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academic business collaboration

Your guide to working with                                  ISSUE 2
universities and colleges
in wales

                                        It’s your turn
                                   Speed up your business success
                                    Innovation Vouchers: funding for
                                                  academic support
                                  Plus a six-page guide to accessing
                                                 knowledge in Wales

academic business collaboration

Introduction                                                                                 2        Successessofar                                                                             4
BusinessInnovationvouchers                                                                 3        GuidetoknowledgeinWales                                                                  6

Bringing up your business: collaboration,
collaboration, collaboration
Developing your business can be like nurturing a child. It can be difficult and testing – but it is a worthwhile and
rewarding investment for the future

First, there’s the many hours of labour. There’s the                                                     Universities and colleges in Wales could really help your
excitement of the early years, and of all the future prospects                                        business gain momentum.
that lie ahead. Will your business be the first to exploit a new                                         In this issue of abc we focus on successes from other
technology? Will it be world famous?                                                                  companies which have already benefited from collaboration
   But then there’s the restrictions: financial and spatial,                                          with universities and colleges.
to name just two. How do you overcome these? How                                                         We also provide a six-page guide to knowledge in
do you reach that exhilirating growth – and maintain                                                  Wales to help you find exactly what you need. Look to the
that acceleration – which somehow appears from out of                                                 universities for advice and support, and see the benefits of
nowhere? Collaborating with universities and colleges could                                           collaboration.
be the answer.                                                                                           And on page 3 we show you exactly how you can afford it
   There’s a lot to be said for sending off your child to higher                                      with Innovation Vouchers.
education... so why not adopt similar principles for your                                                There are so many benefits to be gained from sharing
business?                                                                                             knowlege – they’re all there just waiting, ready for you to
   You have garnered all the necessary skills, you have                                               unlock the potential of your business.
everything in place for success – but how do you gain                                                    Sometimes, like bringing up a child, you have to go
the competitive edge? How do you set yourself apart from                                              through many things to find the most suitable. You have
hundreds of others in a similar position?                                                             to dip your foot in and test the waters. And in Wales, the
   One way is to innovate. To continue learning, learn from                                           temperature of the knowledge transfer pool is just right.
others. Specialise. Move with the times, keep up to date.                                                Now you know your abc... what’s stopping you?

 COVER IMAGE Universities and colleges could help turn your business’s wheel of success.

 PHOTOGRAPHY Sourced from organisations featured, their representatives and iStockphoto.

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Turning the wheel of success: as easy as abc                                                      2

Business Innovation Vouchers
Helping Welsh businesses access academic expertise

You’ve spotted a university or college facility you think
could aid your business.
You’re probably thinking...

•    How much does it cost?
•    Where would we get the money from?

Innovation Vouchers can help.

What are they?
                                                                         What can they be used for?
With Innovation Vouchers the Welsh Assembly
                                                                         Each voucher is worth up to £10,000. You can access
Government can inject up to £20,000 into your business
                                                                         up to £20,000 worth of vouchers in a 12-month period. If
each year.
                                                                         you’re looking to solve a technical problem,
Innovation Vouchers are available from the Welsh
                                                                         develop or test a new product or
Assembly Government to help your business access
                                                                         improve your manufacturing
external expertise to solve problems and boost innovation. 
                                                                         process, the Welsh
Who can use them?                                                        Assembly Government can
They are available to any size of business in Wales –                    give you up to
whether you are one person or twenty. Even if you are a                  half the total
large enterprise you will still be considered.                           money you

    Testimonial                                                          You will
    Drake Educational Associates received support from PDR               also be
    (The National Centre for Product Design and Development              put in touch
    Research) at University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, in              with one of
    developing a new design for one of its educational products.         the Welsh Assembly
    Robert Geoffrey Drake, Managing Director, said: ‘We were             Government’s Innovation Managers, who will identify
    very pleased with the support we received from PDR, and the          exactly what expertise your business needs and where this
    Innovation Voucher we received from the Welsh Assembly
                                                                         expertise can be sourced from.
    Government was a great help in enabling this support.’

