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									                                                                                                                                                       AUTUMN 2005
B    E   K   A   -    L   I   G   H   T   I   N    G       N    E   W     S   ,      V   I   E   W   S      A   N   D      R   E   V   I   E   W   S

         Contents                                   BEKADART – The new versatile
    From the MD’s desk            pg 2
                                                         HID exterior spot-
    High Mast Lighting
                                                          and floodlight
    and the 21st Century

    Challenges                    pg 6                 he BEKADART is BEKA’s latest
                                                       addition to its product range of
    New Products recently                              South African designed and
    launched by BEKA!             pg 8            manufactured quality lighting
    Product News                                  The BEKADART is a spotlight, available
                                                  in narrow, medium and wide beam for
                                                  lamp wattages of up to 150W Metal
    The new versatile HID                         Halide. It is designed to operate the                  BekaDART
    exterior spot- and                            latest technology of Metal Halide
    floodlight                    pg 1            lamps, the OSRAM Powerball, which
                                                  provides high lumen packages of
    The LUXLIFT – the
                                                  13,700 lumen for its 150W HCI-T NDL
    solution for inaccessible                     lamp. It is also offered in an almost
    luminaires                pg 3                everlasting LED version of 9 units of
                                                  1W Power LEDs.
    Beka Supra Reflector
    technologies                  pg 4            It is ideal for façade lighting, landscape
                                                  lighting and feature lighting in towns
    Schréder News                                 and public areas.
                                                                                                         BekaDART / AGB-SYM / SC
                                                  Accessories, like colour filters, anti-
    Catalogue: Urban                              glare louvers and earth spikes
    Lighting Collection           pg 4            complement this product range.

    Applications                                  BEKA’s design department has
                                                  developed the BEKADART, making it
    Winched GRP poles                             suitable for the specific environmental
    save costs for Limpopo                        conditions of this continent.
    Clinic                 pg 2                   It is designed to:
                                                  • Provide an IP 66 rated lamp and
    Lighting up the N2–
                                                    gear compartment. This has been                      BekaDART / SCs
    Nelson Mandela Metro
                                                    achieved by a sophisticated gasket
    saves by using                                  system, which ensures a reliable seal                • Prevent the overheating of the
    Beka–Schréder                                   during the luminaire’s lifetime.                       lamp, which results in long
    Technology           pg 5                                                                              economical life of the lamp and the
                                                                                                           incorporated electrical components.
    Beka supplies lighting
                                                                                                         • Enable easy lamp and component
    to Swaziland’s most
                                                                                                           replacement. All access screws are
    prestigious project           pg 7                                                                     embedded in heli-coils preventing
                                                                                                           corrosion and subsequent ceasing of
    Beka’s range of
                                                                                                           screws and bolts.
                                                                                                         A comprehensive catalogue sheet can be
    friendly luminaires for                                                                              requested by means of the attached FAX-
    Simbithi Eco-Estate           pg 8                                                                   Response Form or can be downloaded from
                                                                                                         BEKA’s WebPage.
                                                  Easy access to electrical components
B    E   K     A     -       L   I   G   H   T      I   N   G       N    E   W     S   ,      V    I   E   W   S       A   N   D        R   E   V   I   E   W   S

                                     From the MD’s desk
                                                            products are entering the country,                     BEKA products do not fail under extreme
                                                            without intervention by the Global                     heat conditions, or over-voltage
                                                            Conformity Service of the SABS, which                  conditions. The incorporated electrical
                                                            has been assigned to protect the                       components are operating cooler and
                             Johann S Schleritzko           consumers against inferior products.                   therefore last substantially longer.
                                                            A new phase of the "onslaught" from                    I am also proud to state that BEKA is the

             ear customer,
                                                            the East is that luminaire housing                     only African lighting company, which has
                                                            components are fully imported into the                 got the know-how and resources to
                                                            country and only locally assembled with                continuously design professional lighting
    South Africa is in a business cycle which
                                                            electrical components.                                 products of a standard and quality, which
    is most beneficial to infrastructure
                                                                                                                   have found their markets in countries
    developments of residential and                         This tendency is not only
                                                                                                                   outside this continent.
    commercial properties; developments                     disadvantageous for the local supporting
    which naturally benefit the Lighting                    industry, like foundries, injection                    We also value our relationship with our
    Industry at large. Nevertheless this boom,              moulders, glass moulders etc. but also for             overseas partner, the Schréder Group of
    which goes hand in hand with strong                     the engineering skills of luminaire                    companies, which are a vast source of
    value of the Rand to the US Dollar,                     designers and lighting engineers in this               knowledge and technology, which BEKA
    presents also its challenges.                           country.                                               applies for the good of its customers.

