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DIRECTIONS: Read through the office stereotype descriptions. Afterwards, match the description to the correct image.

Know It All: Know It All thinks he or she is right all the time. He or she has the solution to everything. The Creep: The creep is an older single guy that flirts with the women in the office. He prefers to flirt with women who are at least twenty years younger than him. 40 Year Old Virgin: The 40 Year Old Virgin has never been married or hasn’t been laid in years. He’s probably been on a handful of dates his entire life or none at all. The Office Couple: The Office Couple consists of two individuals in the office who act like a couple but they are really not. The Office Couple finishes each other’s sentences, they flirt throughout the day, and they have inside jokes that only the two of them seem to understand. Office Bitch: The Office Bitch does all the stuff no one else wants to do such as changing the toner for the printer, ordering lunch, ordering new office supplies, etc. Gossip Girl: Gossip Girl seems to know all the office drama. She knows who is going through a life crisis, who is about to be fired, who is dating who in the office, and more. Mrs. Worst Dressed Ever: Mrs. Worst Dress Ever needs to be reported to the fashion police right away. She seems to be fifteen years older than her actual age. Her entire wardrobe is at least a decade old. The Slacker: The Slacker doesn’t get anything done. The Slacker has no sense of time and does not understand what a deadline is. The Foreigner: The Foreigner is impossible to understand. He or she is barely fluent in English. His/her emails are impossible to comprehend.

The Telecommuter: The Telecommuter is based out of his/her home somewhere probably working in pajamas. While everyone at the office has a 9-5 schedule, you know the telecommuter hardly does anything. The Narcissist: The Narcissist loves to talk about himself. He doesn’t care about you or what you save to say. The Narcissist talks about what he has accomplished at work and at previous places he’s worked too. The Pessimist: The Pessimist complains about everything. He hates his job. He hates his life. He hates the weather. If it’s sunny, then it’s too hot. If it’s snowing, then it’s too cold. He talks about quitting but he’s been with the same company at least three years. The Overachiever: The Overachiever is the one who comes to work early and is the last one to leave. Often times the overachiever will send out emails in the wee hours of the morning or over the weekend just to prove he or she is “working really hard.” Prince Charming: Prince Charming is the handsome guy that all women drool over. He is tall, has beautiful eyes, and has dazzling smile. The women love him, the other men secretly wish they were him. Mr. Stinky: Mr. Stinky smells. You would rather take the long way back to your cubicle so you don’t have to pass by Mr. Stinky’s desk. The Frat Boy: The Frat Boy is a recent college grad who only thinks about partying. All he thinks about is Happy Hour throughout the day. At times, he calls in sick. It’s probably because he’s been throwing up all night. Ms. Fashionista: Ms. Fashionista comes to work in style. From top to bottom, her whole outfit is coordinated, everyday. While most people in the office have a two or three week rotation of clothes, it seems that Ms. Fashionista never wears the same outfit twice. Newbie: The Newbie is the latest addition to the office crowd. Newbie can either be a recent college grad or just switching jobs. It will take Newbie some time to understand the office crowd inside jokes and to learn everyone’s quirks. The Comedian: Mr. Humor has an upbeat personality and is known to be a jokester. He has a “feel good” vibe that is contagious. The Optimist: The Optimist never worries. Sure there are lay offs happening left and right and more work than ever, but The Optimist knows “everything will be ok”.


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Description: Office Humor- Office Stereotypes Matching Game >>Match the office stereotype descriptions to the correct characters. We've all come across "the overachiever" or "the slacker" at work. See if you can recognize the other 18 office stereotypes.