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      January 2010


            High quality language solutions delivered on time
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Introduction to this Handbook                                                                    3

Applied Language Solutions                                                                       3

Company History and Outline                                                                     4

Industry Accreditations                                                                          5

Values and standards                                                                             6

Interpreting Guidelines                                                                          7

Practical Aspects of Interpreting Assignment Management                                          8
      Introduction of the Interpreter
      Use of the first person
      Use of the third person
      Seating arrangement                                                                        9
      Potential interpreting issues and suggestions

**Important information**                                                                        10
      Registered company status
      Terms and Conditions
      Customer Service
      Customer-specific information                                                              10
      Translation during interpreting assignments                                                12
      Health and Safety
      Completing the Interpreting Timesheet                                                      13

Talkbase                                                                                         15
      Introduction to Talkbase
      Updating Payment details                                                                   18

Accepting Payments                                                                               19
      Steps to accepting payments on Talkbase
      Forgot your password?                                                                      20
      What to do if you cannot see any payments                                                  22
      Invoices                                                                                   23
      Payment or job queries
      Complaints and monitoring

Resources and links                                                                              24

Contacts                                                                                         24

                                                    High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                                                      …with a smile!
                               Introduction to this Handbook
This handbook sets out the standards that all the interpreters are required to meet in terms of
attendance, performance, conduct and general interpreting issues. Please bear in mind that by
accepting a booking from Applied Language Solutions, you are accepting our current terms and
conditions and agree to abide by our recommendations and guidelines, and to any codes of conduct
to which we subscribe.

While Applied Language Solutions endeavours to keep you updated of any changes to this
handbook, the terms and conditions may change.

Please ensure that you read and understand what is contained in this handbook. If you have any
questions, direct them to the Interpreting Manager or Department, whose details can be found under
the section entitled „Contacts‟.

Please also bear in mind that if you fail to meet the standards and the duties set out in this
handbook, Applied Language Solutions may not offer further bookings.

It is highly advisable that you read this document completely before registering with us or updating
your details in You must confirm acceptance by email to Applied Language at
your earliest convenience; failure to contact us within a reasonable time frame will be taken as
acceptance. Please email the Interpreting Department in the „Contacts‟ section.

                                Applied Language Solutions
At Applied Language Solutions we value our interpreters, who are our biggest asset! This is why we
strive to develop and maintain a great relationship with all of our linguists and provide all the
necessary guidelines and support. We see this relationship as a two-way process; therefore, we
have outlined our guidelines, processes, policies and recommendations in all areas below.


                                                   High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                                                     …with a smile!
                                Company History and Outline

Applied Language Solutions is one of the fastest growing Interpreting and Translation Companies in
the world. Currently, we have offices in the UK, India, Bulgaria, the USA, Guatemala, France and
Spain, and collaborators worldwide.

It all started in October 2003 with Gavin Wheeldon (that is him in the picture),
working from his back bedroom doing everything – sales, programming, project
management, general administration – you name it, he did it. As the company
began to grow, Gavin realised he could not do everything himself. So, in
February 2004 Paul Wheeldon, Gavin‟s brother, joined the company as Chief
Operations Officer. Paul pushed through obtaining ISO9001, ISO14001,
ISO18001, DIN and Investors in People accreditations, which helped move the
company and quality of service to a new level.

Applied Language opened its first office in sunny Huddersfield, UK. This was soon filled with
talented and enthusiastic staff, but the parking was terrible and things were getting a little crowded.
So in April 2005, Applied Language moved to much swankier offices just outside Huddersfield. But
we soon filled that one as well. So in March 2006, we all moved again to our offices in Armitage
Bridge. From here the team expanded to Bulgaria, where the project management and IT
departments are based, and a sales team in California to enable us to help our US customers with
their language needs. Shortly after, we opened offices in Barcelona, Paris and an office in
Guatemala to support the sales operations in California.

More recently, we have set up offices in Asia with the opening of our India office. Not only has this
allowed us to help our Asian customers with their language needs, but this has given us 24-hour
global coverage, meaning our customers have access to our services at any time of the day.
Recently in 2008, we moved to our current offices in Oldham. A huge part of the company‟s success
is down to the over 7,000 highly qualified translators we have based around the world. To help our
linguists we launched in February 2006. This dedicated web portal allows them a
secure way to keep track of the projects they are working on and, just as importantly, ensure they
are paid on time.

The hard work pays off
All the hard work the whole team in all of our office has paid off not only in the growth and
profitability we are now seeing, but also in recognition from various business and entrepreneurial
awards committees.

