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Student Handbook
Faculty and Staff Directory

   School Phone (336) 775-4900, then dial extension         Fax (336) 775-4002

   Name                       Email                                    Ext

   Bouldin, Cynthia                 130

   Cates, Mackenzie                   100

   Craig, Emily                       137

   Destafino, Misty B.              101

   Dresel, Paul                      112

   Ellis, Kelly                       115

   Kelly, Parker                      106

   Lamb, Lesley                        127

   Lawrence, Amy                   107

   Linville, Kathryn               104

   Malloy, Carrie                    103

   McWilliams, Susanne             114

   Pusey, Carrie                      113

   Richardson, Rachel             109

   Schambach, Susan               105

   Swanson, Cheryl                  108

   Thomas, Ginger                    131

   van der Vorst, Susie            136

   Academic Club Room         110               Computer Lab     111

   Library                    125               Seminar Room     129

Communication Chart

Good communication promotes a sense of partnership. The following chart outlines a
communication route for questions that inevitably arise. It is very important to us that
you, as parents, are directed to the right people as questions arise.

Matters Related to:

Academics                                         Classroom Teacher
  Student Progress                                   Please leave a message for the classroom
  Classroom Activities                               teacher and he/she will return your call within
  Classroom Procedures                               24 hours. All teachers have individual voice
                                                     mail accounts and all teachers have an email
                                                     account at school.
Assessment                                        Director: Carrie Malloy
  Achievement Testing                                Phone ext. 103
  Educational testing                                Email:

Admissions                                        Director: Carrie Malloy
  School inquiries and recruitment                   Phone ext. 103
  Student applications                               Email:
  Student/Classroom placement
Academic Records                                  Administrative Assistant: Mackenzie Cates
  Student Records and Transcripts                    Phone ext. 100
Volunteer Opportunities                           Assistant Director: Misty Destafino
                                                     Phone ext 101
Development and Public Relations                  Lesley Lamb
   Fundraising and Annual Fund                       Phone ext. 127
   Newsletter and other publications                 Email:
   Special Relations
Financial Information                             Business Manager: Lesley Lamb
   Tuition and Payments                              Phone ext. 127
General                                           Administrative Assistant: Mackenzie Cates
  Staff Logistics and Personnel Information          Phone ext. 100
  School Calendar                                    Email:
  Student Health Issues
  Facilities Usage
Media Center                                      Teacher: Cheryl Swanson
  Library                                           Phone ext. 108
  Birthday Books                                    Email:

School Policy                                     Director Carrie Malloy
  Administrative Issues                              Phone ext. 103
Field Trips                                       Individual Teachers
    Planning, Permission slips, etc

                                           TABLE OF CONTENTS
1. School Overview----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6
    A. Purpose------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6
    B. Mission Statement----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6
    C. Board of Directors---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6
    D. School Affiliates-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6
    E. Teacher Qualifications-------------------------------------------------------------------------------6-7
2. Policies and Procedures------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7
    A. Admissions--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7
    B. Non-Discrimination Policy---------------------------------------------------------------------------7-8
    C. Arrival and Departure---------------------------------------------------------------------------------8
    D. Morning Tutorial------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8
    E. Late Pickup-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8
    F. Attendance------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9
    G. Accident/Illness/Medication--------------------------------------------------------------------9-11
    H. Class Schedules-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11
    I. Parent Communication-------------------------------------------------------------------------------11
    J. Curriculum/Individual Student Accommodations--------------------------------------11-12
    K. Field Trips----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12-13
    L. Grading System-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13
    M. Cheating and Plagiarism----------------------------------------------------------------------13-14
    N. Homework-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14-15
    O. Inclement Weather-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------15
    P. Parent Volunteer Opportunities------------------------------------------------------------------ 15
    Q. School Calendar---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15
    R. Lunch/Snack/Birthday Treats-------------------------------------------------------------------15-16
    S. Testing------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------16
    T. Records Maintenance/Transfer--------------------------------------------------------------------16
    U. Textbooks/Materials-------------------------------------------------------------------------------16-17
    V. Parent Visitation/Observations-------------------------------------------------------------------17
    W. Tuition------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------17
    X. Toys/Electronics/Cell Phones----------------------------------------------------------------------17
    Y. Crisis Plan---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------17-18
    Z. Professional Consultation Fees---------------------------------------------------------------------18
    AA. Triad Academy Bus Transportation Policy---------------------------------------------------18

3. Student Behavior--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------18
    A. Illegal Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco-------------------------------------------------------------------18
    B. Property Damage--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------18
    C. Possession of Weapons------------------------------------------------------------------------------18
    D. Dress Code (SMOD)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------19-20
    E. Fire Drills-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------20
    F. Sexual Harassment-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------21
    G. Physical and Verbal Abuse------------------------------------------------------------------------21
    H. Emotional Issues----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------21
    I. Student Use of Internet/Computer Technology-----------------------------------------21-22
    J. Discipline/Reward System(1st-6th Grade)--------------------------------------------------22-23
    K. Discipline/Reward System (7th-12th Grade)---------------------------------------------------24
    L. Discipline Rules for 1st-12th Grade-------------------------------------------------------------24-25
    M. Student Supervision After School Hours--------------------------------------------------------25
   Permission to Administer Medicine Form-----------------------------------------------------------26
   Acknowledgement of Handbook Compliance-------------------------------------------------27
    Authorization for Triad Academy to Release Records----------------------------------------28
    2010-2011 Calendar---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------30


Triad Academy is an independent day school serving students in grades one
through twelve with average or above intelligence who have been identified as
having a Specific Learning Disability. For the purpose of admission to Triad
Academy, Learning Disabilities include academic difficulties in reading, written
language, or math, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, or perceptual processing disorders.
These disorders are neurobiologically based and unrelated to visual or auditory
acuity, physical handicaps, behavioral or emotional disorders, or cognitive
disabilities. Our curriculum is designed to remediate academic difficulties to a
student’s cognitive potential, teach compensatory strategies, and transition
students to mainstream educational environments, should that be an appropriate

The mission of Triad Academy is to provide a safe, supportive, and successful
educational opportunity for students with Specific Learning Disabilities.