                   If you are a Welsh business and you are interested in support for innovation contact
                                                     03000 6 03000

                                                                     3                                                         Issue 2
                                                 SUCCESSES SO FAR

             Welsh universities and colleges are here to help your business, whether big or small,
              gain the competitive edge. Here are just some examples of collaborative success.

                                                  Wireless internet
Only 10 years ago we were struggling with                                                  O2, one of the UK’s most popular
the slow speed of dial-up internet – back                                              telecommunications services providers
then it seemed impossible that we would                                                and part of 3GPP, recently completed the
ever be able to access the internet at our                                             first-ever trial of LTE, in collaboration with
fingertips within seconds.                                                             two global communications companies,
    But this has become today’s norm with                                              Telefonica and Huawei.
wireless 3G technology. And Swansea                                                        Swansea’s wireless testbed was used in
University’s world-class wireless testbed is                                           the early tests of these trials. It replicated real-
used to develop this advanced technology                                               world spatial channel conditions to isolate
by accurately testing sophisticated wireless                                           performance issues early in the development
systems.                                                                               and design cycle – potentially reducing the
    ‘We work with companies in the communications sector               development time (and cost) for a working prototype.
– from SMEs to global industry leaders – giving them the                  The trial was a great success: O2 claims it had achieved
opportunity to carry out intensive and challenging wireless            a peak speed of 150 Mbps – many times higher than the
testing, thereby resulting in more robust, resilient and energy-       existing speeds offered. The company’s own 3G network
efficient products and services,’ says Tim O’Farrell, Centre           boasts of speeds of only up to 3.6 Mbps.
                                                                          All businesses, large or small, can access a
    Taking the technology further, long-term evolution (LTE)
                                                                          university’s equipment for a one-off project.
is a 4G wireless broadband technology being developed by
an industry group called the Third Generation Partnership                              See no. 24 in the quick guide
Project (3GPP).

                                                     Woollen books
Julia Griffiths Jones is an applied artist living and working in       book to complement the museum’s historical archive and the
South Wales. She works closely with Wales’ National Wool               heritage of the Welsh woollen industry.
Museum, and was commissioned to produce a woollen                          Julia uses traditional printing methods in her work and was
                                                                       keen to learn about new technologies and specifically the
                                                                       digital printing process available at the Textiles Technologies
                                                                       Project at Coleg Sir Gar.
                                                                           The Textiles Technologies Project assisted Julia in
                                                                       developing a prototype of the book – from initial sketches,
                                                                       computer-aided design, development and sampling to the
                                                                       finished product.
                                                                           This project proved very successful with the prototype
                                                                       being put into small-scale production. These woollen books
                                                                       are now available to buy from the National Wool Museum.
                                                                           This is a great example of how a short-term consultancy
                                                                       project has helped an individual develop her product.

                                                                          A centre for expertise in a university could help you
                                                                          develop your products.

                                                                                       See no. 18 in the quick guide

Turning the wheel of success: as easy as abc                       4
                                                  SUCCESSES SO FAR

                                                 Chocolate bikes
Chocolate Bikes is a start-up company which produces                     This short,
mountain bikes made from carbon-fibre composite. Each                 three-month
bike is designed to meet a rider’s individual needs.                  project proved a
    Frame design is the most crucial step in bicycle                  good investment
development. The company wanted to design a bicycle                   for the long-term
frame with exceptional characteristics.                               future of the company.
    Financial and time constraints meant that a full design           ‘The research led to
process cycle, in which a prototype is produced, tested and           a bespoke software
improved until a satisfactory design is obtained, was not             framework that
feasible. Computer simulation of virtual prototypes could             automatically designs
allow evaluation of many different designs in a short period at       optimal bicycle frames,’
a fraction of the costs.                                              says the company. ‘In the
    Chocolate Bikes enlisted the help of the Welsh                    future all that will be required
Composites Centre at Swansea University, through a                    to design a frame is to
knowledge transfer partnership (KTP), for its expertise and           specify the desired properties
computer software in simulation-based product design. In              according to each individual rider
particular, PhD student Fabian Furle applied his research             and the software will deliver the best possible frame within
knowledge of optimal design of composite materials. Further           the constraints.’
work is currently being done by Michael Sexton, who is
                                                                        If you would like to know more about how a short
concentrating on the optimal design of the frame joints as
                                                                        knowledge transfer partnership could help your
part of his research work at the university.
                                                                        business develop your new products then see
    An initial optimised design has been produced and
Chocolate Bikes is currently working on the production of a
prototype following these recommendations.                                            See no. 8 in the quick guide

