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									Using Facebook to Generate Targeted Traffic to Your Website

As an affiliate marketer or as a person who   owns an online business, you
have to remember that internet marketing is   very important. You first
need to be successful in internet marketing   in order for you to get
customers. You have to remember that if you   want customers, you need to
get targeted traffic in to your website.

There are quite a lot of methods to get targeted traffic. You can try
writing articles about the products or services you are selling and
posting them on article publishing websites. This is a great way to
market your website as well as the products or services you are selling,
but what if you don’t have the knack for writing? What if you have people
skills instead?

If talking to people is your forte, you might want to join social
networking websites. One social networking website that is so popular is
Facebook. Here, you will see that there are now over 62 million people
who are actively subscribed and millions of people are logging in and out
every single day.

With this amount of people, you have to consider that this is truly an
internet marketer's dream.

By joining Facebook, you will be able to create a profile page for
yourself. Complete the profile page. In this page, it will state
basically everything about you. It will contain your interests, your age,
gender, as well as your political views.

If you already have friends who are registered and actively using
Facebook, you might want to try to add them to your network in the
website. You can also invite your other friends to join through email in
Facebook. By building your network of friends, you will be able to gain
access to other networks in Facebook. Here, you can start communicating
with other people, and even build new relationships or make new friends.

This is a great way to start marketing in Facebook. Don’t just jump in
and start peddling your products, services or website, you first need to
establish yourself in Facebook.

After getting started and getting familiarized with Facebook, you will
notice that you will be able to join groups. Find a group that is
interested in the products or services you offer. When you find one, join
the group.

Here, you will be able to discuss things about their interest and little
by little, you will be able to indirectly market your products or
services. Just remember that you first need to establish relationships
within the group in order for you to market effectively and in order for
you to become trusted by the other members.

There are quite a lot of communicating tools that you can use in
Facebook. You can use the News Feed and you can even syndicate your blog
website using RSS. The Notes feature offered by Facebook is also a great
way to market. And, you can also write on the "wall" of other people's
profile in order for you to get known.

The great thing about this is that you don’t even have to invest money
when you use Facebook. It is completely free and what you just need to
invest is time. Although it may take quite a while for you to get people
in Facebook to trust you and get them to visit your website.

You have to consider the fact that with the amount of people using
Facebook, it will definitely have a lot of potential in generating
targeted traffic to your website.

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