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                         TO THE BOARD
                          26 MAY 2004


It is three months since the CHIETA Board last met, ever since that last
meeting much has happened at the CHIETA. During the Month of March when
most companies are busy preparing to engage in an exercise of balancing
books and preparing final financial statements, the CHIETA was probably
faced with one of the greatest challenges in it’s short life. Data integrity
became a buzzing word, the computer crashed, leaving the SETA for days
without any electronic contact with its stakeholders. The server was finally
replaced almost three weeks later, it was then discovered that the data
relating to the pastel system missed some key opening balances, thus
compromising the entire data integrity.

Initially it was assumed that the catastrophe that hit the CHIETA was not so
enormous and that the CHIETA will be back on line within a mater of hours. In
total three pastel consultants were called out. In the end the consultant was
able to reduce the number of errors from fifteen pages to two pages. The
CHIETA management decided not to rely on these figure but rather to
recapture the entire financial year, this exercise had to be completed before
the internal and external auditors commenced their work at the CHIETA.

The recent server crash had a devastating effect on all operations of the
CHIETA. Unfortunately there has been some data loss, and divisions are
trying to apply damage control. Most hard hit was the ETQA Division and
users of laptop computers, where all data on C-drives were lost due to
profiling incompatibility between the computers and the new server.

In the midst of all of this the CHIETA launched a number successful
programmes with stakeholders, the first being the learnership awareness and
consultative process around the Discretionary Grant application, this was
followed by the breakfast meetings highlighting the HIV/AIDS and RPL
programmes of the CHIETA NSF, this was followed by yet another scoop, the
launch of the SNF learnership programme addressed by Mr Pieter Cox from
SASOL and the Minister of Labour. Finally 29 Service Providers were awarded
their accreditation certificates at a function held on 15 May 2004.
The new offices are now operational. Functions that have relocated to the
lower ground floor are Learnerships Division, Chamber / SGB team and the
Gauteng Regional Manager. This move has relieved the pressure on office
accommodation on the 1 floor and all staff has been allocated acceptable
workstations. Provision has been made for seating occasional teams of
consultants / contractors – e.g. SDFs, Internal and External Audit teams, SGB
working groups etc.

The Call Centre and the toll-free number 0860 CHIETA is operational. An
intensive training programme was commenced to bring the new agents up to
speed with the CHIETA “product”. It is still early days and much ground has
to be covered. Fortunately, the previous switchboard answering problems
have been addressed since all calls are now routed to the Call Centre. It has
been remarked that 1 switchboard operator could never have efficiently
handled the volume of incoming calls, as was the case in the past. Now with
3 Call Centre Agents in place, the time delays in handling callers should be
significantly improved.

The IT function was made the responsibility of the COO at the end of April
2004. All previous recommendations made by Internal Audit, the Audit
Committee Chairperson, the organisation that conducted the disaster recovery
process and the CHIETA investigating team, are being collated into an
implementation plan. These include the assessment of the operational needs
of the IT function, staffing, procedures, facilities, business continuity, security,
backup, testing accessibility of backups, disaster recovery. It has been
recommended that specialist IT resources be in-sourced and Terms of
Reference have been dawn up to call for “expressions of interest”. A
recommendation will be made to the next EXCO in June 2004.

Work on the MIS has commenced and it has been confirmed that the CHIETA
system contains most of the fields necessary for management and Chamber
needs. Gaps are being identified and will be addressed with the service
provider. It is important to ensure that the data in the system is cleaned up
and that future input is credible in order for the system to deliver the desired
reporting. This is also a critical need for the Call Centre operation in the

Further to the above, the operations team is embarking on a workshop to
prepare a “teach-in” presentation for staff, Chambers and stakeholders. This
approach will bring about the integrated CHIETA processes that are involved -
from the time that a qualification / learnership is requested, to the time that
learners are certificated. This is in response to a growing realisation that
many do not understand the basic difference between a qualification and a
Learnership and the processes involved in their development and registration.
The first teach-in for staff will be followed by a presentation to the Joint
Chamber Forum and then to the sector generally.

The report on the study tour to the USA on SHE issues has been completed.
The draft, edited version has been forwarded USAID for comment, before final
publication. This is a voluminous report of some 120-MB. The final version
will be published on CD’s. An executive summary will be made available on
the CHIETA website. The CHIETA will make this a living document through
workshops and the usage thereof for case studies.