    One of the realities which are faced by                 BEKA (Pty) Ltd is pleased that its                     We therefore wish to express our
    the South African manufacturers in the                  products, which have been specifically                 gratitude and appreciation to you, our
    lighting industry is the ever increasing                designed for the environmental                         customers, who enable us, due to your
    imports of goods from Far Eastern, low-                 conditions on this continent, have been                choice for our Products, to continue to
    cost competitors. It can be said that the               and are continuously well appreciated                  strive for quality and lasting lighting
    entire domestic lighting market is already              and supported by the knowledgeable                     products.
    fully controlled by imported lighting                   users of professional lighting equipment.
                                                                                                                   Johann Schleritzko
    fixtures.                                               They are aware of the fact that most
                                                                                                                   Managing Director
                                                            overseas products are designed for
    It is a feature of these imports that
                                                            ambient temperatures of 25° Celsius
    quality is rather erratic. Furthermore
                                                            temperatures, which are exceeded on
    there is ample proof that unsafe and
                                                            this continent during most of the year.
    therefore non-complying lighting

                    Winched GRP poles save costs for Limpopo Clinic

           he Department of Health and                                                                             Since GRP poles are much lighter and
           Welfare in the Limpopo province                                                                         easy to transport it reduces the cost of
           has approved and standardised                                                                           transport and handling for the
    BEKA’s winched GRP poles for use at all                                                                        contractors operating in the outlying
    the clinics in the province.                                                                                   sites.

    The moveable portion of BEKA’s                                                                                 One person can lower the mast with
    hinged 12m GRP pole only weighs                                                                                the portable winch when maintenance
    80kg. This weight, with 4 area light                                                                           needs to be carried out.
    luminaires mounted, can be lowered                                                                             Each 12m winched BEKAPOLE is fitted
    on a hinged GRP pole structure by                                                                              with four BEKASTRADA 250W HS/E
    means of a simple, non-electrical,                                                                             IP66, luminaires, providing excellent
    mechanical winch.                                                                                              uniformity and no glare.
    This feature was recognised by the                                                                             For additional information or assistance,
    Department of Health and Welfare since                                                                         please contact Wimpie Ludwick, Branch
                                                                                                                   Manager at
    it has installations in most inaccessible
    rural areas all over Limpopo.                                       Winched Glass fibre pole

B   E   K      A   -   L   I   G   H   T    I   N    G       N     E   W   S   ,   V   I   E   W   S      A   N   D       R   E   V   I   E   W     S

                                                                                                       BEKA has successfully realised a new
                                                                                                       lighting installation at the Auditorium
 The LUXLIFT –                                                                                         of the Baragwanath Hospital, Gauteng,

  the solution                                                                                         which required clusters of dimmable
                                                                                                       down lights, to be lowered by means
for inaccessible                                                                                       of the LUXLIFT. The successful realisation
                                                                                                       of this project is the first of many more
   luminaires                                                                                          projects to come where the advantage
                                                                                                       of the LUXLIFT has been recognised to
                                                                                                       be of long-term benefit for the
                                                                                                       operators of a lighting installation.

        n many projects the
        inaccessibility of luminaires has                                                              For more on the LUXLIFT contact BEKA’s Web
                                                                                                       Page or request more information on the
        been a challenge not only to
                                                                                                       enclosed Fax Response Card.
the Electrical Consulting Engineer, but
even more so to the subsequent
operators of these installations.
Sometimes scaffoldings have been the
only means to access luminaires on
high ceilings. Particularly in areas like
                                                    The Lux Lift
auditoria, commercial installations and                  between the lift and the luminaire.
industry, where the area utilisation
                                                    • Each LUXLIFT can be adjusted to its
beneath the luminaires made the
                                                      individually required length.
construction of scaffoldings impractical,
                                                      Therefore suitable for areas with
innovative solutions had to be found.
                                                      tiered mounting heights or drop
This solution is the LUXLIFT; a device                heights.
manufactured by the renowned
                                                    • Luminaire locates to its original
Japanese company PANASONIC, and
                                                      position after each operation.
offered to the Southern African
markets by BEKA.                                    The LUXLIFT is available for luminaires
                                                    of up to 12kg or 20kg. It is also suited
                                                    for environments requiring a higher

