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					                     Nikola Tesla Free Energy
Wireless transmission of unlimited power to the farthest corners of the Earth,
free for the benefit of all mankind

Is this a crazy idea? Many people think it can never be done. Oops, someone forgot to inform Nikola
Tesla that. This was Tesla’s goal in life. In fact, he was over half way to realizing that dream when the
                      “powers that be” realized the degree that this wireless tower of power would
                      have on their profits. “”Free energy? There is no money in that.” After that
                      realization, Tesla’s tower was strangely and mysteriously dynamited and destroyed
                      during World War I. Tesla Free Energy became a shattered dream that drove
                      Nikola into a life of poverty and obscurity.

                      Nikola Tesla encountered opposition to his scientific destiny from the day he was
born. His father was insistent that Nikola would follow in his footsteps and become a member or the
clergy. Having a military education and serving in Napole0n’s army, Nikola’s father put his military
career aside and embraced the clergy. Nikola’s mother, though, came from a prominent line of one of
the oldest families in the country. Her father and grandfather were also inventors and this was where
Nikola felt drawn.

Around the age of 17, Nikola began to harness the inventive images in his mind and realized that he did
not need paper and pencil to put the ideas and images together. In fact, he realized that in his mind, he
could see every crook and angle of his inventions. With this amazing creative ability, the young inventor
did not need to build a model and then experiment with it to bring it to perfection. Instead Nikola, had
a much more efficient way. He could experiment with the model through his imagination. He could
quickly develop his concept into a perfect device without ever having touched it. Tesla Free Energy was
imagined and developed in just this way. He didn’t need drawings or models. What he built had already
tested and tried over and over to a point of precision before the structure or device ever took material
form. One such device was the “Apparatus For Transmitting Electrical Energy” that was patented on
December 1, 1914. Below you will see a sketch of the Tesla Free Energy apparatus from the original
patent that was filed almost 100 years ago.

Tesla was born in 1856 in Smiljan, Croatia. He died on January 7th, 1943, in New York City, at the age of
As I’ve gone through the historical documents that are a paper trail of Tesla’s life, it makes me sad that
he endured the defeating effects of the greed of corporate society. It also inspires me as I look at him as
a man before his time who’s imaginations have given us the key to free energy. I don't have to have a
laboratory and I don't have to be a scientist to get free unlimited energy today and neither do you. You
may enjoy giving money to the big electric companies but I would rather click here to find out how to
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