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Magaz ne o he Wes v e Came a C ub

                                                     Best 3-4 star image: Kierran Allen
                                                     The New Moyo

                                                Best 5 star image: Ben Myburgh
                                                Tree House

                                          Best 2-3 star image: Colleen Smith
                                          I Wanna Play Soccer Too

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                                    CHAIRMAN’S REPORT

Ola Amigos
Slowly but surely we see all the Word Cup banners disappearing. Not even the street vendors are
selling world cup paraphernalia any more. Does this mean the world cup is over? Not just yet – we
still have the PMB Challenge coming up - Essence of 2010. WCC committee have called on the
members to submit their five best images into a separate folder for this month’s challenge. These
images will be judged separately by the committee.

Continuing with the judging subject, the pool of judges to call on was diminishing and at one stage
some of our members were starting to feel like Springbok players getting red and yellow cards dished
out by an unfair “referee”. Other clubs were having the same experience and so a call was made to
the PSSA to host a judging workshop. Five WCC Senior club members have enrolled into the PSSA
Judging Accreditation Program, which took the form of a two day workshop held in PMB. The most
important lesson I learned at the judging course is that a judge is there to guide photographers in
their art – constructive criticism should be given, not unnecessary nit-picking. Judging will always
remain subjective!

From this month onward, we will be making use of in-house and interclub judging extensively to give
the novice judges the opportunity to put into practice what was taught at the workshop. I would also
request the members to respect the judge’s decision and to support the new judges with the task at
hand. An accredited judge will be sitting in at our judging meeting to observe and will then send a
report back to the PSSA on the new judge’s performance.

Last but not least I would like to thank Conrad for taking over the reins in my absence and making
sure everything ran smoothly. It is great to be back at home with the family after my month long
journey with the Spanish media and Soccer Team. It was a once in a lifetime experience. Viva

Ben Myburgh

                   Great photography is about Depth of Feeling
                             And not Depth of Field

                                      Peter Adams


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JUDGING RESULTS                                    DIGITAL SUBMISSIONS
PLEASE SEE THE WEBSITE FOR RESULTS.                Please note that in future any pictures                      submitted without an entry form will be
                                                   disqualified and not judged and any
PRINT SUBMISSIONS                                  picture incorrectly named will also not
MOUNTING                                           be judged. Please ensure that you all
                                                   name correctly and put in an entry form
Print size – A4
Mounting.                                          as this causes such a huge delay for Di
You can do the mounting of your prints yourself.   when sorting the pics for judging.
However at R20.oo a mount it is worth it to let
“Like it Frame It” do it. They have a wide range   Example:    category-star rating-
of colours to choose from, and your image does
                                                               name-picture title.jpg (no
not just sit flat on a cardboard it is mounted
and presents itself much better. You can get                   spaces between the
hold of them at:                                               hyphens)
Janine 083 513 4000                                Set subject:
Brenda 082 409 9505                                SS-Subject-3-JoeDoe-Eagles Eyes.jpg
9 Knoll Place Westville (off Blair Atholl)
                                                   Nature section:
If you are going to make use of Like It
Frame It make sure you get your images in
early….                                            Open section:
                                                   Open-2-John Smith-Sahara.jpg
STRUCTURE                                          PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL DIGITAL
                                                   SUBMISSIONS MUST BE SIZED AS
Tuesday Night Meeting (10 August)                  FOLLOWS:
We are having an outing to the Millenium Bridge    1024  MAXIMUM  WIDTH              FOR
and Gateway Shopping Centre.        Check your
emails for times and venues.
                                                   768 IS MAXIMUM HEIGHT             FOR
Wednesday Night Meeting (18 August)                PORTRAIT
•   Judging of monthly set subject topic by
    members.                                       NB: MAXIMUM OF 4 IMAGES TO BE
•   Submission of images for current set
                                                   SUBMITTED, WITH A MAXIMUM OF
    subject and other sections (open, nature,
                                                   2 IN ANY SINGLE CATEGORY.
    etc.) to be judged at following months
    Wednesday meeting.
•   Results    of     judging   of    members’
    submissions for previous months’ set
    subject and other topics by an appointed
•   Presentation of pictures by an invited
                                                       ALL MEETINGS TO START PROMPTLY
    person, usually from outside of the club.
                                                                  AT 19h00
                                                       PHOTO SUBMISSIONS TO BE DONE
                                                           BETWEEN 18h30 AND 19h00