Triad Academy, Inc. is an educational institution incorporated under the laws of
North Carolina as a non-profit (501(c) (3) organization governed by a Board of
Directors. This Board is composed of current and former parents, professionals in
the Learning Disabilities field, and interested community members. The Board
meets bi-monthly to discuss and set broad policies and the strategic direction of
the school. A listing of Board members and committees is available from the

Triad Academy is accredited through The Southern Association of Independent
Schools (SAIS) and The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).
Triad Academy is registered as a non-public school with the North Carolina
Department of Public Instruction.
Triad Academy and its faculty are members of:
     The North Carolina Association of Independent Schools
     The Triad Association of Nonpublic Schools
     The Learning Disabilities Association
     Academy of Orton-Gilingham Practitioners and Educators

All teachers at Triad Academy have completed, at minimum, an 80-hour
workshop in Orton-Gillingham structured language education. Those who have
taught Language Tutorial for less than two years work under the mentorship of an
experienced educator in Orton-Gillingham techniques.

Generally, core teachers have certification in Learning Disabilities, Special
Education, Reading, or Elementary Education.      Content teachers have

certification or expertise in their specific subject matter.


It is the commitment of Triad Academy to admit only those students whose needs
can be met by our services. Criteria for admission include: cognitive ability in the
average or above range as measured by an individually administered
intelligence test, or potentially average intelligence as indicated by a significant
difference between verbal and performance I.Q., or a statement by the
examiner indicating the overall score does not represent the student’s true
potential due to overriding factors (such as language or auditory processing
difficulties). Significant documented academic difficulty in reading, written
language, and/or mathematics. Those students who meet the criteria for
admissions may not qualify for receiving LD services in the public schools (i.e. may
not have a 15 point discrepancy between achievement and I.Q.)

Students identified with emotional and/or behavioral problems are not eligible for
admission to Triad Academy. The admissions process shall include a parent
interview with school Administration and submission of a completed application
packet. The Admissions Committee reviews the completed application and
makes its recommendation regarding the suitability of the applicant to the
school’s program. Parents are notified regarding a student’s admissions status via
letter from the Director. Students admitted during the academic year will be
required to visit the school for a day in the appropriate grade level. If admitted
during the summer months, a student interview may be required. Placement
testing will be administered to all incoming students. There is a $100.00 non-
refundable charge for the admissions process, and a $75.00 placement test fee.

If the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of available students
openings, the qualified applicants will be admitted on a first-come, first served
basis (as per completed application packet submission).

Enrollment-new students: Upon acceptance to Triad Academy, parents must sign
the enrollment contract and pay the required deposits within 10 days of
acceptance. A student is not fully enrolled until the contract is signed and the
deposit received.

Enrollment-returning students: All Triad Academy returning students are notified of
eligibility to re-enroll by the end of the 3rd Quarter of the current year and are
offered a contract via mail for the coming school year. The signed contract and
deposit must be received by the school to secure the student’s space for the next
school year by April 1st. Unsecured spaces for the next school year will be
released for new admissions on that date.

Triad Academy, Inc. admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin
to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made
available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of sex,
race, color, national and ethnic origin in the administration of its educational
policies, admissions policies, scholarship awards, athletic program and other
school administered programs.

The Triad Academy school day for students runs from 8:15 a.m. to 3:10 p.m.
ARRIVAL- All 1st-6th grade students will report to the multi-purpose room upon
arrival and will remain there until the supervising teacher dismisses them to class at
8:15 a.m. 7th-8th grade students will report to their homeroom teacher until class is
released at 8:15am. 9th-12th grade students will be allowed to prepare for class
and socialize in the hall until 8:20 when their first period starts. Students will not be
admitted into the building before 8:00 a.m. Only students enrolled in the before
school program may arrive beginning at 7:30 a.m. (A maximum of ten families
are admitted into the before school program on a first-come, first-serve basis.)
Doors will remain locked until 8:00, at which time the supervising teacher will
unlock and open the door. All arrivals and departures should take place through
the main entrance only. The parking lot side door will remain locked through the
course of the day, for security purposes.

DEPARTURE- In order to facilitate pickup, and avoid traffic backup on Friedberg
Church Road, all families will be issued a orange carpool number tag to be
placed on the front passenger side windshield. These tags are to be kept in full
view so that the teacher on duty can quickly identify the next student to be
dismissed. If a student is not ready, parents should be asked to either park their
vehicle in a designated parking space, or pull over to the upper right area of the
driveway. No student will be dismissed through the carpool line to a car that
does not have a carpool tag. If, for unavoidable reasons parents must make
alternate arrangements for their child to be picked up, the front office must
receive prior parental notice and the driver will be required to park in a
designated parking space, come in to the front office, and sign the
student/carpool out.       Traffic through the circular lot will run only counter-

All full-time teachers will hold 20 minute tutorials in their classrooms before or after
school. A schedule will be published after the school year begins. Students are
welcome to drop-in for homework help, clarification on assignments, or help
catching up with missed work. Students may be required to attend morning
tutorial at a teacher’s discretion. Parents will be notified of such via the student’s
homework assignment book or e-mail.

Students may remain after class sessions or scheduled after school activities have
ended for no more than fifteen minutes. Adult supervision is only scheduled for
that period of time. There will be a $5.00 late pick up fee for every five minutes, or
any portion thereof, that the student must wait beyond the allotted pick-up time.
Specifically, late pick up charges will begin at 3:31 p.m.

       If a student is tardy, parents must come to the school office window and sign the
      student in for him/her to be admitted to class. Students habitually late or absent
      to a specific class will have grading penalties. Students are allowed six (6)
      unexcused tardies per quarter before grading penalties and contact from
      administration occurs.

      If a student is absent, a note must accompany him/her to class the day of his/her
      return. With the exception of long-term absences, make-up work will be given to
      the student upon his/her return to school. A student who is absent has the same
      number of days that they were absent to make up assignments.

      Students are allowed six (6) excused absences per quarter. To receive credit for
      the quarter, any student having more than six (6) unexcused absences will be
      required to attend one-on-one tutoring for three hours on a Saturday morning for
      each day over six (6) days that is missed within the grading period. Parents will
      be charged a tutoring fee of $40.00 per hour. If a child has accrued six (6)
      unexcused absences within a quarter, a ―warning letter‖ will be sent to parents
      informing them of such.

