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ICT Overview


									ICT   Overview

                 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is at the
                 heart of the UK economy and is a key source of
                 competitiveness for every sector of industry, opening up new
                 markets, increasing performance, cutting delivery times and
                 driving productivity. According to e-Skills UK, the IT sector
                 makes a significant and growing contribution to the UK
                 economy, representing almost 5% of total UK Gross Value
                 Added (GVA).
                 The ICT cluster covers computer and related activities,
                 telecommunications, ICT manufacturing and supply, internet
                 service providers, systems integrators, software developers, IT
                 hardware suppliers, mobile phone retailers, network
                 specialists, website developers, consultants, computer
                 recycling companies as well as a wide range of
                 complementary services; such as parts suppliers and
                 educational institutions.
                 The East of England ranks third amongst the nine English
                 regions in terms of size of it’s ICT workforce. The East of
                 England Development Agency (EEDA) estimates that there
                 are over 1,600 ICT companies operating in Bedfordshire,
                 employing over 17,000 people - 44% in manufacturing, 36% in
                 the service sector, 14% in Consultancy, 5% in retail and 1% in
                 Research and Development.
                 Luton has an emerging ICT cluster, providing employment for
                 7% of its people, and encompassing 9% of all businesses in
                 the area. Within the Luton City Growth area, there are 336
                 ICT related businesses employing 3,092 people. The number
                 of businesses is increasing by 9.5% per year, whilst the
                 number of employees is increasing by 1.9%.

                 These statistics support the view that there is vast potential for
                 rapid growth and expansion and e-Skills envisage that the ICT
                 industry will continue to benefit from an on-going demand in
                 particular for technical skills in system integration, networking,
                 web design, security and IT architecture.

                 (Source: IT Insights: Drivers of Demand for Skills, Luton City Growth Strategy

ICT       Cluster Diagram

                 Parts Suppliers       Raw Materials     Transport and
                                         Suppliers         Logistics

                                    ICT Equipment            Internet
                                    Manufacturers            Services

               IT Service and
                  Support              Communications



      Education and Training       Waste Management         Recruitment

ICT                   Cluster By Function
Cluster Core

Repair & Maintenance - Blue Chip Customer Engineering Ltd; Computacall Ltd;
D & D Supplies; Data Set Ready; First Choice IT; Micropoint Computer Services
                                                                                 Design - Avionics Systems Ltd; Beya Ltd; Calex Electronics Ltd; Jaltek Ltd
Networking - AWS-Tel-Sec; Chiltern Telecom Ltd; Computacall Ltd; INCAT Ltd;
Nera Ltd; Network Engineering & Technical Support Ltd; Minicom Services Pty
Ltd; Vat Ltd; Viking Ltd
                                                                                 Internet & Computer Services - Abacus E-Solutions Ltd; Abydos Ltd; Action
                                                                                 Circuits (UK) Ltd; Advanced Computer Solutions (Europe) Ltd; Aegis Computer
                                                                                 Support Services Ltd; Applied Interactive Ltd; Azotech Ltd; Astea (UK) Ltd;
                                                                                 Attentiv Systems Ltd; Aztech Business Systems Ltd; BGM Business Solutions
                                                                                 Ltd; Broadbeam Wireless Ltd; Cac Europe Ltd; Choir IT Ltd; Clarityblue Holdings
                                                                                 Ltd; Computer Services & Software Ltd; Dimaco (UK) Ltd; e-Financial
                                                                                 Management Ltd; E-Tek Solutions Ltd; Gemini Consultants Ltd; Gsm Printer &
                                                                                 Label Systems Ltd; Group 1 Software Europe Ltd; Hometrack Data Systems Ltd;
                                                                                 Idealyse; Mincom Services Pty Ltd; Newhalt Ltd; Netaccess Software Ltd; UH
                                                                                 Hosting Ltd; Hometrack Data Systems Ltd; Philex Electronic Ltd; MTL
                                                                                 Instruments Group plc; Quantek Ltd; Trisys Ltd; Xn Checkout Holdings Ltd;
                                                                                 Softek Software Ltd; Tangent Devices Ltd; Software Ltd
Communications Services - AAC Services Ltd; Aerofone (UK) Ltd; Aeromark
Communications Ltd; Alamar Technology Ltd; Anritsu Ltd; Avionics Systems Ltd;
Commercial Communications; Cryosystems Ltd; Computacall Ltd; Hutchison
Communication Systems Ltd; NU Technologies Ltd; ONI plc; Opticon Ltd;
Stortext Document Solutions Ltd; Symology Ltd; Viking Ltd
                                                                                 Telecommunications - AWS-Tel-Sec; Chiltern Telecom Ltd; Cryosystems Ltd;
                                                                                 Freerose Ltd; Hutchison Communication Systems Ltd; Multi Products
                                                                                 Corporation Ltd; Sedgewall Communications Group Ltd; Sophax
                                                                                 Telecommunictions Ltd; Stansfield Auto Electrical Services Ltd