Skills Planning

The division has been focusing on the redrafting of the Discretionary Grant
Procedure for this period, the document was workshoped with Regional
structures, Chambers and was submitted to EXCO for approval.

After numerous interactions and clarifications with companies the
Discretionary Grant Application contracts are now being submitted. The
evaluation of WSP for year four has commenced.

The division has also commenced the consultation and the drafting of the SSP
for the Chemical Industries Sector for the next five years. The document will
require input from a wide range of stakeholders. A process of involving
Chambers, Regions, six Municipal District Councils and Needle has
commenced. The SSP also has to be signed off by the Government
Departments working closely with CHIETA.

A full statistical report giving a break down of companies as well as WSP’s
and ETR’s received is tabled further on in this report.


There are 39 CHIETA Learnerships registered, which are included in the 618
Learnerships registered across all SETAs.     All these are available to
organisations in the sector and for which member organisations may
participate through the CHIETA.

5 Learnerships that have been in development are awaiting approval of
qualifications from SAQA before being submitted for registration. These
include Chemical Manufacturing Operator L2, Molten Glass Operator L3 and 3
HET Learnerships

A consortium of 3 consultants under the project management of Protec has
been appointed to progress the development and registration of 100 Skills
Programmes. Consultations with Chambers and Regional Committees will be
progressed in May 2004 to identify and prioritise Skills Programmes to be
developed. At present there are only 35 Skills Programmes registered and
302 workers registered on the programmes.

The HET Learnership project has successfully registered 10 Learnerships. A
further 3 have been submitted and 2 are in development. The project plans
to complete 23 HET Learnerships in total.

There are 2 772 learners enrolled in total, of which 1 830 are pre-employed
(18.2). This is comprised of 890 learners on Learnerships and 940 learners
on Apprenticeships. There is a disagreement in the totals reflected in the MIS
and the Learnership Register. This is being analysed with urgency. The
above figures were derived from the Learnership Register.

The contract with Protec to deliver 1 000 learners has not progressed well,
with only 400 being delivered. Protec has been given an extension of 2
months to effect their obligations and in the interim, payment is being

The SNF project has identified the first 600 learners for the Shutdown,
Maintenance and Construction Learnerships. This is the first tranche of the 1
000 learners in the pilot 1st phase which was approved by the Board and for
which, funds in the amount of R25 million were allocated.                 The
implementation drive commenced in late April and will be conduced at each of
the refineries that have committed to the project.

Concern was expressed in some quarters, that there might be “double
dipping” (although unintentional) into discretionary funds by organisations
applying for Learnership support from both Discretionary Grant applications
and from Learner Incentive applications. A system has been implemented to
ensure that no duplications occur, that the respective contracts are
unambiguous and that no double payments occur. The payment of learner
incentives will be treated as a Discretionary Grant.

It has been confirmed that the Apprenticeship legislation still applies and that
the CHIETA is obligated to manage the contractual aspects as contemplated in
the legislation. This responsibility was not appreciated after all the traditional
Apprenticeships in the COAITB were converted to Learnerships. As a result
there is little knowledge about the status of current Apprenticeships in the
sector and a research project is being scoped to address this urgent issue,
following which legislative obligations will be put in place.


The Division is functioning satisfactorily.     There are now 33 accredited
providers and the project to fast track accreditation of some 30 more is
progressing well. It is concerning to note that there are no CHIETA accredited
providers in the Eastern Cape, Northern Province and the Northern Cape.

The certification process is in place with more than 1 000 certificates having
been produced and signed. Equipment to facilitate electronic signatures is in
place and this will speed up the certification process. The current backlog of
some 600 certificates should be cleared by end May 2004.

MoUs are in place with 9 other SETAs / organisations and a further 5 have
been submitted to other organisations for acceptance and signature. These
include co-operation agreements with UMALUSI / Provincial Departments of
Education and with HEQC.

A particular concern is the slow progress on the part of SAQA to resolve the
issue surrounding quality assurance of the Medical Sales Rep Learnership.
The CHIETA is driving this process and a further meeting with the parties has
been requested. Fortunately it has been confirmed that current learners will
be certificated upon successful completion of their studies, however until the
impasse has been resolved, no more learners will be enrolled.