      Examples of excused absences are:
       Illness or injury with a doctor’s note
       Medical Appointments with a doctor’s note
       Family Emergencies with parent verification
       An educational trip, with prior approval by Director or Assistant Director

Morning Procedures:
      1.   Doors will open at 8:00
      2.   1st-6thth grade students will gather in the multipurpose room until 8:15. 7th
           and 8th grade students will gather in their homeroom class until 8:15am. 9th-
           12th grade students will be free to organize materials at their lockers, visit
           with friends, etc. until the first period bell rings at 8:20.
      3    The second doors will be locked at 8:20 as the bell rings for first period, and
           anyone coming after this time will need a late slip to get into their first
           period class. The front office will issue the late slips.
      4.   At 8:20, first period teachers will take attendance and send their report to
           the front office. Teachers must require a late slip for admittance in order to
           ensure that the front office has a record of each student’s arrival.
      5.   The front office will then compile attendance sheets for the day. A copy
           will be emailed out to the teachers and a hard copy will be added to the
           attendance notebook.


      ACCIDENT-In case of injury resulting from an accident on school grounds or during
      off-site school activities, the supervising staff will complete an Incident
      Occurrence Report detailing the event.            Administration will be notified
      immediately, but under no circumstances will an injured student be left alone.
      Minor first aid materials are available in all classrooms and the front office. In
cases requiring medical attention, the office will notify parents. In cases of
emergency, emergency care personnel and parents will be called immediately.

ILLNESS-If a student becomes ill, he/she should report the illness to his/her teacher
and the teacher may send the student to the office to have his/her temperature
taken. If the child is ill, the parent will be contacted to pick the student up from
school. Since Triad Academy does not maintain an on-site sick room, nor do we
have an on-site nurse, home is the best place for a sick child.
If a child is sent home with a fever, he/she may not attend school the following
day. A written note from a doctor is required when a child returns to school after
recovering from the following diseases: diphtheria, strep throat, hepatitis, scarlet
fever, lice, pink eye.
Parents must contact the school office if a child has had any communicable
diseases such as: chicken pox, head lice, strep throat, scarlet fever, pink eye,
impetigo or the influenza virus. Please do not send a child to school who has had
any of the following within the last 24 hours: fever, vomiting, diarrhea, severe
asthma/severe allergies.
A parent may be asked to provide a Doctor’s note allowing their child to return to
school if their child is not sick with a communicable disease. At any time, a child
may be sent home for sickness in order to prevent the transfer of illnesses.

MEDICATION-Parents must fill out Permission to Administer Medicine form (located
in the back of this handbook). The school will only dispense prescription
medication appropriately labeled with the student’s name and dosage in original
prescription containers. Please refrain from the use of plastic bags, pill dispensers,
etc. When sending in prescription medication. An ―authorization to dispense
medication‖ form must be on file in the office for each student taking prescription
A medication log is maintained in the Administrative offices. No Tylenol, aspirin, or
other over-the counter medication will be given unless supplied by the parent
and accompanied with a signed permission form stating the child’s name,
dosage to be given and time medication is to be administered.
By completing the designated section of the Emergency Card, parents can
authorize the school to administer one dose of dye-free Benadryl in the event that
their child experiences a severe allergic reaction while on school grounds. Triad
Academy reserves the right to refuse administering over-the-counter medications
if the age and dosage amount differ from those listed on the container.

ADHD MEDICATION- In keeping with current research, we believe that ADHD is a
neurologically based problem that, in many cases, is helped by medication. We
do not think that medication alone is an appropriate treatment. Medication does
not remediate learning disabilities, but rather makes a child more available for
instruction. The diagnosis of ADHD is not the job of a school; it is that of a physician
with input from parents, teachers, and other professionals who work with or test
the child.

Triad Academy's classes are small and provide structure that is often sufficient to
enable children with ADHD to learn without the need for medical intervention. If,
however, a child's self-image or rate of progress is affected significantly by
attention problems, we feel it is our responsibility to discuss these concerns with
parents and recommend that they consult with a physician to determine whether
medication is an option for their child. In addition, teachers will discuss with
parents the possible impact of attention problems on a child who is leaving the
program and returning to a school with larger classes.

If a child is on medication, our teachers provide feedback to parents and
physicians to help assure maximum benefit.

Medication is not required by Triad Academy. However, if our structure is not
effective enough and a child's attention problems interfere with achieving our
goals for the child or with the learning of other children, our program is no longer
appropriate. Assistance will be provided in finding another placement.

Class schedules will vary depending on the grade and curriculum for each

In addition to daily classes in Language Tutorial, Written Expression, Math, and
Reading Comprehension, students are taught science, social studies and
enrichment classes including art, computer, library, music/drama and PE. High
School students will be enrolled in foreign language or a senior seminar class.

Triad Academy is committed to promoting an atmosphere of open
communication with parents. Besides regularly scheduled conferences, parents
are welcome to contact teachers during school hours for a phone or in-person
conference at a mutually agreeable time. Please call the school’s main number
at 775-4900 and use the automated directory to leave a voice-mail message for
the teacher between 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. In all but extreme circumstances,
your call will be returned that day.      Homework assignment books are an
additional convenient and appropriate means of daily communication. Please
remember we ask parents to sign these items daily to ensure parents are staying
informed regarding a student’s progress or important changes.

Triad Academy has adopted and follows a universal school-wide scope and
sequence of skills to be mastered in Language Arts Classes (Language Tutorial,
Written Expression, and Reading Comprehension) and Math. Based on entrance
testing, students are grouped by achievement with similarly achieving peers, in
each of these classes.     Parents receive quarterly reports regarding student
academic progress and class participation at each mid-quarter.

In content area courses, students are generally grouped by grade. Universal
accommodations are offered through out the school which allows student access
to the general curriculum despite their Learning Disability.

Each child’s psycho-educational evaluation is reviewed by the child’s core
teacher within the first 40 business days of school.       Any additional
accommodations not routinely offered by the school, but recommended by the
professional who tested your child, are considered and noted on the child’s
accommodation sheet.

Field trips may be scheduled to enhance the classroom curriculum. All field trips
are coordinated through the supervising teacher and a permission form will be
sent home for each trip with specific information detailing the date, time, and
travel plans. This form must be signed by a parent and returned to school, or the
student will stay on campus while the group is on the trip. Generally, staff-driven
bus transportation is provided.

Guidelines for Chaperones
1. Please be punctual. Chaperones need to be at school at least fifteen (15)
minutes before we are supposed to leave.

