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									Stewardship Quotes
 The only investments I ever made
     which have paid constantly
  increasing dividends are those I
    have given to the Lord‘s work.
   Pastors do their congregation a
great service by helping those in the
   church understand God‘s truth
    about money, time and giving.
          J. L. Kraft. Founder Kraft Foods
Tithing is the heaven-taught method of
giving body and expression to Christian
           love and sympathy.

                    John Ross, 1901
                   The Lord’s Portion
      A checkbook is a
    theological document
It tells who and what you

        Billy Graham
It is a sad fact that while great things are
      being done in the world by individual
Christians, the potency of those forces are
  largely lost because the rank and file are
     living organized lives with no distinct
    acknowledgement of their stewardship
   relation to God, the Father-Owner. The
   faithful steward alone is lacking at this
                  crucial hour.

                       Frederick Agar, 1920
                        Stewardship of Life
I have held many things in my
  hands and I have lost them
    all. But whatever I have
 placed in God‘s hands, that I
           still possess.

       Martin Luther
  According to Webster, a steward
is a person who manages the affairs
 of a household as an estate for the
owner. In a biblical sense, a steward
   is a manager of God‘s affairs on
            planet earth.

             Stan Toler
God demands our tithes
   and deserves our
       Stephen Olford
  Dedication statement in the 1922 book,
      The Message of Stewardship:

To those Christian men and women
  of America who have stood and
   are standing with all of their
   resources of personality and
 possessions in the battle for the
  Christian conquest of the world
           and for peace.
                             Ralph Cushman
If God is your partner, make
        your plans big!
          D. L. Moody
You can‘t fake stewardship.
 Your checkbook reveals all
that you really believe about
  stewardship. A lifestyle
  could be written from a

         Ron Blue
God has given us two hands – one to
 receive with and the other to give
with. We are not cisterns made for
hoarding; we are channels made for

           Billy Graham
I have watched 100,000 families over
  my years of investment counseling. I
   always saw greater prosperity and
  happiness among those families who
  tithed than among those who didn’t.
      Tithing is simply an outward
 expression of spiritual growth leads to
            material growth.

         Sir John Templeton
The most important aspect of
  tithing and stewardship is
 not the raising of money for
     the church, but the
   development of devoted

       Fred M. Wood
   The gift of 10% has
precedence all the way back
  to the time of Abraham.
 Tithing is a guide to giving
    for today‘s Christian.

      Wayne Watts
A community of Christians (stewards) is not
a series of clocks in a jeweler‘s window, each
     with its own tick and time, in a busy
individualism, but like the clocks in a modern
  office building, regulated by the master,
       central clock on the main floor.

                     Silas Evans, 1921
               The Currency of the Invisible
I do not believe one can settle
 how much we ought to give. I
 am afraid the only safe rule is
   to give more than we can

            C. S. Lewis
 Christian stewardship is
more than the management
of things; it is the refusal
  to let things manage us.

     James A. Lollis
I know that God will not
 give me anything I can‘t
 handle. I just wish that
  he didn‘t trust me so

     Mother Teresa
Stewardship of money is only a fraction of
  our full Christian stewardship. The rich
   young ruler could say, ―All these things
 have I kept from my youth up,‖ but Jesus
 said to him, ―one thing thou lackest.‖ The
call for stewardship living is not fractional,
but a calling where self and substance both
come under the rule of biblical stewardship

                       Charles Cook, 1923
                     The Larger Stewardship
   There are three
conversions necessary:
 the conversion of the
  heart, mind and the
      Martin Luther
When a man becomes a true Christian, he
 becomes industrious, trustworthy, and
 prosperous. Now if that man, whilst he
   gets all he can and saves all he can,
  does NOT give all he can, I have more
      hope of Judas Iscariot than
              of that man!

              John Wesley
  The greatness of a
 church is determined
not by what it takes in,
 but by what it sends
       Talmadge Johnson
If the church has a need,
   God has pre-arranged
 supply to meet that need
    through His people.

     Terry N. Toler
   Give as you would to the
If you met His searching look
  Give as you would of your
If His hand the offering took
            Charles Wm. Harshman, 1905
                  Christian Giving
    Praise your
  congregation for
their faithfulness in

       Stan Toler
Never ―take‖ the offering.
   Rather, ―receive‖ the
  offering. Make offering
time a time of celebration!