                                                                                 Inputs and Suppliers
Manufacturers & Parts Suppliers - AF Precision Instruments Ltd; Alamar
Technology Ltd; Anritsu Ltd; Avionics Systems Ltd; Blore Bowron Ltd; Blue Chip
Parts Ltd; Cherry Electrical Products Ltd; Computer Services & Software Ltd;
Cherry Electrical Products Ltd; Cryosystems Ltd; Data Harvest Group Ltd; D & D
Supplies; D & K Wiring Systems Ltd; Elster Metering Ltd; Encapsulite
International Ltd; Freerose Ltd; Iiyama (UK) Ltd; Industrial Plant Development
Ltd; Hills Components Ltd; Jaltek Ltd; Johnsondiversey Equipment Ltd; Lea
Electrics Ltd; Liyama (UK) Ltd; Measurement Technology Ltd; MTL Instruments
Group plc; Multispark Erosion Ltd; Nu Technologies Ltd; Scan Alarms
Communication & Security Systems Ltd; Sedgewall Communications Group Ltd;
Tek Electronics Ltd

Specialised Institutions
                                                                                 Education & Training - Barnfield College; Dunstable College; Hertfordshire
                                                                                 Business Incubation Centre; University of Hertfordshire; M1 Knowledge

                                                                                 Critical Support to Cluster
Marketing & Promotions - Ark H Handling, Bluefin Marketing Ltd
                                                                                 R&D and Consultants - Abacus E-Solutions Ltd; Action Circuits (UK) Ltd;
                                                                                 Applied Interactive Ltd; Bluechip Global Solutions Ltd; Computer Services &
                                                                                 Software Ltd; Computair Ltd; Curam Software UK Ltd; Effortmark Ltd; Eudoxus
                                                                                 Systems Ltd; Fieldwave Ltd; Gemini Consultants Ltd; Goldcrest Computer
                                                                                 Services Ltd; Io Systems Ltd; iTrust Security Ltd; Kinetic Solutions Ltd; Msys UK
                                                                                 Ltd; Netsquared Ltd Paxton Computers Ltd; Prolateral Consulting Ltd;
                                                                                 Quatrosystem Ltd; Retail Services Management Ltd; Softek Software Ltd;
                                                                                 Springwater Software Ltd; Techies Ltd; Whistonbrook Technologies Ltd
IT Training - Chamber Technologies Ltd; Computer Services & Software Ltd;
Idealyse; Protech Training Services Ltd
                                                                                 Maintenance - Chamber Technologies Ltd; Computer Services & Software Ltd;
                                                                                 Core Solutions Ltd; Data Set Ready, Micropoint Computer Services Ltd;
                                                                                 Network Engineering and Technical Support Ltd

ICT                           Companies, Product Descriptions &
                              Contact Details
A F Precision Instruments Ltd                                     A F Precision Instruments Ltd
Manufacture of instruments for measuring.                         1-13 Chobham Street
                                                                  Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                  LU1 3BS
                                                                  Tel: 01582 419 933          Fax: 01582 404 292

AAC Services Ltd                                                  AAC Services Ltd
Telecommunications.                                               Manton Lane, Manton Industrial Estate
                                                                  Bedford, Bedfordshire
                                                                  MK41 7TL
                                                                  Tel: 01234 227 788

Abacus E-Solutions Ltd                                            Abacus E-Solutions Ltd
Hardware consultancy, software consultancy and supply, data       Abacus House, Dudley Street
processing, database activities.                                  Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                  LU2 0NS
                                                                  Tel: 01582 702 702          Fax: 01582 702 703
                                                                  Contact: Martin Davies

Abydos Ltd                                                        Abydos Ltd
Provides IT workflow and business process automation solutions,   960 Capability Green
based around Abydos Designer product suite.                       Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                  LU1 3PE
                                                                  Tel: 01582 635 046           Fax: 01582 726 977
                                                                  Contact: Mark Herring

Action Circuits (UK) Ltd                                          Action Circuits (UK) Ltd
Hardware consultancy, computer related activities.                Unit 5, Sovereign Park
                                                                  Laporte Way. Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                  LU4 8EL
                                                                  Tel: 01582 412 323          Fax: 01582 412 424

Advanced Computer Solutions (Europe) Ltd                          Advanced Computer Solutions (Europe) Ltd
Wholesale of office machinery and equipment.                      Unit 1, Home Farm Business Centre
                                                                  MK44 3SN
                                                                  Tel: 01234 834 920          Fax: 01234 832 601

Aegis Computer Support Services Ltd                               Aegis Computer Support Services Ltd
IT service and support for businesses.                            1 Glebe Avenue
                                                                  Flitwick, Bedford
                                                                  MK45 1HS
                                                                  Tel: 01525 750 571        Fax: 01525 714 220
                                                                  Contact: Gareth Dent

Aerofone (UK) Ltd                                                 Aerofone (UK) Ltd
Provision of telecommunications services.                         Manton Lane
                                                                  Manton Industrial Estate
                                                                  Bedford, Bedfordshire
                                                                  MK41 7TL
                                                                  Tel: 0845 330 7700           Fax: 0845 330 7701

Aeromark Communications Ltd                                                Aeromark Communications Ltd
Telecommunications, vehicle tracking specialists.                          Manton Lane
                                                                           Bedford, Bedfordshire
                                                                           MK41 7TL
                                                                           Tel: 0845 330 5757      Fax: 0845 330 5758

Alamar Technology Ltd                                                      Alamar Technology Ltd
Sale of mobile telephones.                                                 Manor Garage, Manor Road
                                                                           Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                           LU1 4ED
                                                                           Tel: 0845 230 9751

Anritsu Ltd                                                                Anritsu Ltd
Sale of test measurement systems for use in the microwave                  200 Capability Green
instrumentation & communications environments.                             Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                           LU1 3LU
                                                                           Tel: 01582 433 200            Fax: 01582 731 303
                                                                           Contact: Martin Gedney