The expansion continues
Now with over 100 staff and eight offices we are consistently supplying accurate, high-quality
interpreting and translation for letters, brochures, websites, contracts and technical journals into
over 150 languages. But the work does not stop there. We have even more plans in the pipeline for
expansion. In the next couple of years we will be opening more offices in Europe, Australia,
Mainland China and on the East Coast of America.

Social responsibility
We live in a global village. All the staff at Applied Language is committed to ensuring that we give as
much back to the local community as we can.

For more details on Applied Language Solutions, our values and services please go to our website

                                                     High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                                                       …with a smile!
                                   Industry Accreditations

In addition to the Quality Management Systems that Applied Language Solutions employ, we have
also been examined and consequently obtained the following industry specific accreditations. As a
result we must abide by their strict codes of conduct.

                       American Translators Association
                       Applied Language Solutions has subscribed to the ATA code of conduct and
                       business practice and have been granted a certificate of corporate membership.

                       Association of Translation Companies
                       Applied Language Solutions is a member of the ATC and as such were carefully
                       vetted before admission into membership, adhere to a strict code of professional
                       conduct, are subject to the rulings of a professional ethics committee and carry full
                       professional indemnity insurance cover to safeguard the interests of the translation

                       Institute of Translation and Interpretation
                       Applied Language Solutions is a member of the Institute of Translation and
                       Interpreting. All members of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting abide by a
                       strict code of practice and must meet all the requirements prescribed by the council.

                       The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA)
                       Applied Language Solutions is a member of The Globalization and Localization
                       Association. The association allows members a common forum to discuss issues,
                       create innovative solutions, promote the industry, and present a joint - and more
                       powerful - voice within the industry and to the outside community.

                       The Indian Translators Association (ITAINDIA)
                       Applied Language Solutions is a member of The Indian Translators Association and
                       in doing so abide by their ethical standards and codes of practice. We felt that it
                       was an important association to be a part of when we opened our office in Chennai.

                       Microsoft Certified Partner
                       We are a Microsoft Certified Partner recognising technological excellence and
                       impact on customers through Microsoft products and service.

                       Applied Language Solutions Support of the UN Global Compact
                       Applied Language Solutions supports the ten principles of the United Nations
                       Global Compact in respect to human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-
                       corruption. In doing so we express our intent to support and advance those
                       principles within our sphere of influence by making the Global Compact and its
                       principles part of our strategy, culture and day-to-day operations.


                                                     High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                                                       …with a smile!
                                    Values and Standards
We provide the best service for our customers, which include many UK public service organisations
in various subjects and geographical areas, such as the NHS (mental health, GP surgeries,
emergency, orthopaedic and children‟s hospitals, amongst others), police, immigration, the Tribunal
Service, local governments, as well as UK and worldwide private customers, within fields of
expertise as varied as entertainment, marketing, IT, medicine, events, and so on.

In order to deliver the best service, we have outlined some simple principles that are key when
dealing with customers and linguists in order to promote an excellent working relationship. When
these are upheld, we have happy customers, which means much more work for you.

       Quality – This is the cornerstone of the business and without it we are nothing. You should
       always perform to the best of your ability and skills, promote self-development and education
       and uphold our high standards.

       Reliability – We count on our Interpreters to be the proud face of Applied Language
       Solutions and to carry out any assignments on our behalf according to the best practices and
       codes of ethics. This also includes good Time-keeping, as our Interpreters must always
       arrive on time, manage breaks and times within assignments, and create an excellent first
       (and second) impression.

       Communication – There is nothing worse than being left in the dark about something. Things
       do go wrong, this is a human process. You should immediately inform all involved when
       issues arise. The overall principle is to communicate with honesty, openness and

       Ethics – Our Interpreters follow our Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics very closely
       and apply these values to every step of every process or assignment, remaining truthful,
       impartial and confidential at all times. At Applied Language we want our linguists to be
       synonymous with the Best Practices in the Industry. This includes not discriminating against
       any parties, either directly or indirectly on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic origin, age,
       nationality, religion, gender, sexuality or disability.    In addition to this, interpreters must
       disclose any information which might make them unsuitable for a specific assignment
       immediately such as being known to any parties or their immediate family or having any
       business, financial, family or other interest in the matter being handled.

       Impartiality – Interpreters must remain neutral and never take sides or provide personal
       opinions or advice, accept gifts or have a personal interest in the matter, as this interferes
       with the effective an accurate rendering of a message. Interpreters must be and seem
       impartial; this means that their behaviour must reflect this value.

