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					                 W I LL A M ET TE                   W       UNIVERSITY

ourselves alone are we born        not unto ourselves alone are we born

not unto ourselves alone are we
                                         

   in the West                          The Theatre Department at Willamette University
                                        offers a solid foundation in theatre training, with
                                        the v e s a and e a r e w e b o r n n theatre
                    n o t u n t o o u r s e l quality l o n standards of professionalo t u n t o o u r s e l v e s a l o n e
                                        within a liberal arts context.

                                   t h e f i r s t u n i v e r s i t y i n t h e We

          not unto ourselves alone are we born                      not unto ourselves alone are we bo

collaboration                                                    Big Love

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                                                                    shaw ionesco                  pinter brook

                            not unto ourselves alone are we born                            not unto ourselves a

Cupid and Psyche
              W I LL A M ET TE                             W       UNIVERSITY


“                                                                                  ”
  ,   ,       
       , 
        
        
,  ,   ,
    .              – Lee Pelton, president

                  he theatre at Willamette is a
                  vital part of the University in its
                  exploration of human values and
    creativity. It is the study of these artistic,
    social and scientific principles that enable
    students to understand themselves, their
    society, and environment. Theatre majors
    are provided with a broad range of experi-
    ences in all areas of the discipline. Students
    gain creative awareness, historical perspec-
    tive, critical acumen and practical skills
    applicable for any career in professional
    theatre or other fields.

    Associate Chair Susan Coromel
    The playwright, director, actor, teacher and critic, Robert Brustein said
    in his recent book Letters to a Young Actor “The American theatre needs
    educated actors … four rigorous years of undergraduate study in liberal arts
    should be the first step towards a professional career in Theatre.” Willa-
    mette University Theatre provides students with the opportunity to study
    the craft within a strong liberal arts setting.
         W I LL A M ET TE               W          UNIVERSITY

Our program
      ,    
   -   .

     n the Theatre Department, academic discipline is coupled with the
     production elements of our theatre season. As a producing unit, faculty and
     students work together in many different capacities. The faculty seek to
provide opportunities for student involvement in undergraduate theatre of the
highest quality, igniting a student’s appreciation and love of the creative process.
Our curriculum reflects our commitment to educating students in all aspects of
theatre as an academic discipline.

         
 .       
       . 
          ,
       , 
 .      ,  -
 ,    ,   “ ” 
       .

                                            The Theatre Department recognizes that
                                            college is a time of personal growth
                                            and heightened self-awareness, and we
                                            support this in ways both tangible and
                                            intangible. There is no class or subject
                                            irrelevant to the study of theatre, and
                                            the department’s outlook reflects this
                                            respect for our place as an integral part
                                            of the College of Liberal Arts.

                                            Students majoring in theatre are provided with an array of
                                            experiences including: acting, directing, stagecraft, cos-
                                            tume construction, design, dramaturgy, lighting, voice,
                                            movement, theatre history and dramatic literature.

                                            Our Country’s Good
                                                                                                     Building a costume for

Theatre faculty
Theatre faculty members are involved in professional organizations including Actors Equity Association, Screen Actors Guild
and the Association for Theatre in Higher Education. They participate on the highest level in the programs of the American
College Theatre Festival and the Northwest Drama Conference. Students agree that theatre faculty members are teachers who
know the profession and professionals devoted to teaching.

For an introduction to the theatre faculty, visit
        W I LL A M ET TE                W   UNIVERSITY

What happens
 ,        
         
      .

         ecent graduates have gone on to programs at schools such as the
         National Theatre Conservatory at the Denver Center, the American
         Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, Columbia University, Brandeis
University, California Institute of the Arts, Asolo-Florida and U.C.L.A.

Graduates often begin their life after Willamette with internships at theatre
companies all over the country. They move on to act, design, direct, house man-
age and even form their own companies in New York, Chicago, San Francisco,
Portland and Seattle. Additionally, many of our graduates are involved in com-
mercial and film work. They teach theatre in middle schools, high schools and
colleges, including Arizona State, Oklahoma State and Forest Park College.

       
    .    
    ,   
 ,  ,  ,
                                         , 
                                            
                                         .

                                        No matter where they go or what they
                                        do, Willamette theatre graduates find
                                        that their education and production
                                        experience at the undergraduate level
                                        has truly prepared them for the chal-
                                        lenges they face and the rewards they

           Bodies in States of Motion
                                                                                                  Three Farces and a Funeral

What do our graduates say?
Alyssa Bradac ’04, intern, Shakespeare and Company Lennox, Mass.
“Willamette University Theatre provides encouragement to create and succeed as an artist, and the space and structure to
do it in. Ideas can come to fruition here. If you have the drive to create, this department will provide you with the tools and
flexibility to make your ideas a reality.”

Jessica DiSalvo ’04, currently pursuing an M.F.A. in Acting at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas
“Willamette Theatre is both a nurturing and demanding environment, one which is ideal for the growing, serious-minded
actor. Between having the rare opportunity to work extensively on and off-stage with guest artists and being challenged in
the classroom by a passionate and talented faculty, I was reminded every day of why I want to do this work in the first place.”

Rebekah Steinfeld ’04, Education Apprentice, George Street Playhouse, New Brunswick, N.J.
“I value my Willamette Theatre experience for both the supportive community and the challenges that it provided. Every
experience I was involved in, from classes to mainstage productions to student projects, forced me to think and inspired me
to learn. As a result, I grew as a theatre artist and an individual.”

Shana Cooper ’99, currently pursuing an M.F.A. in Directing at Yale School of Drama, New Haven, Conn.
“The Willamette University Theatre Department gave me the training, knowledge and practical experience to dive straight
into the world of professional theatre upon graduation. But perhaps more importantly, they gave me the support and space
to explore and develop my own voice and vision as an artist. I know of very few theatre programs in this entire country that
offer all of these vital components. I would go to Willamette again in a heartbeat.”
                                               Stage combat class in the quad.

    For more information
               on the Department of Theatre, professors and students,

                     You can also contact the Admission Office:
               503-370-6303, 1-877-LIBARTS,

For ticket information, please call the Theatre Department box office at 503-370-6221.

      For general information, contact the Theatre Department at 503-370-6222
                              or fax us at 503-370-6223.

     Incoming freshmen can apply for a theatre scholarship, renewable for four
    years, through an audition or a presentation of a design/technical portfolio in
    conjunction with their application for admission to the University. Audition/
                   interview dates are in early spring of each year.

       For specific dates and further information about theatre scholarships and
    application requirements, please call the Theatre Department at 503-370-6222.

                     WILLAMETTE UNIVERSITY
                              College of Liberal Arts
                               Office of Admission
                                  900 State Street, Salem, OR 97301
                      Toll free: 1-877-LIBARTS Facsimile: 503-375-5363

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