Applied Interactive Ltd                                                    Applied Interactive Ltd
Software consultancy and supply.                                           Cranfield Innovation Centre
                                                                           University Way, Cranfield
                                                                           Bedford, Bedfordshire
                                                                           MK43 0BT
                                                                           Tel: 01234 756 049            Fax: 01234 756 138
                                                                           Contact: Peter Robinson

Ark-H Handling                                                             Ark-H Handling
Manage and handle mailing activity, fulfilment, e-business operations,     Unit 1, Kenneth Way
point of sale assignments, promotional redemption, call-centre             Wilstead, Bedfordshire
requirement and competitions.                                              MK45 3PD
                                                                           Tel: 01234 742 777            Fax: 01234 742 999

Astea (UK) Ltd                                                             Astea (UK) Ltd
Distribution of computer software and services.                            Trent House, University Way
                                                                           The Technology Park
                                                                           Cranfield, Bedford
                                                                           Bedfordshire, MK43 0AN
                                                                           Tel: 01234 756 700          Fax: 01234 757 477
                                                                           Contact: Katie Breslin

Attentiv Systems Ltd                                                       Attentiv Systems Ltd
Systems for banks and building societies.                                  Gainsborough House
                                                                           Houghton Hall Park, Houghton Regis
                                                                           Dunstable, Bedfordshire
                                                                           LU5 5XF
                                                                           Tel: 01582 845 000          Fax: 01582 866 927

Avionics Systems Ltd                                                       Avionics Systems Ltd
Design, manufacture, and installation of advanced technology               Unit 19, Apex Business Centre
products and systems serving principally the telecommunications,           Boscombe Rd. Dunstable
avionics, public service and transportation sectors of the international   Bedfordshire, LU5 4SB
market.                                                                    Tel: 01582 475 555

AWS-Tel-Sec                                                                AWS-Tel-Sec
Telecommunications and security network providers.                         46 Hyde Rd, Caddington
                                                                           Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                           LU1 4HE
                                                                           Tel: 01582 730 241
                                                                           Contact: Danny O’Sullivan

Azotech Ltd                                                          Azotech Ltd
Engaged as computer programmers, consultants, web designers and      9 Church Street
agents for the sale of computers and internet products.              Ampthill
                                                                     Bedford, Bedfordshire
                                                                     MK45 2PL
                                                                     Tel: 01525 840 333          Fax: 01525 630 202
                                                                     Contact: Kevin/Owen

Aztech Business Systems Ltd                                          Aztech Business Systems Ltd
Aztech Business Systems specialises in helping companies achieve     Bramingham Park Business Centre
measurable benefits from electronic and Internet marketing.          Enterprise Way
                                                                     Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                     LU3 4BU
                                                                     Tel: 01582 703 444        Fax: 01582 703 555
                                                                     Contact: Jim Hannigin

Barnfield College                                                    Barnfield Technology Centre
Information and communication technology. hardware and networking,   Enterprise Way, Luton
web development and publishing courses. Apprenticeships.             Bedfordshire
Designated Centre of Vocational Excellence for Computer Integrated   LU3 4BU
Networking Systems.                                                  Tel: 01582 569 500

Beya Ltd                                                             Beya Ltd
Design and manufacture of electronic products for clients.           Melson House
                                                                     4-6 Melson Street
                                                                     Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                     LU1 2JX
                                                                     Tel: 01582 400 657

BGM Business Solutions Ltd                                           BGM Business Soltuions Ltd
Computer related activities and development.                         43 Cranfield Innovation Centre
                                                                     University Way
                                                                     Cranfield, Bedford
                                                                     MK43 0BT
                                                                     Tel: 0870 777 6494            Fax: 01234 756 979

Blore Bowron Ltd                                                     Blore Bowron Ltd
Manufacturer of electronic components.                               123A Vandyke Road
                                                                     Leighton Buzzard
                                                                     LU7 3HQ
                                                                     Tel 01525 373 439           Fax 01525 854 869

Blue Chip Customer Engineering Ltd                                   Blue Chip Customer Engineering Ltd
Computer maintenance, hardware, parts, disaster recovery and         Franklin Court, Stannard Way
solutions.                                                           Priory Business Park
                                                                     Bedford, Bedfordshire
                                                                     MK44 3JZ
                                                                     Tel: 01234 224 350           Fax: 01234 831 580

Blue Chip Global Solutions                                           Blue Chip Global Solutions
Hardware consultancy.                                                Franklin Court, Stannard Way
                                                                     Priory Business Park
                                                                     MK44 3JZ
                                                                     Tel: 01234 224 350           Fax: 01234 831 580

Blue Chip Parts Ltd                                                    Blue Chip Parts Ltd
Computer related activities.                                           Franklin Court
                                                                       Stannard Way
                                                                       Priory Business Park
                                                                       MK44 3JZ
                                                                       Tel: 01234 224 350            Fax: 01234 831 580

Bluefin Marketing Ltd                                                  Bluefin Marketing Ltd
Marketing agency for ICT companies.                                    Bramingham Business Centre
                                                                       Enterprise Way, Luton
                                                                       Bedfordshire, LU3 4BU
                                                                       Tel: 01582 511 213         Fax: 01582 750 530
                                                                       Contact: Louise Basquill

Broadbeam Wireless Ltd                                                 Broadbeam Wireless Ltd
Broadbeam Corporation is the leading provider of solutions that        400 Capability Green
provide mobile personnel the capability to exchange real time          Luton
information with an enterprise securely and reliably, resulting in     Bedfordshire
increased productivity and greater business efficiencies.              LU1 3LU

