-Orange Quilters Guild, inc.            Virginia Anton
                                                                                                                                        interdenominational Ministerial               Bob & Barbara Appleby
                                                                                                                                            Alliance Durham                           Vickie Atkinson
FOUnDATIOnS $1000+                            resurrection United Methodist church         iBM employee & retiree charitable campaign   Inter-Faith Council for Social Services       David & Diane Austin
albert Sweitzer Fellowship Grant              St. Matthew catholic church                  Kontek Systems, inc.                         Kings Daughters & Sons Group 7                philip Azar
Betsy B. rollins Fund for Hunger of TCF       St. paul's Lutheran church                   Maxwell Freeman & Bowman                     resource center for Women & Ministry          Jeffrey Bacon
C.M. Herndon Foundation                       St. philips episcopal church                 MindWorks Multimedia, inc.                       Serenity Group                            clarence & Ann Bailey
cameron charitable trust of Wachovia Bank     St. Stephen's episcopal church               Hall-Wynne Funeral Service                   triangle Luncheon civitan club                Katrina Baker
Durham-Chapel Hill Jewish Federation          temple Baptist church                        Nurse care of North carolina                 Watts hospital hillandale Neighborhood        Sarah Banjak
The eason Foundation                          the chapel of the cross                      Wal-Mart Foundation                              Association                               Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Barnes
evangelical Lutheran church of America        trinity Avenue presbyterian church           WrAZ tV                                                                                    David Barron
Fox Family Foundation                         trinity United Methodist church                                                           InDIVIDUAlS $1000+                            Matthew Bartush
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation                    Union Baptist church                         BUSInESS DOnORS $100–$999                    Betty Antiobong                               Mr. & Mrs. taryn piper Beachler
Horton-Carr Fund                              Watts Street Baptist church                  Auction Now                                  John Atkins                                   Freeman & Marcia Beard
Julia Bakelaar charitable trust               Westminster presbyterian church              Bandido's Mexican cafe-hope Valley rd.       David Ball                                    Betty Beck
norman & Bettina roberts Foundation, Inc.                                                  Bennett pointe Grill                         Franc “andy” & Placide Barada                 George & Susan Beischer
presbytery of New hope                        COnGREGATIOnS $100–$999                      Blu Seafood & Wine Bar                       Mr. & Mrs. Duncan M. Beale                    Margaretta Belin
rogers Family Foundation                      All Saints church                            Bold interactive inc.                        Mr. & Mrs. richard Beddingfield               richard & Anne Berkley
rti international                             Beacon Light Missionary Baptist church       Brame Specialty company, inc.                Greg Berg                                     Mr. & Mrs. eston Betts
Sandra F. Hoke Fund of TCF                    Beth el Synagogue                            carpe Diem                                   John & Ginny Bowman                           Frank Borden
The Stewards Fund                             calvary United Methodist church              cato research Ltd.                           Larry Bumgardner                              Maria Bowie
Widmark Family Fund of TCF                    calvary United Methodist church Women        cooper industries                            Matthew & Keisha Burdick                      Joan Brannon
                                              chapel hill Bible church                     Dancing cat productions, inc.                robert califf                                 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Bray
FOUnDATIOnS $100–$999                         circle 10                                    Dick patton realty co.                       edward eastman                                harold Brock
Brooks Family Fund of Fidelity Charitable     covenant presbyterian church                 Downtown Durham, inc.                        paula ecklund                                 eunice Brock
    Gift Fund                                 Durham Mennonite church                      el rodeo Mexican restaurant                  Bart ehrman                                   W. carlton Brown
Carey Family Fund of TCF                      episcopal Diocese of North carolina          elmo's Diner                                 Jeanne Flynn                                  Anthony Brown
Durham Bar Foundation                         Four UCC Church exchange                     Fishmonger's                                 Michael Gillespie & Nancy henley              Scott & Lynda Bryant-comstock
Feinstein Family Fund                         God's house of refuge                        GP Falconbridge, Inc.                        Marion Grabarek                               Barbara Buckley
Frances Lynn Fund of TCF                      Grace Baptist church of Durham               harris inc. of Durham                        Mary Grigsby                                  Lance Bullock
Marion Fund of TCF                            Greater St. paul Missionary Baptist church   Kennon, craver, Belo, craig & McKee, pLLc    randy & Sue Guptill                           Judy Byck
Petersen-young Fund of TCF                    Judea reform congregation                    Magnolia Grill                               Mr. & Mrs. russell p. hall, iii               Duval & Lisa Byrd
Shared Visions Foundation                     Massey's chapel Methodist church             McKinney                                     Deborah hallam                                Shirley callahan
Snyder Watchorn Foundation, Inc.              McMannen United Methodist Women              Mcpherson, rocamora & Nicholson, pLLc        J. Samuel & Marie hammond                     Mr. & Mrs. Douglas S. cannon
Triangle Community Foundation, Inc. (TCF)     Mildred cooke circle-Mt. Sylvan United       Mellow Mushroom AG of raleigh, inc.          Janice harper                                 Martha carlough
Winston-Salem Foundation                          Methodist Women                          Nana's                                       Jay harris                                    Mr. & Mrs. Boyd A. carlson
                                              Mt. Bethel presbyterian church               Neo china restaurant                         harriet herring                               Beth carlton
COnGREGATIOnS $1000+                          Mt. Level Missionary Baptist church          Opensource Leadership Strategies, inc.       Denise hoganson & Stephen Davis               Gordon carpenter
Asbury United Methodist church                Mt. Sylvan United Methodist Men              Oracle corporation                           Mr. & Mrs. charles holton                     Kathryn carr
Bethany United Methodist church               Mt. Sylvan United Methodist Women            parker & Otis                                Daniel hudgins & Ann McKown                   rosalyn carson-Dewitt
Bethany United Methodist church Women         Mt. Sylvan United Methodist church-          rue cler                                     harry M. hutson, Jr.                          Susan carter
Blacknall Memorial presbyterian church            Wesley class                             pulcinella                                   A. Jennings hyman                             Nicholas & Diana celenza
catholic Daughters of the Americas            peace covenant church                        recreational equipment inc.                  Marie McGonagle Kehrl                         Mr. & Mrs. Joe chambliss
congregation at Duke University chapel        peace Missionary Baptist church              regional Anesthesia                          Margaret Q. Keller                            Julie chappell
croasdaile Village religious Life             refiner's Fire Community Church              rick Soles property Management, inc.         robert Kokoska                                Lewis cheek
Duke Memorial United Methodist church         St. Joseph's episcopal church                roys Kountry Kitchen                         Margaret Mathes                               Arturo & ellen ciompi
Duke's chapel United Methodist church         St. Luke's episcopal church                  Scientific properties                        Gail Mccormick                                Betty clark
Durham congregations in Action                St. paul United Methodist church-            Shimar recycling, inc.                       Brad McDonald & Judy Orser                    Wesley class
eno river Unitarian Universalist Fellowship       cokesbury class                          Sitar india palace, LLc                      Jennifer McGovern & Steven Unruhe             Loretta clyburn
epworth United Methodist church               St. Stephen's episcopal church               Six plates                                   J. horst & ruth Meyer                         Jeffrey collins
First Presbyterian Church of Durham           St. titus episcopal church                   thai cafe                                    Mr. patrick J. Murphy, esq.                   James collins
Grace Lutheran church                         World Overcomers christian church            thai Lanna, inc.                             John & cynthia O'hara                         James & helen compton
holy infant catholic church                                                                The Freelon Group, Inc.                      harry & Jane phillips                         elizabeth cottingham
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                                                                                                                                                                 Nonprofit Org.
                       Urban Ministries of Durham                                                                                                                 U.S. Postage
                       410 Liberty Street/PO Box 249                                                                                                                 PAID
                       Durham, NC 27702-0249                                                                                                                      Durham, NC
                                                                                                                                                                 Permit No. 329

