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					                              Our Mother of Consolation
                            CYO Registration & Payment Form
                           link CYO

Name of Athlete:            Birth date: Jan/           /            Grade:

Street Address:           School:
City:       State:            Zip:
Phone Number:              Religion:           Parish:

Mother’s/Guardian’s Name:

Father’s/Guardian’s Name:

Parent/Guardian email address:

please circle appropriate size
Athlete’s shirt size:            Adult         Small

Athlete’s short size:            Adult         Small

                                             Participation Fee
                     Discount for more than one sport only applies at Fall Registration

Please check each sport in which athlete wishes to participate
High School Sports: $50.00/ 1 sport                    $75.00/ 2 sports

    Basketball        Coed Volleyball

CYO Sports: $50.00/ 1 sport $75.00 / 2 sports                        $100.00/ 3 or more sports

    Basketball       Volleyball        Baseball / Softball           Track

                                         Payment Information
                                                     (office use)

Please make all checks payable to: OMC – CYO

Fee Paid:          Date Paid:            /       /           Check No:          Rec’d By:________

       Uniforms will not be distributed until your fees and paperwork have been received

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