Cac Europe Ltd                                                         Cac Europe Ltd
Computer software engineering and project management.                  Ernst & Young Llp
                                                                       400 Capability Green
                                                                       LU1 3LU
                                                                       Tel: 01582 643 000

Calex Electronics Ltd                                                  Calex Electronics Ltd
The design and manufacture of electrical power conversion and          PO Box 2
industrial instrumentation on products.                                Units 40-44, Harmill Industrial Estate
                                                                       Leighton Buzzard
                                                                       LU7 4AZ
                                                                       Tel: 01525 373 178              Fax: 01525 851 319

Chamber Technologies Ltd                                               Chamber Technologies Ltd
Computer support and IT training.                                      The Business Competitive Centre
                                                                       Kimpton Road
                                                                       Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                       LU2 0LA
                                                                       Tel: 01582 522 448          Fax: 01582 653 603
                                                                       Contact: Stephen James

Cherry Electrical Products Ltd                                         Cherry Electrical Products Ltd
Distribution of computer keyboards, snap-action and rocker switches,   Unit L, Airport Executive Park
magnetic sensors and controls, and automotive modules.                 President Way
                                                                       Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                       LU2 9NY
                                                                       Tel: 01582 506 140             Fax: 01582 506 176
                                                                       Contact: Micheal Groom

Chiltern Telecom Ltd                                                   Chiltern Telecom Ltd
Installation of telecommunications equipment.                          59 Union Street
                                                                       Dunstable, Bedfordshire
                                                                       LU6 1EX
                                                                       Tel: 01582 604 040            Fax: 0871 223 0231
                                                                       Contact: Mr Taylor

Choir IT Ltd                                                             Choir IT Ltd
Developing business solutions, controls and efficiencies.                Cranfield Innovation Centre
                                                                         Cranfield University Park
                                                                         MK43 0BT
                                                                         Tel: 0870 458 4485            Fax: 0870 458 9058

Clarityblue Holdings Ltd                                                 Clarityblue Holdings Ltd
Software consultancy and supply.                                         450 Capability Green
                                                                         Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                         LU1 3LU
                                                                         Tel: 01582 437 200

Commercial Communications                                                Commercial Communications
Radio communication equipment.                                           Unit 25, Titan Court
                                                                         Laporte Way
                                                                         Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                         LU4 8EF
                                                                         Tel: 01582 705 071      Fax: 01582 705 073
                                                                         Contact: Howard Martin

Computacall Ltd                                                          ComputaCall Ltd
Provides support and solutions for PCs, networks, telephones,            Station House
broadband, software, anti-virus, maintenance and consultancy. One        Midlands Road
stop shop for IT and telecom needs.                                      Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                         LU2 0HS
                                                                         Tel: 01582 488 885            Fax: 01582 540 188

Computair Ltd                                                            Computair Ltd
Software consultancy and supply.                                         Park Studios, Park Road
                                                                         Toddington, Bedfordshire
                                                                         LU5 6AB
                                                                         Tel: 01525 874 426            Fax: 01525 874 422
                                                                         Contact: Elaine Reynolds

Computer Services and Software Ltd                                       Computer Services and Software Ltd
Business-to-business IT specialists. Products and services include       54 Old Bedford Road
PCs and other hardware, accounting solutions, software, custom           Luton, Bedfordshire
application development, training, IT consultancy and security audits.   LU2 7PA
Microsoft certified business partner.                                    Tel: 01582 731 442        Fax: 01582 731 443

Core Solutions Ltd                                                       Core Solutions Ltd
Maintenance of office and computing systems.                             Waterdene House
                                                                         Water Lane
                                                                         Leighton Buzzard
                                                                         LU7 1AW
                                                                         Tel: 01525 850 355            Fax: 01525 850 366
                                                                         Contact: Geoff Halsey

Cryosystems Ltd                                                          Cryosystems Ltd
Research into and development, manufacture and marketing of              Eaton House
advanced sub-systems for telecommunications networks.                    Eaton Green Road
                                                                         Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                         LU2 9LD
                                                                         Tel: 01582 416 699            Fax: 01582 726 840

Curam Software UK Ltd                                                    Curam Software UK Ltd
Software consultancy.                                                    400 Capability Green
                                                                         Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                         LU1 3LU

D & K Wiring Services Ltd                                                 D & K Wiring Services Ltd
Manufacture and assembly of printed circuit board electronic              Unit 1, Urban Hive
equipment.                                                                Luton Enterprise Park
                                                                          Sundon Park Road
                                                                          Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                          LU3 3GU
                                                                          Tel: 01582 492 033          Fax: 01582 565 944
                                                                          Contact: Wendy Haywood

D and D Supplies                                                          D and D Supplies
Installation and maintenance of IT equipment.                             47 Bishopscote Rd
                                                                          Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                          LU3 1PA
                                                                          Tel: 01582 593 079          Fax: 01582 593 084

Data Harvest Group Ltd                                                    Data Harvest Group Ltd
Sale, development and manufacture of data logging equipment in            1 Eden Court
educational research and the industrial laboratory environments as        Leighton Buzzard
well as specialist applications.                                          Bedfordshire
                                                                          LU7 4FY
                                                                          Tel: 01525 373 666          Fax: 01525 851 638
                                                                          Contact: Lee Graham

