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                            Spinal Column
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                            Ben Harris joins OCC
   We are delighted to welcome Ben to                 Ben is a delightfully enthusiastic in-
   our team as the new chiropractor.                  dividual and is bound to become
   Ben has been working at a clinic in                very popular within the clinic, with
   Cardiff for the last 3 years and has               both his patients and his colleagues.
   developed a wide range of interests                This has certainly proven to be the
   and skills in that time, however his               case since he started with us.
   passions for treating rugby and vol-
                                                      His skills extend far beyond clinical
   leyball players remains at the fore.
                                                      expertise as he is also a competent
   Ben’s interest in chiropractic came                drummer and singer — though we
   from his mother having had treat-                  don’t expect these areas to be overly
   ment for severe headaches — ironi-                 taxed in his work with patients.
   cally following her son’s delivery!                Nonetheless you have been warned!!

   Just a thought... “Cats always land on their feet - but dogs won't even let you throw them!”

                                                               through the buttocks. A bulging or
              Sciatica                                         herniated disc is another cause of
                                                               sciatica and is usually a result of
  Sciatica is associated with pain,                            trauma from a fall or accident. Less
  numbness, and muscle weakness in                             commonly noted causes would in-
  the hip, buttock, leg, calf, and foot.                       clude arthritis, diabetes, vitamin defi-
  The sciatic nerve is the longest and                         ciencies, and any degeneration as a
  largest of all the body’s nerves. It                         result from long-term stress on the
  runs from the spinal column near                             lower back. Often traumatic events
  the pelvis down each leg and can                             are not the cause of sciatica. Stand-
  be as wide as your thumb. Each sci-                          ing, sitting, walking, running, heavy
  atic nerve is made up of five smaller                        lifting, bending, twisting, or even
  nerves that branch into the thigh,                           sneezing can bring on symptoms.
  knee, calf, ankle, and foot. Sciatica
  occurs when this nerve is com-                               Sciatica is characterized by pain,
  pressed, irritated, or inflamed.                             numbness, and weakness in the
                                                   lower extremities. Commonly pain and numb-
  Sciatica is most commonly a result of a mis-     ness are located at the calf, foot, or back of the
  aligned lower spine that is pinching the root of thigh. This is usually preceded for a few weeks
  the sciatic nerve. This malfunction can apply a by lower back pain. Eventually the leg pain be-
  good deal of pressure on the sciatic nerve and comes worse than the back pain. Pain can ei-
  cause severe pain. A faulty pelvic alignment     ther be dull and aching or can be a shooting
  could put the gluteal muscles under duress and pain down the leg all the way to the toes. This
  the sciatic nerve will be pinched as it passes   pain can last for several days or weeks or it can

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  subside for even a few hours. However, some-
  one who has had sciatica for a long period of                          CHIROPRACTIC &
  time will find that the pain localises in the but-
  tock and thigh. In severe cases it can damage                         SPINAL RESEARCH
  nerves and reflexes or cause the calf muscle to
  deteriorate. Occasionally, paraesthesias                    “Do you know anyone living on pre-
  (tingling) and weakened bladder function can                scription drugs? They may have years
  accompany sciatica.                                         of uncorrected problems in their body.
  Many times people with sciatica wait until the              Please tell them about chiropractic.”
  pain becomes unbearable before they contact
  the chiropractor. Waiting can cause long-term               People who show imbalances in leg
  damage. It is important that you contact your               length are less healthy. - A common find-
  chiropractor when the pain originally begins. A             ing in people with spinal problems is that one
  number of treatments for sciatica can be pre-               leg appears longer than the other. This is
  scribed (that don’t include surgery or medica-              called leg-length inequality. But does it really
  tions) to help with your sciatica. The first thing          matter?
  your chiropractor will do is review your com-
  plete medical history to determine when the                 In a recent study, fifty-five volunteers were
  problem began and the possible causes. Then                 given the SF-12health questionnaire which
  a complete physical and chiropractic exam is                measures health-related quality of life. The
  performed, and x-rays may be taken. Your chi-               volunteers were then examined by a chiro-
  ropractor will review and discuss the results               practor for leg length alignment. The results
  with you and make recommendations for treat-                were compared with their quality of life ques-
  ment of sciatica.                                           tionnaires. Those people with leg length differ-
                                                              ences had significantly lower scores on the
  Sometimes, a chiropractor will find the source              quality of life questionnaire than those without
  of the nerve irritation and use manual adjust-              leg length differences.
  ments to correct the spinal misalignment. The
  adjustments are designed to remove the irrita-              People with leg length differences experi-
  tion that is pinching the sciatic nerve and caus-           enced lower scores in the mental health com-
  ing the pain. Massage therapy may be used to                ponent than the physical. The mental compo-
  reduce muscle spasms. Ultrasound and ice                    nent measured depression, stress and life sat-
  therapies are also used to relieve the symp-                isfaction. Chiropractors can balance out the
  toms of sciatica. Pain medications merely mask              spine and structural system bringing your legs
  the symptoms and never heal the cause, and                  back into balance and help reduce all these
  surgery should always be the last resort. In                problems.
  most cases of patients who have received spi-
  nal manipulations, x-rays taken after sciatica              Bye – see you next issue. Want copies of this
  treatment have shown improvement in the spi-                newsletter for your friends? Please feel free to
  nal alignment as well as a reduction of symp-               share this with them. Please remember that
  toms. Chiropractic care works, so contact a                 everyone needs to be free from problems, so
  Chiropractor today if you experience any of the             bring your friends and loved ones for a free
  symptoms of sciatica.                                       spine check!

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