                                                  Green vehicles
                                                                      Connaught Engineering Ltd moved to Wales in 2007 to
                                                                      begin production of low-carbon vehicle technologies, and
                                                                      launched HYBRID+, a retro-fit technology for commercial
                                                                      vehicles for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. One of the
                                                                      key partnerships developed over this period is the strong
                                                                      relationship with the University of Glamorgan, which, now
                                                                      with the advanced powertrain testing facility and the only
                                                                      four-wheel-drive dynamic rolling road system of its kind in
                                                                      the UK, continues to provide essential R&D support to both
                                                                      Connaught and the sector in key specialist areas of electrical
                                                                      control, energy storage media and state-of-the-art electric
                                                                      and hybrid-electric powertrain designs.

                                                                        If you would like to develop an ongoing relationship
                                                                        with a university to benefit your business, contact a
                                                                        Welsh Assembly Government Innovation Manager via
                                                                        03000 6 03000.

                                                                                      See no. 4 in the quick guide

                                                                  5                                                            Issue 2
                                                 GUIDE TO KNOWLEDGE IN WALES

                         The following centres all offer specialist facilities and expertise.
                  Read on to find out how your business can access this wide range of knowledge


 1       Delivering Low-carbon Buildings Cymru

               Equipping the Welsh construction industry with
               the best research-based knowledge and skills on
               designing, casting and delivering low- and zero-
               carbon buildings

 Equipment     Building performance monitoring and testing, building and urban
               scale computer simulation, physical scale model testing (wind tunnel
               and artificial sky)
 Users         Construction industry, particularly architects, mechanical engineers,
               quantity surveyors
 Contact       Huw Jenkins, Cardiff University. Tel +44 (0)29 2087 5959,
               email, web
                                                                                           4       Advanced Hybrid/Electric Powertrain and Renewable
 2       Biomass Processing for High Value Products                                                Battery Test Facility

               Specialist demonstration facility for biomass                                             The premier alternative powertrain centre solely
               processing, with expert animal feed scientists offering                                   devoted to environmental and applied green
               advice on the realistic scale-up of harvesting and pre-                                   performance technology
               processing of grass feedstocks
                                                                                           Equipment     Rolling road testing, advanced fuel cell simulation systems, load
 Equipment     Dry biomass pelletiser, a demonstration facility including plant that                     bank simulation system, prototype build battery equipment,
               provides a state-of-the-art recovery and purification platform and                        mobile laboratory, advanced software modelling, advanced CAN
               enables the rapid processing of laboratory- to pilot-scale volumes of                     development studio, two specialised (non-mobile) energy storage
               natural and fermented liquors                                                             systems

 Users         Agricultural industry                                                       Users         Automotive industry