Data Set Ready                                                            Data Set Ready
IT repair, maintenance and upgrade services.                              122 Ashcroft Road
                                                                          Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                          LU2 9AX
                                                                          Tel: 01582 618 080          Fax: 01582 618 081

Dimaco (UK) Ltd                                                           Dimaco (UK) Ltd
Distribution of inspection systems to beverage companies and              1 Wolseley Business Park
breweries.                                                                Kempston, Bedford
                                                                          MK42 7PN
                                                                          Tel: 01234 851 515          Fax: 01234 851 514

Dunstable College                                                         Dunstable College
Educational institution offering courses in web design, programming,      Kingsway
networking, practical IT and computing.                                   Dunstable
                                                                          LU5 4HG
                                                                          Tel: 01582 477 776          Fax: 01582 478 801

Effortmark Ltd                                                            Effortmark Ltd.
Usability consultant specialising in the evaluation and design of paper   11 Bridge Street
and web forms.                                                            Leighton Buzzard
                                                                          LU7 1AH
                                                                          Tel: 01525 370 379

e-Financial Management Ltd                                                e-Financial Management Ltd
Outsourcing solutions for entrepreneurial businesses that do not have     Maxet House
the in house capability or access to a high level of financial            Liverpool Road
management expertise. The company offers online and in-person             Luton, Bedfordshire
financial management advice.                                              LU1 1RS
                                                                          Tel: 0870 121 9900
                                                                          Contact: Gary Jesson

Elster Metering Ltd                                                       Elster Metering Ltd
The design, manufacture and marketing of mechanical meters.               Pondwicks Road
                                                                          LU1 3LJ
                                                                          Tel: 01582 438 051          Fax: 01582 438 051

E-Tek Solutions Ltd                                                       E-Tek Solutions Ltd
Computer related activities.                                              Britannia House
                                                                          Leagrave Road
                                                                          Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                     LU3 1RJ
                                                                     Tel: 01582 488 126          Fax: 01582 488 026
                                                                     Contact: Naeem

Eudoxus Systems Ltd                                                  Eudoxus Systems Ltd
Management and computer consultancy and the provision of             Perth House
computer software services.                                          Soulbury Road
                                                                     Leighton Buzzard
                                                                     LU7 2RN
                                                                     Tel: 01582 852 660

Fieldwave Ltd                                                        Fieldwave Ltd
Software consultancy and supply.                                     400 Capability Green
                                                                     LU1 3LU

First Choice IT                                                      First Choice IT
Network and IT repair, maintenance and upgrades.                     13 Renshaw Close
                                                                     LU2 8TD
                                                                     Tel: 0800 083 3480
                                                                     Contact: Anthony Emson

Freerose Ltd                                                         Freerose Ltd
Distributors and exporters of telecommunications, office equipment   Unit 26, Apex Business Centre
and consumer electronics.                                            Boscombe Road, Dunstable
                                                                     LU5 4SB
                                                                     Tel: 01582 472 274           Fax: 01582 472 279
                                                                     Contact: Mary Parkes

Gemini Consultants Ltd                                               Gemini Consultants Ltd
Software consultancy and supply.                                     Gemini Building
                                                                     Houghton Hall Park
                                                                     Houghton Regis
                                                                     LU5 5GB
                                                                     Tel: 01582 868 621         Fax: 01582 868 667
Goldcrest Computer Services Ltd                                      Goldcrest Computer Services Ltd
Software consultancy and supply.                                     12 Vermont Place, Tongwell
                                                                     Milton Keynes
                                                                     MK15 8JQ
                                                                     Tel: 01908 211 330         Fax: 01908 211 326

Group 1 Software Europe Ltd                                          Group 1 Software Europe Ltd
Software development house.                                          2 Siskin House
                                                                     Croxley Business Park
                                                                     WD18 8UA
                                                                     Tel: 01923 216 000        Fax: 01923 255 280

Gsm Printer & Label Systems Ltd                                      Gsm Printer & Label Systems Ltd
Supply of computer hardware and software.                            Park House, Parkside Drive
                                                                     Houghton Regis
                                                                     LU5 5QN
                                                                     Tel: 01582 869 007

Hertfordshire Business Incubation Centre                             Hertfordshire Business Incubation Centre
The Hertfordshire Business Incubation Centre (HBIC) was established       Business and Technology Centre
in 2003 to support the Aerospace, Biotechnology and Information and       Bessemer Drive, Stevenage
Communications (ICT) industry. HBIC works with small and large            Hertfordshire
companies, both onsite at the Business and Technology Centre and          SG1 2DX
throughout the six counties in the East of England.                       Tel: 01438 310 047
                                                                          Fax: 01438 791 081
HBIC provides business incubation and training services as well as
opportunities for networking through seminars and specifically            Contact: Helen Ashby
targeted symposiums and conferences including personal
introductions through trusted relationships.