2. Please keep emergency cards given to you by the classroom teacher with you
at all times.

3. Unless instructed otherwise by the teacher, you are expected to remain with
your assigned group of students at all times.

4. If a child needs to use the restroom, the chaperone should escort the entire
group to the restrooms. At no time should a child go to the restroom by
him/herself. If you have children of the opposite sex in your group, please ask a
chaperone of the same sex as the child/ren to escort the group to the bathroom
and remain outside the door of the bathroom until all children are accounted for.

5. Children are expected to walk at all times. Children who run ahead of the
group or lag behind should be redirected immediately. If a second comment is
necessary, that child should be taken by the hand for the rest of the trip. If this is
not effective, please bring the child to the teacher.

6. If the field trip includes lunch, please encourage good manners within your
group. Children should remain seated while they eat. All trash must be disposed
of properly.

7. Please do not buy food or gifts for your child or children in your group unless
specifically directed to do so by the teacher. Unless otherwise specified, we will
not visit gift shops on our outings.

8. Please use as direct a route as possible to the field trip site. NO stops should be
made unless they are a part of our outing. Maps will be provided whenever
possible. Please check the routes ahead of time in case you get separated from
the group. Please obey all traffic rules.

9. Upon returning to the school, please supervise the children until he classroom
teacher arrives. Make sure all belongings are out of the vehicle and the

emergency forms are returned to the teacher. Please have the children walk
calmly and quietly back into the school.

10. Please refrain from smoking while on the outing.

Report cards will be issued four times per year and will be graded on the following

            A+: 97-100
            A: 93-96
            A-: 90-92
            B+: 87-89
            B: 83-86
            B-: 80-82
            C+: 77-79
            C: 73-76
            C-: 70-72
            D+: 67-69
            D: 63-66
            D-: 60-62
            F: below 60

Grades are given for achievement and effort based on the student’s own
academic performance level. Class work, homework, and test grades comprise
each quarterly grade. Students in all grades are also assigned a number to
indicate the level on which they are working as follows:

      1= above grade level performance
      2-on grade level performance
      3-below grade level performance

For example, a report card may indicate that a fifth grader received an ―A‖ in
Language Tutorial based on weekly test, homework, and class work grades, but
the ―3‖ beside it indicates that this is on below-grade level material.

Standard Weight Percentages for High School Students Only:


M. Cheating and Plagiarism
Triad Academy strives to create and maintain an environment of trust and
honesty. Any form of cheating and/or plagiarism is considered a violation of the
honestly and trust established at Triad Academy and will be disciplined.

Cheating is defined as but is not limited to:
 To act dishonestly by copying another student’s answer’s to a test, quiz,
  homework, or any other school assignment and submit this as your own work for
  the teacher’s evaluation and grading.
 To act dishonestly by bringing in or creating in the classroom any unauthorized
  materials (such as cheat notes, answers written on hand or desk etc) in order to
  answer questions on a test, quiz or assessment.
 To act dishonestly by talking or using signs or gestures during a quiz, test or

Plagiarism is defined as but is not limited to:
 To neglect to document with quotation marks any material directly taken from
   another source.
 To neglect to acknowledge paraphrased material with parenthetical
 To use another’s work as one’s own such as turning in a paper written by another
   student or copying material from online, in whole or in part, that is not one’s own

Consequences for Plagiarism or Cheating:
1. Teachers will conference with the student about the violation and inform
2. The student will receive a zero on the assignment and will be suspended for the
   remainder of the day and/or the next day according to the administrator’s
3. Teacher will contact the student’s parent and explain the situation.
4. If further issues arise, administration, teachers and parents will work together to
   ensure the proper consequences which may include further suspension, behavior
   contract and/or expulsion.

   The purpose of homework is to provide repetition, review, and practice of
   previously learned skills. It is designed to promote responsibility, independent work
   habits, and should not be an opportunity for new learning. The work assigned will
   be at a level consistent with the student’s ability to complete the assignment
   without help. With the exception of oral reading assignments, we ask that parents
   not assist with homework, unless specifically requested on an individual
   assignment by a teacher. All students will be issued a homework assignment
   book (h.a.b.) on the first day of school. It is to be kept in the front of each
   student’s binder at all times. Students are not allowed to tear out old pages of
   their h.a.b., due to documentation purposes. If a student loses or destroys their
   h.a.b. during the year, a new one will be issued and the student will be charged
   $10.00 to replace it. All homework assignments will be written in the assignment
   book and must be initialed by the teacher such that all materials necessary to
   complete the work are taken home. Please make sure you sign your child’s
   homework assignment book and reading log nightly.

   Time spent on homework will vary based on grade level, with the following
   general guidelines:
      Primary grades            maximum of 30 minutes per night
      Upper Elementary          maximum of 45 minutes per night
      Middle school             maximum of 60 minutes per night
      High School               maximum of 90 minutes per night

Any concerns regarding the length or difficulty of a specific assignment should be
noted in the Homework Assignment Book. It is the homeroom teacher’s
responsibility to sign the Homework Assignment Books for each class.

1st-6th Grade
Any 1st-6th grade student with incomplete/unacceptable homework will receive a
demerit which must be served at lunch and the completed assignment will be
due the following day.

7th-12th Grade
7th-12th grade students with incomplete homework will receive a 20 point
deduction off the final grade for one day being late. Teachers will not accept
late work after one day late. The assignment will be given a zero and the student
will serve an after-school detention during the same week. Generally, students will
have homework every night.

Triad Academy will announce school cancellations, late openings, and early
closings due to inclement weather on all major local television stations. Given the
fact that we have families traveling from over 8 counties, we may not necessarily
follow the Forsyth or Davidson County public schools.

If a one hour delay is called, school will open at 8:30am for the before school
program and at 9am for all other students. If a two hour delay is called, school
will open at 9:30am for the before school program and 10am for all other
students. Regular schedule will resume for the rest of the day.

A strong parent volunteer organization is vital to a school of our size and special
focus. All parents are requested to contribute to the efforts of this organization by,
at a minimum, agreeing to serve ten (10) hours of volunteer service on behalf of
the school.