       Confidentiality – Nothing that is discussed or disclosed during an interpreting assignment
       can be repeated or shared with anyone else. The interpreter must ensure that he/she
       respects the parties‟ right to privacy and behave in a way that is consistent with this principle.
       Likewise, the interpreter must communicate any issues, suggestions or comments directly by
       email telephone or fax to ALS, never through a customer, patient or through the timesheet.

       Information – Without it we have no business! Talkbase and any other records should be
       kept 100% up-to-date at all times. Our principle method of project management, including
       choosing appropriate Interpreters, is this system. If all your details are not 100% accurate we
       are unable to make informed decisions.

                                                     High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                                                       …with a smile!
                                Interpreting Guidelines
                  ALS Interpreter guidelines for interpreting sessions

When taking an interpreting assignment for Applied Language Solutions, it is your responsibility
to observe the following guidelines:

 Verify and double-check all the information provided and ensure that it is clear before you
  set off to the job – if you are not sure about something, even after it has been explained,
  please enquire again or inform you Interpreting Administrator immediately if you are unable
  to take the assignment.

 Once you have accepted the interpreting request it is poor practice to be late or cancel.

 Make the necessary provisions to arrive on time – bad planning with regards to traffic,
  forgetfulness, poor organisation or inability to find the venue, amongst others, do not
  constitute acceptable reasons to miss an appointment or be late.

 Take all the relevant assignment details with you.

 Make a note of the useful contact numbers provided by Applied Language Solutions in case
  of emergency or unforeseen circumstances (please note both Applied Language and
  customer contact details).

 If you have any queries about the job or are unsure about anything once you are on site,
  please do not leave without contacting Applied Language first, as this will be deemed as
  failure to attend, and will therefore not be paid.

 Make sure that you keep proof of any confirmations or cancellations in writing (letter, email
  or fax). If you do not receive any, then it is your responsibility to email to confirm that you have been informed.

 The timesheet is used to reassure every party involved that an assignment has taken place,
  therefore, it is your duty to complete it properly.

 Only write the information required on the timesheet. Do not add any additional details on it,
  as this will not be accepted – rates, travel, and any other arrangements are confidential and
  should only be contained within the confirmation email, or other communications, and
  discussed with Applied Language via telephone or email.

 Return the signed timesheet within 3 working days of the assignment taking place, as your
  payment cannot be processed without it.

 Failure to follow these guidelines may result in disciplinary procedures or even termination of
  your association with Applied Language Solutions.

 Applied Language Solutions are here to help with any queries, so please do not hesitate to
  contact us (our details are in the contacts section; alternatively, go to our website at


                                                High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                                                  …with a smile!
              Practical Aspects of Interpreting Assignment Management
For Community Interpreting / Public Service Interpreting regulations and guidelines, please see the
NRPSI Code of Conduct. For other Interpreting guidelines, please refer to the organisations
suggested (such as AIIC and ITI, amongst others).

Introduction of the Interpreter

For Face to Face assignments (Public Sector and others), you will interact with various customers
and this must be done appropriately. There might be a briefing session before the actual session
starts, where some basic yet essential information will be discussed. When the interpreting session
is about to begin, it is a good idea to introduce yourself to the parties in each of the languages of the
session, explaining who you are, what you do, what they can expect and basic processes – you
may add or omit the sections between {example}. Those within square brackets [example] are for
you to add your own details.

An example has been provided below:
   “Good afternoon/morning, my name is [Interpreter’s Name – Maria, Stanislav, etc] and I am a/your
   professional [Language – i.e. Spanish, Lingala, etc] Interpreter from Applied Language Solutions. I
   am impartial and will repeat everything that I hear {If there is anything that you do not want
   interpreting, please do not say it}. Please address each other directly {as if the Interpreter were not
   present} and ask any questions you may need. If I need to stop to seek clarification, I will explain
   why at the time. Everything that is said during this session will remain confidential.”

This will assist with setting the tone of the session and will make customers feel more at ease with
the Interpreter.

Use of the first person

Make sure the parties speak directly to the person, not to/through the interpreter during the
assignment. Always interpret in the first person, i.e. “I live in…” and not “He/She said he/she lives
in…” to convey what has been said by one of the parties. Try to make sure there is no background
noise, to allow the interpreter to hear the discussion. This will enable the Interpreter to manage the
interpreting assignment better by detaching from the responsibility or ownership of the words. To
intervene, use the third person (see below).