         Stan Toler
New conditions of need in the world are
       calling for new standards of
  stewardship in the church, or rather,
    for new applications of the divine
  standards of giving as well as of living
 and serving. No wonder, then, that God
  has given stewardship so important a
 place in the training of the human race.

                 David McConaughy, 1918
                   Money: The Acid Test
     Here‘s a humorous illustration ...
    New offering plate for churches:
This ingenious invention receives gifts of a
    dollar or more on a plush cushion with
 silent graciousness. But when half-dollars
     are dropped in, it rings a bell; when
    quarters are given, it blows a whistle;
 when dimes are slipped in, it fires a shot.
    But when someone refuses to give, it
              takes their picture.
We are not here to develop a spiritual
  life of our own, or to enjoy a quiet
spiritual retreat. We are here to have
 the full realization of Jesus Christ,
 for the purpose of building his body.

                    Oswald Chambers
Tithing is not a matter
of money, it is an issue
        of trust.
        John Maxwell
    ―One more revival is needed, the
  revival of Christian stewardship; the
  consecration of the money power of
   the church of God; and when that
revival comes, the kingdom of God will
come in a day; you can no more prevent
 it than you can hold back the tides of
               the ocean.‖
                     Horace Bushnell in
                      American Tithers
                     James Sayler, 1918
The church ceases to be spiritual when
      it becomes self-seeking, only
  interested in the development of its
            own organization.

                     Oswald Chambers
Our lifetime on earth is a dot and
  from that little dot extends a
     line that goes out into all
 eternity. So if you are smart, are
  you going to live for the dot or
           for the line? –

          Randy Alcorn
―When I try to accomplish by
human means what can be done
  only by spiritual means, I
 embezzle God‘s authority.‖

      Fred Smith, Sr.
A disciple realizes that it is his Lord‘s
 honor that is at stake in his life, not
             his own honor.

                       Oswald Chambers
Pharisaism is the culture of orthodoxy
 which destroys the kingdom of grace.

           – Ben Maxson
What is the single greatest deterrent
  to generous giving? I believe the
 answer is the illusion or belief that
       this earth is our home. –

           Randy Alcorn
Spiritual leaders do not seek to discover
 the will of the majority, but seek to lift
 the majority to discover the will of God.

              – Ben Maxson
 To comprehend and enjoy God is the
highest exercise of the powers of man.

                           Ellen White
"The way each day will look to you, all
  starts with who you are looking to.―

                             Bill Bright
The lasting value of our public service
 for God is measured by the depth of
 the intimacy of our private times of
   fellowship and oneness with Him.

                     Oswald Chambers
Our agenda is to fix the world until it can
  properly take care of us. God's agenda
  is to bring all things together in Christ
     until every knee bows before him.

                              Larry Crabb
We Christians cannot talk about loving
 God until we come to grips with our
    raging passion for ourselves.

                            Larry Crabb
Great leaders inspire us to go places we
   would never go on our own, and to
    attempt things we never thought
             we had in us.
                             Hanz Finzel
“The one common thread of courageous
 biblical leaders: They trusted God more
  than their circumstances.”

             John Maxwell
  “Organizations have this nasty habit of
becoming institutions. And institutions have
this great tendency to fade into irrelevance.
Movements become monuments. Inspiration
           becomes institution.”

                              Hanz Finzel
A person is simply a slave for obeying,
   unless behind his obedience is the
       recognition of a holy God.

                    Oswald Chambers
“No executive ever suffered because his
 subordinates were strong and effective.”

                         Peter Drucker
“Unless the laborer in God's cause can
 gain the confidence of those for whom
he is laboring, he can do but little good.”

              E. G. White
“Prayer does not equip us for greater
works—prayer is the greater work.”

         Oswald Chambers
 “He that thinketh he leadeth . . .
And hath no one following him . . .
       Only taketh a walk.”

          John Maxwell
“We trained hard, but it seemed that every
   time we were beginning to form up into
  teams we would be reorganized. I was to
  learn late in life that we tend to meet any
 new situation by reorganizing, and what a
 wonderful method it can be for creating the
     illusion of progress while producing
confusion, inefficiency and demoralization.”

