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                                                                         Berretta also sees considerable scope for involvement in IPTV.
              iuliano Berretta, chairman and CEO of Eutelsat, is clear as to

     G                                                                “France Telecom’s selection of our Hot Bird and Atlantic Bird 3
              how satellite operators can respond to alternative distribution
                                                                      satellites to extend their Orange TV offer to homes not eligible to
              platforms such as fibre and IPTV. “Fibre and IPTV platforms
                                                                      receive it via ADSL shows the potential of satellites in the IPTV
     are essentially technologies targeting urban communities with dense
     populations, enabling the investment to be spread over a large   market,” he says. “That the market-leader in IPTV in Europe confirms
     audience,” he explains. “This model applies less in less densely that fifty per cent of the ninety-eight per cent of ADSL homes might not
                                                                      be eligible for IPTV over the ADSL network is an encouraging signal,
     populated regions where satellite remains by far the most cost-efficient
                                                                      creating a model that we hope others will follow.”
     solution for multi-channel broadcasting. Satellite and terrestrial tech-
                                                                      MOBILE MATTERS. Mobile TV is another area where Berretta sees
     nologies will continue to co-exist on a long-term basis although while
                                                                      potential for Eutelsat involvement. “It is becoming obvious that with the
     new-generation terrestrial networks are catching up with satellite in
                                                                      growth of mobile devices there is a latent demand for video services
     terms of bandwidth, satellite has to catch up with terrestrial to deliver
     a cost-effective solution for interactivity.”                    and a vast and still untapped vehicular market. Solaris Mobile, the JV
                                                                      company set up by Eutelsat and Astra has completed a lot of market
        This need to improve interactivity by satellite, particularly for
                                                                      research and is confident that there are growing levels of interest in TV
     consumers, underpins Eutelsat’s investment in the Ka-Sat satellite and
                                                                      delivery to mobile devices, phones, PDSs and other visual display
     the launch of the Tooway broadband service. Launched at the end of
     2007, Tooway offers a satellite-based broadband service which    devices. We believe this S-band payload on the W2A satellite that will
     approaches ADSL in terms of price and speed. “With the launch of be launched in early 2009 is well-dimensioned to enter the mobile TV
                                                                      market in Europe and will bring the benefit of universal coverage that
     KA-SAT in 2010 and the second-generation Tooway terminals that will
                                                                      only satellites can deliver.”
     be delivered by our technology partner, ViaSat, we will be able to offer
     a service comparable to ADSL 2+ for over one million potential      Markus Payer, VP media relations at SES Astra is another who sees
     subscribers,” says Berretta.                                     the satellite operators as remaining well-placed, faced with competi-
                                                                                                                    tion from fixed-line services.
                                                                                                                    “With telcos engaged in this
                                                                                                                    area, it is a new infrastruc-
                                                                                                                    ture competition,” he says,
                                                                                                                    “but you need to look at the
                                                                                                                    role of satellite, especially in
                                                                                                                    digitisation. It continues to
                                                                                                                    be a strong driving force.”
                                                                                                                    He suggests that this is driv-
                                                                                                                    en by quality based on
                                                                                                                    capacity, especially in terms
                                                                                                                    of HD. Overall, he declares
                                                                                                                    SES Astra “confident with
                                                                                                                    market and infrastructure
                                                                                                                    investment. We see our-
         “Satellite has to                                                                                          selves as well positioned.”
           catch up with                                                                                                Payer doesn’t see the
       terrestrial to deliver                                                                                       emergence of telco players
                                                                                                                    in the pay-TV arena as a
         a cost-effective                 With cable MSOs and telcos benefiting from
                                                                                                                   problem. “There are
            solution for                  ever-increasing bandwith to boost their triple play                      instances where an IPTV
          interactivity.”                 offerings and beyond, satellite operators are                            service may be a competitor,
                                                                                                                   but where we are also a con-
                                          responding by adding broadband and mobile
       – Giuliano Berretta,                                                                                        tributor, such as is the case

             Eutelsat                     capabilities to their product and service portfolios.                    with cable infrastructure,
                                                                                                                   where we supply to the head-
                                          Colin Mann reports.
                                                                                                                   end. IPTV customers may be