Use of the third person

Whenever the interpreter needs to intervene, he/she must make a definite (hand) gesture and the
intervention should be made in the third person to ensure that there is no confusion between what
the parties say and what the interpreter says or comments on.
Common or acceptable ways to address the parties when making an intervention would be:
“The interpreter needs to stop. Could you please clarify…?” In this way, there is a clear distinction
between what is interpreting (what the parties say) and what is intervention (what the Interpreter

Interventions must be clear and short. Profuse apologising and lengthy sentences will detract the
parties from the original conversation or train of thought, and will not look neat and professional.
Once you have clearly yet politely stopped the conversation, indicate what the issue is and what
needs doing to resolve it. Remember to explain this to both parties in their language to ensure that
you are being and acting impartial, whilst building and maintaining their confidence in your
professional skills.

                                                         High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                                                           …with a smile!
Seating arrangements

Negotiate seating arrangements before the assignment starts and make sure the parties can see
the interpreter and vice versa. Body language is as important as, or even more than, the words and
tone of voice. The seating arrangement must be practical, comfortable and also, suitable for the
style of interpreting (for modes such as whispered or consecutive, the seating will vary).


When interpreting, you will probably have to use a notepad in case there are any facts and figures,
names, codes or information that might be difficult to remember and you need to jot down. This is
also useful to detach yourself from the conversation and avoid eye contact, as part of remaining

When taking notes, ensure that:

      Notepad and pen are an aid, not a hindrance.
      Noises caused by page turning and fidgeting are kept to a minimum.
      The contents can only be seen by yourself, unless you are asked to write or spell something
       for any of the parties involved.
      Any useful or interesting notes are added on a separate section, discarding the actual notes.
      Write notes of any issues or problems, for future reference and inform Applied Language.

Potential Interpreting Issues and Suggestions

When dealing with any issues or inconveniences, whether expected or unexpected, be sure to act
professionally at all times and use your knowledge, training and common sense to resolve them.

Interpreters must not:

      Omit, add or alter the message to be interpreted. You must interpret faithfully and accurately.
      Provide customers with personal information or contact details (breach of T&Cs).
      Discuss assignment, payment or other details with colleagues, patients or customers.
      Resort to physical violence/threat, swear or use inappropriate/rude behaviour.
      Add fees or any other details on the Timesheet, apart from those required.
      Engage in arguments or debates where you provide your personal opinion.
      Take on other people‟s jobs (deciding whether someone is guilty, ill or lying: you are only
       responsible for the content of the message, not the intention or inner thoughts Investigation
       is for the Police, legal decisions for the Court and prescriptions for doctors).
      Allow more than one person to speak (or sign) at the same time. If this happens, intervene
       and explain that you can only hear one person at a time. Be firm but polite.

Interpreters must:

      Always remain and appear impartial: the interpreter must not take sides, give advice or
       opinions during the assignment. The Interpreter's role is to remain neutral and behave in a
       way that reinforces this principle (obeying the Impartial Model).
      Whenever possible, allow for debriefing (i.e. a chat with the professional afterwards to briefly
       discuss the assignment), but without engaging in arguments or debates involving the
       Interpreter‟s personal opinion. Remember that even though you may not be on duty, you
       must still uphold professional conduct.
      Keep the information discussed confidential and demonstrate confidential behaviour.

                                                    High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                                                      …with a smile!
                                 **Important information**

A registered company

Applied Language Solutions is a registered company. You may check its status and registration with
the organisation at Company House -


Our suppliers are covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance worldwide.

Terms and Conditions

You must uphold the principles, procedures and values set out in this Handbook, and in our Terms
and Conditions. If in doubt about any of the information contained herewith, please do not hesitate
to enquire with the Interpreting Department.

You may not commission any work on our behalf. The work is assigned to the interpreter and must
be carried out by the person selected by Applied Language Solutions. If unable to attend an
assignment, please inform Applied Language immediately. Any breach of our Terms and Conditions,
or good practice of the interpreting profession, will be fully investigated and dealt with.

For the purpose of confidentiality, you may not be accompanied by anyone into the assignment. If
you need assistance with mobility or other issues, please inform Applied Language immediately and
we will be happy to arrange this for you and inform the customer of any special requirements.

If you have any health conditions that may affect the performance of your duties (such as diabetes,
epilepsy or other conditions) then please inform your project administrator and the supervisor or
manager in order to make Applied Language Solutions aware of this and inform the customer of any
special requirements. If you wish to discuss any of the above in confidence, please contact
Interpreting at or on 0845 367 7000 to arrange to be contacted.

Customer service

We want to enjoy what we do and make sure our customers do as well. Hence, it is important that in
representing Applied Language Solutions that you follow our customer approach in addition to our
guidelines, terms and conditions, and values.

Our strap line summarises our approach to providing language solutions:

                       Applied Language Solutions
                       High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                 …with a smile!

