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    Vorwerk TEXtiles® – Textile innovations in carpet
    tiles for building with ecology in mind

Vorwerk Teppichwerke offers an innovative and ecological alternative
to conventional bitumen and PVC products in a new generation of
purely textile tiles.

Hamlin, January 2009 – In the contract business for textile floor coverings,
carpet tiles are developing into a more and more popular, and frequently
necessary, alternative to carpet from the roll. This is especially true in
situations where flexibility through a capability for reinstallation is called for.
Whereas products with a heavyweight bitumen or PVC backing had mainly
been resorted to for application in this sector until now, Vorwerk is now
offering an ecologically and economically sensible alternative with not one
but two new carpet tiles. The first tiles of their kind to be equipped with a
fully textile carpet backing, the innovative “TEXtiles® lightweight tile” and
the new “TEXtiles® SL heavy-duty tile” refrain completely from the use of
bitumen or PVCs and are fully recyclable. As a result, TEXtiles® carpet-tile
products are ideally suited for projects in which particular value is being
placed on sustainable building and furnishing.

Vorwerk TEXtiles® set standards ─ ecologically and economically

Vorwerk TEXtiles® is the quality designation for lightweight tiles from
Vorwerk which have been equipped with a purely textile secondary
backing. The innovation thereby: the new synthetic backing material
comprised of a strongly needled and calendered polyester liner is fully
recyclable. What’s more, despite a savings of 40 per cent less weight in
comparison to bitumen tiles, Vorwerk TEXtiles            exhibit the best attribut

for laying and a high degree of stability. These new lightweight tiles reach a
total weight of merely 2.5 to 2.9 kilogrammes per square metre, a weight
which complies with the EU standard EN 1307, Appendix A for adhesive

The advantages of lightweight TEXtiles              carpet tiles are felt not only
through their good walking comfort: the distinctly easier handling can be
readily sensed. Their lower weight means that both energy consumption
and CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced during transport. From an
ecological or an economical standpoint, a substantial gain.

Vorwerk Teppichwerke has also developed an ecological alternative to
conventional heavyweight carpet tiles through its second innovation, the
“TEXtiles® SL” heavy-duty tile. Specially developed for Vorwerk, the heavy-
duty coating on a polyolefin basis refrains completely from the use of
bitumen or PVC components. That makes TEXtiles® SL the first fully
recyclable heavy-duty carpet tile in the weight class ≥ 3.5 kg / m². As is
usually the case with heavy-duty tiles, all that’s needed to install TEXtiles®
SL is a slip-resistant adhesive, yet they distinguish themselves through the
best attributes for laying and a high degree of dimensional stability.

TEXtiles ─ a plus for the environment

Thanks to state-of-the-art production techniques, Vorwerk TEXtiles® are
manufactured using methods that place less of a burden on resources and
are compatible with the environment. A proportion of around 60 per cent
recycled material is used for the innovative backing construction in order to
work sparingly with raw materials. At Vorwerk, those recyclants are
obtained directly from production. The “cradle to cradle” concept is the
motto applied in manufacturing all TEXtiles . That concept is backed up by
the utilisation of nearly CO2-neutral energy, as well as the complete
recyclability displayed by all TEXtiles .

Keeping energy in mind, TEXtiles          carpet tiles also contribute towards
improving a building’s energy balance, even after installation. Alongside the
energy-saving features which generally apply for wall-to-wall carpets, the
strength of the new TEXtiles® backing construction comes particularly to
bear when laid on top of floor heating. According to figures from experts,
about 35 per cent of all commercially used floor-space construction is
going to be equipped with floor heating in the future. When heavyweight
tiles containing bitumen or PVCs were used in the past, the disadvantages
that arose above all took the form of a high level of resistance to thermal
transmissibility. But the expenditure in time and energy to heat rooms is
high. Tests conducted at an independent testing laboratory have recently
concluded that Vorwerk TEXtiles® exhibit a substantially lower resistance to
thermal transmissibility thanks to their fully textile backing. In other words,
the warmth generated by floor heating can reach the room faster while
using less energy. In comparison to a conventional textile carpet tile coated
with a PVC or bitumen layer, when Vorwerk TEXtiles® are used the flow
temperature for floor heating can be kept 3 to 5 degrees lower. That means
less energy consumption, a clear-cut cost savings and lower CO2
emissions for a better environment.

TEXtiles® ─ a win-win situation for health

Besides being a plus for the environment, TEXtiles® offer positive aspects
for health, too. Vorwerk TEXtiles® carpet tiles have been awarded the seal
“suitable for those suffering from allergies” by the German TÜV (a technical
certification association), and are also recommended by DAAB, the
German Association for Allergies and Asthma, due to their properties
towards reducing the amount of fine dust particles. Both of these
characteristics cannot be achieved using conventionally coated tiles! And
when it comes to walking comfort, the new generation of tiles from Vorwerk
is superior to conventional bitumen products, too. As a result of the clearly

greater flexibility in the textile backing material, footsteps are cushioned
substantially better, thus conveying a perfect carpet feel. Aspects like these
go hand-in-hand with the new tiles’ improved acoustical characteristics.
TEXtiles® insulate against tread reverberation in rooms distinctly better
than conventional tile products with a heavyweight backing. Not only that:
They are particularly easy to install. All that has to be done before setting
the carpet tiles is to spread an odour-free adhesive on the flooring surface
that is suitable for the object involved, one from which the tiles can be
removed and reinstalled easily and cleanly at any time.

Vorwerk TEXtiles technology links tiles and carpet from the roll

Yet another special feature of TEXtiles® carpet tiles: The tiles can be
produced together with carpet from the roll “all in one”. At Vorwerk, the
special TEXtiles       backing system enables the manufacturing of both
products in one process. In cases where a combination of tiles and carpet
from the roll is desired, installation can take place without balancing out
the height of the flooring surface underneath. Thanks to the versatile
options for combining carpet from the roll with tiles, new dimensions in
flooring design are opened up without having to make compromises in
terms of maximum technical performance. As one example, this advantage
is displayed wherever raised-access floors require that an ability to reinstall
the flooring material must be guaranteed in certain parts of an area. A
further example would be rooms with nooks and crannies. Using tiles is
recommended here because less cutting waste during installation is

New TEXtiles® carpet tile collection

Starting now, Vorwerk Teppichwerke is offering a stock collection in a total
of 13 different tiles in 90 colours as the basis for the new TEXtiles® carpet
tile programme. A selection of successful carpets for the contract business

and FORMA – several of which are also available as a solution-dyed
product – are being supplemented in the collection through the addition of
two new, attractive items: FRISCO, a monochrome frisé velours in 13
different colour schemes, and NOVELLA, a tricoloured loop in 10
pleasingly attractive hues.

At Vorwerk, flexibility towards customers’ wishes and product design
applies for the production of carpet tiles, too. The carpet manufacturer
offers specialised consulting, as well as a custom order option. TEXtiles®
carpet tiles can be produced according to a customer’s individual wishes
for colour and design starting at 600 m .

For further information, please contact:

Nora Niemeier                              Vorwerk & Co.
Vorwerk Medienoffice                       Teppichwerke GmbH & Co. KG
c/o Meiré und Meiré                        Kuhlmannstrasse 11
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Germany                                    Germany

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