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Page 4

During some chats to other WCC members
about our planned city walk, some had
mentioned that it would be really nice if we
could get into the city hall, as there is some
spectacular architecture behind its heavy

I really wanted to see if I could make this a
reality, so I used all my networking skills to try
and get through to the right people at Durban
Metro. WOW – was that a challenge! I was
met with some very frustrating conversations if
you can call them that. They were rather just one-worded replies. Hmmm, yes people – Wakka
Wakka, this is Africa! We all know that service delivery by Durban Metro leaves much to be desired,
and this was reflected in the “service” I got from the people on the other end of the phone.

Anyway, I’m not one to give us easily, so I persisted, and kept calling in the hope that sooner or later,
my call would be taken by someone who was a little more interactive and helpful. Voila, after about
the 4th attempt, that happened! A very nice and helpful young black gentleman answered my call and
told me that he could not help me, as it was not for him to decide, but that I should call the
Caretaker of the City Hall, and duly provided me with his name and direct line!

I was now confident that having the name and telephone number of the “right” person, I would
succeed and excitedly called him. It was not long before my hopes were dashed! The gentleman I
spoke to politely advised me that there was absolutely no way that I could arrange entry into the City
Hall on a Sunday, as there was nobody available to open up for me, but that if I arranged the outing
for a Saturday between 9 & 11, then it could be arranged without a problem.

Well, unfortunately, Saturday mornings and Durban central just didn’t sound like a good idea to me,
besides, the date had already been set for Sunday 11 July at 08:00 and the e-mail sent out. What to
do? Unfortunately, as much as I had tried, I was not able to arrange the entry, leaving me feeling
disappointed. I would just have to disappoint… or so I thought!

Sunday morning 11 July rolled in, and I set off to meet the rest of the members who were planning to
come on the walk. I was so pleased to see that the outing was well supported. There were about 15
of us. Just on 8 we all met outside the Royal Hotel and set off on our walk. First stop – across the
road to the City Hall. Well blow me down if we don’t notice that the front doors of the City Hall are
open and on the top step are not one but two security guards. I approach him with trepidation to
enquire if we can go in to take pictures, expecting to be told “no “and after explaining to him where
we were from and the reason for us wanting to take pictures he politely walks off saying …”hold on,
just let me check with my boss” and returns shortly thereafter to say “the boss says with pleasure”!
Well, so much for “…there’s absolutely no way it can be arranged for a Sunday” …

The architecture really is magnificent in this building, and if you’ve not had the privilege of seeing it,
do yourself a favour and go and experience it! After spending time capturing both the inside and
outside of the City Hall, we crossed over to the Post Office – another grand old lady with stunning
architecture to feast your eyes on. Having said that, it leaves me dumbfounded that the handrails to
the entrance of the post office have been replaced with the most beautiful shiny stainless steel
railing. Just a tad out of place, in my opinion, in such a historic place!!

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Next was a short stroll to the ABSA building, modern steel and glass structure, - a striking contrast
to the magnificent buildings of yester-year we had just snapped, but still beautiful in her own right.
From there we ambled back over to the gardens of the City Hall, where we gathered for a group
photo! We then proceeded to stroll on over to the Playhouse. This building was quite a challenge for
me, as there is a light-post slap bang in the middle of the entrance. Who in their right mind puts a
light-post there! Don’t they know that it means a lot of cloning work for a photographer?

                                          Next on our walk was the Embassy Building and were
                                          happily snapping away, when we were approached by
                                          security to ask if we had permission to photograph the
                                          building. I was not aware that permission had to be
                                          granted to photograph the outside of buildings, but I was
                                          duly advised that it was required. None the less – not
                                          wanting to upset security, I asked everyone to hold their
                                          shots, while I politely obliged with his request to speak to
                                          his boss Salieb. After explaining who I was and the
                                          purpose of our visit, we were granted the necessary
                                          permission, and the camera’s legally started clicking again.