Assessor training is progressing well with 683 having been trained, of which
311 have been declared competent – i.e. the portfolios of evidence have been
completed and accepted. It is important that the other trained candidates are
declared competent as soon as possible. To this end the CHIETA initiated an
incentive for organisations to assist and support their assessors / moderators,
on a “train and claim” basis. This proposal was be submitted for EXCO
consideration at the meeting of 18 May 2004.

It has been identified that small potential providers in the sector require
assistance in developing policies, processes and procedures to meet the
accreditation criteria. This request has merit and a motivation has been
submitted for consideration to the EXCO at their meeting on 18 May 2004, to
vote R300 000 for this project from discretionary funds to support 15 small
providers by way of consultant assessors and moderators to do the
development work.

The CHIETA has accepted with regret, Mr L van den Berg’s request to retire.
Ill health and the pressure of work have prompted this and the CHIETA
empathises with his situation. As Accreditation and Audit Officer (AAO) since
November 2001, Mr van den Berg has served the CHIETA well as a subject
matter expert in operations and engineering (both electrical and mechanical)
and as a certificated assessor, moderator and verifier – 1 of only 3 in the
sector. It has been decided to appoint Mrs Tshidi Magonare as AAO, since she
is very experienced in issues of quality assurance. However it is essential, that
support be engaged, of the type that Mr van den Berg can bring, in terms of
subject matter expertise and expertise in accreditation. The practise of
offering consultant work to employees who have resigned is not encouraged.
However where circumstances benefit the CHIETA’s strategic objectives, it is
recommended that the Board approve the principle, provided that the
motivation is sound. A motivation to retain the services of Mr van den Berg
on a defined contract was tabled at the EXCO at their meeting on18 May


SGB meetings and workshops are proceeding as scheduled.               A new
qualification (Explosives Manufacturing – L2) was submitted and approved by
SAQA. 3 other qualifications are due to be submitted imminently after
finalisation by the CISGB. These are Chemicals Manufacturing L3, Explosives
Manufacturing L3 and Storage and Transport of Petroleum Products L2. A
further qualification for Laboratory Assistant L2 has been initiated.

A review of Engineering Trade qualifications is in progress in collaboration with
the Engineering SGB and with the SETA Engineering Forum. These were
interim qualifications that have lapsed. The intention is to move towards
more generic qualifications to address articulation and mobility, with the
addition of chemical-related electives as appropriate.

NSB 10 (physical, mathematical, computer and life sciences) has approached
the CHIETA to include Physics and Chemistry L1 - L4 in the CHIETA’s scope.
Clarity on what is involved is being sought before making further
recommendations on a possible way forward.

The issue of Safety, Health and Environment unit standards and qualifications
has been discussed. The CISGB does not have the mandate to develop these,
yet there is a crying need. The Chemical and Allied Industries Association
(CAIA) wishes to collaborate with the CHIETA in this matter and mechanisms
are being sought to integrate the work already accomplished by the
Occupational Health and Safety SGB (which has been operating with limited
funding) and other national / international interventions.

Active membership of the SGB has been changing, with turnover and
discontinuity of members slowing the process. Of particular note is the
resignation of 2 stalwart and valuable members of the SGB Executive
Committee – Ms M Collins and Mr K Gibbs. This reduces the CISGB Executive
Committee to a non-quorate body and the serious implications will be
addressed at the May 2004 meeting. There is a need to confirm membership
with constituencies and thereafter to embark on a capacitation process.


Chamber meetings are taking place as scheduled and there has been an
improved focus on the imperatives defined at the Joint Chamber Forum. The
presence of divisions at the request of Chambers has improved, in particular
Learnerships Division and Skills Planning Division.

There has been good collaboration with the Pharmaceuticals sub-sector, the
NSF and ETQA Division to resolve the quality assurance issue surrounding the
Medical Sales Rep Learnership, however final resolution from SAQA and the
Pharmacy Council is awaited.