           Petronious, 210 B.C.
“If you lead through fear you will have
 little to respect; but if you lead through
       respect you will have little to fear.”

Spiritual leaders assume that the Holy
 Spirit is an organizational reality in the
church. Thus they make room for Him in
the structure and process of church life.

              Ben Maxson
A method of worrying before
   you spend instead of
When you think no one cares you‘re
   alive, try missing a couple of
           car payments.
A major problem these days is how
 to save money for your children‘s
college education, when you‘re still
         paying for yours.

            Doug Larson
Money is an exact index to a person‘s
     true character. All through
    Scripture there is an intimate
       correlation between the
 development of a person‘s character
  and how they handle their money.

          Richard Halverson
A good architect can improve
  the looks of an old house
  merely by discussing the
     cost of a new one.
Jesus said more about money
 than any other single thing
 because, when it comes to a
person‘s real nature, money is
    of first importance.

       Richard Halverson
 The lust for affluence in
contemporary society has
 become psychotic; it has
completely lost touch with

           Richard J. Foster
The poorest man I know is the
 who has nothing but money.

       John D. Rockefeller
We always pay dearly for chasing
      after what is cheap.

      Alexander Solzhenitsyn
He who provides for this life but
takes no care for eternity is wise
for a moment but a fool forever.

           John Tillotson
Their property held them in chains.
They think of themselves as owners;
   whereas it is they rather who
  are owned. Enslaved as they are
       to their own property,
 they are not the masters of their
        money but its slaves.
  Drive-in banks were
established so most of the
cars today could see their
        real owners.

          E. Joseph Grossman
 Affluenza is a strange malady that
  affects the children of well-to-do
 parents. Though having everything
money can buy, the children show all
 the symptoms of abject poverty. . .
depression, anxiety, loss of meaning
      and despair for the future.

                          Randy Alcorn
  Our founding fathers
  objected to taxation
 without representation.
They should see it today
  with representation.
I am a great believer in luck,
  and I find that the harder I
 work, the more I have of it.
       Stephen Leacock
      Did you ever wonder why U.S.
government securities are so safe? It’s
 because the federal government has
      an unlimited source of capital:
       If it ever runs out of money,
  it just prints more to pay its bills. . .
            I wish I could do that.
 Common sense is genius
dressed in working clothes.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
  Give a person everything they
    want and at that moment,
everything will not be everything.

          Immanuel Kant
He who buys what he does
 not need robs himself.
 If you would make a person
    happy, add not to their
possessions, but subtract from
          the sum of
         their desires.
Blessed are those who can give
   without remembering, and
  receive without forgetting.
You cannot serve both
   God and money.

   Matthew 6:24 (NLT)
  The modern American is a person
   who drives a bank-financed car
     over a bond-financed highway
 on credit card gas to open a charge
    account at a department store,
       so they can fill up their
savings-and-loan-financed home with
  installment-purchased furniture!
Possession is an obsession
      in our culture.

     Richard J. Foster
  Greed assumes scarcity
   but Scripture tells us
   the opposite is true. . .
scarcity is created by greed.
Christ taught that tithing was a
     good place to start. . .
  but a tragic place to stop.
Most people have too much
 month left at the end of
       their money.
        It‘s not the high
cost of living that gets you. . .
  it‘s the cost of high living!
You become mature when your
 disciplines become reflexes.
     You can spend money
     any way you want. . .
but you can only spend it once.
There is nothing in status
   but status itself.
A budget is an attempt to live
    below your yearnings.
It is time to realize that there is
 no such thing as a completely
         satisfied person.
    Otherwise, there would be
        no need for heaven.

           Tony Campolo
  Some people go over their
 budgets very carefully every
month… Some just go over them!
 Consumers are in an endless,
hopeless search for happiness
  through the confiscation
          of things.

        Thomas O‘Quinn
Affluenza turns the good life
     into the goods life.

        Richard Swenson
People are temporarily pleased
with their external purchases,
 but chronically unhappy with
       their emptiness.

        Richard Swenson
         There is a
   one-to-one relationship
 between the possession of
and the consumption of time.
  I will live within my means
even if I have to go into debt
             to do it!
    A budget is an orderly,
time-consuming, and methodical
   way to discover there is not
   enough money to go around.
  When your outgo
exceeds your income,
      your upkeep
will be your downfall!
 Civilization—a limitless
     multiplication of
unnecessary necessities.