 Contact       Dr Steve Fish, Aberystwyth University. Tel +44 (0)1970 823232,              Contact       Jonathan Williams, Glamorgan University. Tel +44 (0)7866 803666,
               email, web                                         email, web
 3       Goniophotometer and Spectroradiometer
                                                                                           5       Biochar for Business and the Environment
               A trailblazer for the uptake of ultra-efficient lighting,
                                                                                                         Unlike traditional charcoal systems, the biochar
               setting the benchmarks for the next generation of
                                                                                                         production facility can produce value-added fuels and
               lighting technology
                                                                                                         soil additives from a range of dry organic materials
                                                                                                         and waste, not just wood
 Equipment     Specialist light measurement equipment which is required to make
               accurate assessments of current and next-generation lighting
                                                                                           Equipment     Automated gas-recycling carbonisation rig with 1 tonne batch
                                                                                                         capacity. Pyrolysis conditions may be tailored to suit different
 Users         Lighting and construction industry, engineering and electronics                           feedstocks or favour production of certain products. The more
               industry                                                                                  sustainable process operates by gases produced during pyrolysis
 Contact       David Chan, Swansea University. Tel +44 (0)1792 602918, email                             of the feedstock being recycled back through a burner to supply
     , web                               the heat required to drive the process. Solid/liquid products may be
                                                                                                         collected and stored
                                                                                           Users         Charcoal producers, manufacturers, county councils, agri-chemical
                                                                                                         companies and supply chains, waste management sector, animal
                                                                                                         feed companies
                                                                                           Contact       Dr Edward Hodgson, Aberystwyth University. Tel +44 (0)1970
                                                                                                         823126, email, web

Turning the wheel of success: as easy as abc                                           6
                                                      GUIDE TO KNOWLEDGE IN WALES

6       Environment Centre at Cardiff University School of

               Comprehensive expertise in environmental
               engineering, providing support for those in the
               fields of environment and sustainability who wish
               to improve their performance through solving their
               waste and environmental-related problems

Equipment      Unique environmental characterisation facilities for complete
               chemical, mineralogical and physical characterisation of different
               environmental-related materials (solids, liquids and gases) including
               wastes; geoenvironmental, hydroenvironmental and geotechnical
               engineering testing facilities; traditional and state-of-the-art
               supercomputing facilities including a 3D data visualisation suite for
               stereoscopic projection and virtual reality

Users          Waste management and recycling firms, waste producers including             8       Welsh Composites Centre
               heavy industries, mining sector; water and wastewater treatment
               sector; environmental and engineering consultancies; civil and                            Providing Welsh businesses with composites expertise
               environmental engineering firms; marine sector                                            – the vital, sustainable materials of the future
Contact        Dr Talib Mahdi, Cardiff University School of Engineering Knowledge
               Transfer Centre. Tel +44 (0)29 2087 0843, email mahdita@cardiff.            Equipment     Composites processing facilities: cold press, hot press, press
     , web                                                         moulding, compounding of short-fibre/particle-filled thermoplastics,
                                                                                                         injection moulding, wide range of mechanical and structural
                                                                                                         characterisation equipment
Materials                                                                                  Users         Aerospace, marine, sports and leisure, construction and automotive
7       Cutting and Fabrication Technology Centre
                                                                                           Contact       Dr Anke Skrobek, Swansea University. Tel +44 (0)1792 602505,
                                                                                                         email, web
               Helping businesses to reduce manufacturing costs
               while improving the quality of machined parts                               9       Industrial Biopolymers
Equipment      Five-axis computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining with                              Combining know-how in natural polymers and
               large-volume capability, autoclave for curing composites, wide
                                                                                                         biopolymers to offer a wealth of expertise and
               range of non-destructive diagnostic and testing equipment,
               including thermography, very high-speed digital videography, digital
                                                                                                         facilities for sustainable industrial use of biopolymers
               polarimetry, laser Doppler scanning vibrometry
                                                                                           Equipment     State-of-the-art equipment for oxygen, gas and water vapour
Users          Manufacturing sector, particularly composites machinings                                  transmission rate testing, 26-mm screw diameter compounder,
Contact        Dr Tyra Oseng, Swansea Metropolitan University. Tel +44 (0)1792                           biodegradation testing suite, 50-litre scale-up capability,
               481157, email, web                                     comprehensive analytical support, 500 m2 of space dedicated to
                                                                                                         pilot-scale production
                                                                                           Users         Packaging, construction, plastics, aerospace and automotive
                                                                                           Contact       Rob Elias, Bangor University. Tel +44 (0)1248 364829,
                                                                                                         email, web