                                            By this time, 2 hours had passed, so we decided to go back
                                            to the Royal for our much anticipated coffee and cake
                                            close out. I can tell you that there were more than one or
                                            two disappointed people when they were told that there
                                            were no cakes available! The cake display fridge was very
                                            empty, much like Old Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard!! The
                                            disappointment was, for those who had set their hearts on
a piece of cake, thankfully very short-lived, as the cakes were wheeled from the kitchen and placed in
the display fridge, and one could hear the delighted “aaah’s” which were testimony to the
masterpieces in front of us. A true feast for the eyes for those who chose not to indulge….!

We spent the next hour and a bit just sitting around chatting, in true Royal Hotel 5-Star style,
enjoying each other’s company.

Thank you to everyone
for joining us on this
outing, and for making it
so enjoyable. I do hope
you all enjoyed it as
much as I did, and look
forward to seeing your
entries in August.

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Please check the website for all the Salon/competition details.

                     SALON                                         CLOSING DATE
Pietersburg National Salon                          1 September 2010
NPC Competition                                     31 August 2010
St Margarets Photography Club                       31 August 2010

34th INTERNATIONAL                       PHOTOGRAPHY               EXHIBITION        “CHILD

“Photoclub202”, Zajecar and “Cultural Center”, Zajecar
Photographers from all over the world have the right to participate.
(A) DIGITAL CHILD /monochrome or color
(D) DIGITAL SPORT /monochrome or color

For more information go to or go to this directl link

                                                 Page 7
St Margaret’s Photography Club
St Margaret’s Anglican Church, 11 Delaware Avenue, Glenashley

Competition & Exhibition
16th to 18th September 2010
It is our privilege to offer this photography exhibition and competition to you, our community and we
warmly invite you to submit your photographs for many people to enjoy. We love the aesthetics of
photography, capturing a moment in time that will never exist again but that speaks to the soul of
FAITH and HOPE and LOVE. One would need a stony heart to not aspire to these three profound
experiences of life, and we love the world in which we live too much to allow our hearts the capacity
for that condition. As a photography club located in a community which honours Jesus Christ we have
the added dimension of seeing the heart of God reflected in our photographs. Please feel free to
attend our exhibition or submit your own photographs to be exhibited

                                           Entries:                          Exhibition Times:
                                           Format: Each entry must be               Thursday 16th:     17h30
Entries will be accepted in the
                                           submitted electronically (JPEG,   - 20h00
following categories (in colour
                                           under 500Kb) and A4 hard copy     Friday 17th:    17h30 – 20h00
and/or black & white):                                                                    th
                                           posted or dropped in the entry    Saturday 18 : 09h00 – 16h00
                                           box at St Margaret’s.             Venue – St Margaret’s Church
    ·     Still Life (Tabletop,
    Contemporary, Digital, Studio)
                                           Entrance criteria: Amateur              Prizes to be won!
    ·     Sport
                                           Photographers only
    ·     People (Portraiture,
                                                                             * A Beginners course from KZN
    Church, Community, Family)
                                           Closing Date for entries:            Photo Academy (valued at
    ·     Nature (Botanical,
                                           31st August 2010                             R1650) *
    Landscapes, Seascapes,
    Wildlife, Animals, Birds)
                                           Cost: R20 per entry               * Memory card, album and photo
    ·     Cityscapes (Industrial,
                                                                                 frame from Whysalls *

                                                                                * Camera Bags and more *

Entry forms available on




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            SET SUBJECTS FOR 2010 / 2011

       August              Architecture
       September           Only in Africa
       October             Circles
       November            Nature's Textures
       January 2011        Black and White
       February 2011       Sport
                                                                  TUESDAY, 10 AUGUST
                                                               WE ARE HAVING AN OUTING
                                                               TO THE MILLENIUM BRIDGE
                                                                AND GATEWAY SHOPPING
                                                                CENTRE – Check your emails
                                                                  For all the information

                                                                  TUESDAY, 18 AUGUST
                                                                  WILL BE OUR NORMAL
     MEETING DATES                                             MONTHLY JUDGING MEETING.
     FOR 2010                                                       SET SUBJECT IS:
     10 & 18 August
     15 September
     12 & 20 October
     9 & 17 November
     December TBA

Our web site is now up and running and has been a huge           WORKSHOPS
success. Please check it out. If any members have anything
interesting for the web site please contact any of the           All in-house workshops will be
committee. To access the site go to:                             free for members although a
                          small charge will apply if notes
                                                                 are supplied to cover the
Please download your submission photos to our web site           photocopy costs. Non members
as this will save a lot of time at our Wednesday meeting and     will be charged a fee for the
help us to finish a little bit earlier.                          workshop.