       Mark Twain
 There is a tendency with all
material possessions to obscure
the needs they cannot satisfy.
     A full hand helps us
   forget an empty heart.

         Dallas Willard
What I spent is gone.
What I kept is lost.
  But what I gave
will be mine forever.

 Epitaph on a tombstone
   “It is not really about greed,

            it is pride.

I want more than the other person”.

We can choose to see life as a series
  of trials and tribulations, or we can
 choose to see life as an accumulation
              of treasures.

           Author Unknown
“It is the eyes of others that destroy
 us. If all the others were blind, what
  need would I have for fine clothes
          and a fine house?”
                    Benjamin Franklin
More is never going to
      be enough
―He is no fool who gives away
 what he cannot keep what he
         cannot lose.‖
                   Jim Elliot
I place no value on anything that
 I possess, except in relationship
     to the kingdom of God.‖

          David Livingston
― I value all things only by the
 price they shall gain eternity.‖

          John Wesley
―It is not how much we have, but how
     much we enjoy, that makes

                     Charles H. Spurgeon
―It is right to be contented with what
  we have, never with what we are.‖

          James Mackintosch
―Those who devote their lives to
a cause greater than themselves
 always find a larger, fuller life
than the one they surrendered.‖

        Wilbert E. Scheer
―Compassion is at the root of all

         Elisabeth Goudge
―Focus on the contribution
    that you can make.‖

       Peter Brucker
The one who dies with the
     most toys wins.

            Bumper sticker
―Prosperity knits a man to the world.
 He feels that he is finding his place
   in it, while really it is finding its
              place in him.‖

                            C.S. Lewis
―Time is the most valuable and
 the most perishable of all our

                   John Randolph
―In giving of oneself there is
enough taken away to have room
          for more.‖

                   Alice R. Pratt
 ―Show me where you spend your
and I‘ll tell you what your priorities

                          James W.Frick
― What we really are matters more
than what other people think of us.‖

          Jawaharlal Nehru
―The only certain happiness in life is
         to live for others.‖

                        Leo Tolstoy
―It's not really about greed, (that is,
more, for the sake of more) it's pride -
  I want more than the other person.
 What other than pride would lead to
   huge houses with 2 t story atrium
 entries with two adults and one child
            living in them?‖

                         C. S. Lewis
―Everything can be taken from us but one
  thing-the last of the human freedoms-
   to choose one's attitude in any given

             Viktor Frankl
―He who lives content with little,
     possesses everything.‖

                   Nicolas Boileau
―Bring your desires down to your present
   means. Increase them only when your
         increased means permit.‖

―What we are is God's gift to us. What we
       become is our gift to God.‖

             Eleanor Powell
   ―God's love had no strings, no
 expectations, no hidden agendas, no
secrets. His love for us was, and is, up
           front and clear.‖

               Max Lucado
       One Incredible Moment
 Biblical Models for Project Funding

Building the Tabernacle   (Ex 25:1-9, 35:20-29, and 36:4-7).

        Building the Temple     (1 Chr 29:1-20)

  Restoring the Temple    (2Kings 12:1-12; 2 Chr 24:8-14)

Caring for the displaced at Pentecost        (Acts 2:44-45;

Relieving famine in Jerusalem    (1 Cor 16:1-3; 2 Cor 8:1-15)

      Supporting Paul‘s ministry     (Phil 4:10-20)

           2 Kings 4:1-7
The widow was instructed to borrow only
  objects, not any form of currency or
            negotiable goods.
“Remember that when you leave this earth,
 you can take with you only what you have
   given: a full heart enriched by honest
    service, love, sacrifice and courage.”