                                                                                                             he CITEA, a modern shaped
                                                    protection Class, like IP 54.                            luminaire, has been launched
                                                    The LUXLIFT is flexible for different                    very successfully by BEKA in
                                                    mountings, like:                                    spring of 2004.

                                                    • Recessed, for hidden installation                 Its shallow, elegant design blends
                                                      using standard or optional brackets.              into almost all modern town spaces
                                                                                                        and allows the town planner a
                                                    • Surface installation, for inclined                multitude of choices for poles and
                                                      ceilings using the standard bracket.              pole brackets.
                                                    • Flush installation, on true and level             BEKA’s catalogue outlines the many
                                                      ceilings using the optional cover                 options creative clients can apply.
                                                      and brackets.
                                                                                                        The luminaire is equipped with the
                                                    The safety and reliability of all LUXLIFT           IP 66 Schréder Sealsafe® Reflector
                                                    products are in accordance with                     system, which ensures extremely
                                                    European Standards.                                 efficient distribution with no light
The Lux Lift
                                                    BEKA offers the LUXLIFT with its                    pollution at all.

• Developed and designed for easy                   comprehensive range of luminaires,                  It is ideal for environmentally
  and safe maintenance of luminaires,               such as the :                                       sensitive areas or road lighting
  installed up to 25m high.                         • BEKABAY range of Highbay luminaires               installations, making it the first
                                                                                                        choice for developers of eco-
• Auto-stop function operates when                  • The BEKATEC range of Lowbay                       friendly estates.
  the luminaire reaches ground level.                 luminaires
                                                                                                        The CITEA was incorporated from
• No need to work at perilous heights               • BEKADAZZLE range of decorative                    the Schréder range of luminaires
  to carry out lamp replacement or                    HID downlights                                    into BEKA’s product range and is
  maintenance.                                                                                          now manufactured in South Africa,
                                                    •    BEKARONDO downlights
• Power cut-off to fixture when lift is                                                                 except for its sophisticated reflector
                                                    And any other BEKA luminaire                        system, which is manufactured by
  lowered. No risk of electrical shock.
                                                    meeting the customer’s requirements.                Schréder in Belgium.
• No moving or stressed supply cables

B     E   K   A     -      L   I   G    H    T   I   N   G       N   E    W    S     ,       V    I   E    W   S      A   N    D   R   E   V   I   E   W    S

                                                         This is not only applicable for Highways
                                                         and Main Roads, but also for residential
 BEKA Supra
                                                         roads or Class B roads in general.
                                                         Municipalities and developers of roads
                                                         and townships are well advised to
technologies                                             embrace the advantages these reflectors
                                                         can offer.
                                                                                                                   Urban Lighting
                                                         BEKA, through its association with the

     very Lighting Engineer knows the                    Schréder Group of Companies, has
     importance of reflectors, being                     access to this technology and is
     the technical heart of each                         marketing this range of reflectors as the
luminaire. However, not necessarily all                  SUPRA range.
of them know how technology has

