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					   Be an Exhibitor!
     •       Brand Awareness. Participating in the SIOPSA Conference raises your profile, creates increased
             awareness of your company and its products/services and generates interest in what you have to offer.
             The event also offers an ideal opportunity to educate potential customers through demonstrations and
             deminar presentations.

     •       Awesome networking opportunity. Networking is one of the top three ways, along with speaking and
             writing, to get new clients. At the SIOPSA Conference, you can network with presenters, colleagues, and
             your ideal clients. It's a three-in-one big win!

     •       Prospects, Prospects, Prospects. You can go away from the conference with more new prospects than
             you know what to do with. Talk to people, make the first move. Have a really great "gem" to give to
             prospects, such as a free CD. You then give them one in exchange for filling out a form that signs them up
             for your newsletter.

     •       Great professional contacts. Other professionals will be exhibiting at the conference too. They may be
             directly related professionals in your niche, or they may represent other services that your ideal client
             may want to use as well. Connecting with them; making professional contacts and creating long term
             referral sources are all invaluable advantages.

     •       Meet with potential buyers

     •       Marketing your product

     •       Increased awareness to build a quality customer base


Exhibitor Information
YOUR CONTACT PERSON                                                          Carly Massimiani (SIOPSA Administrator)
                                                                             Tel:   0860 SIOPSA (746 772)
                                                                             Fax:   086 558 4097

PLEASE NOTE In all cases, please only make arrangements directly with the SIOPSA Administrator. SIOPSA cannot
guarantee that any arrangements agreed directly with The CSIR will be honoured. SIOPSA retains the right to change
any such arrangements should it be required
1    Technical specification

     The Exhibition will be held in conjunction with the SIOPSA conference and will take place in Exhibition Hall of
     The CSIR, PTA. Refreshments will be provided in the foyer where delegates will have the opportunity to
     browse through all the exhibitors’ products

2    Build-up times

     Tuesday          26th July 2011 from 15:00 – 17:00 (no earlier, and no later, no exceptions)

3    Exhibition times

     Wednesday        27th July 2011 from 08:00 – 18:00
     Thursday         28th July 2011 from 08:00 – 15:00

     During the conference only delegates and exhibitors with valid name badges are granted access to the
     exhibition area. Valid name badges should be visible at all times. As an exhibitor, you are entitled to ONLY
     two expo stand representatives at a time at your stand

4    Dismantling times

     Thursday         28th July 2011 from 15:00 – 16:30

     Dismantling of stands before the end of the conference will be dealt with severely, and may affect your
     future applications to be a part of this event.

5    The following is provided as part of the exhibition package

     •   Small Stand Shell scheme - based on a 3x2 metre (6m²) configuration or Large Stand Shell scheme –
         based on a 6x4 metre (6m²) configuration (this is dependent on your application)
     •   Fascia board – colour to be standard (Red, green, blue or white)
     •   Company name on fascia (no logo, an average of 20 letters)
     •   15 amp power point, with a shared dB Board (please bring your own extension cables)
     •   1 x double fluorescent light
     •   One table, 2 chairs, and a black tablecloth
     •   Two ‘Exhibitor’ name badges
     •   Refreshments and lunches for ONLY the two members manning the expo stand

6    Other
     • SIOPSA will make every effort to ensure that the exhibition space requested by you is allocated to your
        organisation, but cannot guarantee a specific stand. SIOPSA retains the right to change allocated stands
        should this be required
     • It is strictly forbidden to nail, screw, staple, stick, paint or use adhesive on walls, doors, glass panels,
        carpets, and ceilings. Please provide your own display equipment
     • Emergency exits, evacuation routes and room entrances must remain open at all times
     • SIOPSA reserves the right to charge the exhibitor for damage to the exhibition hall caused by them
     • Please note that the area is a non-smoking area
     • Naked flames, such as incense, candles and gas or oil stoves are strictly forbidden inside the building
     • All electrical equipment must be switched off at the end of the day and not left on standby

7    Security
     • Please note that SIOPSA cannot accept responsibility for the security of the stands and its contents
     • Do not leave your stand unmanned during breaks
     • Always keep your personal property locked away
    •   After closing time, keep your booth manned until all visitors have left the exhibition area. The venue will
        be locked from 20:00 – 07:30

8   Terms and Conditions
    • Exhibition booking is provisional until full payment has been received
    • Exhibition stands will only be confirmed once payment has been received
    • Payment can be made by electronic transfer or deposit into SIOPSA’s bank account

    Bank Standard Bank, Sandton City
    Branch Code 018105
    Account Number 021590346
    Type of Account - Current Account

    When payment is made via electronic transfer, please quote the SIOPSA invoice number as reference and
    kindly fax a copy of the deposit slip or proof of electronic transfer to SIOPSA at +27 0)86 558 4097 or email to ONLY on receipt of this will your application be considered and the stand options be
    made available

    SIOPSA is a NPO no. 042 531 NPO, VAT no. 474 020 6620

    Should an organisation insist that a vendor form be completed by SIOPSA we are prepared to do this at a
    cost of R1000.00 (including VAT), provided that the request is received not later than 31st May 2011 and on
    the strict understanding that the organisation exhibiting at the conference accepts complete liability for the

    An additional amount of R 1000.00 (including VAT) will be added to exhibition bookings made after 30th
    June 2011