Hills Components Ltd                                                      Hills Components Ltd
Component wholesales.                                                     Valley Park, Olds Approach
                                                                          Watford, Hertfordshire
                                                                          WD18 9TL
                                                                          Tel: 01923 772 773           Fax: 01923 421421
                                                                          Contact: Wayne Thomas

Hometrack Data Systems Ltd                                                Hometrack Data Systems Ltd
Database activities.                                                      400 Capability Green
                                                                          LU1 3LU

Hutchison Communication Systems Ltd                                       Hutchison Communication Systems Ltd
The installation of telecommunications, cables and fibre optics.          Unit 6, The Metro Centre
                                                                          Tolpits Lane
                                                                          Watford, Hertfordshire
                                                                          WD18 9UD
                                                                          Tel: 01923 256 400

Idealyse                                                                  Idealyse
Idealyse is an IT company offering new media solutions for                First Floor, 17 Buckingham Drive
businesses of all sizes. Services include website design, bespoke         Luton, Bedfordshire
training programmes and custom built online databases.                    LU2 9RA
                                                                          Tel: 01582 754 310            Fax: 0871 433 6863

Iiyama (UK) Ltd                                                           Iiyama (UK) Ltd
Hardware manufacture.                                                     Unit 9 First Floor
                                                                          Meadway Technology Park
                                                                          SG1 2EF
                                                                          Tel: 01438 745 482           Fax: 01438 745 483

INCAT Ltd                                                                 INCAT Ltd
INCAT is a value-added reseller, systems integrator for                   INCAT House, Prospect Way
CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM products to the automotive, aerospace,                    London Luton Airport
mechanical engineering and consumer goods industries. Services            Luton, Bedfordshire
include hardware installation, networking, technical support, training,   LU2 9QH
applications consulting, product data management implementations,         Tel: 01582 878 750        Fax: 01582 878 751
as well as a certified helpdesk. INCAT can also help manage product
data, networks and IT communications, locally and globally.     

Industrial Plant Development Ltd                                          Industrial Plant Development Ltd
Manufacture instruments for precision engineering and measuring.          4 Gloucester Road
                                                                          Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                          LU1 3HX
                                                                          Tel: 01582 731 925         Fax: 01582 480 448

Io Systems Ltd                                                            Io Systems Ltd
Software consultancy and supply.                                          Cranfield Technology Park
                                                                          Cranfield, Bedford
                                                                          Bedfordshire, MK43 0EQ
                                                                          Tel: 01234 756 600           Fax: 01234 756 601

iTrust Security Ltd                                                       iTrust Security Ltd
IT security consultancy specialising in regulatory compliancy.              2 Adelaide Street
                                                                            Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                            LU1 5DU
                                                                            Tel: 0845 057 3333
                                                                            Contact: Khalid Khan

Jaltek Ltd                                                                  Jaltek Ltd
The company is engaged in the design, supply and installation of            Unit 13, Sundon Business Park
specialised electronics and process automation.                             Dencora Way
                                                                            Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                            LU3 3HP
                                                                            Tel: 01582 578170

Johnsondiversey Equipment Ltd                                               Johnsondiversey Equipment Ltd
Manufacture and provision of chemical dispensing and control                Unit 4, Finway
equipment to the operating companies of diverseylever.                      Dallow Road
                                                                            Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                            LU1 1TR
                                                                            Tel: 01582 702 100       Fax: 01582 772 171

Kinetic Solutions Ltd                                                       Kinetic Solutions Ltd
Software consultancy and supply.                                            Cranfield Innovation Centre
                                                                            University Way, Cranfield
                                                                            Bedford, Bedfordshire
                                                                            MK43 0BT
                                                                            Tel: 0871 288 1055            Fax: 01234 756 032

Lea Electrics Ltd                                                           Lea Electrics Ltd
Retailers and hirers of electrical equipment.                               193 Marsh Road
                                                                            Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                            LU3 2QQ
                                                                            Tel: 01582 574 340            Fax: 01582 574 340

M1 Knowledge Exchange                                                       M1 Knowledge Exchange
An initiative of the University of Luton, in collaboration with Cranfield   University of Luton
University, to support small-to-medium-sized science, engineering,          Putteridge Bury Campus
technology and manufacturing (SETM) businesses in Bedfordshire              Hitchin Road
and surrounding counties.                                                   Luton, LU2 8LE
                                                                            Tel: 0800 328 5334            Fax: 01582 489 093

Measurement Technology Ltd                                                  Measurement Technology Ltd
Involved in the design, manufacture and sale of industrial                  Power Court
instrumentation, particularly explosion-protection equipment for            Luton
process control in hazardous areas.                                         Bedfordshire
                                                                            LU1 3JJ
                                                                            Tel: 01582 723 633       Fax: 01582 422 283

Micropoint Computer Services                                                Micropoint Computer Services
Laptop repair and related equipment.                                        34 Arbour Close
                                                                            Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                            LU3 4AQ
                                                                            Tel: 01582 573 262
                                                                            Contact: Arthur Johnson

Mincom Services Pty Ltd                                                     Mincom Services Pty Ltd
Installation of and provider of support for computer management             C/O Ernst & Young Llp
information systems.                                                        400 Capability Green
                                                                            LU1 3LU

Msys UK Ltd                                                                 Msys UK Ltd
Information technology consulting, services and business                    Clifton House
organisation.                                                               4A Goldington Road
                                                                            Bedford, Bedfordshire
                                                                            MK40 3NF
                                                                            Tel: 01234 267 890            Fax: 01234 713 376
                                                                            Contact: Venu

MTL Instruments Group plc                                               MTL Instruments Group plc
The MTL Instruments Group plc (MTL) is a developer and supplier of      Power Court
electronic instrumentation and protection equipment for the process     Luton, Bedfordshire
control and telecommunications industries. The company's                LU1 3JJ
Hazardous Area business unit provides of intrinsic safety interfaces,   Tel: 01582 723 633
fieldbus components and systems for use in process control
applications. The Surge business unit offers solutions for mission
critical applications in the process, data network and
telecommunications markets which may be at risk of damage.