In addition, we aim to deliver the best service possible at all times while promoting a friendly
atmosphere. This is achieved by means of our „Can do‟ attitude and creating „Raving Fans‟. It is
company policy to treat everyone like a friend and take pride in everything that we do, as we state
on our emails and documentation, so we expect the same from our interpreters:

                       Pride in everything we do | Respect everyone like a friend

                                                   High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                                                     …with a smile!
    Customer-specific information

    This section refers to practical issues and recommendations for interpreters when working for the
    Police, the NHS, councils and other public services. It is important that all specific practices and
    procedures are followed closely.

               1. Updates on CRB checks and other disclosures or criminal checks:

                    Any changes occurring after the date of issue of a CRB check must be informed to
                    Applied Language Solutions. For example, any change of name (due to marriage or
                    other reason), any penalties, notices, warnings, cautions, spent or unspent sentences, or
                    others must be notified to the Interpreting Department immediately.

                    A PNC (Police National Computer) may be carried out upon arrival to certain interpreting
                    sessions, which will show the customers any past or recent changes, so please do keep
                    us updated, as failure to do so may mean immediate termination your association with

               2. For access to police sites, please read carefully the information below on accessing the
                  premises (a separate document with this information can also be requested):

Site and Security Information

If driving your own vehicle, please park your vehicle in the designated parking areas. Upon arriving to the station or custody suite, identify
yourself by telling them your name, the name of the company you work for and the name of the detainee(s) you have been asked t o assist.

Do not attend the session with other people. Custody Staff will ask you for identification. Show your identification and allow the Custody Staff
to inspect it. You will be booked in and issued with a Visitor Pass, which must be displayed at all times.

The booking in procedure will consist of the recording of your details in a register, which will include your vehicle details. You will be
searched and if you have articles with you that are likely to pose a security risk, you will be asked to hand them to Custody Staff and they will
be retained in a secure locker until you leave. Once booked in you will be granted entry into the suite.



Inside the suite you will be escorted at all times. Please DO NOT access areas of the suite unaccompanied. If you are uncertain about
anything at any point during your visit, please speak to a Custody Sergeant or Detention Officer who will be pleased to assist.

The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited. Please do not use your mobile phone or allow others to use your mobile phone inside the
suite. DO NOT allow the detainee you are assisting, to use your mobile phone.

Once inside the suite you will be escorted to the Custody Sergeant with knowledge of the detainee that you have been called on to assist. At
this point you will be introduced to the detainee.

Each case is individual. Be guided by the Custody Sergeant as to what is required of you for each circumstance.

Please DO NOT pass the detainee any articles of food, clothing or any other item without first having consulted with a Custody Sergeant. If a
detainee attempt to pass you anything, please inform Custody Staff immediately.



When all procedures have been completed and you are ready to leave the suite you will be escorted to the secure reception area where your
belongings will be returned to you and you will be booked out. Please return your visitors pass and exit the building via the same route by
which you came in.


                                                                             High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                                                                               …with a smile!
       3. Vaccinations and any health conditions, including mental health must be notified to
          Applied Language Solutions if working for any NHS or health-related site. This has been
          requested by the health professionals.

Translation during interpreting assignments

When we receive interpreting requests for police forces and constabularies, we aim to indentify
exactly the needs of the customers in order for us to find the suitable person. Nevertheless, our
customers are not necessarily always fully aware of the services required once the interpreter is on
site. Many a times, interpreters are required to do translation, transcription, sight translation or
proofreading as well as interpreting.

When you attend an interpreting assignment for the Police, Courts or NHS, and you are required to
do translation, never take the text home or outside the premises. The translation of the text must be
done on site as part of the interpreting assignment.

If you are required to take the document away, please politely decline and inform the customer that
you may do the translation within assignment hours and at the arranged venue. There may be
serious implications with regards to liability, payment and professional integrity in removing an
official document outside of the premises. If in doubt, advise the customer to contact us.

Firstly, Applied Language is not able to cover you if anything happened to the document or it was
altered in any way. Secondly, it is difficult to establish how to pay the interpreter/translator as this
task will not be included on the timesheet. Likewise, never make any arrangements with the
customer for any further appointments or translations. Firstly, it is a breach of the Terms and
Conditions; secondly, if it is not made through Applied Language Solutions, it may not be paid.

If in doubt, please contact your project administrator.

Health and Safety

While on interpreting assignments or any other business on behalf of Applied Language Solutions
you must ensure that you are safe and working in appropriate conditions. Amongst other things, you
must familiarise yourself with fire, exits and other emergency procedures on the premises. Also, if
you are feeling unwell and are not sure what to do, please contact the Interpreting Department as
soon as you feel that you may not be able to carry out the appointment, since we have a duty of
care to you, patients and professionals.