                                                                                           10 Field Emission Cryo-scanning Electron Microscope

                                                                                                         One of the most technologically sophisticated electron
                                                                                                         microscopes in the UK. This uniquely versatile,
                                                                                                         multifunctional instrument allows for imaging and
                                                                                                         chemical analysis in unprecedented detail – it can
                                                                                                         ‘see’ materials, devices, cells and biomolecules at the
                                                                                                         nanometre scale

                                                                                           Equipment     Field emission scanning electron microscope, X-ray detector,
                                                                                                         cryogenic stage, transmission detector
                                                                                           Users         Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, food industry,
                                                                                                         semiconductor industry, metallurgy, materials
                                                                                           Contact       Dr Owen Guy, Swansea University. Tel +44 (0)1792 513181, email
                                                                                               , web

                                                                                       7                                                                                Issue 2
                                                GUIDE TO KNOWLEDGE IN WALES

 11 Organic Recovery Research Facility                                                  14 Nano and Micro Manufacturing Capabilities

              Comprehensive advice on biomaterials, compostability                                  Think big about micro- and nano-tooling and
              and disposal of packaging and other materials                                         manufacturing – develop new products, identify the
                                                                                                    best technical solution or adapt existing technologies
 Equipment    Material composition analysis; material characterisation equipment;
              material degradation analysis; compost quality analysis; full             Equipment   Micro-machining systems, focused ion beam lithography system
              biodegradation testing suite; full mechanical testing suite;                          with integrated scanning electron microscopy, reactive ion etching
              comprehensive analytical support                                                      system, electroforming equipment, micro and nano replication
                                                                                                    equipment, quality control systems, micro SLA rapid prototyping
 Users        Packaging manufacturers, users and disposers; councils; specifiers;                   machine
                                                                                        Users       Automotive and motor sport; electronics, consumer products;
 Contact      Dr Graham Ormondroyd, Bangor University. Tel +44 (0)1248 383898,                      medical devices; communications; aerospace/defence; design/
              email, web                              model makers; engineering/toolmaking; biomedical; optoelectronics;
                                                                                        Contact     Stefan Dimov, Cardiff University. Tel +44 (0)29 2087 4429,
                                                                                                    email, web

 12 Performance Engineering Centre at Cardiff University
    School of Engineering                                                               Information technology

                                                                                        15 The National Automatic Identification and Data
              Helping businesses solve performance engineering
              problems and advance their competitiveness
                                                                                           Capture Centre for Wales

 Equipment    Advanced modelling software for complex multi-body dynamic                            Expertise in all forms of identity and automated data
              systems, an autoclave for the manufacture of large-scale high-                        capture to help you improve organisational efficiency.
              quality glass and carbon fibre composite components, acoustic                         Support and knowledge to help you choose and
              emission structural health monitoring, and measurement of stress                      implement the best practical solution to the problems
              and strain via digital image correlation                                              of identification and data capture
 Users        Applicable to most industry sectors, but focused on aerospace,
                                                                                        Equipment   Linear bar codes, two-dimensional bar codes, active or passive
              automotive, biomechanics, civil engineering and infrastructure,
                                                                                                    radiofrequency, biometric identification, global positioning system
              defence, inspection and testing, manufacturing and materials
 Contact      Daniel Mitchard, Cardiff University School of Engineering Knowledge       Users       Almost any sector, but particularly useful in manufacturing, retail,
              Transfer Centre. Tel +44 (0)29 2087 0842, email                     health care and supply chain management including logistics
              uk, web                                            Contact     Hywel Williams, University of Glamorgan. Tel +44 (0)1443 654542,
                                                                                                    email, web
 13 Laser Rapid Prototype and Tooling Solutions