               Francis of Assisi
“ Where riches hold the dominion of
    the heart, God has lost His

                     John Calvin
Average American shop 6 hours a week but
  spend only 4 playing with their children.
 By the age of 20, the average television
  viewer has seen one million commercials.
    Recently, more Americans declared
  bankruptcy than graduated from college.
In 90 percent of divorce cases, arguments
     about money play a prominent role.
―I have made many millions, but they have
         brought me no happiness.‖

            J.D Rockefeller
―I was happier when I was doing a
          mechanic‘s job.‖

          Henry Ford
―Millionaires seldom smile.‖

     Andrew Carnegie
―I have a very strong feeling that the
opposite of love is not hate, it‘s apathy.‖

                       Leo Buscaglia
―All the beautiful sentiment in the world

   weights less than one lovely action.‖

                   James Russell Lowell
―He profits most who serves best.‖

               Arthur F. Sheldon
―Nearly all men can stand adversity, but

  if you want to test a man‘s character,

            give him power.‖

                     Abraham Lincoln.
―It is high time the ideal of success

should be replaced with the ideal of


                  Albert Einstein
―Contentment is the realization of how

         much I already have.‖

                      Dave Grant
― I am content with a little,
   enough is a good feast.‖

Isaac Bickerstaffe,   Dramatist
―Sharing what you have is more
 important than what you have.‖

     Albert M.Wells, Jr
―If you haven‘t got all the things
  you want, be grateful for the
  things you don‘t have that you
           don‘t want.‖

―What we do during our working
hours determines what we have;
 what we do in our leisure hours
    determines who we are.‖

      Abigail Van Buren
―The greatest use of life is to spend
      it for something that will

             outlast it.‖

           William James
     The More Generous

           Married couple

Single women especially single mother

― To gain that which is worth having, it

        may be necessary to lose

           everything else.‖

                  Bernadette Devlin
― Giving is true living‖

    Jack Herman
―Riches are not from an abundance of
       worldly goods, but from a
          contended mind.‖

―The true value of money is not in

    possession, but in its use.‖

―There are three levels of giving:
         You have to (law)
     You ought to (obligation)
        You want to (grace)

                   Waldo Werning
―Today if you have your own home, if you
 have a reliable means of transportation,
    and if you receive an annual raise in
   salary, you are in the top 15% of the
   world‘s wealth. If you have two cars,
 two salaries, multiple changes of clothes
    and regular promotions, you‘ve just
   jumped to the top 5% of the world‘s
  wealth…God wants to know: ‗What are
          you complaining about?‖
       (Tony Evans—CSA magazine)
―Many believers are living under a closed
     heaven. They pray, but the door is
    locked because they‘re robbing God
   (Malachi 3). If you give someone the
  keys to your car and this person never
  brings your car back, are you going to
 give him or her the keys to your house?
 Not likely. In the same way, if God can‘t
       trust His children with a little,
          why give them more?‖

      (Tony Evans—CSA magazine)
―If we really believed that our works in this
life, what we do with all of our resources, will
 have an irreversible effect on eternity…then
surely we would live differently!… Let us read
      our own obituary, not as written by
uninformed or biased men, but as an onlooking
  angel might write it from heaven‘s point of
 view. Look at it carefully. Then let us use the
   rest of our lives to edit that obituary into
         what we really want it to be.‖

  (Randy Alcorn, Money, Possessions, and
―Indeed, if we consider the unblushing
   promises of rewards promised in the
   Gospels, it would seem that our Lord
finds our desires not too strong, but too
  weak. We are half-hearted creatures,
   fooling about with drink and sex and
ambition when infinite joy is offered us,
like an ignorant child who wants to go on
  making mud pies in a slum because he
   cannot imagine what is meant by the
  offer of a holiday at the sea. We are
    far too easily pleased.‖ (C.S. Lewis)
 ―One more revival—only one more—is
     needed, the revival of Christian
  stewardship, the consecration of the
 money power to God. When that revival
comes, the kingdom of God will come in a
         day.‖ (Horace Bushnell)
―True happiness comes from spiritual
     wealth, not material wealth.‖

        Sir John Templeton
―I never would have been able to tithe on
     my first million dollars if I had not
   learned to tithe on my first paycheck,
       which was $1.50 for the week.‖

          John D. Rockefeller
―When it comes to giving, some folks will
            stop at nothing.‖

             Jimmy Carter
―What God orders, He pays for. Where
       God guides, He provides.‖

―We make a living through what we get;
 we make a life through what we give.‖

          Winston Churchill
―It pays to serve God, but it doesn‘t pay
      to serve God because it pays.‖