In general, Triad Academy opens in late August and closes in early June. School
is in session for 180 days. A detailed calendar of special holidays, teacher work
days, and conference days are included on the back cover of this handbook.
Details regarding upcoming events are also posted on the school’s website

Students are permitted to bring a snack to eat during their break. Students are
not allowed to share food items as we have some students with substantial food
allergies. Parents are welcome to bring cupcakes or special treats in celebration
of student birthdays, but ask that a treat be provided for the entire student body
(55 minimum). Please do not send treats that contain nuts as we have several
students with nut allergies.
Birthday Party invitations cannot be distributed at school.

All students are pre-tested prior to admission. This consists of standardized testing
which is used for student placement and to plan instructional programming. Skill
assessments are given frequently in Language Tutorial, Written Expression and
Math to document skill mastery and retention. Content area teachers frequently
test content knowledge through teacher-made quizzes and tests, with study
guides always provided before each major test. Lower School Students are
allowed only one test per day (with the exception of skill assessments/mastery
tasks which require no prior studying).In late spring, students are given a battery of
post-tests to assess reading, written language, and math progress. Students in
selected grades are generally pulled out of their regular classes for one-on-one
testing at this time. A pre-requisite for admission to Triad Academy, includes a
psycho educational evaluation, current within 2 years. Families are encouraged
to have follow-up evaluations at regular intervals, preferably, every 3 years.

When a student is re-evaluated a copy of the updated testing must be provided
to the school to facilitate educational planning. High School students applying to
take the PSAT or SAT must have a psycho educational evaluation current within 5
years of entering the 9th grade to qualify for standardized testing
accommodations. If a student failed to qualify for the universal accommodations
we provide during administration of the PSAT/SAT, the student will be required to
have these tests administered at an alternate location. Students transitioning to
mainstream settings should be re-evaluated prior to placement in the new
academic setting. Please contact the Director or Assistant Director for a list of
recommended area psychologists who can provide these assessments.

Triad Academy maintains permanent records for all current and former students
which include:
-Report cards
-Immunization records
-Progress reports
-Standardized achievement tests
-Transcripts (High School only)
At parent request, or request of the receiving institution, one copy of these
academic records will be provided. Requests for additional copies, including
transcript requests, will be billed at the rate of $5.00 per request plus any
applicable postage. We require 72 hours notice for all record transfer or transcript

So as to provide uniform materials and ensure consistency of supplies, Triad
Academy purchases school supplies for students. This includes a zippered binder,
composition books, highlighters/ notebook paper and these are distributed during
the August student open house. A school supply/curriculum fee of $375.00 is
billed to each family in August. Textbooks, literature selections, and other
curriculum materials are also supplied by the school. In the event a textbook is
lost or damaged by a student, parents will be charged for replacement of the
book. Students are also assessed for lost library books at the end of the school

We gladly welcome parent visitors after the first two weeks of school, and
encourage new families to observe classes so that they can become familiar with
our unique techniques and the strategies we use. Because we have, on an
almost daily basis, visitors to the school, we do ask that you contact your child’s
teacher(s) to schedule a visit in advance to avoid overlap with another
scheduled visit, or schedule conflict.

Parents, guardians, or the person financially responsible for the student agrees to
a specific payment plan for tuition and fees by signing an enrollment contract
with the school. Enrollment is for the entire school year, and all charges and
tuition shall be due and payable in accordance with the terms of the agreement.
Tuition will not be prorated or refunded in cases involving absence, withdrawal,
suspension, or dismissal. All deposits are non-refundable. Billing statements will
be mailed two weeks prior to the due date and payments must be made on or
before that date or applicable interest will be applied per the enrollment
contract.      In the event that tuition payments become 30 days past due, no
grades, conferences, reports, or other data shall be issued until the account is
made current. In addition, Triad Academy reserves the right to deny further
instruction until such time as the account balance is paid in full. No final grades,
conferences, reports, or other data will be given until all fees are paid in full.

Due to recurring problems with lost and broken toys and electronic equipment,
students are not allowed to bring toys (including electronic hand-held games
such as Gameboy) to school. Students are not allowed to bring tape players, MP3
players, CD players, DVD players, or headphones to school. If for security reasons,
a student must bring a cell phone or pager to school, these must be left in the
front office during the school day. Failure to comply will result in administration
taking the cell phone until a parent can come to pick it up from the administrator.
This rule will only be relaxed on specific occasions such as out-of-town field trips or
if a teacher requests that students bring toys or sports equipment for a class
project or assignment. Parents should be advised of this temporary rule change in
writing prior to the event.

In the event of a national, regional, or local crisis, Triad Academy has a school
lock-down policy and will continue typical school activities if appropriate. Parents
may call the school or pick up students as needed. Our phone voicemail has an
emergency 12 hour back up feature which permits its use even in the event of a
power loss. The decision to close school will be announced on local television. In
the event that an evacuation is necessary, we will evacuate the students to
Friedberg Elementary School.

School faculty and administration may be requested to attend meetings or
provide consultations with professionals outside the school. We are happy to
attend IEP meetings, arbitration meetings and consultations with other service
providers. In the event that these services are requested by a family or school
system, a professional consultation fee of $40.00 per hour will be charged for
each school representative who attends. Triad Academy reserves the right to
determine the specific staffing needs for each conference. This fee may also be
applied if faculty is required to complete extensive paperwork on behalf of a
current or former student.

Triad Academy will provide bus service to and from Triad Academy and the
Thruway Shopping Center area on a daily basis for the 2010-2011 school year.
Seats will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis and will fill quickly. The bus can
seat a maximum of 14 students. The bus will be driven by a Triad Academy
employee and will leave Thruway daily at 7:45am and return at 3:30pm each
afternoon. The cost of bus transportation will be $450 per semester. Students must
enroll for an entire semester and the cost will be billed on a semester basis. An
invoice will be mailed to participating families prior to the beginning of the first
and second semesters. We cannot have the ability to offer bus service home on
half days.


Illegal drugs, alcohol and all tobacco products; including cigarettes, chewing
tobacco, beer, wine, marijuana and other illegal substances are not permitted
anywhere on the school grounds or on any school-sponsored field trip or away
activity. Any student possessing, using, or under the influence of drugs, alcohol or
tobacco will be suspended and may be dismissed from the school immediately.

If a student damages property belonging to the school, a school employee, or
another student, the child will be held financially responsible for replacing the
property. The student may additionally be suspended or dismissed from the
school immediately based on the severity of the infraction.

