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Satellite communication platform for Femtocell access


									Satellite communication platform
for Femtocell access

Femtocells are small cellular base stations, designed for indoor
use in a home or small business. It connects the user to             Services Features*
the service provider’s network via broadband connection.
Femtocells typically support 2 to 4 active mobile; allows service    > increased use of current 3G voice and typical data
providers to extend service coverage indoors, where access is          services in areas without UMTS coverage
limited or unavailable. It relies on broadband access to create an   > bi-directional satellite connection with speeds
IP path to the mobile network where calls control is handled.          adjusted to the mobile network requirements

Our satellite femtocell solution is based on our tried and           > guaranteed bandwidth
tested ASTRA2Connect technology, a complete satellite-               > always – on
based broadband service platform. Together with our
                                                                     > supports IPSEC tunneling
femtocell and 3G partners we are actively developing
a service profile to support the Femtocell solution. The
solution is based on a simple augmentation of an existing             * product and its commercial offering under development
ASTRA2Connect satellite modem with a femtocell terminal
connected in a plug and play mode via the Ethernet ports.
ASTRA2Connect provides the backhaul into the core mobile
network. The solution has been tested and supports any 3G
cellular device such as mobile handsets and notebooks with
mobile broadband capabilities.
Network diagram


                              Femtocell      Modem                                                                                                 Gateway

                               Licensed 3G    3G Access
                              MNO spectrum
                                 3G HSPA                              MNO
                                                                  Core Network

                                                          Other PLMN                    Billing
                                                                                                                O&M             HLR
                                                            or PSTN                 Customer care

  Key Advantages                                                                            Equipment
  > Increased UMTS coverage for MNO, VNO                                                    > satellite dish – 80 cm
  > Low infrastructure investment required                                                  > Interactive iLNB
  > Quick deployment and operation                                                          > Satellite modem
                                                                                              connected to
  > Value added offer for existing ASTRA2Connect users
                                                                                              Femtocell CPE

Typical Femtocell Users                                                                  Supported applications
> Consumers                                                                              > Voice and web surfing over 3G networks
> SOHO                                                                                   > The solution is transparent to the 3G application suite

ASTRA Broadband Services is a 100% owned subsidiary of SES ASTRA operating SES ASTRA’s satellite broadband access
ASTRA2Connect. ASTRA2Connect is marketed via wholesalers and internet service providers to the residential market. With
a total of 45,000 end users, ASTRA2Connect is now the largest European satellite broadband network for the residential
market with distribution partners in 14 European countries.

Contact us                                          ASTRA Broadband Services
                                                    L-6815 Château de Betzdorf                                               astra2connect@ses–
                                                    Luxembourg                                                     –

ASTRA is a trademark of SES ASTRA S.A., an SES company. SES S.A. is a publicly quoted corporation, whose securities are listed on the Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock
Exchange. The information and data contained herein are subject to change. ASTRA 0909 EN

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