            R.G. LeTourneau
―Make money your god and it will plague
           you like the devil!‖

             Henry Fielding
―Money talks. It says, ‗Good-bye.‖

           Brian Kluth
―Christian stewardship is more than the
 management of things; it is the refusal
         to let things manage us.‖

            James A. Lollis
―Don‘t give ‗til it hurts; give ‗til it feels

―There are three levels of giving: *you
have to (law); *you ought to (obligation);
          *you want to (grace).‖

            Waldo Werning
 ―A twenty-dollar bill and a one-dollar bill
   were talking one day. They were telling
    each other where they had been. The
       twenty said he had just been on a
 whirlwind trip. He had been to the casinos
      and to the movies. He had been to a
 baseball game and purchased hotdogs and
     beers. He had been passed on to the
lottery and then a drug dealer. His life was
  full of extravagant travel. The one-dollar
   bill responded saying his life was boring.
All he had done was travel from one church
            to another and another.‖
―I will place no value on anything I may
     possess except in relation to the
  kingdom of Christ. If anything I have
    will advance the interests of that
 kingdom, it shall be given away or kept,
   only as by giving or keeping it, I may
  promote the glory of Him, to Whom I
 owe all my hopes in time and eternity.‖

           David Livingstone
 ―The good life exists only when you stop
 wanting a better one. It is the condition of
  savoring what is, rather than longing for
   what might be. The itch for things—so
 brilliantly injected by those who make and
 sell them—is in effect a virus draining the
   soul of contentment. A man never earns
 enough, a woman is never beautiful enough,
 clothes are never new enough, the house is
 never furnished enough, the food is never
   fancy enough. There is a point at which
 salvation lies in stepping off the escalator,
   of saying, ―Enough: What I have will do,
        what I make of it is up to me.‖
(Marya Mannes—Reader‘s Digest, Points to
 ―Money management is not so much a
technique as it is an attitude. And when
we talk about attitudes, we are dealing
with emotions. Thus, money management
is basically self-management or control
 of one‘s emotions. Unless one learns to
 control himself, he is no more likely to
     control his money than he is to
  discipline his habits, his time, or his
  temper. Undisciplined money usually
      spells undisciplined persons.‖
           Robert J. Hastings
―The person who dedicates his money to
  God is dedicating himself—the fruit of
   his time, talent and energy. One who
 fails to dedicate his money has not fully
        committed himself to God.‖
A London paper offered a prize for the
 best definition of money. This was the
winning answer: ―Money is an instrument
    that can buy you everything but
  happiness and pay your fare to every
           place but heaven.‖
―A rich man came to Jesus and asked,
 ‗What does it cost to follow you, 25%,
50%, 75%?‘ The answer Jesus gave was,
  ‗All of it.‘ 2000 years later people are
   still asking the same question…―What
does it cost to be a true disciple, a real
       steward?‘ Same answer…100%‖

(Patrick McLaughlin, President of The
            Timothy Group)
―Our churches are filled with ―owners,‖
            not ―stewards.‖

          Patrick McLaughlin
―No man can tell whether he is rich or
 poor by turning to his ledger. It is the
heart that makes a man rich. He is rich
  or poor according to what he is, not
       according to what he has.‖

―I always had a dream that when I am asked to
     give an accounting of my life to a higher
     court, it will be like this: ‗So, empty your
  pockets. What have you got left of your life?
 Any dreams that were unfulfilled? Any unused
   talent that we gave you when you were born
        that you still have left? Any unsaid
   compliments or bits of love that you haven‘t
     spread around?‘ And, I will answer, ‗I‘ve
   nothing to return. I‘ve spent everything you
   gave me. I‘m naked as the day I was born.‘‖
                    Erma Bombeck.
―One philanthropist summed it up saying,
   ‗I get three kicks out of every dollar
  I‘ve ever had: one, when I make it (and
    you know how much I love to make a
  dollar, he grinned). The second kick is
  when I bank it (and I do have a Yankee
    lust for savings), but the third kick
  comes when I give it away—and this is
          the greatest kick of all.‘‖

 G. Bradford Hall, St. Margaret‘s Episcopal
          Church, Palm Desert, CA.
―Give according to your means, or God will
    make your means according to your