                                                         This comparison clearly shows an                                EKA (Pty) Ltd introduces the
progressed to such an extent that                        increased spacing of up to 165% against                         catalogue "Urban Lighting
particularly road lighting has been                      conventional technology, hence                                  Collection", which features the
revolutionised by the new generation                     reducing the cost of hardware per                         contemporary Urban Luminaires of
of high-performance reflector systems,                   length of road, resulting in future                       the Schréder Group of Companies.
as manufactured by leading lighting                      savings of energy and maintenance.
companies in Europe.                                                                                               The decorative exterior lighting
                                                         BEKA offers this technology in the                        range offered in this catalogue
                                                         BEKASTRADA-Supra luminaire, for Class                     represent the most exciting and
                                                         A1 to A3 luminaires and the BEKALANE-                     exhilarating designs, bringing class
                                                         Supra for the Class B and Class A4 roads.                 and style into cities and urban areas.
                                                         Both luminaires have an IP 66 rated                       Town Planners, Landscape Architects,
                                                         lamp and gear compartment, thereby                        Electrical Consulting Engineers and
                                                         offering the required mechanical                          Developers are encouraged to apply
                                                         protection for these sophisticated                        fresh ideas for city developments and
                                                         reflectors.                                               urban renewal projects. The
                                                         For more on the BEKALANE-SUPRA and BEKA                   catalogue offers an extensive range
                                                         STRADA-SUPRA contact Beka’s Web Page or                   of daring luminaire designs.
                                                         request more information on the enclosed fax
                                                         response card.                                            Not only in-house designers of the
                                                                                                                   Schréder product range but also
                                                                                                                   renowned international personalities
                                                                                                                   have designed these unique
                                                                                                                   These products are protected in their
                                                                                                                   design not only in Southern Africa,
                                                                                                                   but all over the world.

The Beka Strada-Supra

New generation reflector systems,
typically used in IP 66 sealed lamp
compartments, have elevated Road
Lighting to new standards, which results
in substantial cost savings per km of
road lighting installed.                                 The BEKALANE-SUPRA with new reflector system.

                                   A2                          A3                            B2
                                          No of                      No of                          No of
                                       luminaires                 luminaires                     luminaires
                         Spacing        and poles    Spacing       and poles       Spacing        and poles
                                       per km of                  per km of                      per km of
                                          road                       road                           road

    Reflector             58m               17           66          15              68               15

    Reflector             41m               25           40          25              46               22

The above table shows the comparison of typical standard reflectors against the SUPRA Reflectors:                  Catalogue

B   E   K   A       -       L   I   G   H    T     I   N   G      N   E   W   S    ,      V   I   E   W     S      A    N    D       R    E      V   I   E   W   S

                                                                              Lighting up the N2
                                                                          – NELSON MANDELA METRO
                                                                                saves by using
                                                                           Beka-Schréder Technology
                                                                  he Nelson Mandela Metropolitan                 since it achieved the best spacing
                                                                  Municipality has just completed                compared to any other luminaire
                                                                  phase 1 of the installation of                 available.
                                                           street lighting on the N2 freeway                     The luminaire surpassed not only the
                                                           flowing past the Western side of Port                 glare requirements for this type of
                                                           Elizabeth.                                            roads, by achieving a maximum
                                                           BEKA, the successful supplier of Public               threshold increment of only 8% as
Boreal Luminaire                                           Lighting Luminaires to Nelson                         against the maximum permissible of
                                                           Mandela Metropolitan Municipality                     15%, but it also offers all the
BEKA, through its association with                         was tasked to offer the most                          mechanical features, required for such
the Schréder Group has not only the                        economical proposal for this project:                 an installation:
right of marketing, but of localising
                                                           • A National road with a double                       • IP 66 rated lamp and gear
it for applications in Africa, bringing
                                                             carriageway of 11m wide each and                      compartment.
the associated benefit of lower
                                                             a 10 m wide median.                                 • Corrosion free lamp and gear
prices, to the users in Africa.
                                                           • A speed limit of 120 km/h and peak                    housing.
                                                             traffic count of ± 600 vehicles per                 • Safe luminaire, which will keep the
                                                             hour per lane during hours of                         ballast compartment attached to
                                                             darkness.                                             the pole, in case of accidental
                                                           • The preferred installation to be a                    impact.
                                                             central median installation with the                • Luminaire designed to operate at
                                                             maximum mounting height restricted                    high ambient temperatures,
                                                             to 12m above ground due to                            therefore operating the
                                                             maintenance equipment restrictions.                   components in a cooler
                                                           Phase 1 of this project was for the                     environment, ensuring a long
                                                           11.5 km to be lit up according to the                   lifetime.
                                                           recommendation of SANS 10098                          BEKA is proud to have been able to
                                                           Group A1 roads.                                       offer a cost-saving solution for this
                                                           The new BEKASTRADA-SUPRA                              prestigious project.
                                                           luminaire, which incorporates the                     For more information regarding this project,
                                                           most efficient Schréder reflector                     please contact BEKA’s Regional Manager,
                                                           system, was chosen for this project,                  Deon Maritz at

Thylia Luminaires on contemporary lighting poles

Request more information by means of the                                  N2 National Road - approaching Port Elizabeth from the Eastern side.
attached Fax-Response Form.