    Financial information about Urban Ministries of Durham
    and a copy of our charitable solicitation license are
    available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch of
    the NC Secretary of State’s office (888) 830-4989. The
    license is not an endorsement by the State of North
    Carolina. To view our most recent IrS Form 990, please
    visit and search for Urban Ministries
    of Durham or call our office to request a copy.

                FooD PanTry                                               SheLter
                • Peanut butter & jelly                                   • Towels, wash cloths
                • Powdered milk                                           • Twin bed linens and blankets
                • Canned meats                                            hyGieNe KitS
                    (tuna, salmon, stews, Spam, treet)                    • Deodorant
cUrreNt NeeDS

                • Canned green beans, yellow/orange vegetables            • Toothpaste/brush
                • Canned fruit                                            • razors
                    (peaches, pears, pineapple, fruit cocktail)           • Feminine products
                •   Macaroni & cheese                                     cLOthiNG cLOSet
                •   Cereal                                                • Men’s clothing (sizes L, XL, XXL)
                •   Disposable baby diapers                               • Men’s work boots
                •   adult diapers                                         • Men’s socks
                                                                          • Men’s underwear (sizes L, XL, XXL)
                Drop-off Schedule
                Monday–Thursday          9:00 am–12:00 pm
                                                                          • Men’s, women’s, and children’s
                Saturday                 9:00 am–3:00 pm                     winter coats and gloves
                For more information or to schedule a drop-off outside of the regular schedule, please contact
                Food and Clothing Manager, Lee Nelson at or (919) 682-0538, ext. 26.

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