     Still beamin
 our customers. We’re quite
                                                                                  Tooway for
 confident with the competitive and                                               Germany
 complementary role.”
 IN NEUTRAL. Payer stresses                                                       Eutelsat Communications and
 that SES Astra will continue to                                                  TelDaFax Communications have
 play on its strengths as an infra-                                               reached agreement for the distri-
 structure provider, noting that tel-                                             bution of the Tooway satellite
 cos are seeing a lot of vertical                                                 broadband service in Germany. Skylogic, Eutelsat’s broadband
 integration. “We’ve seen vertical                                                affiliate, will be directly responsible for the distribution
 integration between infrastructure                                               contract with TelDafax. Eutelsat’s 2Mbps broadband service is a
 providers and content providers,                                                 high-speed satellite alternative for consumers looking for
 but we’ll continue to be positive                                                broadband access in areas with poor or no ADSL infrastructure.
 as an infrastructure provider. We                                                    TelDaFax Communications is expanding its existing portfolio of
                                               “It is unlikely that
 have no plans to get involved with                                               broadband solutions with the Tooway satellite broadband service, which iT
 content.”                                      the satellite DTH                 markets under the German brand name ‘all DSL’ via its multiple distribution
     Payer describes the satellite                model will be                   channels across Germany. The consumer premises equipment for the serv-
 operator as “neutral” towards                eclipsed in the near                ice comprises a satellite dish and modem. TelDaFax is also working on
 hardware providers. “We serve                         future.”                   VoIP as an add-on to the broadband service. Service will be provided to
 customers in many markets, so it’s                                               TelDaFax Communications via Ku-band capacity on Eutelsat’s Eurobird 3
 a case of remaining neutral.” In its                                             satellite which offers full coverage of Germany via a high-power regional
 role as an infrastructure and tech-           - Torkel Thoresen,                 beam. The Ku-band hub is operated by Skylogic, from its SkyPark teleport
 nical services provider, Payer                 Telenor Satellite                 in Turin.
 feels that need SES Astra doesn’t                Broadcasting                        “There are more than 1,000 ADSL-free areas nationwide in Germany,”
 need consumer positioning,                                                       said Rolf Diederichs, MD of TelDaFax Communications. “We have very
 “we’re not marketing content.”                                                   carefully watched and tested all existing satellite two-way solutions and
     For Payer, SES-Astra’s growth will also come where the operator is           other technical alternatives and selected a powerful and affordable solu-
 already involved on a technical level, such as in play-out and encryp-           tion for our ADSL customers living in those areas. The high-performance
 tion services. “The scope of customers has also increased,” he points            and scalability of Tooway, its infrastructure and the future options with the
 out, with NGOs among a new breed of customers. He draws attention                upcoming launch of Eutelsat’s powerful KA-SAT satellite convinced us to
 to the success of broadband, where it is provided wholesale, espe-               cooperate with Europe’s market-leader in satellite broadband for bridging
 cially into regions not reached otherwise. The Astra2Connect initiative          the digital divide in Germany where satellite is the only route to broadband
 was gaining customers (see below). The Solaris mobile JV with                    for more than one million homes.”
 Eutelsat also holds great promise for Payer (see separate box).                      Arduino Patacchini, CEO of Skylogic and multimedia director of
     He sees HD – especially with MPEG-4 becoming more widespread                 Eutelsat, said that in advance of the launch in 2010 of the KA-SAT satel-
 - as clearly remaining a driver of channels and programmes, and TV               lite, Eutelsat’s existing satellite capacity and ViaSat’s high-performance
 sets. “We will continue to support the demand for capacity,” he                  broadband technology are enabling Eutelsat to make a real impact in the
 asserts, confirming that SES Astra will continue to maintain its involve-        market for high-quality and affordable consumer satellite broadband
 ment in encryption and receiver technology that drives the business.             services. “Following on from significant distribution agreements, including
 “We follow new generation receiver technology closely.” He suggests              Swisscom in Switzerland, this new contract shows that Tooway is a first
 that the operator has a “neutral role in suggesting road-maps,” while            choice for partners for whom quality of service is a key expectation,”
 pointing out that the ‘HD Ready’ movement was driven by SES-Astra.               he added.
 “We play a developer role, the interface between manufacturers and
 broadcasters on both sides, we’re a catalysing element,” he says.
 FORWARD MARCH. Going forward, he predicts HD as the main                        Thoresen, chief technologist at Telenor Satellite Broadcasting, is also
 trend apart from low-cost, full-scale broadband which will allow triple         confident that satellite operators can respond to alternative distribution
 play. “We will continue to develop DTH geographically, and consider             platforms. “Satellite is clearly a well established distribution
 other territories. We continue to renew our fleet and develop new               mechanism for TV, providing both the platform for DTH operators to
 orbital positions. Our satellite fleets are ideal for digitisation in           access the end user and the contribution path for IPTV and fibre
                                                           broadband, being      systems. From the satellite operators’ perspective, IPTV and cable
                                                           completely inter-     growth will increase overall demand for transmission services. It is

