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                             PAIN MASTERY™, NuTRISPINE™, ANd MRS 2000                                                                                      THE PAIN MASTERY™ PROGRAM                                                          BEST OF THE BEST
                             World Class Care Your spine Can TrusT                                                                              Part of the strong patient relationships CSP builds lays the             CSP’s passion and commitment to high-quality relationships with
                                                                                                                                                groundwork for communicating how the body and the mind                   patients has garnered respect from their medical colleagues. Not
                                                                                                   By Pamela McCreary
                                                                                                                                                interconnect in every aspect of health. Life is fast-paced and we        only have over one hundred medical physicians and surgeons in
                                                                                                                                                are often hurried, whether at the drive-through or at the doctor’s       Colorado referred patients to The Center For Spine Pain®, but many
The Center For Spine Pain® has put the integrity in integrative        Hospital (Saskatoon, Saskatechewan), Steadman-Hawkins Clinic,            office. “The stresses are a pressure cooker that produce muscle          have also become patients themselves. “We’ve come a long way
chiropractic medicine, and is redefining pain relief with its highly   The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, and the University of Col-      and nerve tension with significant alterations in blood circulation.     in bridging the gap. Patients whose medical physician and chi-
effective, leading-edge solutions for spine pain, sports injuries,     orado Health Sciences Center.                                            Many people aren’t aware of how mind-body interaction with               ropractor are communicating professionally using the same lan-
and aches of all kinds. If you suffer from back or neck pain, head-                                                                             simple muscle tension is keeping them in pain,” Dr. Carmichael           guage have a huge advantage,” says Dr. Carmichael. “That means
aches, or pain in the muscles or joints, The Center For Spine Pain®    Recognized as leaders in their profession, the team at CSP frequent-     explains. How do you treat such tension? The specialists at CSP          our patients often receive the right treatment for their problem
(CSP) wants you to feel better FAST! “Our treatments are based         ly lectures at local, national and international medical and chiro-      take the time to discover and understand the complete picture.           months before they would find their way to the right care other-
on a very simple principle,” says Dr. Joel Carmichael, DC, who         practic symposia. They have presented clinical research and case         Dr. Carmichael explains what that means: “With chronic-pain pa-          wise—if at all. The medical physicians we work with have confi-
heads the staff at CSP. “We help people with all kinds of pain get     reports at national research conferences, and have contributed to        tients who’ve tried many things already we’ll discuss a variety of       dence in our knowledge and abilities. We’ve earned their trust.”
relief as fast as possible so they can get their lives back.”          the medical literature through publication of their work in peer-re-     issues related to pain to identify the root problem and deal with
                                                                       viewed journals. They educate physicians, chiropractors, and allied      it directly. In many chronic-pain patients the body is responding               JUNE IS GRAND OPENING MONTH FOR
CSP is one of the nation’s leading multidisciplinary pain re-          health professionals in state-of-the-art techniques and innovations      to trauma or injury, poor biomechanics or poor trunk strength.                    NEW HIGHLANDS RANCH CLINIC!
lief clinics. They integrate chiropractic care with sophisticated      in their areas of expertise in spine care and sports medicine.           Yet just as often the muscle tension that’s causing the pain is so
sports medicine protocols, acupuncture, massage, rehabilitation,                                                                                ingrained it requires an entirely different set of clinical skills—and   In celebration of CSP’s Highlands Ranch grand opening, Life read-
Graston Soft Tissue Therapy, Low Level Laser Therapy, DRX 9000                       THE HEART OF THE MATTER                                    the time necessary to listen and understand prior to developing          ers will receive a special all-inclusive new patient exam/treatment
spinal decompression, and new MRS 2000 technology.                                                                                              an effective treatment strategy.”                                        rate of $79. Also, make arrangements now to help Work Out The
                                                                       The reason for their involvement as educators and researchers is                                                                                  Father’s Day Links Kinks! Fathers whose thoughtful, informed
WORLD CLASS TEAM OFFERS WORLD CLASS CARE                               simple: it is part of the core, foundational elements of any health      Their commitment to excellence has resulted in their trade-              families mention this Life article will receive two massages for the
                                                                       care practice in pursuit of real excellence. The ultimate satisfac-      marked PAIN MASTERY™ program. An effective regimen of well-              price of one for all massage appointments booked prior to June 22
The provider team at CSP: Drs. Carmichael, Hang Nguyen, Craig          tion comes from truly caring about people, and improving the             researched treatment protocols, the PAIN MASTERY™ program                at the Denver Technological Center (DTC) clinic – 303-675-6560.
Kozak, Susan Ha, and Jon Seeman, include Doctors of Chiroprac-         quality of their lives. Dr. Carmichael is crystal clear in the vision    is unlike treatments for chronic pain found elsewhere. Drugs as
tic who are board certified in chiropractic sports medicine and        he, Dr. Nguyen, and their provider team bring to each patient en-        a central treatment strategy tend to perpetuate the use of more          CSP offers extended weekday clinic hours at both DTC and High-