Please check the web site for updates on outings, etc.

                                                   Page 9

August is certainly going to be a busy a busy month for WCC! Tuesday 10th August will be an outing
built around slow shutter speeds and the relationship between shutter speeds and aperture. Below is
a sample of what you can expect to capture. We’ll start off by doing light trails on the Millenium
bridge in Umhlanga from 16:30. Ben and I will be on the bridge waiting to meet you. Then we will be
moving across to Gateway Shopping Centre, where Centre Management have granted us permission to
capture some images of the inside of the centre. You should get some awesome architecture images
there if you are still looking for that something special for next month’s set subject!

Please note however, that although we have been granted permission to take photo’s, we MAY NOT
photograph any one particular store or it’s contents. Please observe this regulation, as we do not
want to upset the centre or it’s tenants. We will also be using this opportunity to take pictures at the
wave house and skate board park.

So pack your tripods (a must) and make sure that you have lots of memory space, as you will be spoilt
for choice!

Colleen Smith
WCC Outings Steward
084 408 6677

                                                 Page 10
JUDGING – Geoff Feldon

No image is ever judged incorrectly.

Now that I have your attention let me explain why I say that and how I believe we should all approach
the way in which we react to our images being judged.

Ben, Di, Nevil, Jaco and myself attend the PSSA Judges Accreditation Programme on the 24th and
25th July and it was eye opening and very informative. The objective of the programme is to try to
get more people involved in judging, as it is always difficult to find judges, and also to get more
consistency among judges.

When I say “No image is ever judged incorrectly” I do so because judging is, and always will be, very
subjective and each person will see an image differently. There are no right and wrong awards given
as it is not a science. We therefore need to respect and understand a judges point of view and accept
that we may not agree with the way they see our images. The people we ask to judge give of their own
time to come and judge for no reward and very often we do not treat them very well ( I do not
exclude myself from this comment). I understand the disappointment when an image does not get a
good award but that does not mean the judge is wrong.

There are two main problems, as I see it, that result in disappointment and often grumbling about a
judge, and that is a) inconsistency between judges and b) the ability to explain why they gave a
particular award. These are , too a large extent, the reason why the PSSA in running the JAP course.

It is also important to understand what the different types of judging are trying to achieve to be
able to understand how judges work. There are essentially 3 types of judging, Club, Salons and

1.   Club Judging is the one we are most, and directly, exposed to and the main objective is one of
     teaching. In giving an award a judge should ideally decide on a point for the image and then give
     a bronze, silver, gold or merit depending on the persons level (i.e. 1 star, 2 star etc). They
     should then give some feedback as to what is good about the image and how it can be improved.
     It is therefore up to the judge to be knowledgeable about all aspects of photography in order
     to give valid, useful comments. It does not mean he needs to be knowledgeable to order to give
     his/her opinion of the image but clearly the more experienced they are the more relevant and
     consistent their awards and comments will be. I believe it is this inconsistency between judges
     that causes the most dissatisfaction.
2.   Salon judging. A salon is really a photographic competition and therefore judges are trying to
     decide which they believe are the best of all the images submitted. This means that a photo
     that gets a gold award at club level may not get an acceptance at a salon, and voce versa.
3.   Honours judging. This is to decide of a photographer’s work is of a high enough standard to give
     an honours award. Therefore it is closer to the club judging but is not about teaching and simply
     about criting the photos presented.

It is therefore up to us, as club members, to work towards improving the overall standard of judging
but having asked someone to judge we must accept their point of view. Therefore we should, as a
committee give more thought as to who we ask to judge. This is not meant as a criticism of the
committee or anyone who approaches someone to judge as it is very difficult to find different judges
all the time.