 Weapons of any kind, including knives, guns, and gun paraphernalia are strictly
forbidden from school property. Possession of any firearm, knife, weapon or
object which could be used as a weapon will result in suspension or immediate
dismissal from school at the Director’s discretion.

All student attire should be neat, clean, of the appropriate fit, and free from tears
and rips. Pants may not drag the ground. Shirts must be tucked in, no underwear
may show, nor should midriffs.

All tops must be ordered from the Lands’ End Uniform Catalog. Please see Triad
Academy’s approved styles on their web site, for
specific information. (Preferred school code #90010929-9). For additional
questions, please contact Lands’ End at 1-800-469-2222.

The following styles are approved and must be tucked in:
Lands’ End mesh or interlock polo shirts
Long or short sleeved
  Chambray Blue
  Navy Blue
  Cobalt Blue
Lands’ End rugby shirts
  Navy Blue
  Cobalt Blue
  Chambray Blue
Lands’ End oxford cloth button-down shirts
Long or short sleeved
  Light Blue
Land’s End turtleneck or mock turtleneck shirts
    Chambray Blue
    Navy Blue
    Cobalt Blue
Lands’ End sweaters
Can be worn over polo/button-down shirts. See Lands’ End Catalog for
acceptable styles.
  Navy Blue
  Cobalt Blue
  Chambray Blue
Lands’ End fleece
Can be worn over polo/button-down shirts. See Lands’ End Catalog for
acceptable styles.
  Cobalt Blue
  Navy Blue

Each student must have at least one chambray blue polo shirt embroidered with
the Triad Academy logo for “special occasion” use.

Logo is permitted on all shirts/tops.

It is acceptable to wear a white t-shirt underneath outer shirts, provided they are
plain or the graphics on them do not show through.

Khaki-colored or Navy Blue, chino style pleated or plain front pants and shorts
from any manufacturer are acceptable. Capri pants are acceptable for girls.
See the Lands’ End Catalog for acceptable styles.
Pants designed with belt loops must be worn with a belt.
Shorts must not be shorter than finger-tip length.

The following are not allowed:
Jeans or denim pants
Pants with rivets
Cargo pants
Sweat pants

Khaki colored or Navy Blue pleated or plain front skirts or skorts from any
manufacturer are acceptable.         See the Lands’ End Catalog for acceptable
Skirts/skorts must not be shorter than finger-tip length.

Casual and dress shoes, sneakers or boots are acceptable. No flip flops. Students
are required to wear athletic shoes on the day they have PE class.

Hair should be neat, clean, and of a naturally occurring color. No extreme
hairstyles, caps, or hoods are allowed inside the building. One pair of earrings, in
the lower lobe only, is acceptable for girls. No other piercing or visible tattoos of
any kind are allowed.

Students who are out of dress code should be reprimanded by the first faculty
member who sees the infraction. A student out of dress code will not be
permitted to attend class until the situation is remedied. Parents will be called to
bring an appropriate item of dress.

Fire drills will be held throughout the school year. Each student is to follow his/her
teacher silently out of the building in an orderly fashion and line up behind the
teacher on the concrete basketball court. An evacuation plan is posted in each
classroom clearly indicating the evacuation route. Upon completion of the drill,
students should follow their teacher into the building in the same manner.

Sexual harassment of students, school employees, or other third parties having
any business with the school is strictly prohibited and should be reported directly
to the Director or Assistant Director.       Sexual harassment is defined as any
unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or
physical conduct which is in any way intimidating or offensive. During school
hours/related activities, the staff must complete an Incident Report when sexual
harassment is observed. This report is sent immediately to the Director. Students
will be suspended or dismissed for sexual harassment.

Demeaning, derogatory remarks or other harassing behavior including, but not
limited to those relating to racial, ethnic, or religious issues, are strictly prohibited
and should be reported immediately to school administration. This applies to
comments or behavior directed at students, school employees, or other third
parties having business with the school. Any actions causing physical or mental
discomfort to another student or employee will not be tolerated during school
hours or at school-sponsored events. Incidents of physical or verbal abuse should
be reported to the Director immediately. Staff is responsible for filling out an
Incident Report when physical or verbal abuse is observed. This report is sent
immediately to the Director. Students will be suspended or dismissed for physical
or verbal abuse.

If a child is experiencing significant emotional issues during the school day, his or
her parent will be called to pick up their child. Triad Academy does not have a
counselor on staff and if the emotional state of the student interferes with their
learning or the learning of others, the parent will be asked to pick up their child for
the remainder of the school day. Triad Academy may refer the student to outside
counseling services if needed.

Students are offered access to the internet to support, supplement, and enhance
the Triad Academy curriculum. Because the internet is a fluid environment,
information available via its access is constantly changing and it is therefore
impossible to predict with certainty what kinds of information will be accessible.
Access to the internet, will therefore be withdrawn for users who do not respect
the rights of others or follow the rules established by Triad Academy regarding its
use. Student use of the internet is a privilege, not a right at Triad Academy. The
following rules regarding the computer lab and internet use apply:

          I. Students are allowed to access the internet in the computer lab and
          classrooms with only a supervising faculty member present.

          II. The library computer is for faculty use only and should not be used to
          access the internet.
          III. Unacceptable use of computers/internet use includes the following:
               a) Violating copyright laws

                       b) Using/transmitting profane, obscene, offensive language, pictures
                       or graphics
                       c) Communicating threats/harassing others
                       d) Plagiarism
                       e) Using another person’s i.d./password without permission
                       f) Access to online websites such as Myspace, Facebook, Yahoo
                       Messenger, Google Talk, Instant Messenger are not allowed.

                 4. Student email access is permitted only with permission and presence of
                    a faculty member for school purposes only. Otherwise, students are not
                    allowed to access email accounts.