B   E   K   A       -      L   I   G   H   T    I   N       G        N   E   W    S   ,      V   I   E    W   S      A    N   D        R   E   V    I   E      W   S

            High Mast Lighting and the
             21st Century Challenges
                                                        currently being rolled out. Only High

        here is an increased critical view                                                                           highly visible feature of service
        as to the role of High Mast                     Masts filling certain geographical gaps                      delivery.
        Lighting for residential areas.                 will be retained.
                                                                                                                  One of the constraints of the
Municipalities, as custodians and                       From City Power’s vast experience in                      municipalities to provide Street Lighting
providers of Public Lighting infra-                     operating and maintaining high masts                      infrastructure has been a limited budget.
structure, are exercising caution and                   and as a result of interaction with
                                                        Municipality officials and communities                    Previously and not long ago, funding
sensitivity to the lighting methods
                                                        at various levels, City Power concluded                   for new projects to address the
selected in order to prevent the
                                                        that High Mast Lighting as a Basic Level                  backlog of infrastructure development
insensitive continuation of a lighting
system, which is used only in Southern                  of Public Lighting provision, in any                      in previously disadvantage communities
Africa, in countries previously ruled by                suburb or township, is neither a                          could also be accessed from CMIP
minority governments.                                   preferred method nor is it a cost                         (Consolidated Municipal Infrastructure
                                                        efficient one. Hence all their network                    Programme), a Government Funded
It has to be remembered that high mast
                                                        expansion projects are implementing                       initiative administered by Provinces on
lighting of residential areas was
                                                        the street fronting method as per the                     a 70% plus 30% split funding, except
implemented approximately 30 years
                                                        matrix below.                                             High Mast infrastructure provisions
ago, when Public unrest swept through
the townships. High Mast Lighting was                                                                             which could receive 100% funding.
the quick solution for the security forces                                                                        Here the 30% counter funding from the
to keep control of these areas. This was                                                                          requester was not required.
at a time when electrical infrastructure                                                                          For reasons good or bad some
was inadequate in these areas.                                                                                    Municipalities selected the High Mast
Today, when most areas have been                                                                                  method to access these funds to avoid
electrified and when the political                                                                                the counter-funding portion. All is
environment has changed to a people                                                                               however not lost because as of now
based government, this practice of an                                                                             CMIP has been replaced by MIG,
aggressive, glary and intrusive lighting
system should be redressed.
Ideally policy documents should be
developed and adopted to act as
guidelines for all Public and Street
lighting applications.
The continuous, unquestioned
installation of high mast lighting
systems as a basic level of service
deserves to be questioned not only by
                                                        Typical highmasts in residential areas
the technical and engineering staff of
Local Authorities, but by the Councillors
as well, who represent the interests of                 A lesson learned over the years is that
the residents.                                          there are convincing benefits in using                            Mr. Enock Zikalala, who has been
                                                        conventional Street Lighting systems:                            appointed to the Board of Directors
Many large Councils in South Africa no                                                                                           of BEKA (Pty) Ltd.
longer use the high mast lighting                       -       Cost effective to install, particularly
method as an option for their                                   when using modern technologies.                     Mr. Enock Zikalala, who has a vast
communities.                                            -       Presents less maintenance challenges                experience in the field of Public
Johannesburg City Power received many                           but long term benefits.                             Lighting, has been appointed to the
requests from various townships within                  -       Comfortable to the eye – Low levels                 Board of Directors of BEKA (Pty)
their area of distribution to replace                           of glare.                                           Ltd, on the 1st October 2004 and
existing High Masts with conventional                                                                               has taken up the position of
                                                        -       Pleasing in appearance and also a
Street Lighting, a programme that is                                                                                Director, responsible for Technical
                                               Formal                              Informal                          He also leads the Black Economic
                                                                                                                    Empowerment Company, Indonsi
Proclaimed Areas                   Street Front Lighting                     Street Front Lighting
                                                                                                                    Investments (Pty) Ltd., which has
Unproclaimed Areas                          N/A                                  Area Lighting                      acquired a 30% direct shareholding
Above is a matrix system being implemented by Johannesburg City Power who has decided to end the                    in BEKA (Pty)Ltd.
indiscriminate use of high mast lighting