You must also ensure that you follow the code of conduct at all times before, during and after the
appointment. You should enter the appointment on your own (no other parties, colleagues or
relatives are allowed). You should interpret everything exactly as it is said and if faced with
inappropriate suggestions, requests or comments which could jeopardise your professional integrity,
please inform the customer or professional in charge. Never offer or agree to give lifts, as this may
pose a risk to your safety and professional integrity, and do not hold private conversations with the
non-English speaker outside the interpreting appointment. This could prompt a complaint against
you from the non-English speaker or the customer, which may mean that you would not be able to
work for Applied Language Solutions in future. In addition, you are not there to become friends with
anyone, counsel distressed people or help anyone beyond the call of duty; being an excellent,
professional interpreter is what you are there to do.


                                                      High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                                                        …with a smile!
Remember that only you know everything that is being said, as you are the one that speaks the
languages involved. If the customer or the patient do not know what is happening or are unsure
about your behaviour, and you do not clarify this or do not take steps to ensure that you are clearly
seen to be behaving in a professional manner, then this may also prompt complaints about you.

Home Visits

While on interpreting assignments that require you to attend home visits, it is important that you
adhere to the following guidelines to ensure the safety of yourself, the client and any other

      Make arrangements to meet the visiting officer (client) outside of the property. Under no
       circumstances must you enter the property alone as this could prompt complaints about you.
       If in doubt, please contact your project administrator.

      If when you arrive at the property, you are unsure that the visiting officer (client) is in
       attendance, you may make contact with the residents of the property to check if they have
       arrived but do not enter into any dialogue other than to establish this.

      Leave the property at the same time as the visiting officer (client)

Completing the Interpreter Timesheet

When completing Timesheets, please remember the following:

    All of the details must be filled in a complete, truthful and accurate manner.
    This must be returned to Applied Language within 3 working days of the interpreting
    Incomplete timesheets or alternative documents will not be accepted.
    Please do not add any notes, costs or reminders on the timesheet.
    If there is anything that you would like to communicate to Applied Language, please do so
     separately by email, telephone, fax, post or in person.
    Make sure that you do not leave the assignment without a signature; if in doubt or in case of
     an issue arising, please request that the customer check with Applied Language or call
     Applied Language directly.
    The Timesheet is a requirement for working for Applied Language and it proof for the
     interpreter, customer and Applied Language that the appointment has taken place within the
     conditions and rates agreed.

Part 1: To be completed by the Interpreter

Please ensure that you complete every section with the information provided by Applied Language
on the Booking or Confirmation email; if the assignment is of urgent nature, these details may be
provided by telephone only or by text message. If any of the fields does not relate to the assignment
or you do not have the information, please add N/A (for Not Applicable).


                                                     High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                                                       …with a smile!
The format of the Timesheet must be maintained. Please ensure that the text is always underlined.
An example is given below:

      Interpreter’s name: Applied Language Interpreter     Interpreter (TRN) number: TRN000000

      Language combination for this assignment: English-Other Language

If completing the form from scratch once it has been printed, ensure that the writing is clear and on
the lines. The logo of Applied Language Solutions must be easily recognisable for customers,
interpreters and Applied Language, once it is sent back.

Once all the details have been completed correctly by the interpreter, please verify and hand it to
the customer, contact or reception (this is he person in charge at venue as specified on the booking,
either the receptionist, police officer, GP, nurse, or any other relevant person on site who is
authorised to sign the attendance sheet).

Part 2: To be completed by the Customer

The customer or person in charge must the fill in part two, having verified the details in part one.

Once all the details have been added and the attendance sheet signed, please send to Applied
Language Solutions within 3 working days. There are three methods of submission: by fax; by email
(having scanned the timesheet); or by post. When sending by post, ensure that the timesheet
arrives at Applied Language Solutions Interpreting Department; we would strongly advise that you
keep a copy with you for your own records. The preferred methods are fax and email, as this is
quick, simple and in compliance with our green policies.

       Email it to:


                                                     High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                                                       …with a smile!
       Or fax it to: +44 (0)1484 502 232

Our contact details are at the bottom of the form.

If you have any queries, please contact the Interpreting Department. Our contact details are below
and on your booking:

       Interpreting Department


       Tel (UK): +44 (0)845 367 7000

       Interpreting Fax (UK): +44 (0)1484 502 232


       Address: Unit 1, Riverside Court, Huddersfield Road, Delph, Oldham, OL3 5FZ, UK.


