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How to Create Beautiful Embroidery Greeting Cards


									How to Create Beautiful Embroidery Greeting Cards

Have you ever heard about embroidery greeting cards? Perhaps, not yet.
Most of us have been so into hand and machine embroidery which uses
clothes that we don’t know much about embroidery on paper or greeting
cards. But, don’t you think it’s much fun to design your greeting cards
using embroidery especially if you love embroidery? It sure will be.
After all, if it’s your first time to do it, you’d be glad at how this
can be a great way to express your love and feelings to your love ones
through the personalized greeting cards.

The good thing about embroidering greeting cards is that you can combine
your love of embroidery to paper crafts. And did you know that there are,
surprisingly, plenty of designs for stitching your cards? And most of
all, they are free.

How Get Designs for your Greeting Cards

• Cut out any designs you’d like from your old magazines and books.
You’ll surely find great designs for card such as Christmas ornaments or
trees for Christmas, hearts for Valentines, cakes for birthdays, etc.

• You can also download and print an image from the internet. Make sure
to get simple designs if you’re new to this.

• You can also use old embroidery patterns

Where Do You Get Patterns and Designs?

• Old magazines and books which you can freely cut-out.
• Embroidery shops
• The internet

So, now you have your pattern or design, you can prepare the materials
that you will need. You should prepare your blank card, pin for punching
holes, needles, threads, tapes, scissors, glue sticks and some decorative

Simple Steps in Making your Embroidery Greeting Cards

a.) Tape the design you’ve chosen on the blank greeting card.

b.) Following the drawings on the design, punch holes on the card.

c.) Now, there will be holes which will be your pattern in stitching.
Follow the holes as you stitch. Use different stitches depending on the
design. Remember not to knot the end of the thread, just tape it at the
back of the paper.

d.) When you’re through stitching all the designs, you can paste
decorative papers at the back of the card as it would be messy.

Embroidery on Paper is Different!
One important thing that you have to keep in mind is that paper
embroidery is different from that done on fabric; although the concepts
are mostly similar. On paper, you have to punch the holes where you will
do the stitching. And you have to do it carefully if you want your
designs to be perfect. At most embroidery shops, you can buy special
tools which you can use to punch holes on your paper for stitching.

There will also be lots of patterns available for this kind of embroidery
craft. But you have to keep in mind that because you are designing a
greeting card (which is slightly small); you have to look for a design
which best fit the card. You also need to consider the occasion when you
intend to send the card when finding patterns and designs.

Whether you are going to make a Christmas card, Valentine’s card,
birthday card or anniversary card, embroidery greeting cards are the best
one to make. You can make a personalized design.

You have done it with great efforts which your love ones will surely
appreciate. Best of all, the materials you need are all cheaper.

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