B   E   K   A       -      L   I   G   H   T   I   N    G       N   E    W    S   ,      V   I   E   W   S       A    N    D       R    E   V    I   E   W      S

(Municipal Infrastructure Grant), which
applies a 100% funding on approved                           BEKA supplies lighting to
Basic Level of Service projects.
Even after the replacement of CMIP by
                                                         Swaziland’s most prestigious project
MIG, municipalities are able to receive
100% funding on conventional Street
Lighting and not only on High Masts.
The MIG consulting office in JHB can
be contacted at :
(011) 355-5412 or 355-5250 to assist
with contact details of nearest offices.
For more information on this subject contact
Enock S. Zikalala at:
011-238 0165 or at

      EKA (Pty) Ltd supplied most of
      the indoor, outdoor and stadium
      lighting at the new Millennium
Project in Swaziland, situated next to
the town of Manzini. The Millennium
project was commissioned by the
Swazi Ministry of Economic Planning
Development and designed by DAB
Consortium, which includes Swazi                       The Beka Shine 125W MV Modern PostTop mounted on 4m MH poles used for area lighting around the
                                                       exhibition and trade fair.
and South African based consulting
engineers and Architects.
                                                       football stadium and adventure                        For more information regarding the products
The appointed Professionals are the                                                                          used in this interesting project, please contact
                                                       playground are set to open in 2005.The
Architects, Building Design Group                                                                            BEKA (Pty) Ltd, Wimpie Ludwick, Manager –
                                                       sport complex will be equipped with                   Pretoria Branch at
Architects and the Electrical Consultants,
                                                       the decorative, IP 65 rated, bulkhead
Swaziland Consulting Engineers and
Palace Engineering Services c.c..                      BEKA 31209, the BEKARONDO 1x18W
The Millennium project consists of                     Down lighters, BEKANOVA 125WMV
three phases, namely Mavuso, the                       IP66 Bulkheads and BEKAMAX-F 150W
                                                       HPS Glare free floodlights.
                                                                                                               Solar Streetlight
Exhibition and Trade fair, the multi-
purpose sports complex and the FIFA
approved football stadium and the
                                                       The Football Stadium, designed to FIFA
                                                       standards for national level without                    B    EKA’s range of SOLAR
                                                                                                                    Streetlight units is available
                                                                                                               complete with pole, luminaire and
adventure playground.                                  television, will be equipped with 96 x
                                                       BEKA OPTILUX 2KW Metal halide                           all relevant solar components. It is
BEKA’s proposal for the lighting of the
                                                       luminaires.                                             designed to operate at high light
specific areas, which was prepared by
                                                                                                               output reliably over a 12 to 14
BEKA’s application department, using
                                                                                                               hour period.
the in-house lighting design team and
                                                                                                               It has sufficient electrical capacity
supported by the state-of-the–art
                                                                                                               to cater for the occasional spell
software, was accepted.
                                                                                                               over overcast or rainy days, to
The area lighting around the halls,                                                                            continue its reliable night
pavilions, parade ground and VIP suite                                                                         operation.
was provided by our BEKASHINE 125W
                                                                                                               The new brochure is now available and
MV decorative, glare free luminaire
                                                                                                               can be downloaded from
mounted on 4 meter mounting height                                                                             or can be requested by means of the
poles.                                                                                                         enclosed FAX-Response Form.

The Parade ground has spectator
seating and a VIP hospitality building.
The four masts were fitted with 12 x
BEKA MAXILUX 2 KW Metal Halide
High performance floodlight luminaires
in conjunction with 4x BEKAMAX 400W
MH horizontally mounted floodlights
to provide additional area lighting                    Aiming being done on the Beka Maxilux 2KW
                                                       luminaires supplied for the parade ground. Note
when the masts are not operational.                    the fitment of the four BekaMax 400W MH Glare
The Multi-purpose sport complex,                       free horizontal floodlights

B   E   K   A     -      L   I   G   H    T    I   N    G       N    E   W     S   ,       V   I   E      W   S    A    N   D       R      E   V   I   E   W   S