Early in April 2004, the Pharmaceutical and FMC Chamber initiated a
complaint about the CHIETA to all Chamber Chairpersons. In essence there is
a perception that the Chambers are not being taken seriously by the CHIETA.
This is not the case, as personal management involvement has frequently
been demonstrated. Another letter in the same vain was received from the
Glass Chamber, which has been responded to. The CHIETA’s position is clear
– there will be an unwavering commitment to deliver and this message has
been communicated to the persons concerned.

A Joint Chamber workshop was convened to consider the Draft document on
Discretionary Grants. Outcomes of this workshop are being considered by the
Skills Planning Division and a submission for final approval and
communication to stakeholders will be tabled to the EXCO at the meeting of
18 May 2004.
SMME Support – Impact Study

The research study to review the impact of skills development interventions in
the SMME sector is nearing completion. Among others, the study is expected
to determine the actual impact of the CHIETA support initiatives and it’s
value, the benefits derived by the employers and employees, and the barriers
to value adding skills development in SMMEs. Although not conclusive, initial
observations of great concern are:

Small chemical firms do not appear to be making any contributions to skills
Many see levies as an unwanted administrative burden and they regard the
CHIETA as a waste of time
Companies have not seen real benefit although improvements in employee
morale have been reported
Downsizing in the chemicals industry has resulted in training being relegated
as an unimportant activity

The findings so far are not encouraging, but the final report is expected in
June 2004, following which future strategy will be developed.


The West / Northern Cape Regional Office is coming together and a very
successful meeting was held with stakeholders to re -establish the Regional
Committee for that area. Participation was exceptional and a representative
Steering Group was elected to refine the Terms of Reference and final
composition of the Committee and its modus operandi. This Steering Group
of 12 comprises representatives from Employers, Trade Unions, Private and
Public Providers (both FET and HET), Provincial Departments of Education and
Labour and the CHIETA. A specific thrust will be to identify the most
practicable way of involving Small organisations in the Committee. This could
well be a model for use in other regions.

The KZN office lease will terminate at the end of May 2004. Alternative office
space has been found in a good location in the CBD, at a cheaper rate. These
will be available on 1 June 2004 and details will be made available to
stakeholders soon.

The performance of contract personnel to assist Regional Managers in
performing SDF assistance to SMMEs has been a cause for concern in some
instances.    Complaints from some stakeholders about the image and
effectiveness of the contract staff have motivated a review of the strategy.
An immediate short-term action to redress this has been a training
intervention for all contract SDFs. This is almost complete and will be
followed by formal performance management. In particular the use of formal
visit reports is being implemented. The Regional Managers have an important
role to play in ensuring that the CHIETA’s services are effected in the regions.

Human Resources

This division has finalised the human resource policies and procedures, this
document has been presented to EXCO and will be critiqued at the June sitting
of EXCO. A Skills Audit for the entire personnel has commenced, this in
compliance with the legislative requirements.

The Performance Reviews of the CHIETA staff has been completed and the
annual inflation related salary increases has been adjusted at the end of April.

A total number of 24 organisations have committed to implementing the
Investors in People Standard. The CHIETA is currently preparing itself so that
it could achieve the IiP recognition.

The CHIETA now employs 38 full time staff. As stated earlier Mr Leon van der
Berg will retiring effectively at the end of May.

Marketing and Communications

Media Coverage
The CHIETA enjoyed the following electronic and print media coverage from
February to May 2004

SABC 2: 08:30 PM April 06
SABC 3: 07:00 PM April 06
SABC 2: 04:00 AM – Sasol deal, story covered as an add-on
SABC Africa Channel News SABC 2:
06 April 2004
07 April 2004
The Star: Business Times: 06 April 2004
Citizen Newspaper – 06 April 2004
Y-FM live Reads – Breakfast, midday and afternoon show
Engineering News
The Skills Portal – Skills development portal
Y-FM reporter- 05 and 06 April hourly news
SAPA – electronic reports
This Day – Business Section – Main article Tuesday, 06 April 2004
Engineering News: April Petrochemicals and Chemicals Feature
Mail and Guardian: April
Succeed Magazine – Implementation of SSP – SMME activities May
Eezze-Dex Industry Update –
Corporate CHIETA AD- April

Annual Report
As per the Business Plan, beginning of May is the beginning of compiling
narratives for the business plan

The Website will go live on 30 May 2004 with 70% content and add-ons as we

Public Relations Activities
A number of Public relations activities involving the CHIETA have taken place
during the last three months, this included an invitation to eThekwini
Municipality Learnership Indaba and Exhibition in the KZN Region.
Approximately 8000 unemployed learners attended Learnership Indaba. Other
exhibitors included SETAs, Education and Training Providers, Business and
Government Departments.