                                                Page 11
I am going to suggest to the committee that we relook at the way we do our judging and the way in
which we ask judges to judge. However I do strongly believe that we must learn to accept, gracefully,
the awards given by a judge and try to learn from each session and above all else enjoy it.

I also believe that we should have feedback and discussion on the issue of judging at a meeting in the
near future.

The views expressed above are entirely mine and not those of the committee.



As some of you may know, the PSSA has launched an initiative called the Judges Accreditation
Program, and aims to train new photographic judges mainly for club judging on an ongoing basis. What
this means for the clubs is that there won't be a shortage of judges anymore, and for club members
it means more consistant judging tailored to this hobby we call Photography.

It was a bitterly cold July morning as 6 of us from WCC headed to 'Maritzburg for a full weekend
course, but luckily Maritzburg Camera Club welcomed us with hot coffee and rusks to kickstart the
day with. They also fed us throughout the weekend in true MCC style and hospitality.

Our presenters for the weekend, Francois and Johan, immediately started our training with
something that benefits every member: how to properly calibrate the club projector, and the
importance thereof. Now that our club has a calibration device (Spyder 3 Elite for those in the know)
your images will always be displayed true.

Over the course of the programme we did a massive amount of judging exercises, and even partook in
an actual salon judging session. We were taught how to judge different types of images, from altered
reality through to nature and even some modern art. We are also embracing the salon method of
judging (using numeric scores) which will make the award process more fair across the star ratings.

All our current judges have a lot of photographic experience, and some even have a teaching
background. We have learned that judging on club level is all about teaching through comments and
positive critisism (delivered in a nice way, of course!) and even though an image only gets a silver or a
bronze, it is still an award. (With salon judging the focus is on the competitive element.)

Over the next few months you'll see a lot of (compulsary) judging by us. In many aspects we are still
learning how to judge, so bear with us and give us your support, and in return we will offer you our
best advice on how to snag that "winning" picture!

Your Judges-in-training: Ben Myburgh, Di Wayne, Geoff Feldon, Jaco Sapet-Nel, Maggie Lally, Nevil

                                                  Page 12

Have you ever been into the Warwick triangle? I doubt it! Have you ever thought about the amazing
image opportunities there? I’m sure you have! Have you ever wished you could go there? Well now
you can!

I’m very excited to share with you that the planned outing for the month of August is exactly that!
We’re off to The Markets of Warwick, So clean your lenses, charge your batteries, grab your memory
cards and let’s go...

This outing is different to anything that we’ve ever done in the past and it’s something not to be
missed!! The reason we’ve chosen this particular outing for August, is that September set subject is
“Only In Africa”, so this outing should present you with many opportunities to capture those typical
“Only in Africa” moments. The markets are also steeped in history, which allow for this to be a
memorable cultural experience. Visit to read some of the
comments from people who have enjoyed this experience.

If you’re wondering whether this outing will be worth your while, tantalize your “taste buds” by
visiting the website at the above hyperlink, and then join us for join us on this exciting outing to
experience the diversity and success of the markets. It will be a morning to remember! Don’t be
sorry that you were not part of it!

Date:              Saturday 21 August 2010
Time:              09h30 sharp to 12h00
Cost:              R50.00 - payable on arrival
Bookings:          Unfortunately, the tour guide is only able to accommodate a maximum group of 15
                   people. It is therefore necessary that I take reservations for the outing/tour on
                   a first come first served basis. If you intend to do this outing please e-mail me at
          and I will reserve you a place on the list, on a
                   first come first served basis. Please let me have your names before the 4th
                   August, as I need to confirm the booking with the tour company, otherwise they
                   will accept another booking.

                   If there is a huge amount of interest, and I have many more than 15 requests for
                   the tour, I am more than willing to facilitate another outing to the markets. It’s
                   just that they do not have two tour guides to take us all through on one day.
Meet up:           At the Victoria Street Market’s underground parking area (directions below)
Meet up time:      09h15 in the underground parking area

Due to the overwhelming response we have had to this outing we will definitely
be arranging another one so please check your emails to see dates.