chiropractic orthopedics. Leading the way in the chiropractic          counter: “We want to be the best in the world at just one thing:         drugs. Dr. Carmichael explains that the success of CSP’s program         lands Ranch locations, and after-hours emergency access. The
profession, they have completed up to three years of advanced          bringing rapid, lasting pain relief to people who are hurting in         is derived from a relaxed doctor-patient relationship that is ex-        Highlands Ranch office is located just off Lucent and Highlands
postgraduate residency training with some of the best physicians       the most friendly, genuinely caring way possible. We continue            pectantly positive. “And,” he adds, “We’re using new MRS 2000            Ranch Parkway and is easily accessible from all south /southwest
and spine surgeons in the country at some of the nation’s most         to grow toward this vision. It makes practice fun and challeng-          technology that promotes markedly enhanced sleep, muscle                 metropolitan suburbs, Castle Rock, Lakewood, Sedalia and Coni-
well-known hospitals, including Harvard Medical School, Barnes         ing, and keeps before us a clear sense of what’s most important:         relaxation, improved blood flow, balanced nerve function and a           fer. CSP’s DTC office is one block west of I-25 on Orchard, serving
Hospital in St. Louis, UCLA School of Medicine, Royal University       people and relationships.”                                               strong immune system. We’re seeing wonderful results.”                   patients from Boulder to Colorado Springs.
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                                                            Sports Injuries   Muscle Pain Insomnia
Professional athletes have access                           Chronic Fatigue Joint Pain Tennis Elbow
to the best of the best in health                                        Learn Pain
                                                            Foot Pain Shouldermore about the innovative and effective healthcare resources
care. When Lone Tree resident                                             available at The Center for Spine Pain®, including spine and sports
                                                                        injury rehabilitation, Acu-
                                                           World Class Chiropractic • Massage •massage therapy and acupuncture by visiting:
and professional football player
                                                           puncture • Spine and Sports Rehabilita-
Travis Kirschke experienced                                tion •
debilitating back pain after the                           Stress Reduction • Erchonia PL5 Low Level
                                                                       Life Magazine readers suffering with chronic pain can apply for admis-
2005 season as a defensive end                             Laser Therapy • MRS 2000 • Graston Soft
                                                                         sion to a special, invitation-only PAIN MASTERY™ Workshop hosted
                                                           Tissue Technique• NutriSpine™ Spinal De-
with the Pittsburg Steelers, he
                                                                        by fellow 9000™ • sufferer
                                                   compression featuring the DRXback painCustom and radio host, Tom Martino. Please visit
turned to The Center For Spine Pain® for help. “It               for more information on how to make the
wasn’t any one thing, just the wear and tear of                                      invite list and RSVP for this event!
playing football. My wife and my dad had readCall or visit for details!
the article last year in Lone Tree Life about the                       BACK OR NECK SURGERY not for you? Request information about the
DRX 9000 and the success the center was having.                         benefits of our NutriSpine™ spinal decompression program for herni-
I was willing to try anything to feel better and to                      ated discs, sciatica and degenerated discs at
keep playing football,” Kirschke says.
                                                                                   Pain relief is just a phone call away!
The results speak for themselves. Kirschke was                              Schedule your appointment today at 303-675-6560.
able to continue his career in professional foot-
ball and at the end of the 2006 season he was the
recipient of the Ed Block Courage Award.“The
team votes and gives that honor to the player who
                                                                              A surgeon told me they had done everything pos-
has overcome obstacles in their life. The treat-
                                                                              sible and the only thing left was back surgery ...
ment definitely made a difference and I can’t say
                                                                              I DID NOT WANT TO HAVE BACK SURGERY.
enough about the care I received. Everybody at
                                                                              Through CSP’s efforts and willingness to get me
The Center For Spine Pain® treated me well, and
                                                                              back to being a totally well person, I will not have
they all had the same goal: Help me feel better.”
                                                                              to face the possibility of back surgery!

                                                                              I also have Blepharospasm in my eyes. Instead
                                                                              of getting the Botox Injections that were recom-
                                                                              mended I chose to take some pills. During the
                                                                              first time on the MRS 2000 my eyes felt so dif-
                                                                              ferent, I could not believe it. I have not had to
                                                                              take any pills for at least three month now. I be-
                                                                              lieve this is just an added benefit from the MRS
                                                                              2000, because I sure didn’t think it would help
                                                                              my eyes, I was just coming for help with my back
                                                                              and leg. The MRS 2000 is just a miracle worker!

                                   Dr. Carmichael and his staff are dedicated health givers and
                                          “go the extra mile” to make sure patients are well cared for.

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