               John Hall.
―Give strength, give thought, give deeds,
   give wealth, give love, give tears, and
 give thyself. Give, give, be always giving.
   Who gives not is not living. The more
        you give, the more you live.‖

―Money can buy medicine but not health.
  Money can buy a house but not a home.
  Money can buy companionship but not
  friends. Money can buy entertainment
  but not happiness. Money can buy food
   but not an appetite. Money can buy a
    bed but not sleep. Money can buy a
 crucifix but not a Savior. Money can buy
    the good life but not eternal life.‖

―Money in itself is neither good or bad; it is
  simply dangerous in that the love of it may
 become bad. With money a man can do much
   good; and with money he can do much evil.
 With money a man can selfishly serve his own
  desires; and with money he can generously
   answer to the cry of his neighbor‘s need.
   With money a man can buy his way to the
  forbidden things and facilitate the path of
  wrongdoing; and with money he can make it
 easier for someone else to live as God meant
 him to live. Money brings power, and power is
always a double-edged thing, for it is powerful
          to good and powerful to evil.‖
               William Barclay.
―Our lives are in God‘s hands, but the lives
   of others, by God‘s choice and power,
  are in our hands. The future of the lives
       touched by us is an eternal one.
         Whatever our obstacles and
    opportunities, let us not fail man or

               Paul H. Miller
―God will not merely judge us on the basis
  of what we gave but also on the basis of
     what we did with what we kept for

            Erwin W. Lutzer
―The lust for affluence in contemporary
  society has become psychotic; it has
   completely lost touch with reality.‖

            Richard Foster
Webster‘s New Collegiate Dictionary defines
   materialism as ―A preoccupation with or
 stress upon material rather than intellectual
  or spiritual things.‖ Randy C. Alcorn, in his
book Money, Possessions and Eternity, goes on
   to say that ―Materialism begins with the
 philosophy of life we actually live by. Hence,
 while any true Christian would deny belief in
      the philosophical underpinnings of
      materialism, he may nonetheless be
    preoccupied with material rather than
  spiritual things and therefore in fact be a
             practicing materialist.‖
―The poorest man I know is the man who
        has nothing but money.‖

         John D. Rockefeller
―Adversity is hard on a man, but for the
 one man who can stand prosperity, there
 are a hundred that will stand adversity.‖

            Thomas Carlyle
―The care of $200,000,000 is enough to
  kill anyone. There is no pleasure in it.‖

            W. H. Vanderbilt
―I am the most miserable man on earth.‖

          John Jacob Astor
In sanctification, the one who has been
    born again deliberately gives up his
   right to himself to Jesus Christ, and
  identifies himself entirely with God's
            ministry to others.

                      Oswald Chambers
―Millionaires seldom smile.‖

     Andrew Carnegie
―I have made many millions, but they have
         brought me no happiness.‖

          John D. Rockefeller
―The happiest people are those who care
  more about others than they do about

             Ted Turner
―There is a loftier ambition than merely
 to stand high in the world. It is to stoop
  down and lift mankind a little higher.‖

            Henry Van Dyke
―There is a wonderful mythical law of
 nature that the three things we crave
  most in life—happiness, freedom and
 peace of mind—are always attained by
     giving them to someone else.‖

       Peyton Conway March
―Profit is what we have left after we
make a donation to a worthwhile cause.‖

         Marilyn Vos Savant
―Giving pays the highest interest rate,
    and has the longest term of any
          investment available.‖

          Jeffrey K. Wilson
―God is not glorified when we keep for
  ourselves (no matter how thankfully)
 what we ought to be using to alleviate
      the misery of unevangelized,
  uneducated, unmedicated and unfed

          Pastor John Piper
―I value all things only by the price they
           shall gain in eternity.‖

              John Wesley
―Money is emphasized in Scripture simply
   because our temptation to love it is
          inexplicably powerful.‖

            Erwin W. Lutzer
―Money is like manure: If you spread it
 around, it does a world of good; but if
 you pile it up, it stinks to high heaven.‖

(from ―The Matchmaker‖ by Thornton
―A person‘s true wealth is the good he or
          she does in the world.‖

―One man gives freely, yet gains even
 more; another withholds unduly, but
         comes to poverty.‖