                                                     High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                                                       …with a smile!
Introduction to Talkbase

Talkbase is Applied Language‟s supplier, customer and staff portal. It enables different parties to
request services, find and assign interpreters, and manage payments, amongst others. If your
information on your Talkbase supplier profile is complete and up to date, then we are more likely to
find the perfect job for you. Good communication, professionalism and work ethics are essential to
develop and maintain an excellent working relationship.

One of the great features of this system is that it manages supplier payments, which means that
your jobs and payments will appear on it for you to check and accept. In addition, invoices are also
created in PDF format for your convenience, so that you do not have to create any!

Once you have agreed to do an assignment, you must attend, have your timesheet signed off, send
this timesheet to Interpreting and once the job is closed by Applied Language, you must go to
Talkbase and accept payment, so that it can be processed within the timeframes contained in the
Terms and Conditions and our Interpreter Handbook.


Once registered, please make a note of your login details and keep them safe. You should regularly
check your account in order to make sure the details are up to date. You may also inform the
Interpreting Team of any relevant updates at In addition, please
make sure that you keep track of all the assignments carried out for Applied Language, including job
number, language, date and amount agreed (all of this should be on the booking email). If you have
any timesheets signed for assignments done that have been sent to the Interpreting Department for
processing, please save a copy for your records. Record-keeping is a requirement for all self-
employed individuals, so we expect all of our freelance interpreters to comply with this.


Talkbase is an incredible tool that will mean less work for you. However, there may be issues every
so often. If this is the case, please inform your Project Administrator or Project Manager (using the
email address that they have used to communicate with you) and also Manager
( as soon as you have noticed the issue and provide as much
detail as possible and we will be happy to help.

Registering and Updating Your Details

Talkbase is our Supplier, Customer and Staff Portal, which allows us to manage jobs, maintain a
database of suppliers (interpreters, translators and others) and communicate with every party
involved in language services, from the provider to the end user.

To register or update your details please go to There will be a button to register
as an Interpreter (and/or Translator), which you need to click and follow the process through. For
registering the first screen is shown below and this is all fairly standard, all fields with a * are
mandatory fields. Alternatively, you may login if you have already registered and go to the “My
Details” section. If you don‟t remember your login details, then go to the bottom of the page where it
says Forgot your password?, enter your email address and they will be sent to you. Please make a
note of them for future reference. If you encounter any issues, please contact us at and we will be happy to help.


                                                    High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                                                      …with a smile!
It is very important that you complete your profile as thoroughly as possible, as this will enable us to
understand who our Interpreters are and what assignments will be more suitable for each one. The
more detailed profiles will be more likely to be selected for urgent jobs, as we are able to see what
we need instantly. In addition, if you do not tick „Interpreting‟, then your profile will not come up on
our searches. So make sure your Interpreter profile is always updated!

Below are some of the screens that you will see on Talkbase:

Moreover, make sure that any references that you provide are related to work carried out in the past
six months and also that their email address is accurate, otherwise the application will not be


                                                     High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                                                       …with a smile!

High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                  …with a smile!
Updating Payment Details

If you wish to update your payment details (bank transfer, Moneybookers or Paypal) then you must
contact either Interpreting and/or the Finance Department. Once updated internally, it will take
approximately four weeks before the new payment details are set up. Any payments accepted
before the update will be made to your previous account.


We do not accept invoices from our suppliers; all payments are processed through Talkbase system
( which ensures a speedy payment for all your jobs. We have two invoice
run dates on the nearest business day after 15th and 30th of each month. For example, jobs from 1st
to 15th November 2008 would appear on the invoice run on the 15th December 2008. All jobs
accepted later than 30 days will appear on the next invoice run. The invoice run will take up to 8
working days to clear, depending on the transfer format. The process is as follows:

      When you complete a job it will be viewable under the “My Payments” section.
      If you are happy with the amount on there you should accept the job and this will be queued
       for payment.
      If you are unhappy with the job amount you can query this which will be then notified for the
       appropriate Project manager to resolve.
      All accepted jobs will be accumulated into a single invoice at each payment date and the
       total amount will be paid to you in the agreed method as defined in “My Details”. A copy of
       that invoice will be sent to you.


                                                   High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                                                     …with a smile!
                                       Accepting Payments

Steps to accepting payments on Talkbase

Step 1
Open your internet browser (Mozilla, Internet Explorer or other).

Step 2
Enter Talkbase or in the browser and click „Search‟.

This should find the following page.

                                                    Talkbase!

                                                    High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                                                      …with a smile!
Step 3
Enter your username and password, and click „Login‟.

Forgot your password?