    Beka’s range of environmentally friendly                                                                               New
       luminaires for Simbithi Eco-Estate                                                                                recently
                                                       important due to the close proximity of                         launched by
    imbithi Eco-Estate, in the heart of
    KwaZulu-Natal's northern coast-line                the ocean, with the prevailing wind                                 BEKA
    near Ballito, has been planned with                causing potential corrosion problems.
one thing in mind: to give you the                     The glass filament wound pole and
                                                                                                                                        BEKAQUAD, an
opportunity to reconnect with nature                   bollard pole base ensures absolute
                                                                                                                                        elegant and
and embrace a lifestyle in harmony with                corrosion free installations thus negating                                       versatile recessed
your natural environment.                              potential maintenance headaches.                                                 square downlight.
Simbithi Eco-Estate will eventually                    All external components of the                                                   Available in
                                                       BEKASHINE – NOUVELLE Post Top and                                                symmetrical or
comprise a large number of units and
                                                       BEKABRITE Bollard are manufactured                                               asymmentrical
freehold plots, made up of clusters of
villages linked by a network of internal               from top grade high-pressure die-castings
roads. All roads, nature trails and golf               with the silicon gaskets ensuring high
cart paths have been designed to have as               levels of ingress protection.                                   BEKA – Gemini,
little impact on the site as possible.                 The decision to utilise high-pressure                                a versatile,
The above was extracted from the various               sodium lamps was also finalised after                            adjustable HID
                                                       BEKA presented curves, kindly obtained                                 spotlight
marketing and design parameters for the
Simbithi Eco-Estate development.                       from the lamp manufacturer - Osram,
With this project ideal in mind BEKA
were approached to submit design
proposals, via Electrical Consultants –
Elliot, Breytenbach and Gray, for this
                                                                                                                                        BEKA RONDO-HX,
exclusive development.
                                                                                                                                        a new version of
Samples were installed on site for appraisal                                                                                            the popular down
resulting in the decision to utilize the                                                                                                light, with cross-
BEKASHINE – NOUVELLE 100W HPS Post                                                                                                      blade louvers.
Top luminaire, mounted on BEKA GRP
poles, as well as BEKABRITE 70W HPS
excellent optical system provides a cut-off
                                                                                                                  BEKA ECOLUX, the
distribution above 80º-elevation angle.                                                                           versatile high-tec
Further to this the lamp source is not                                                                            fluorescent
visible at all from any elevation angle                                                                           channel, with dust-
below 90º. This ensures an installation                                                                           proof lamp holders
with no upward lighting and no light                   Beka Shine-Nouvelle                                        and electronic
pollution, aspects of design particularly                                                                         gear.
suited to environmentally sensitive                    showing the spectral correlation of
developments, such as the Simbithi Eco-                apparent brightness between humans
Estate.                                                and insects. It is apparent that insects are
The BEKABRITE Bollard is also designed                 far less attracted to the "yellowish" high-
                                                       pressure sodium colour than they are to                    Contact details
with light control in mind. The bead
blasted aluminium louvre system provides               the "bluish/white" of mercury vapour or,
quality low-level lighting with very good              for that matter, the "white" of metal-
glare control ensuring a harmonious                    halide.
lighting system for such developments.                 In the age of environmental awareness                      Beka (PTY) LTD
                                                       BEKA are proud to be associated with                       13 West View Road
All three products utilised, the
BEKASHINE – NOUVELLE Post Top,                         such a prestigious development where                       P.O. Box 120
BEKABRITE Bollard and the BEKAPOLE                     we are able to provide not only excellent                  Olifantsfontein – 1665
are particularly suited to such a                      technical solutions but also ensure that
                                                                                                                  South Africa
development. All these products are able               all environmental issues were suitably
                                                       addressed.                                                 Tel: +27 (0) 238 0000
to be supplied in the colour of choice of
                                                       For more information regarding the products
                                                                                                                  Fax: +27 (0) 238 0180
the professional team, in this case a "Mid
                                                       used in this interesting project, please contact
Brunswick Green" which blends in                                                                                  e-mail:
                                                       BEKA (Pty) Ltd, Derek Watson, Manager –
excellently with the surroundings.                     Durban Branch at                       Web page:
The construction details are particularly

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