The CHIETA was also invited to the Clairwood Career Expo in the KZN Region.
Approximately 4000 grade 11 and 12 learners attended. The exhibitor Profile
for this exhibition was SETAs, Education and Training Providers (Private), FET
Colleges, HET Institutions, Business training providers (in-house) and the
Department of Education.

PR Events
Shutdown, Maintenance and Construction Learnership Project Launch: was
held on 5 April 2004, at the Park Hyatt hotel in Rosebank.

Management accounts

The April 2004 accounts have been circulated to the EXCO.        The Annual
Financials will be presented at the Governing Board meeting.

The levy income is above the amount budgeted for the year to date (YTD).
The general trend of income for the year indicates a positive picture.

Detailed accounts will be presented at the Governing Board meeting.


Programme Management
Financial management continued to be compromised by lack of Financial
Accountant, although Project Administrator filled the gap around requisitions
and payments commendably.

The DoL has advised that the outcome of the change requests on the first four
projects is positive, with minimal provisions and qualifications. A formal
detailed letter is expected on these.

Project One: SMME Development
Information and programme content of the first project to be implemented at
Fume, a company in the Eastern Cape was received and approved.
Assessments and related interventions are expected to be concluded in this
quarter. No further progress has been reported on the project. It is intended
that site visits would be conducted to all the participating companies in the
near future.

Project Two (a): Medical Sales Representative Learnership
A meeting was held on the 8 April 2004, where the Health Sciences Academy
provided an end-of-project report. Six (6) learners are not yet competent.
However, most of them are expected to be declared competent after
submission of outstanding portfolios, with the exception of one learner who
might not achieve competence due to very poor performance, as a result of a
language problem and it was decided to conduct the assessment verbally /
orally as a final measure.

A formal evaluation of the project has been planned for May/June, which will
take ten (10) days. Five (5) days will be on the curricular aspects and the
balance on the placement / impact aspects.
The experiential component of the learnership has proved to be the most
challenging due to the extremely high weighting of experiential credits
coupled with the high number of representatives contracts not being renewed
as well as the difficulties being experienced with the industry. There are initial
lessons that emerged from this pilot, and the evaluation will shed light on
more. A strong recommendation was that driving lessons be included as part
of the curriculum (which would help in filling the experiential requirement.

Problems continue to be experienced with the ETQA processes. Mala Singh of
the CHE has been asked to checking no technikons currently deliver the
qualification. The CHIETA ETQA will approach Salim Badat at DOE to get his
opinion on the matter. It appears threat in future technikons could become
the preferred provider for this Learnership. Nonetheless it was decided to
leave these issues aside and proceed with the completion of the learnership
processes. The Health Sciences Academy agreed to issue certificates as an
interim measure until the QA and accreditation processes are completed. The
graduations of these learners are scheduled to take place on the 11 June 2004
in Johannesburg and the 15 June 2004 in Durban.

Also, the learnership for the fifteen (15) candidates in Cape Town (funded
through Umsobomvu Youth Fund has been put on hold. The contract will
however need to be awarded by March 2005.

Project Two (b) SET Foundation Programme
Many glitches were experienced with the payment of the learners, primarily
due to incorrect information being supplied on account details. These have
since been resolved, with lingering problems in timeous processing of
payments. No feedback has been received on the evaluation process that was
embarked on. The internal auditors have advised the preparation of MoU’s
with Technikons for this year, and signed letters of commitment by the
learners. The final part of the NSF funded bridging programme, with 30
learners, is still under negotiation with Peninsula Technikon.