        1st-6th Grade
        Triad Academy uses a specific behavior management plan to encourage and
        reward appropriate behavior and discourage inappropriate behavior of students.
        A system of points and demerits constitutes the core of this plan whereby students
        earn daily ―points‖ (positive reinforcement) and ―demerits‖ (negative
        reinforcement). Point sheets are incorporated into the homework assignment book
        (h.a.b.) and points/demerits are recorded by teachers in class and other times of the

        POINTS-In addition to stickers, verbal praise, and other small rewards, points can be
        earned for class work, academic effort, pro-social behavior, and other positive
        incidences the faculty would like to reward and encourage or reinforce. Each time
        a student earns a point, a number is written in the designated space on the
        homework assignment book which corresponds to the type of behavior being
        rewarded. Each of these numbers represents one point. Students earn points in the
        following categories:

    Point Type               Behaviors Rewarded                          Examples

    1                        Exceptional homework                 All problems correct
                                                                  neat, on time

    2                        Exceptional class work               Perfect dictation, 100%
                                                                  on mastery task

    3                        Good academic effort                 Following directions,
                                                                  on-task, working

4                            Positive attitude                    Helping someone in need,
                                                                  doing something without being
                                                                  asked, being kind to others

        Points accrue and are totaled weekly. Students are allowed to use their points to
            purchase items in the Triad Academy Prize Store (TAPS) one time a week.

      DEMERITS-Corporal punishment is not allowed at Triad Academy, nor is demeaning
      comments, humiliation, or public admonishment tolerated. Instead, a system of
      demerits is in place which is designated to pinpoint inappropriate behaviors or the
      neglect of important school rules or procedures. Each time a demerit is earned, a
      number is written on the point sheet which corresponds with the type of behavior
      which has occurred. Each of these numbers represents one demerit and each
      demerit must be ―served off‖ during lunch at a designated lunch time for the entire
      lunch time. When a demerit has been served, the supervising teacher circles the
      demerit and initials that it has been served off. Demerits are earned in the following

  Demerit Type            Behavioral Infraction                          Examples
Lack of Preparation Demerits
1                         Not set up for class                    late to class, materials
                                                                  left in locker, no point
                                                                  sheet, etc.

 2                          Unacceptable homework                 sloppy work, work not
                                                                  done, incomplete

Behavior Demerits
3                          Disrespectful behavior                 disrespect authority,
                                                                  cheating, lying,
                                                                  stealing, bullying,
                                                                  hurting words/arguing
                                                                  with authority physical
                                                                  or verbal aggression/
                                                                  profane language
                                                                  refusing to do work,

4.                          Inconsiderate behavior                behavior, being loud
                                                                  or disruptive, minor
                                                                  rule infractions, playing
                                                                  in bathrooms, etc.

     Any student who consistently receives demerits will be asked to stay afterschool with
     their parents and the Assistant Director to develop a behavior plan to prevent further


7th-12th Grade Students


After-school detention may be assigned by a faculty member as an appropriate means
of consequence for an infraction. Afterschool detention is held in the teacher’s
classroom from 3:30-4:15pm and the parent will be notified in writing and by phone of
this occurrence. A student assigned a detention is ineligible for any extracurricular
functions until the detention is served.

In an effort to promote increased responsibility and encourage maturity and self-
discipline students in grades 7-12 do not participate in the point system. If a discipline
problem arises, the student may receive a lunch or afterschool detention by a faculty
member. When a student receives detention, a pink slip will be filled out by the faculty
member who witnessed the infraction. The detention slip must be signed by the
student’s parents and returned to the teacher on the following morning. If a student
consistently receives detentions due to behavioral issues, the student and his/her
parents will be required to meet with the child’s teachers and the Assistant Director. A
behavioral contract will be developed and will run for 6 weeks. The contract will again
be reviewed with parents. If significant behavioral improvement has not been seen, the
student will be dismissed from the program. Examples of behaviors which warrant a
detention include but are not limited to the following:

      Disrespect to fellow students or faculty
      Being loud or rough housing in the classrooms or halls
      Profane language
      Late homework beyond one day

Detentions and Suspension
Disregarding school rules, gross disrespect of teachers, students or the safety of the
group, prolonged behavioral difficulties, or substantial interference with the academic
or social progress of other students may result in the suspension or dismissal of any
student from Triad Academy at the Director’s discretion, regardless of detention status.
In the case of an administrative detention, suspensions may include the remainder of
the school day.

Triad Academy reserves the absolute right to suspend and/or expel any student who in
the Director or Assistant Director’s opinion has behaved in such a manner that the
student remaining at Triad Academy is detrimental to the school, regardless of
detention status. Parents will be notified via phone of such occurrences.

Any student who has served a detention may be placed on "disciplinary probation"
which means that during the period of probation set for the student, that student’s
behavior shall be carefully monitored, and the student will be expected to adhere to
the behavior and student responsibility code and student handbook in an exemplary
fashion. Any subsequent offenses shall be considered more serious and more offensive
than if committed during a non-probationary period. A student on "disciplinary
probation" is ineligible for any extracurricular functions and if referred for disciplinary
reasons during probation will be suspended.

A student who receives two suspensions during the year will be placed on a behavioral
contract. The student and his/her parents will be required to meet with the child’s
teachers and the Assistant Director. A behavioral contract will be developed for
students who consistently demonstrate disrespectful behavior which will run for 6 weeks.
The contract will again be reviewed with parents. If significant behavioral improvement
has not been seen, the student will be dismissed from the program.

All parents and visitors are asked to supervise their children on Triad Academy
playground and equipment after school hours. If you are attending an after school
meeting, and your child must stay with you, the student must remain in the school lobby
or lunchroom. While the student is welcome to complete homework in the lunchroom,
the faculty and staff of the school shall not be responsible for supervision of students. No
skateboarding or skating will be allowed on school property.

                                         Triad Academy

                          Permission to Administer Medicine Form

Child’s Name_______________________________________________

Name of Medication _________________________________________


Time(s) to be Given ___________________________________________

Date(s) to be Given_______________________________________________

Parent’s Signature___________________________________________

Monday     Tuesday    Wednesday       Thursday          Friday

Type of Medicine
 _____________ _____________      _____________        ________      _________

Dosage Given
_____________    _____________    ____________ ___________        ____________

Time Given
 _____________   _____________    _____________        ___________ __________

                  - - - - - Please cut here and retain these rules for your records- - - -

In order for the school to administer any medication to a student, the following procedure must
be followed:

      1. Parents must fill out a Permission to Administer Medicine Form.
      2. Medicine, both prescription and over-the-counter, must be brought to the child’s
         teacher by the parents and it will be placed in locked storage and refrigerated if
      3. Prescription medicine must be contained in the original bottle with the child’s name,
         dosage, frequency and duration of use.
      4. Non-prescription medicine must be in the original container with written instructions
         from the parents regarding dosage and frequency.
      5. No medication can be sent to school in a child’s lunch bag. This includes vitamins,
         aspirin, cough drops, candies or other over-the-counter drugs.
      6. Medication will not be administered after any stated or printed expiration date.