                                                 Page 13

Westville Camera Club believes in “safety in numbers” and are really happy that to date none of our
members have had any “incidents” while on club outings, and we would like to keep it that way! In
this light, the Committee would like to encourage all those who participate in the outings to please
observe some basic house rules:

•   We suggest that everyone meet in a pre-determined place and at a pre-determined time - you
    will be advised when the outing notification goes out where the meet-point will be
•   We encourage members not to wander off on their own – you carry expensive equipment and can
    be watched without even knowing it!
•   If you do leave the group, try to do so with some other people from the group
•   If you do leave the group, even with someone else, please tell someone else which direction you
    are heading in, so we know where to start looking if we need to
•   We would then like for everyone to meet again at the predetermined place and time after the
    shoot – just to ensure that everyone is OK
•   If you do decide to leave before the final meet, please tell someone who is staying - again, just
    so that we know you are safe and have chosen to leave

Thanks and look forward to seeing you all on the next outing.

Colleen Venter

The Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk is an annual event and is
held on the same day in over a thousand cities around the world.

                                 On Saturday, 23 July, 50
                                 photography enthusiasts from
                                 Durban met at Moyo’s at Ushaka
                                 for our part of the walk. Our
                                 walk went past the old Addington
                                 Childrens hospital and then down into Point Road towards the
                                 harbour then back to Moyo’s. There were so many interesting people

and places to photograph. I was amazed at how the Point area has been
developed. We walked past a beautiful restaurant and coffee shop which I
will definitely be visiting in the near future. Most of the old buildings have
been beautifully restored turning this area into a much sought after
                                             business and residential area.

                                           At the end of the walk we all met
                                           at Moyos for drinks and some
                                           socialising. This was my second
                                           walk and I will definitely be doing
                                           it again next year.

                                                 Page 14
Brian and Joan Widdowson

Early April 2006 we flew from Stockholm to Kiruna , Sweden
some 200kms north of the Arctic Circle to begin what was to
become one of the experiences of our life - the Ice Hotel.
Landing at Kiruna we were greeted with a vast white wasteland
with a few motley buildings masquerading as an airport terminus.
The first problem though was trying to walk from the aircraft to
the buildings – the apron area was frozen, how the plane stopped
I really don’t know.     Once inside the terminal buildings we
changed into our weatherproof gear supplied by the hotel. It
would best be described as a Michelin Man lookalike. Then to the
taxi and hotel.
                                                                                           Kiruna Airport

But first the taxi. If you can, imagine a dog sled pulled by twelve
very excited huskies through a snow covered forest, indeed a dream

After two hours which seemed like only minutes we reached a
frozen river and the dogs picked up speed - we were obviously
nearing home. Around a bend and there it was – the Ice Hotel. From
a distance the building appeared very low only a Teepee which was
not made of ice had any height. When we reached the hotel however
we found an ice mound hid the true scale of the buildings which
were amazing. The teepee was actually a workshop for making ice
sculptures. Next to it was an ice chapel followed by the main
building consisting of over 50 rooms, a bar and a grand entrance                               Our Taxi
together with an ice chandelier. All single storey so you can
imagine the size. It could best be described as a giant multi
roomed igloo.

Across a small open area were the permanent buildings consisting
of an Administration Block with the ubiquitous curio shop and
surprisingly extensive change room facilities and lockers (the
reasons for which we were to find out the next day), a
restaurant, ice warehouse and a number of warm cabins. The
complex was situated on the outskirts of a little village called
Jukkesjarvi beyond which there is nothing just wilderness.
                                                                             Approaching the Ice Hotel
                                        Our first night was in a
                                        warm cabin which was spacious and exceptionally well appointed. Further
                                        as its name implied- it was warm (1 C outside). This was obviously to
                                        prepare us for the next night in the Ice Hotel itself.

                                       First though a bit about the
                                       Hotel.    As     mentioned       it
                                       contained over 50 rooms
                                       (standard, “suites” and two
                                       honeymoon “suites”), entrance
   Our warm cabin                      hall and bar. You might ask why
                                       the word suites is in italics - all
ablution facilities were in the Administration building – nothing in the
ice hotel itself – a little comforting as I don’t think I would relish
sitting on an ice loo.

