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					The Performance Institute and IBM invite you to a complimentary webinar discussion on:

         overnment managers across the country are using
         techniques and innovations in performance management and           Wednesday, August 25, 2010
         measurement to better serve taxpayers and increase results.
                                                                            2:00 PM EST
Whether it is in deploying a scorecard, utilizing predictive analytics or
creating tools to increase taxpayer feedback in the process, managers       Duration: 90 minutes
are making real progress.                                                   This is a complementary event!
Join us for a complimentary webinar discussion around best
practices on how agencies like yours are making substantive
differences in their government programs by improving service delivery
and citizen engagement.                                                                  Jon Desenberg
                                                                                         Senior Policy Director,
                                                                                         The Performance Institute
Attend this Webinar and Learn How To:
• Determine citizen needs and provide responsive, equitable services        Who Should Attend:
  to the community
                                                                            • Strategic Planners
• Use performance measures to improve service delivery                      • Program Managers
• Demonstrate accountability to citizens, elected officials and              • Program Analysts
  other interested parties by reporting the service efforts and             • Performance Analysts
  accomplishments of your organization                                      • Budget Officers

• Improve the allocation of resources by using performance information      • Anyone else involved in delivering
                                                                              services to the taxpayer
  to inform the development and enactment of your budget

• Assure the achievement of desired results by using performance
  information to monitor the delivery of services and make adjustments

1. RSVP by calling 877-992-9521

2. Register Online at:
3. No tuition fee required!                                                 Hosted by:

Registrations are accepted up to 2 hours before start time and are valid
for one logon and phone line only.

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