              Laser micro-machining capabilities for rapid
                                                                                        Product design
              prototyping and tool making
                                                                                        16 Simulation-based Product Design
 Equipment    Nano- and picosecond laser machining systems incorporating
              complementary technologies for three, four (rotary), five axes                        Highly practical support for companies to accelerate
              laser milling for production of complex 3D functional structures,                     their design function into the 21st century,
              components and tools for metal forming, injection moulding and                        progressing from the conventional design–build–test
              imprinting                                                                            cycle to one which embeds computer simulation at its
 Users        Tool manufacturers, biomedical, consumer goods, microsystems,                         heart and drives the agenda of ‘right first time’ with
              automotive, telecommunications, optoelectronics, pharmaceutical                       regard to both function and manufacture
 Contact      Stefan Dimov, Cardiff University. Tel +44 (0)29 2087 4429,
              email, web                           Equipment   Over 100 high-specification PCs, high-specification parallel cluster
                                                                                                    with over 200 processors, high-speed fibreoptic network, virtual
                                                                                                    reality workbench, virtual reality cave, mobile 3D laser scanner,
                                                                                                    video-conferencing, small-scale wind tunnel, testing machines
                                                                                                    (including 250 kN fatigue testing, tension and compression testing)
                                                                                                    used to validate the simulation results
                                                                                        Users       Mainstream engineering sectors (aerospace, automotive),
                                                                                                    environment, bio-medicine, agriculture, leisure industry. Companies
                                                                                                    embracing this technology will develop the design flexibility crucial
                                                                                                    for meeting the demands and pressures of higher specification
                                                                                                    products, lower costs and shorter turnaround times
                                                                                        Contact     Kim Davies, Swansea University. Tel +44 (0)7969 466680,
                                                                                                    email, web

Turning the wheel of success: as easy as abc                                        8
                                                     GUIDE TO KNOWLEDGE IN WALES


                                                                                       19 Inert Environment Fabrication and Characterisation

                                                                                                   Facilities to fabricate and test opto-electronic and
                                                                                                   photovoltaic prototype structures in an inert, dust-free
                                                                                                   environment. There is no similar regional facility

                                                                                       Equipment   Class 1000 clean room with inert atmosphere glove box
                                                                                                   incorporating a thermal evaporator for organic thin film deposition as
                                                                                                   well as a spin-coater for solution processing of organic materials
                                                                                       Users       Businesses involved in thin-film transistor, radiofrequency
                                                                                                   identification, organic photovoltaics, organic LEDs
17 User-centric Design Lab                                                             Contact     Professor Martin Taylor, Bangor University. Tel +44 (0)1248 680696,
                                                                                                   email, web
            Helping businesses to improve design capabilities to                                   research.php.en
            realise the rewards of better product development

Equipment   Observational research facilities, 3D computer-aided design, various
            rapid prototyping technologies, vacuum casting and rapid metal
            casting, high-speed machining and toolmaking
Users       Various, including the medical device, automotive and aerospace
            industries, food producers and financial services organisations
Contact     Jarred Evans, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff. Tel +44 (0)29
            2041 6725, email, web www.pdronline.

18 Textile Technologies Project

            Individually tailored collaborative R&D on textile-
            related product development and processes,
            seamlessly weaving together advanced technology
            and expertise for pre-production and production                            20 Thin Film Photovoltaic Facility
            processes for the textiles sector
                                                                                                   Assisting businesses in Wales in developing a variety
Equipment   Specialist technology for design and pattern cutting: computer-aided                   of photovoltaic products
            design/computer-aided manufacturing, laser joining technologies
Users       Apparel, textile and technical textile industries                          Equipment   State-of-the-art facilities capable of testing and developing a variety
                                                                                                   of photovoltaic (PV) products. Four MOCVD (metal organic chemical
Contact     Suzi Park, Coleg Sir Gar. Tel +44 (0)1554 748232,
                                                                                                   vapour deposition) reactors capable of developing prototypes to
            email, web
                                                                                                   commercial products, 100 m2 clean room, wet chemistry facilities,
                                                                                                   vacuum and spin coating deposition, solar simulator, micro LBIC,
                                                                                                   optical microscopy, in situ growth monitoring, spectral response
                                                                                                   (EQE and IQE), UV/Vis spectrometer, four-point probe, Hall-effect
                                                                                                   measurement. The KTC will expand this capability to include
                                                                                                   a bench-top SEM EDAX and a new gas handling system for
                                                                                                   commercial applications in depositing thin films

                                                                                       Users       Thin film materials industry, speciality chemical manufacturers, solar
                                                                                                   cell manufacturers, analytical equipment manufacturers, substrate
                                                                                                   manufacturers, lamination companies, PV installers, electronic
                                                                                                   component manufacturers, PV module recycling industry and any
                                                                                                   businesses interested in joining the PV supply chain

                                                                                       Contact     Louise Jones, Glyndŵr University, Technium® OpTIC. Tel +44 (0)1745
                                                                                                   535211, email, web www.cser.