                                                                             One of the more unusual activities

                                                        Page 15
                                          All beds consisted of a wooden frame set on ice blocks and covered by
                                          frozen reindeer skins – no mattresses. If you like a firm bed it was
                                          great otherwise…tough. No doors just heavy curtains made of
                                          Reindeer skins. The inside temperature was a constant -5 C day and
                                          night (bit chilly for those honeymoon suites).

                                           The      entrance    was
                                          decidedly grand with
                                          vaulted arches supported
                                          by ice pillars reaching a
                                          height of some 5m. Hung
   Main Road, Jukkesjarvi                 from the ceiling was a
                                          magnificent            ice
chandelier lit by fibre optics (the only part that is kept for the
next year’s hotel). In fact the entire hotel was lit by fibre optics
for obvious reasons – no heat.

                                                                                      The Absolute Bar
                                             At   the     end  of
                                            entrance hall was the
                                            Absolute Bar.

                                            Absolute because you could
                                            have anything to drink provided
                                            it    was   Absolute     Vodka.
                                            However at R90/tot one was
                                            unlikely to get drunk. Glasses
                                            were unique – ice, so no worry
        Vodka in Ice                        about a warm drink. We were
                                            told that if we liked we were
welcome to take them home - ha.

However what was so fantastic about the Hotel was its decoration. Some 30
artists from around the world are invited every year to carve the rooms
ideally in themes representing their countries. The result was incredible as
you can see from the photos.

The other ice building was the Chapel also beautifully carved. When we were
there a brave couple was married and spent the night in the Honeymoon

Another interesting building was the ice warehouse which was simply a huge
freezer. Blocks of ice were being cut from the river and stored for the next
ice hotel.

Our night in the Hotel itself however was the real adventure. We were given
lined sleeping bags and directed to the change rooms in the Administration
building. There we took as much off as possible as there were no cupbords in
the Hotel. Ladies were especially advised not leave jewelry on the bedroom
floor as by morning all would have melted into the ice. Then a dash to the
rooms, dive into the sleeping bags, zip up leaving only one’s nose sticking out
and listen to complete silence. As our eyes became accustomed to the
darkness we realized the room was bathed in a faint bluish glow –quite eerie.           Some of the rooms
A small circular opening in the ceiling presumably to let our hot breath out.
Fortunately we both like a firm bed so had a good night’s sleep except I tend to toss and turn so unzipped my
sleeping bag. I awoke with a frozen back and despite trying my best had to make a call of nature. Going was OK –
had desperation on my mind but coming back through the open quadrangle from the Admin buildings to the Hotel
was murder.

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In comparison once inside the -5 C seemed quite warm. The next day we were given certificates commemorating
our stay: -5 inside, -16 outside!

                                                    The experience though didn’t stop at the Hotel – we went
                                                    snowmobiling, Reindeer sledding and were fortunate to see the
                                                    Northern Lights. Curtains of light danced across the sky for
                                                    over an hour- white with tinges of greens and reds- how puny
                                                    fireworks are. Unfortunately even though to our eyes in the
                                                    pitch darkness of the night the Lights appeared quite bright my
                                                    camera disagreed and all photos with both still and video were
                                                    disasters – definitely a case for a tripod.

                                                    It seemed unreal that the Hotel by May would all have melted
                                                    and returned to the river. So every year come September a
                                                    completely new Ice Hotel is built always different to its
              Inside the Ice Chapel                 predecessors but always offering the same incredible

If you ever have the opportunity to visit, go, you will not regret it.

                Ice Chappel

                                                                                The brave wedding couple

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Page 18


Here’s a short list of the basic rules to observe:

1.    Include something(s) of interest in the foreground otherwise you will get vast expanses of
      nothing. In landscape this can mean going low to include foreground flowers for example or
      getting really close to rocks so that you can see the rock grain.

2.    Look for strong compositional lines as this will add drama to your shots. This happens naturally
      with wide lenses anyway so you are just working with the natural perspective of the lens.

3.    Look for interesting skies
      as ultra-wides capture
      wide expanses of sky and
      emphasis the lines in the
      cloud formations.

