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									End of Stress for World's Ticking Social Bomb

Morality is doing what is right, regardless of what we are told;
Religious dogma is doing what we are told, no matter what is right.
- Elka Ruth Enola, Canadian poet, advocate, teacher, opponent of Sharia-based schools

A bit of departure from my usual range of topics for this article as I attempt to explain why so
much trouble in every country in the Middle East is actually the best thing that could happen for
the future of our world.

I recently finished reading Chasing A Mirage: The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State, by Tarek
Fatah. Fatah is nothing if not blunt about a disease that is infecting every democratic nation in
the world. We might call the perpetrators of this disease terrorists, suicide bombers or militant
Muslims who have politicized one of the world's great religions for their own personal power or
for the power of their leaders. Fatah calls them Islamists. Comparing an Islamist to an ordinary
Muslim is like comparing Adolf Hitler to your average Christian. These people all worship(ed)
the same God, but they do and did so very differently.

When the great Prophet Muhammed completed setting down the Muslim holy book, known as
the Qur'an (or Koran or any number of other English spellings of an Arabic word), the last thing
in the book was the clear statement that the book comprised the whole religion of Islam, as given
to him by Allah (the Arabic word for God). He made it clear that what he wrote down as
messages from Allah was a religion, a way to lead one's life, a belief set, not a political formula.
When he died shortly thereafter, struggle began for leadership of the religion, but also for
political leadership of all Muslims. Potential leaders then and now don't follow the word of Allah
(the Qur'an), the word of Muhammed or the word of any sincere Muslim imams since that time,
but instead their own greed for power.

That struggle continues to this day, 1400 years later. It powers terrorism, radical Islamists who
lead violent revolutions when they can and use force to oppress or kill their own people when
necessary to gain or to hold power over them. As I write this, that powers Moammar Gadhafi's
slaughter of his own people in Libya, a country he seized control of and has held total
authoritarian control over for 42 years. Gadhafi, like other political leaders of the Arab world
(some of whom have been ousted already, some are still struggling to hold power), believes that
he holds ultimate power over his people by divine right. Divine right means that he believes he
was anointed by Allah.

When demonstrations in Tunisia toppled the president of the country, it troubled world-watchers
who expected the Middle East (almost exclusively Arab, except for Persian Iran) to ignite with
civil wars virtually overnight. The Tunisian demonstrations had been peaceful, but they were not
expected to be so elsewhere. Then hundreds of thousands of Egyptians (to start, they became
millions) gathered in Tahrir (liberation) Square, in Cairo. Egyptian demonstrations were
notorious for being bloody, even deadly, in the past. This time they were peaceful and President
Mubarak resigned (encouraged by his own military). Something had changed.

Demonstrations in other Arab countries have also been peaceful. Libya became violent only
when Gadhafi's military fired real bullets at unarmed demonstrators and killed many of them.
The only Arab countries where large demonstrations have not happened were in places like
Saudi Arabia and Syria, where the military stopped demonstrators quickly and assisted some of
them to "disappear" permanently. Within the Arab world, people knew that other Arabs under all
other autocratic regimes were also ready to shake off the shackles of oppression by their
dictatorial leaders (sometimes also known as "kings," often as presidents-for-life).

Why should we who live in free countries care? Saudi Arabia (home of two of Islam's most
important cities, Medina and Mecca and owner of about 20 percent of the world's known oil
supplies) has sponsored schools and universities that teach nothing but militant Islamism in
every democratic country in the world. The Saudi royal family has spent billions of dollars on
these schools, building them and maintaining them, for many years.

These are the schools that teach young people who become suicide bombers, aggressive
demonstrators at G8 and G20 summits, political candidates who claim prejudice against Muslims
in order to gain enough sympathy to get them elected to political office in many parts of the
world. That includes the USA, the UK and Canada where the schools are kept open and active
when police try to shut them down by their leaders cry prejudice in the media.

Meanwhile, back in the home countries in the Middle East, the leaders have blamed the US, the
UK, Israel and the West in general for all the problems in their respective countries. Especially
for poverty of the people, which the leaders have claimed is caused by the capitalist West.
Politically left-leaning people in the West believed the claims of the Middle East leaders and the
imams of the Islamic schools. In Canada, for example, a country that prides itself on its official
multiculturalism, the New Democratic Party has often publicly supported the Islamic schools,
claiming prejudice against them in matters such as the wearing of the hijab.

The people, the ordinary citizens of Middle Eastern countries, were apparently not fooled though
we didn't know that. They finally admitted to themselves that their problems were caused by
their own greedy leaders and not by the US or Israel. Now the people want to throw out the lying
militants that have ruled their countries for so many years.

They will succeed, as large masses of people always do eventually. To you, that will mean that
Islamist schools and mosques run by militant imams in your country will have their main sources
of income (such as oil-rich Saudi Arabia and Iran) dry up. That will likely reduce the risk of
terrorist problems in your country considerably. That could change the political climate in your
country. Not just for the next few years, but forever.

It might mean that sociopathic industries in the West who have made uncountable billions of
dollars by teaching us to fear "terrorists" may finally have to become more ecologically friendly
with their environment--with our environment--as we turn our attention to their pollution of the
air we breathe and the water we drink and away from "terrorists" who never presented much of a
threat to us anyway. As the poor citizens of Middle Eastern countries mature and take control of
their own destinies away from power hungry and greedy autocrats, we will mature along with
them and take control of our air and water--and of our own lives in many ways--away from
industrialists. They had no right to teach fear and materialism to us to distract us from the
emotional control they have held over us for decades. By believing them we became emotional
slaves to their will, which was always to make huge profits, no matter what effects that had on
our lives or our environment.

Let's cheer for the citizens of the Middle East, but not send our militaries there. They don't want
us to interfere. They want to feel that they are finally in control of their own lives. If our
militaries interfere, people like Gadhafi will slaughter their own people and blame the West for
starting civil wars.

Let's learn from them. It seems they are ready to treat us as brothers and sisters after all. We
should respond accordingly, with respect.

Bill Allin is the author of Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today's Epidemic Social
Problems, a guidebook for parents and teachers who want to know how to develop the children
in their charge socially and emotionally as well as intellectually and physically. Our worst social
problems are caused by people who are underdeveloped or maldeveloped socially and/or
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