                                                                                   9                                                                               Issue 2
                                                GUIDE TO KNOWLEDGE IN WALES

                                                                                         23 HDTV Demonstration Studio and Render Farm

                                                                                                     Providing a creative environment – including a
                                                                                                     demonstration high-definition television studio and
                                                                                                     render farm facility – to produce new digital content
                                                                                                     and enhance existing media production

                                                                                         Equipment   HDTV camera equipment, high-grade render farm animation
                                                                                                     facilities, AVID digital editing suites
                                                                                         Users       Digital media sector, creative industries
                                                                                         Contact     Peter Hodges, Glamorgan University. Tel +44 (0)1443 668676,
                                                                                                     email, web
 Printing technologies

 21 Print Functional Materials

              Exploring printing as a manufacturing process.
              Offering a unique expertise that includes the
              fundamental understanding of the physics of the
              full range of volume printing processes, printing
              of functional materials, manufacturing process
              development and production optimisation

 Equipment    Air-conditioned laboratory, printing presses, colour measurement,
              prepress equipment
 Users        Printing industry
 Contact      Glyn Davies, Swansea University. Tel +44 (0)1792 295091,
              email, web

 Creative industries

 22 Moving Image Wales                                                                   Communications

              Technological expertise in the latest advances                             24 Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Wireless
              in creative media and cross-media exploitation.                               Testbed
              Supporting established businesses, emerging talent
              and the creation of new businesses in the creative                                     A world-class real-time test platform for wireless
              sector                                                                                 systems and mobile interfaces

 Equipment    RED One and other HD cameras, AVID and Final Cut editing suites            Equipment   World-class test equipment, wireless testing, performance validation
 Users        The project exists to support the development of new IP project            Users       Communication sector, global industry leaders
              proposals from Welsh media companies (TV, film and new media)
              that are aiming to attract a proportion of final production funding        Contact     Tim O’Farrell, Swansea University. Tel +44 (0)1792 602768,
              from outside of Wales                                                                  email, web
 Contact      Chris Holtom, Swansea Metropolitan University. Tel +44 (0)1792
              481241, email, web
                                                                                         25 Green Communications Centre at Cardiff University
                                                                                            School of Engineering

                                                                                                     Designing the next generation of communications
                                                                                                     infrastructure – increasing efficiencies to decrease
                                                                                                     energy consumption and emissions

                                                                                         Equipment   High-power active harmonic load pull test bench, providing CW
                                                                                                     (carrier wave), pulsed and modulated measurements up to 18 GHz

                                                                                         Users       Radiofrequency semiconductor manufacturers, broadcast and
                                                                                                     communication equipment suppliers

                                                                                         Contact     Mike Casbon, Cardiff University School of Engineering Knowledge
                                                                                                     Transfer Centre. Tel +44 (0)29 2087 0841, email casbonma@cardiff.
                                                                                           , web

Turning the wheel of success: as easy as abc                                        10
                                                   GUIDE TO KNOWLEDGE IN WALES

26 Algal Biotechnology for Wales

            Developing new products from and enhancing the
            commercial production of algae – a new source for

Equipment   Experimental- and pilot-scale photo-bioreactors; controlled
            environment laboratories; instruments for chemical and biochemical
            analyses, particle characterisation and light measurement;
            aquaculture testing facilities