Importantly, the CHIETA Learnerships Division needs to proceed urgently with
arrangements for a repeat of the Foundation Programmes, as budgeted for in
the business plan, if learning is to commence in July, to give the technikons
enough time to plan, and recruit, and allow for revisions to the learning
Project Three: Provider capacity-building
The Project has been extended to the end of September and the SLA
amended accordingly. As agreed in the Provider Support and Accreditation
meeting held on the 29 March 2004 a joint visit will be conducted by the
provider and a moderator so as to increase the understanding of each others
roles better. The project has also been made easier by the advice of the ETQA
to go ahead and accredit potential providers on one unit standard, which has
dealt with many of the problems around lack of available unit standard
relevant to specialised programme offerings. Accordingly a visit to Angelchem
was conducted and which was reported to have gone off very well; however
the company has decided not to proceed with the process due to time
constraints. Two other companies have similarly withdrawn from the project.

On the 26 April 2004, a tele-conference meeting was attended. Most of the
moderators provided feedback on the accreditation process in respect of the
companies that they are dealing with. Sigodi Development Services handed
over six (6) new companies for moderation. Five new companies have been
added to the list and appointments are being set to do the initial briefings,
provide support and assistance.

The statistics are as follows: 59 potential providers on the list; 19 have been
referred to the ETQA for moderator support.          2 have already received
provisional accreditation subject to site visits being conducted; 17 have
decided not to participate, mostly due to lack of capacity or out sourcing of
training and 16 are yet to be serviced.

Project 4 (a) ABET for 4000 unemployed learners
This Project was designed to implement an integrated learning programme
with unit standards aligned to the CHIETA’s chemical operations NQF L1
qualification so that learners could be streamed into the NQF L1 Learnerships
in 2005. However, since not all the unit standards in Math and Science were
followed, it is considered to be unfair to subject learners to the full ABET L4
Math’s or Science external examinations. A request was thus made to Umalusi
to moderate a tailored assessment that is specific to the integrated learning
programme that would be design and administered by Project Literacy.
Feedback from them is still being awaited.

A meeting was held with Mr Andrew Miller and Mr Roy Mathe on the 28 April
2004. The complexities associated in completing the assessments were
discussed whereby either a portfolio approach be adopted with the support of
UNISA and which could be a logistical nightmare or that Project Literacy
explore the IEB avenue, which has cost implications. It was decided that
representations continue to be made by the NSF office with Umalusi, whilst
Project Literacy does some mathematics on the budget and explore the IEB

The project evaluation is scheduled to take place in October 2004 and in
addition research into the possibilities of streaming the ABET learners into
learnerships is expected to commence in April/May.

Project 4 (b) ABET for 2000 employed learners
A meeting was held on the 15 April 2004 with Jackie Carrol and Dennis
Lamberti of Media Works. There were some discrepancies on the statistics that
were submitted, which they agreed to rework and submit. These have since
been received. Feedback on the change request is still being awaited. An
emerging issue is that of outsourcing of non-core work requirements by
certain companies, which utilise contract workers employed with companies
registered with Services SETA. An argument is made that these workers are
de-facto full-time employees physically at chemical sector workplaces, but
denied access to learning. This points to a loophole in the Skills Development
Strategy and it could be argued that the NSF funding is earmarked for social
development activities and hence these workers should be allowed into the

 Project 5: HIV&AIDS
A meeting was held with Redpeg on the 8 April 2004. It has been report ed
that since the breakfast meetings, there has been an upsurge of interest in
the project. However since the number of days of training are still a
contentious issue with the companies it was decided to shorten the
programme. In principle it was agreed that the programme would now be two
(2) days with a one (1) day portfolio workshop. In addition, to help with the
uptake of the project it was decided to embark on an aggressive marketing
campaign, which will be conducted internally, upon the advice of the EXCO.

Project 6: RPL
Due to lack of significant numbers, the commencement of the training was
postponed. A meeting was held with Candice Harrison-Train of Singizi to
evaluate the marketing processes. It was agreed that Singizi will undertake to
appoint a person to make calls to all potential candidates and set up one-on-
one appointments, and persuade SDF’s to build RPL into their WSP’s. This
process began on the 21 April 2004. A meeting is scheduled for the 5 May
2004, to evaluate progress. In addition, the project was marketed to trained
assessors, moderators and assessment designers. It is proposed to embark on
a series of labour workshops in the six regions to build “bottom up” drive for
the project.