                                                           active. Mobile        unlikely that the satellite DTH model will be eclipsed in the near
                                                           satellite services    future,” he predicts.
                                                           will continue to          As with Payer, he sees positive benefits associated with the advent
                                                           develop. We aim       of HD. “HD demands a high bitrate to the consumer. As more HD
                                                           to enlarge our        services are provided obviously there is increased demand for satellite
                                                           position as a tech-   capacity. Satellites are well placed compared to other transmission
                                                           nology serve          platforms to provide the requisite capacity,” he says. “IPTV in its
                                                           provider.”            current form is unable to deliver ‘true’ HD. Many are claiming to deliver
                                                               Torkel            HD on their platform; however the reality is that the delivery is rather a

                                                                                               low bit rate re-encoded version of the signal. Re-encoding does not
                                                                                               provide true HD when you take into consideration the quality,”
                                                                                               he explains.
                                                                                                   Telenor Satellite Services nevertheless plays an active role in
                                                                                               supporting IPTV service providers. “We use our existing infrastructure
                                                                                               to format transmissions for all carriers (DVB-S (-S2), DVB-T and IPTV
                                                                                               (via Edge-QAM until DVB-C), and are the backbone for several other
                                                                                               IPTV platforms,” he says. Mobile is also an area of interest. “One of
                                                                                               the most interesting technologies for mobile TV, especially in
                                                                                               countries with a low population density, is DVB-SH in combination
                                                                                               with DVB-H gapfillers. In this case, satellite is the distribution

                                                                                                 About Solaris                         already used across Europe for
                                                                                                 Mobile                                3G terrestrial services. its excel-
                                                                                                                                       lent technical parameters, its
                                                                                                 Solaris Mobile was formed in          wide coverage and the possibili-
                                                                                                 early 2008 and is based in            ty for cost-effective combina-
                                                                                                 Dublin, Ireland. It is Europe’s       tions with existing installations,
                                                                 Visit us at IBC,                first satellite-based service         the S-band operated by Solaris
                                                                 September 12-16,                designed for providing video,         Mobile is able to support the
                                                                                                 radio, data and two-way commu-        deployment of a wide range of
                                                                                                 nications to mobile devices -         wireless distribution networks
                                                                 Booth 1A.49                     such as phones, PDAs and              delivering video and other serv-
                                                                                                 portable media players as well        ices to mobile devices.
                                                                                                 as a variety of interactive servic-       According to Solaris Mobile,
                                                                                                 es for commercial and public          video to mobiles represents a
                                                                                                 applications. Services supplied       potentially substantial, but cur-
It’s impressive. It’s solid. It looks like it’s always                                           by Solaris Mobile are scheduled       rently undeveloped market in
been there and always will be. A landmark.                                                       for launch in early 2009. The         Europe and to date, only avail-
It’s a familiar story by now: Newtec pioneers                                                    new company is a joint venture,       able through terrestrial
solution, solution becomes industry standard,                                                    originally agreed in 2006,            networks. Total European mobile
finished product remains industry reference.
Azimuth is just another example.                                                                 between SES ASTRA and Eutelsat        TV revenues are estimated to
                                                                                                 Communications, two of the            represent a revenue potential of
With thousands of units deployed, the Azimuth
family of professional satcom equipment has been                                                 world’s leading satellite             more than €1 billion within the
tried, tested and applauded by the world’s leading                                               operators. The two companies          next five to seven years. Solaris
satellite service providers and broadcasters.
                                                                                                 have invested, to date, approxi-      Mobile’s satellite-based network
Its reliability and interoperability are second to          Satellite Transmission Equipment
                                                                                                 mately €130m in the new               will give content providers and
none in the industry, they say. Its cost-effectiveness
and modulation efficiency are field-proven beyond                                                infrastructure for Solaris            operators alternative and
any doubt, they say. Once deployed, it feels like it’s                                           Mobile’s satellite services to        complementary opportunities
always been there and always will be.
                                                                                                 capture the market for delivering     while bringing the benefit of
Most importantly, Azimuth keeps pace. Your pace.                                                 a fully-fledged TV experience to      universal coverage that
Whether you plan to take your market by storm
or step by step, Azimuth is ready when you are,                                                  mobile devices.                       satellites deliver. This payload
scaling as you grow.                                                                                 Solaris Mobile will operate in    has also been optimised for a
The solution is satellite communications.                                                        a new frequency band, the S-          broad range of business applica-
The name is Newtec.                                                                              band - 2.0 and 2.2 GHz, which is      tions such as security surveil-
The equipment is Azimuth.
                                                                                                 reserved for the exclusive use of     lance and other commercial two-
Daring technology, lasting quality,                                                              satellite-based and terrestrial       way communications services.
proven performance.
                                                                                                 mobile services.                          Eutelsat commissioned the
                                                                                                     The S-band sits alongside         W2A satellite from Thales Alenia
Did you know our DVB-S2 equipment                                                                UMTS frequencies that are             Space for launch at the begin-
can save you up to 40% on your satellite
cost? Get full Azimuth equipment specs                            Newtec                                                               ning of 2009. W2A will be
                                                                                                                                       located in geostationary orbit at
                                                                                                                                       10 degs East with Solaris Mobile
                                                                                                                responsible for exploiting its
                                                                                                                                       state-of-the-art S-band payload.
Belgium        USA       Singapore        Dubai          China     South Africa     Brazil