           Proverbs 11:24
―We should give as we would receive,
   cheerfully, quickly and without
 hesitation; for there is no grace in a
 benefit that sticks to the fingers.‖

―We are rich only through what we give,
 and poor only through what we refuse.‖

           Anne Swetchine
―The decent thing to do is get rid of some
             of this money.‖

(James Michener, 89, author, commenting
  on his giving of $117,000,000 during his
―No one has ever become poor by giving.‖

              Anne Frank
―If you‘re giving while you‘re living, then
     you‘re knowing where it‘s going.‖
  ―I have found that among its other
benefits, giving liberates the soul of the

            Maya Angelou
―Giving is the lifeblood of happy living.‖

              Todd Parrish
―Success in life has nothing to do with
 what you gain in life or accomplish for
 yourself. It‘s what you do for others.‖

            Danny Thomas
―It‘s more rewarding to watch money
  change the world than to watch it

          Gloria Steinem
―Happiness is not so much in having as
  sharing. We make a living by what we
get, but we make a life by what we give.‖

          Norman MacEwan
―The greatest use of a life is to spend it
    on something that will outlast it.‖

             William James
―No one would remember the Good
  Samaritan if he‘d only had good
 intentions. He had money as well.‖

       Margaret Thatcher
―Money never made a man happy yet, nor
  will it. There is nothing in its nature to
 produce happiness. The more a man has,
 the more he wants. Instead of its filling
  a vacuum, it makes one. If it satisfies
   one want, it doubles and triples that
             want another way.‖

            Benjamin Franklin
―The real measure of our wealth is how
  much we‘d be worth if we lost all our

             J.H. Jowett
―God divided the hands into fingers so
    that money could slip through.‖

           Martin Luther
―The perfect amount to leave children is
 enough so they would feel they could do
   anything, but not so much that they
            could do nothing.‖

           Warren Buffett
―You have not lived until you have done
 something for someone who can never
               repay you.‖

            John Bunyan
―Make all you can, save all you can, give all
                  you can.‖

  ―The intriguing thing about God‘s
 economic system is that no one is too
poor to tithe. Tithing is not dependent
on financial resources; it is dependent
 on the level of trust we have in God.‖

―I don‘t want to be a tightwad. I want to
   be frugal. I want to celebrate life, to
    surround myself with beauty, to be
 content, whatever state I am in. I want
  to manage my finances, to organize my
     routine and to use my possessions
  wisely. I want to budget resources and
  time, to help others and to bring glory
                  to God.‖

 The Thrifty Person‘s Credo, Cynthia Yates
  ―Money is one of the acid tests of
  character and a surprising amount of
     space is given to it in Scripture.
Whether a man is rich or poor, observe
 his reaction to his possessions and you
have a revealing index to his character.‖

           Oswald Sanders
―When giving to God, we are just taking
  our hands off what belongs to Him.‖

            Croft M. Pentz
Having the reality of God‘s presence
  is not dependent on our being in a
   particular circumstance or place,
     but is only dependent on our
    determination to keep the Lord
         before us continually.

                   Oswald Chambers
―Sow a thought, reap an act; Sow an act,
    reap a habit; Sow a habit, reap a
   character; Sow a character, reap a

―I‘m proud to be paying taxes in the U.S.
    The only thing is I could be just as
        proud for half the money!‖

            Arthur Godfrey
―Over and over again, the courts have said
  there is nothing sinister in so arranging
  one‘s affairs as to keep taxes as low as
    possible. Everybody does so, rich and
   poor, and all do right, for nobody owes
   any duty to pay more tax that the law
  demands. Taxes are enforced exactions,
        not voluntary contributions.‖

           Judge Learned Hand
A newspaper reporter doing a story on
  John D. Rockefeller, after his death,
asked his former chief accountant, ‗How
  much money did he leave?‘ Answer =
              ‗All of it!‘
―Why are so many Americans are in debt?
   They believe in spending tomorrow‘s
              cash today.‖
―Our time belongs to God. Every moment
    is His, and we are under the most
  solemn obligation to improve it to His
  glory. Of no talent that He has given
  will He require a more strict account
             than of our time.‖

              Ellen White
Giving and receiving are mutual.
 Receiving without giving causes
   dependence. Giving without
  receiving leads to arrogance.

        Robert E. Fogal
The End

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