     TYPE        Total         African       Coloured Asian                  White      Of
                   per                                                                whom
                 project                                                             disabled
                           M       F         M       F       M       F   M F
SET Foundation
PETECH           33        20     7      4       2       0       0       0     0     0
VAAL TECH        52        30     22     0       0       0       0       0     0     0
DIT              59        4      47     0       6       0       2       0     0     0
HIV/AIDS         36        9      8      0       1       1       3       8     6     0

Subtotal         180       63     84     4       9       1       5       8     6     0

Sum total                  180
ABET-SMME        2248
Contract A       725       573         126       23      3                           0
                                 Male = 646 & Female = 79
Contract B       1523      1371        126       3       23                          0
                                Male = 1371 & Female = 152
ABET             4092      1665 2427 0      0    0 0 0 0                             92
Subtotal         6340
Sum total                  6340

Medical Sales    57                56                                1               0
Subtotal         57                56                                1               0

Sum total                  57
TOTAL            6577      6577
Sector Statistics

The table below shows the latest download statistics from DoL

                                               April 04
Companie s registered - Total           4069
      Small                             3051
      Medium                            233
      Large                             203

Companies paying levies – Total         2557
      Small                             2197
      Medium                            197
      Large                             163

Company size not known                  582

                       OBJECTIVE 1.1 NQF Level 1

                                                                Initial Target Mar 05
                                                                Target Mar 05
      90000                                                     Actual YTD
                                                Actual YTD

      80000                          Target Mar 05

                            Initial Target Mar 05

                   Objective 1.3 Investors In People


     30                                                      Initial Target Mar 05
                                                             Target Mar 05
                                                             Year To Date

      OBJECTIVE 2.1 Large Companies Receiving Grants

                                                          Target Mar 05
150                                          Actual YTD   Target Mar 04
                                                          Actual YTD
100                                Target Mar 04

                         Target Mar 05
         OBJECTIVE 2.2                                                Medium
                              Size Companies Receiving Grants







             Target Mar 05        Target Mar 04         Actual YTD

                             OBJECTIVE 2 Registered Learnership

            Target Mar 05     Awaiting Registration      Actual YTD
             OBJECTIVE 3 Small Co's Receiving Grants



   400                                                  Target Mar 05
                                                        Target Mar 04
   300                                                  Actual YTD




                  OBJECTIVE 4 NSF BUDGET




25,000,000                                             Target Mar 05
                                                       Target Mar 04
20,000,000                                             Actual YTD






                                          Target Mar 05
                                          Target Mar 04
1500                                      Actual YTD
                             Actual YTD
                        Target Mar 04

                   Target Mar 05

     CHAMBER                SIZE     NO OF COMP              WSP'S
                                     PARTICIPATING         RECEIVED
     Fertilizers &
     Explosives             Large    10               10
                            Medium   6                 6
                            Small    10                10
     Received                                         26

            Glass           Large    13               12
                            Medium   7                7
                            Small    71               67
     Received                                         86

     Base Chemicals &
     Petroleum              Large    27               24
                            Medium   22               19
                            Small    151              146
     Received                                         189

     Pharmaceuticals &
     FMCG                   Large    48               39
                            Medium   25               24
                            Small    82               69
     Received                                         132

     Speciality Chemicals
     & Surface Coatings
                            Large    24               23
                            Medium   46               45
                            Small    161              158
     Received                                         226
     OF WSP'S                                         659

      Discretionary Grant Statistics
No of applicants      Approved             Signed contracts     Outstanding   Balance
                      applications                                            unclaimed
102 @ R59 205 197     84 @ R16 245 259     36 @ R8 072 841.92   48            R8 172 417.08
                                         PERFORMANCE INDICATORS - 30 April 2004

1. Organisations Committed to Investors in People - by Chamber and Size

        Chambers         Large Co            Med Co       Small Co   Total
Petroleum / Base Chem.              3                         1       4
Pharm / FMCG                        4              1          1       6
Expl / Ferts                                                          0
Spec Chem / Surf Coat               3                         1       4
Glass                                7                        1       8
Union                                1                                1
SETA                                 1                                1
TOTAL                               19             1          4       24