                                                                                                                                                  Source: SES Astra
     Astra connects
           ES Astra continued the roll

     S     out of its Astra2Connect
           satellite-based solution for
     broadband access signing a
     framework contract with the
     Belgium-based provider Satelliet
     Electronics for the marketing and
     sales of its satellite based two-
     way broadband service
     Astra2Connect in Belgium and the
     Netherlands. For the provision of
     a high-quality and competitive
     Voice over IP (VoIP) service,
     Satelliet Electronics has entered
     into a co-operation scheme with
     Siemens, the Dutch VoIP provider
     BudgetPhone Company and the
     service provider Ardigo Beheer.
     The commercial roll-out of the
     product to end-users began in
     June 2008.
         Astra2Connect is marketed and
     sold via wholesalers and internet
     service providers to the residen-
     tial market. The infrastructure of
     Astra2Connect is designed to
     offer a very reliable, always-on,
     two-way broadband Internet
     access for flat service fees as
     well as VoIP. The customer prem-
     ises equipment – a modem and a
     satellite dish – is low cost and
     delivered with a tool for easy self-
     installation. Astra2Connect is
     positioned to offer the possibility    of Astra2Connect in the European    while we also see good market        Deutsche Telekom. In co-opera-
     for households in regions without      market continues to gain momen-     perspectives in the recreational     tion with the Federal State of
     terrestrial broadband connection       tum,” said Alexander Oudendijk,     sector and the maritime market,”     Rhineland-Palatinate, Deutsche
     to access broadband services.          chief commercial officer of SES     said Michel Anusiç, Sales            Telekom has already started the
     Since its market launch in April       ASTRA. “We will now be able to      Manager of Satelliet Electronics.    service as a pilot project in two
     2007, Astra2Connect is now avail-      respond to the significant demand   “Thanks to ASTRA2Connect, these      German communities without
     able in nine European countries:       we are seeing for such a product    market segments can now benefit      terrestrial broadband access.
     Germany, Austria, Switzerland,         also in the Benelux region.”        from a low-cost, always-on high-     “The agreement with Deutsche
     Ireland, France, Poland, Italy,           “With ASTRA2Connect, we          speed internet connection, includ-   Telekom accelerates the distribu-
     Belgium and the Netherlands.           want to address customers in        ing VoIP.”                           tion of Astra2Connect in Germany,
         “The agreement with Satelliet      regions depending on slow and          The deal followed a similar       one of Europe’s key markets,”
     Electronics shows that the roll-out    expensive dial-up connections,      contract in Germany with             noted Oudendijk.