Users       Energy producers and heavy industry generating carbon dioxide
            as a by-product; food production/food processing industries and
            waste treatment plants producing point-source effluents; biofuel
            manufacturers; nutraceutical/cosmeceutical manufacturers; agri-
            feed manufacturers; fine chemical and biomaterial manufacturers;
            equipment and materials suppliers (e.g. plastics, corrosion-resistant
            metals, lighting, pumping, filtration, process control, analytical
                                                                                         Quick guide
                                                                                         We appreciate that many of these centres are multidisiplnary
Contact     Dr Robin Shields, Swansea University. Tel +44 (0)1792 602030,
                                                                                         and cut across many sectors. Therefore, this is only a rough
            email, web
                                                                                         guide. For further information on capabilities please contact the
27 Advanced Membrane Separation and Surface                                              individual centre.
                                                                                         Advanced Hybrid/Electric Powertrain and Renewable
                                                                                             Battery Test Facility                                           4
            Design and implementation of membrane separation
                                                                                         Advanced Membrane Separation and Surface Technologies              27
            processes, membrane materials and surface
            technologies for process engineering and biomedical                          Algal Biotechnology for Wales                                      26
            applications                                                                 Biochar for Business and the Environment                            5
                                                                                         Biomass Processing for High Value Products                          2
Equipment   Separation: fully instrumented and computer-controlled                       Cutting and Fabrication Technology Centre                           7
            microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis.
            Both bench-scale and mobile pilot-scale rigs.
                                                                                         Delivering Low-carbon Buildings Cymru                               1
            Fabrication: specialist equipment for fabrication of novel membranes         Environment Centre at Cardiff University School of Engineering      6
            and surfaces.                                                                Field Emission Cryo-scanning Electron Microscope                   10
            Microscopy: five atomic force microscopes – contact, non-contact,
                                                                                         Goniophotometer and Spectroradiometer                               3
            lateral force, colloid probe, force measurement and micro and nano
            manipulation. Video optical microscope with image capture and                Green Communications Centre at Cardiff University School
            image analysis.                                                                  of Engineering                                                 25
            Analytical: photon correlation spectroscopy for particle sizing to           HDTV Demonstration Studio and Render Farm                          23
            1 nm, laser diffraction particle sizing, AAS for elemental analysis,
            free solution electrophoretic mobility measurement to 5 nm,
                                                                                         Industrial Biopolymers                                              9
            BET and gas porosimetry, microcalimetry, analytical HPLC, mass               Inert Environment Fabrication and Characterisation Facility        19
            spectrometry, gas chromatography, spectrophotometers.                        Laser Rapid Prototype and Tooling Solutions                        13
            Bioprocessing: pilot-scale fermentation facility equipped with 15-L
                                                                                         Moving Image Wales                                                 22
            and 120-L fermenters and downstream processing facilities.
                                                                                         Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Wireless Testbed             24
Users       A range of industrial sectors including process engineering,                 Nano and Micro Manufacturing Capabilities                          14
            environment, food, biomedical/health and biotechnology
                                                                                         Organic Recovery Research Facility                                 11
Contact     Dr Greg Coss, Swansea University. Tel +44 (0)1792 295216, email              Performance Engineering Centre at Cardiff University School of
  , web                      Engineering                                                    12
                                                                                         Print Functional Materials                                         21
                                                                                         Simulation-based Product Design                                    16
                                                                                         Textile Technologies Project                                       18
                                                                                         The National Automatic Identification and Data Capture
                                                                                             Centre for Wales                                               15
                                                                                         Thin Film Photovoltaic Facility                                    20
                                                                                         User-centric Design Lab                                            17
                                                                                         Welsh Composites Centre                                             8

                                                                                    11                                                                    Issue 2
streamline innovation process improv
strategy supply chain management in
 hinking improved planning better acc
markets prototyping research and dev
 esource optimisation new products c
specialist equipment expert knowledge
sustainability competitiveness knowled
breaking barriers fresh thinking cross-
 ertilisation success new services sup
 echnology streamline innovation proc
 mprovement strategy supply chain m
nformed thinking improved planning b
access to markets prototyping researc
development resource optimisation ne
products collaboration specialist equip
knowledge sustainability competitiven
knowledge transfer breaking barriers fr
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