4,    Try to keep the camera
      as level as possible when
      photographing buildings.

5.    A polarising filter in clear
      weather can add more
      colour,    and      Neutral
      Density graduation filters
      can add a lift in cloudy

6.    Move in close: The closer you are to your subject, the more dramatic your images will be. Yes, I
      mean right up close and personal.

7.    Look out for your feet and other extraneous bits that might intrude, like legs of tripods, due
      to the much wider FOV

8.    Use a tripod for landscape shots

That’s about the size of it, or the angle. The rest is practice and experimenting to find out what
works best for you and your equipment. That’s half the fun.

Courtesy of

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Our previous “Get to Know Your Camera” workshops have always been extremely
popular and due to the number of new members that have joined the club we are
thinking of holding another one in the near future – probably around August. If
anybody is interested please let Bianca know so we can have an idea of numbers
before we book the room and organise the workshop.


              Betsy Kee
             Lee Folkard
            Shirley Gillitt
             Guy Wayne
           John Armstrong
           Jaco Sapet-Nel
            Geoff Feldon
         Eugene van Heerden                         HAPPY BIRTHDAY
          Steve McCurrach
                                                Happy Birthday to the following
         Eugene Bezuidenhout                     members who celebrate their
                                                   birthdays during August

                                                  2/8     Betsy Kee
                                                  2/8     Lee Folkard
                                                  9/8     Shirley Gillitt
                                                  11/8    Guy Wayne
                                                  12/8    John Armstrong
                                                  18/8    Jaco Sapet-Nel
                                                  21/8    Geoff Feldon
                                                  22/8    Eugene van Heerden
                                                  25/8    Steve McCurrach
                                                  27/8    Eugene Bezuidenhout

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                        COMMITTEE OF 2010 / 11

Ben Myburgh             0824542679    

Vice Chairman
Conrad Kelsey           0835700217/   

Bianca Sprong           0827270034    

Geoff Feldon            0824643221    

Entries Steward:
Di Abate                0834547574    

Outings Steward:
Colleen Smith           0844086677    

Snap Editor:
Colleen Venter          0824607632    

Jaco Sapet-Nel          0827702728    
Eugene Bezuidenhout     0822620638    
Alastair Fraser         0837835201    

PSSA Representative:
All Committee Members

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                                   IMPORTANT NOTICE


To facilitate the downloading and preparation of digital pictures for projection please could you follow
these procedures –

1.   Download your pictures onto the web site or bring your digital pictures on a CD.
2.   Resize your images to a maximum of 1024 (max. width for landscape) and 768 (max. height for
3.   The images must be saved as .jpg files.
4.   Rename your images to ‘section-star rating-your name-title.jpg’ . See examples below.
5.   Make 2 folders on your CD.
     • Set Subject - which must be handed to Conrad before the meetings starts for judging that
         night (between 6.30 – 7.00 p.m.)
     • March (etc) – labelled the meeting month and including images from all other sections.
6.   CD with both folders must be given to Di Abate for the monthly judging.


Set subject “Title”:          Title-3-Joe Doe-Eagles Eyes.jpg
Nature section:               Nature-5-Daisy Wulfson-Dandelion.jpg
Open section:                 Open-2-John Smith-Sahara.jpg

                                 NOTICE FROM THE EDITOR
Articles and letters addressed to the editor are always appreciated. Anonymous submissions however,
will not be published under any circumstances. If you do not wish your name to appear in SNAP, a nom-de-
plume may be used. No exceptions will be made.
Articles sourced from publications or the Internet must bear a credit line to that publication or
webpage, otherwise authorship will be assumed as the submitters.
The contents of SNAP do not necessarily express the views of the Westville Camera Club, it's
committee, members or editor.

                       CLASSIFIEDS: TO SELL, TO BUY, TO SWOP
We are starting a column for members to advertise in. Contact Colleen: 082 4607632/031-564-5053(H)

                                         STUDIO LIGHTS
     These can be hired out by members for R150. R100 will be refunded on return of the equipment.
                                Contact: Ben Myburgh on 0824542679

                       DON’T FORGET TO PAY YOUR SUBS

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