If you do not remember them, go to Forgot Password? (circled in blue). Then, you will see the
screen next to it. Enter your email and the safety code requested, and your login details will be sent
to you. Alternatively, contact Interpreting at


                                                    High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                                                      …with a smile!
Step 4
Once you are on your Talkbase account, click on „My Payments‟, where you will see your payments
ready to be accepted (by you).

In order to see all your payments, place the cursor on „Period‟ (just under the orange tab „My
Payments‟) and click on it. A drop down menu will appear where you will be able to see an option
„View All‟. Click on the „View All‟ option to see all your payments (i.e. paid, processed and
outstanding). The status of the payment (whether it has been accepted, processed or paid) has
been circled in red below. You may click on „View Payment‟ to verify.


                                                 High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                                                   …with a smile!
Step 5
If outstanding, click „View Payment‟, check that the amount is correct and accept the payment by
clicking on „Accept‟ (circled in red below).

Once you have clicked „Accept‟, all you need to do is wait for the payment to be processed and
invoiced as per our Terms and Conditions, and Interpreter Handbook. The sooner you accept the
payment, the better.

What to do if you cannot see any payments

If this is the case, you may want to check on „My Job Offers‟ and „My Current Jobs‟ above „My
Payments‟, as they may not have been upgraded yet (see below underlined in red). If still not visible,
please contact Interpreting to bring this to our attention.


                                                    High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                                                      …with a smile!

You can at any point log in your account and see all your old invoices; you can also print a copy of
the invoice or request a PDF for your records. This is done automatically for you!

Payment or job queries

Please bear in mind that for payments to be processed promptly, your timesheet must be sent in
within 3 working days. Late submissions and failure to respond may result in your payment being
delayed. Also, as explained above, payment must accept on Talkbase by you as soon as the job
has been completed (accepting payment on Talkbase is not the same as accepting an assignment –
please see details above).

If you have any queries or there are any disagreements, please have your details at hand and
regularly check your bank account or other payment systems. The more complete and accurate
your query is, the easier is it for us to deal with and resolve. As we deal with many interpreters, it is
paramount that you are able to provide us with your full name, job/project number, dates, amount or
any other relevant details, in order for us to be able to assist you. Once you have this, please submit
your query to your IPA (Interpreting Project Administrator, who will be the project manager in
charge) or to the interpreting email on „Contacts‟, specifying who the email is intended for (add FAO
– For the Attention Of) and what the nature of the query is (also add RE – Regarding).

We aim to treat every interpreter with respect; therefore, we expect the same treatment back. We
are always happy to help with any queries, so please refrain from inappropriate or unprofessional

Complaints and monitoring

If your experience with Applied Language is not entirely to your satisfaction, please let us know. We
would appreciate it if you could talk to us about anything first, but if you would like to complain,
please contact Applied Language Solutions‟ main number or go to our website. Alternatively, please
email Interpreting (please see „Contacts‟).

Your opinion is very important to us and we aim to act fairly and professionally at all times as well as
develop and maintain a great relationship with all of our interpreters. In addition, any incidents or
allegations will be investigated thoroughly and we will appreciate your cooperation if and when we
do, as this is done to resolve issues and maintain the highest quality standards and customer
service, reassuring all parties involved that our procedures are transparent and fair.


                                                      High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                                                        …with a smile!
                                       Resources & Links
For more information on interpreting, further qualifications, courses and training, code of conducts
and other issues and details, in the UK and worldwide, please see the following links:

       CILT – National Centre for Languages

       NRPSI – National Register of Public Service Interpreters

       CIoL – Chartered Institute of Linguists

       AIIC – Association of Conference Interpreters Worldwide

       ITI – Institute of Interpreters and Translators

       CACDP – Council for the Advancement                 of   Communication with        Deaf   People

       ASLI – Association of Sign Language Interpreters in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

       SASLI – Scottish Association of Sign Language Interpreters

There are many other useful links, so if you would like further advice or information, please do not
hesitate to contact Interpreting.
We hope this Handbook was useful. If you are unsure about any of these points, any interpreting-
related issue or would simply like to know more, please contact our Interpreting Manager at Applied
Language Solutions:

       Interpreting Department


       Tel (UK): +44 (0)845 367 7000

       Interpreting Fax (UK): +44 (0)1484 502 232


       Address: Unit 1, Riverside Court, Huddersfield Road, Delph, Oldham, OL3 5FZ, UK.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us – the
     Interpreting Department’s contact details are above.

    Please save this file for reference.

    And finally, welcome to the team! We hope that you represent Applied
     Language Solutions with pride and to the best of your ability.


                                                     High quality language solutions delivered on time
                                                                                       …with a smile!

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