Multi Products Corporation Ltd                                          Multi Products Corporation Ltd
Telecommunications, wholesale of other household goods and              10 Dudley Street
wholesaler.                                                             Luton
                                                                        LU2 0NT
                                                                        Tel: 01582 721 757

Multispark Erosion Ltd                                                  Multispark Erosion Ltd
EDM engineers.                                                          145 Camford Way
                                                                        LU3 3AN
                                                                        Tel: 01582 502 015           Fax: 01582 507 836

Nera Ltd                                                                Nera Ltd
The group activities include development, manufacturing, marketing      Unit 13, Apex Business Park
and offering of microwave wireless and telecommunications               Bosombe Road
equipment and systems, and related services.                            Dunstable
                                                                        LU5 4SB
                                                                        Tel: 01582 500 380          Fax: 01582 500 381

Netaccess Software Ltd                                                  Netaccess Software Ltd
Developing and implementing software security packages.                 Unit B, Bedford Business Centre
                                                                        Mile Road
                                                                        MK42 9TW
                                                                        Tel: 01234 219 127           Fax: 01234 266 715

Netsquared Ltd                                                          Netsquared Ltd
Software consultancy and supply, and computer related activities.       Unit 40, Cranfield Innovation Centre
                                                                        University Way
                                                                        MK43 0BT
                                                                        Tel: 01234 756 166             Fax: 01234 756 021

Network Engineering and Technical Support Ltd                           Network Engineering and Technical Support Ltd
Network engineering, support and maintenance.                           2 Adelaide Street
                                                                        LU1 5DU
                                                                        Tel: 01582 455 251

Newhalt Ltd                                                             Newhalt Ltd
High-tech computers and other equipment traders.                        Neptune Square
                                                                        Houghton Regis
                                                                        Dunstable, Bedfordshire
                                                                        LU5 5RS
                                                                        Tel: 01582 862 222

Nu Technologies Ltd                                                     Nu Technologies Ltd
Holding company to a group engaged in design, procurement,              Regent Court
installation, operational management, sale and distribution of voice    Laporte Way
and data telecommunication network management systems.                  Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                        LU4 8AE
                                                                        Tel: 01582 814 700           Fax: 01582 814 701

ONI plc                                                                   ONI plc
Sale and installation of specialised communications equipment.            24 Crawley Green Road
                                                                          Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                          LU2 0QX
                                                                          Tel: 01582 429 999           Fax: 01582 429 990

Opticon Ltd                                                               Opticon Ltd
Sale of bar code readers and portable data terminals.                     960 Capability Green
                                                                          Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                          LU1 3PE
                                                                          Tel: 01582 635 100           Fax: 01582 635 200

Paxton Computers Ltd                                                      Paxton Computers Ltd
Software consultancy and supply.                                          15 Kingsway
                                                                          Bedford, Bedfordshire
                                                                          MK42 9EZ
                                                                          Tel: 01234 126 666           Fax: 01234 212 705

Philex Electronic Ltd                                                     Philex Electronic Ltd
Wholesalers of electronics, electrical equipment and accessories.         Philex House, Kingfisher Wharf
                                                                          London Road
                                                                          Bedford, Bedfordshire
                                                                          MK42 0NX
                                                                          Tel: 01234 263 737

Prolateral Consulting Ltd                                                 Prolateral Consulting Ltd
IT Security specialists putting you back in control of your IT by         Enterprise Way
providing security solutions & audits, penetration testing and computer   Bramingham Business Park
forensics.                                                                Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                          LU3 4BU
                                                                          Tel: 0845 076 3760           Fax: 0845 076 3761

Protech Training Services Ltd                                             Protech Training Services Ltd
IT training and consultancy, management and personal training.            Eagle & Child Court
                                                                          1-5 Market Square
                                                                          Leighton Buzzard
                                                                          LU7 1EU
                                                                          Tel: 01525 858 900          Fax: 01525 858 901

Red Recruitment                                                           Red Recruitment
Recruitment services.                                                     Trinity House
                                                                          26b Chapel Street
                                                                          Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                          LU1 2SE
                                                                          Tel: 01582 454 520           Fax: 01582 458 585

Quantek Ltd                                                               Quantek Ltd
Hardware consultancy, R & D on natural sciences and engineering,          Moses Cottage, Ivinghoe Aston
non-store retail sale.                                                    Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire
                                                                          LU7 9DG
                                                                          Tel: 01525 220 722           Fax: 01705 080 1961

Quatrosystem Ltd                                                          Quatrosystem Ltd
Software consultancy and supply.                                          21 Oak Drive
                                                                          Pulloxhill, Bedford
                                                                          Bedfordshire. MK45 5EQ
                                                                          Tel: 01525 719 089
                                                                          Contact: Mark Britton

Retail Services Management Ltd                                            Retail Services Management Ltd
Software consultancy and supply.                                          Wrest Park, Silsoe, Bedford
                                                                          MK45 4HS
                                                                          Tel: 01525 862 555          Fax: 01525 862 500
                                                                          Contact: Nigel Walters

Scan Alarms Communication & Security Systems Ltd                        Scan Alarms Communication & Security Systems Ltd
Engaged in installing alarms and security systems.                      15 Ramridge Road
                                                                        Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                        LU2 0TQ
                                                                        Tel: 01582 513 333      Fax: 01582 513 344

