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Cellular Phones


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                       Cellular Phones: Don't dial up distraction

                       Cellular phones can create a dangerous distraction on the road, or
                       they can be a life-saver in an emergency. It’s all a matter of how
                       you use them.

                       Let voice mail do your work

                       The safest choice is to turn your cellular phone off while driving.
                       It’s worth the extra cost to let your calls go to voice mail and
                       respond when you’re finished driving.

                       Let your passenger handle the call

                       If you’re expecting an important call and you’re driving with
                       somebody else, let your passenger answer the phone, or switch
                       places and let the other person drive.

                       Pull over, if you must answer the phone

Pull over to a safe place and stop before taking the call. Place your cellular phone where
you can easily reach it.

Hands-free is not risk-free

The speaker phone feature and headsets allow you to keep both hands on the steering
wheel, but they are not necessarily safe. Your conversation may still take your driving
concentration away from the road.

Never dial and drive

Never take your eyes off the road to dial a number. Pull over to a safe place to make the
call. Continue driving only after you have completed your call. Program frequently called
numbers into your phone’s speed dial so you can make a call easily when you pull over.

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