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									         Know Europe Summer Program
         The Know Europe Program was developed 11 years ago for students from partner institutions of the
         Consortium of European Institutions led by the Normandy Business School (NBS). It provides
         participants of the program with a first-hand initiation into the European business context at
         graduate/BA Major level. Participants have the unique opportunity to appreciate the complexity of the
         European scene, both from a Northern and Southern Europe perspective. Students participating in
         Know Europe earn 6 credit hours (GBA 489 and/or an elective course).

Application deadline is April 30, 2007.

                                   Cost of a double room for 3 weeks Euro 2650 for the entire 4-week program.
                                   For a single room, the price is Euro 3350 for the entire 4-week program.
                                    (Note: One Euro equals about $1.30.)
                                   SIUE Tuition (6 hours, tuition only – no fees)
                                   Passport: $97
                                   Health Insurance: EUR 36.60/ Month
                                   Personal Expenses: Vary with individual, usually $115/ Month
                                   Airfare: Depends, but typically $700 roundtrip
                                   Meals: Vary with individual, usually $200 to $300
What the program cost covers:
                                Accommodations from Saturday night 9 June to Saturday morning
                                    7 July 2006 on a double-room sharing basis, breakfast included.
                                   Transport during that period (transfers, excursions, etc.) including transport from
                                    Brussels to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Normandy, then on to Paris and
                                   All classes, visits and excursions organized by the program (except entrance
                                    fees to museums).
                                   Access to PC, Internet and library at host institutions when available.
                                   Course material, hand-outs & pre-program material.
                                   Secretarial help to organize post-program itinerary or deal with personal
                                   Several functions such as welcome/farewell drinks in each location, the final
                                    farewell dinner in Barcelona
                                   Assistance by graduate assistants and Program Director.

     Basic Pre-Departure Information

1.   Apply for passport after applying to the school at Circuit Court Clerk at the Madison County Courthouse 155 North Main Street
     Suite 120, Edwardsville, IL: Need Valid Drivers License, $97 Check or Cash, and passport photo (Available at CVS: 124 S
     Buchanan St , Edwardsville , IL).
2.   Get an ISIC Card: Click here for more Information
3.   Apply for Financial Aid: Click here for more Information
4.   Shop for airline tickets: Expedia, Student Universe, STA Travel
5.   Purchase phone card: Click here
6.   Register at the Department of State: Click here
7.   Leave a copy of your passport with the SIUE International Programs Office

                 Contact Information: Cyndi Peterson Assistant Director, FH 3301, Campus Box 1335, Phone: 650-2922
Schedule 2007:

Contact Information: Cyndi Peterson Assistant Director, FH 3301, Campus Box 1335, Phone: 650-2922

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