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					List of Gemstones and How to Clean Them

Here is a list of some of the popular gemstones and how to clean them.

1. Turquoise – this gemstone has a chalky texture and is regarded as
fragile. This gemstone should have a separate box to prevent chipping and
scratching. Never handle it roughly. Avoid immersing it in water because
it negatively reacts with chemicals. The surface can be wiped using a
smooth and damp cloth. Don’t use jewelry dips or even ultrasonic

2. Lapis Lazuli – just like turquoise, this gemstone is easily chipped.
It must be stored separately. Protective coatings of the lapis lazuli
gemstones are easily removed so avoid immersing it in water. The cleaning
procedures are the same as that of turquoise.

3. Coral – this is a porous and organic gemstone. Don’t expose this
gemstone in direct sunlight especially for long hours and you should also
avoid large temperature variations. Simply wipe it with a damp smooth

4. Pearl – this is less durable as compared to other gemstones. Pearl is
sensitive to dryness, acids, and humidity. After using pearl jewelries,
you have to wipe it because they are easily discolored. You should have
one pearl jewelry box. Don’t mix it with other harder gemstones. If you
have a cultured pearl, you can wash it in soapy yet mild water. Never dry
the pearl in heat. Make sure you restring it every two years.

5. Larimar – you can keep this in a tissue or chamois bag, or in a
separate box. Avoid direct contact with perfumes, hairsprays, and other
chemicals. Color fading occurs when exposed to bright sunlight. You can
use a drop of ammonia and soapy water to clean it; you can also soft
brush to clean it.

6. Labradorite and Moonstone – these stones are primarily stored in oils
before made into jewelries. Because of this, the gemstones don’t crack or
dry out easily. However, it is easily scratched. Wipe it with smooth and
damp cloth and never use ultrasonic cleaners or jewelry dips.

7. Onyx and Chalcedony – avoid contact with harsh chemicals. Chipping and
scratching can be avoided if the jewelry has a separate container. Use a
soft brush and soapy water to clean it. Rinse the gemstones well.

8. Rose Quartz – avoid prolonged sun exposure to prevent color fading.
Don’t soak the gemstone and you can clean it using soapy water and soft
brush. Never steam clean the gemstone and rinse it well.

9. Topaz – this is a very durable stone and does not easily chip nor
scratch. Avoid too much heat and chemical exposure. Don’t use ultrasonic
cleaners, steam clean, nor soak. Use soft brush and soapy water to clean
the gemstone.
10. Garnet – this gemstone is brittle. Avoid chemicals. Ultrasonic
cleaners can’t be used with an andradite but all other garnets can be
cleaned with it. Don’t soak.

11. Peridot – avoid too much heat exposure, harsh chemicals, and extreme
temperature changes. Use soft brush and soapy water to clean it and then
rinse thoroughly. Don’t use ultrasonic cleaners nor steam clean.

The list of gemstones in this article are considered semi precious. These
stones are less expensive as compared to the precious stones but still
needs extreme and proper care. Gemstone jewelries are great investments
and even the ancient people believed that the stones bring good luck. So
if you have several different pieces of gemstones, be sure to get a
jewelry box with different compartments so that you can place the
gemstones in separate bins.