Sedgewall Communications Group Ltd                                      Sedgewall Communications Group Ltd
Manufacture, sale and distribution of communications and other          19 Apex Business Centre
equipment.                                                              Boscombe Road
                                                                        Dunstable, Bedfordshire
                                                                        LU5 4SB
                                                                        Tel: 01582 475 555       Fax: 01582 475 553

Softek Software Ltd                                                     Softek Software Ltd.
Offering computer programming and consultancy services.                 4 Ladysmith Road
                                                                        Leighton Buzzard
                                                                        LU7 9EE
                                                                        Tel: 01296 663 633            Fax: 01296 663 633

Sophax Telecommunications Ltd                                           Sophax Telecommunications Ltd
Telecommunications.                                                     88 Leagrave Road
                                                                        Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                        LU4 8HJ
                                                                        Tel: 01582 729 559

Springwater Software Ltd                                                Springwater Software Ltd
Software consultancy services to local businesses. Low cost content     4 Elizabeth Court, Chapel Street
management systems to enable businesses to run their own websites.      Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                        LU1 5SA
                                                                        Tel: 01582 483 399
                                                                        Contact: Martin Howes

Stansfield Auto Electrical Services Ltd                                 Stansfield Auto Electrical Services Ltd
Auto electrical services, mobile communications and installation of     Harmill Industrial Estate
vehicle heating and air conditioning system.                            Grovebury Road
                                                                        Leighton Buzzard
                                                                        Bedfordshire, LU7 4FF
                                                                        Tel: 01525 372 330           Fax: 01525 851 685

Stortext Document Solutions Ltd                                         Stortext Document Solutions Ltd
High quality outsourced document management solutions –including        Nimbus Park, Porz Avenue
imaging services and electronic document repository services.           Dunstable, Bedfordshire
                                                                        LU5 5XR
                                                                        Tel: 01582 845 900         Fax: 01582 845 901

Symology Ltd                                                            Symology Ltd
Supplies solutions for management of infrastructure, streetworks and    Vanguard House
property.                                                               Cotswold Park, Millfield Lane
                                                                        Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                        LU1 4AJ
                                                                        Tel: 01582 842 626            Fax: 01582 842 600

Tangent Devices Ltd                                                     Tangent Devices Ltd
Manufacture of electronic equipment and software for use in the video   Sundon Business Park
post production industry.                                               Dencora Way
                                                                        Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                        LU3 3HP
                                                                        Tel: 01582 848 100            Fax: 01582 848 000

Techies Ltd                                                           Techies Ltd
Software consultancy and supply.                                      Unit 8, Triumph Way
                                                                      Woburn Road Industrial Estate
                                                                      Kempston, Bedfordshire
                                                                      MK42 7QB
                                                                      Tel: 01234 299 000           Fax: 01234 299 009

Tek Electronics Ltd                                                   Tek Electronics Ltd
Electronic design and manufacture of electronic components.           Unit 36, Portland Court
                                                                      Kingsway, Luton
                                                                      LU4 8HA
                                                                      Tel: 01582 481 088           Fax: 01582 484 614

Trisys Ltd                                                            Trisys Ltd
Supplying computer sub systems and periphery.                         Langham House East
                                                                      29-37 Mill Street
                                                                      Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                      LU1 2NA
                                                                      Tel: 01582 733 133           Fax: 01582 721 252

UH Hosting Ltd                                                        UH Hosting Ltd
UH Hosting Ltd provide a wide range of UK internet services for       79 Rosslyn Crescent
personal and business use. Co location, dedicated servers, domain     Luton, Bedfordshire
names, web hosting, shared reseller and SSL certificate.              LU3 2AT
                                                                      Tel: 0870 063 4148           Fax: 0207 681 3154

University of Hertfordshire                                           University of Hertfordshire
This Hatfield based University has a school of computer science       College Lane
offering 11 undergraduate courses which include Computer Science,     Hatfield
Computing and Networks, Information Systems and Software              AL10 9AB
Engineering. The school also runs 7 postgraduate courses which        Tel: 01707 284 000          Fax: 01707 284 115
include Computer Engineering, Distributed Systems and Networks
and Software Engineering.

Vat Ltd                                                               Vat Ltd
Computer server solutions.                                            71 Chesford Road
                                                                      Luton, Bedfordshire
                                                                      LU2 8BE
                                                                      Tel: 01582 483 381           Fax: 01582 480 733

Viking Ltd                                                            Viking Ltd
Manufacture and marketing of networking and interconnection           Portland Close
products for the telecommunications and electronics industries.       Townsend Industrial Estate
                                                                      Houghton Regis
                                                                      Dunstable, Bedfordshire
                                                                      LU5 5AW
                                                                      Tel: 01582 603 600           Fax: 01582 471 114

Whistonbrook Technologies Ltd                                         Whistonbrook Technologies Ltd
Offering of hardware and software for chemical sensor measurement     The Spires
and consultancy in related fields.                                    2 Adelaide Street
                                                                      Luton, Bedfordshire
During the year company engaged in the consultancy in sensor          LU1 5DU
systems, offering of sensor interface instrumentation and software.   Tel: 01582 515 212       Fax: 01582 515 212

Xn Checkout Holdings Ltd                                         Xn Checkout Holdings Ltd
Supplying high value business solutions to the hospitality and   Houghton Hall Business Park
technology markets.                                              Woodside Estate
                                                                 Houghton Regis
                                                                 Dunstable, Bedfordshire
                                                                 LU5 5YG
                                                                 Tel: 01582 869 600          Fax: 01582 869 601


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