                            Student Handbook 2010-2011
                          Acknowledgement of Compliance

I have read this Student Handbook and understand the policies written.
I agree to abide by all the policies and procedures here within.

Student Signature:                                    Date:

Parent Signature:                                     Date:

                    Authorization for Triad Academy to Release Records


Student Name_______________________________________________

As the parent or legal guardian of the student named above, I hereby authorize Triad Academy
to release to _________________________ the records of the student that fall within the categories
checked below.

____All grade reports and information from Triad Academy

____Health and immunization records

____Standardized testing records from Triad Academy

____Other (if any)
______________________________(please specify)

      I understand that Triad Academy will not release these records until it receives a written
request to do so and that Triad Academy will release transcripts, reports cards and other non-
medical records only when all of our family’s obligations to Triad Academy—financial and
otherwise—are met.

             Signature of parent or legal guardian

             Print name

August                                      AUGUST 2010                         SEPTEMBER 2010                September
18- Faculty In-Service Days                                                                                   6- Labor Day- No School
                                   S    M     T   W    Th   F    S         S    M    T    W    Th   F    S
23- Open House Night                                                                                          10-11- Associate Level Training
                                   1    2     3    4    5    6    7                       1    2    3    4
25- School Begins for Students                                                                                16-19- Training Director On-Site
25-26- Training Director On-Site   8    9    10   11   12   13   14        5    6    7    8    9    10   11   17- 11:45am Dismissal
27-29- Associate Level Training    15   16   17   18   19   20   21        12   13   14   15   16   17   18   17-19- Associate Level Training
                                   22   23   24   25   26   27   28        19   20   21   22   23   24   25
                                   29   30   31                            26   27   28   29   30

October                                 OCTOBER 2010                            NOVEMBER 2010                 November
4- 1st-7th Grade Conferences-                                                                                 6- SAT Administration
                                   S    M     T   W    Th   F    S         S    M    T    W    Th   F    S
No School for 1st-7th Grade                                                                                   11-12- Training Director On-Site
                                                            1    2              1    2    3    4    5    6
5- 8th-12th Grade Conferences-                                                                                12- 11:45am Dismissal
No School for 8th-12th Grade       3    4     5   6    7    8    9         7    8    9    10   11   12   13   24-26- Thanksgiving Holiday- No
7-10- Certified Level Training     10   11   12   13   14   15   16        14   15   16   17   18   19   20   School
8- 11:45am Dismissal               17   18   19   20   21   22   23        21   22   23   24   25   26   27
11- Columbus Day- No School        24   25   26   27   28   29   30        28   29   30
13- PSAT Administration            31
20-21- Training Director On-Site
22-24- Certified Level Training
23- ACT Administration
28- End of 1st Quarter
29- Faculty In-Service Day – No
School for students

December                                DECEMBER 2010                           JANUARY 2011                  January
10- 11:45am Dismissal                                                                                         3- School Resumes
                                   S    M     T   W    Th   F    S         S    M    T    W    Th   F    S
13-17- Midterms for Upper                                                                                     13-14- Training Director On-Site
                                                  1    2    3    4                                       1
School                                                                                                        14- 11:45am Dismissal
20-31- Holiday Break- No           5    6     7   8    9    10   11        2    3     4    5    6    7    8   17- MLK Day- No School
School                             12   13   14   15   16   17   18        9    10   11   12   13   14   15   21- End of 2nd Quarter
                                   19   20   21   22   23   24   25        16   17   18   19   20   21   22
                                   26   27   28   29   30   31             23   24   25   26   27   28   29
                                                                           30   31

February                                FEBRUARY 2011                               MARCH 2011                March
7-9- Training Director On-Site                                                                                10-11- Training Director On-Site
                                   S    M     T   W    Th   F    S         S    M    T    W    Th   F    S
7- 1st-7th Grade Conferences-                                                                                 11- 11:45am Dismissal
                                              1   2    3    4    5                   1    2    3    4    5
No School for 1st-7th Grade                                                                                   12- SAT Administration
8- 8th-12th Grade Conferences-     6    7     8   9    10   11   12        6    7    8    9    10   11   12   25- End of 3rd Quarter
No School for 8th-12th Grade       13   14   15   16   17   18   19        13   14   15   16   17   18   19   28-31- Spring Break- No School
18- 11:45am Dismissal              20   21   22   23   24   25   26        20   21   22   23   24   25   26
21- President’s Day- No School     27   28                                 27   28   29   30   31
25- Faculty In-Service Day-
NCIDA- No School for Students

April                                        APRIL 2011                              MAY 2011                 May
1- Spring Break- No School                                                                                    9-10- Training Director On-Site
                                   S    M     T   W    Th   F    S         S    M    T    W    Th   F    S
4- School resumes                                                                                             9- 1st-7th Grade Conferences-
                                                            1    2          1    2    3    4    5    6    7
6-8- Training Director On-Site                                                                                No School for 1st-7th Grade
8- 11:45am Dismissal               3    4     5   6    7    8    9          8    9   10   11   12   13   14   10- 8th-12th Grade Conferences-
22-Good Friday- No School          10   11   12   13   14   15   16        15   16   17   18   19   20   21   No School for 8th-12th Grade
25- Holiday- No School             17   18   19   20   21   22   23        22   23   24   25   26   27   28   13- 11:45am Dismissal
                                   24   25   26   27   28   29   30        29   30   31                       23-27- Upper School Final
                                                                                                              30- Memorial Day- No School
                                                                                                              31- Graduation at 6 pm

June                                         JUNE 2011
2- Field Day                       S    M     T   W    Th   F    S
3- Last Day of School for
                                                   1    2   3     4
Students/End of 4th Quarter
                                    5    6    7    8    9   10   11             Special Testing Dates for Upper
6-8- Faculty In-Service Days
                                   12   13   14   15   16   17   18             School                               11:45am Dismissal
                                   19   20   21   22   23   24   25
                                   26   27   28   29   30                                                             Conferences
                                                                                End of Quarter
Updated: 6/24/10

                                                                      30        Faculty In-Service Days               Holiday

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