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									How to unlock Sonyericsson Spiro


If your Sonyericsson Spiro has a SIM lock on it, then it will prevent you from using the
mobile phone with any other cellular carriers.

Now there is no need to send your phone abroad or give it to some repair/unlock shop to
have it unlocked. You can do the unlock job yourself from your home, office or wherever
you like! Unlocking your phone by unlock code is 100% safe and absolutely no technical
knowledge required.

Once you have your unlock code, you can begin the unlocking steps below.

1 - Switch ON your phone without SIM Card,
2 - Press 1 time the left arrow,
3 - Press 2 times the button * ,
4 - Press 1 time the left arrow,
5 - The message "Personalize with MNC2" will appear,
6 - You can now enter the Unlock Code we send to you.

If your phone have a "JOGDIAL" (ex: Sonyericsson K700i) you must press "down arrow"
instead of "left arrow" for step 2 & 3. We mean by "Down Arrow" to direct the Jogdial

Where to get an Unlock Code?

The unlock code for your Sonyericsson can sometimes be obtained from your carrier
however some of them will flatly refuse, others will make you wait for a very long time
and some others will charge very high fees. Sometimes the unlock codes they supply
doesn't always work.

We sell unlock codes for your phone at very reasonable prices with a very much reduced
waiting time. All our codes are 100% guaranteed. Please have a look here for the
Sonyericsson Spiro. We sell codes for other Sonyericsson models from here.

You can contact us on shall you need further guidance.

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