                                                                                                                Plus 940
2. Total Learners Enrolled on Learnerships by Chamber, Race and Gender                         Total    1832 Apprenticeships
                                                                                               Grand Total 2772
        Chambers           Race and Gender                                                                        Total
                                Black                     Coloured           Indian            White
                                 Male           Female      Male   Female     Male    Female   Male    Female     Male     Female
Petr / Base Chem                 456              174        58      41        29       19      326      88       869        322
Pharm / FMCG                      30              39          3      3          4       32       19      28        56        102
Expl / Ferts                      47              14         32      33         2       0        21       8       102         55
Spec Chem / Surf Coat             24              12          1      0          0       0         3       1        28         13
Glass                            53               69          6       3       24        4        5       1         88        77
Other                            63               34          1       1        4        11       4       2         72        48
TOTAL                            673              342        101      81      63        66      378     128       1215      617

Note: Demographics of Apprenticeships are not yet known
3. 18.2 Learners
Enrolled                                  Total       890 plus 940 Apprenticeships
                                          Grand Total 1830

3. 18.1 Learners
Enrolled                                  Total                   942

4. Companies Participating in Learnerships - by Chamber and Size

         Chambers       Large Co          Med Co      Small Co          Total
Petr / Base Chem                   14          4          2              20
Pharm / FMCG                       5              5          1           11
Expl / Ferts                       3              2          0           5
Spec Chem / Surf Coat               6           8             7          21
Glass                               2           2             0          4
Other                               2           2             4          8
TOTAL                              32          23            14          69
5. Learners Enrolled on Skills Programmes - by Chamber and Company size

         Chambers       Large Co           Med Co     Small Co   Total
Petr / Base Chem                   79           0         0       79
Pharm / FMCG                       0            0         0       0
Expl / Ferts                       8            0         0       8
Spec Chem / Surf Coat              0            0         0       0
Glass                              0           30         0       30
Other                          185              0         0      185
TOTAL                          272             30         0      302

6. Learners Enrolled on Skills Programmes - by Company Size, Race and Gender                Total        302

     Company Size        Race and Gender                                                                       Total
                              Black                   Coloured            Indian             White
                              Male           Female     Male   Female      Male    Female    Male    Female    Male      Female
Large                          20              19         1      0           2       0         36      1            59       20
Medium                          5               1         0      0           1       0          2      0             8         1
Small                           0               0         0      0           0       0          0      0             0         0
Other                          101             24        12      0          10       0         63      4           186       28
TOTAL                          126             44        13      0          13       0        101      5           253       49
7. Companies submitting WSP's - by Chamber and Size

       Chambers         Large Co         Med Co       Small Co   Total
Petr / Base Chem               24            19          146
Pharm / FMCG                   39            24          69
Expl / Ferts                   10             6          10
Spec Chem / Surf Coat          23            45          158
Glass                          12             7          67
TOTAL                          108           101         450      659

8. Grants Disbursed - by Chamber and Company Size
                                                                         Note: Values expressed in R millions

       Chambers              Large Co                  Med Co            Small Co             Total
                                No          Value        No      Value     No        Value     No     Value
Petr / Base Chem                                                                                0       0
Pharm / FMCG                                                                                   0         0
Expl / Ferts                                                                                   0         0
Spec Chem / Surf Coat                                                                          0         0
Glass                                                                                          0         0
TOTAL                          153          69.26        115      4.8       319       3.67    587      77.73
9. MOUs / Agreements signed with other SETAs / Organisations             Total           10

Food Bev Seta
Health and Welfare Seta
Services Seta
Construction Seta
South African Pharmacy Council
Note: 5 MOUs / Agreements are awaiting other organisation's acceptance

10. CHIETA Accredited E&T Providers - by Geographical Region                     Total        33

          Region                  No

Gauteng                           13
KwaZulu-Natal                      9
Eastern Cape                       0
Western Cape                       2
Northern Cape                      0
Northwest Province                 1
Free State                         5
Mpumalanga                         3
Northern Province                  0
TOTAL                              33

11. Assessors Trained - by Sub sector         Total                683

        Subsector        Total                Competent
Petroleum                         365                 203
Base Chemicals                     26                 12
Pharmaceuticals                    83                 27
FMCG                               53                  9
Explosives                         27                 14
Fertilisers                        27                  5
Speciality Chemicals               40                  9
Surface Coatings                   10                  9
Glass                               52               23
TOTAL                              683              311
Note: Portfolios of Evidence being prepared by Trainees to be declared competent