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					Free employee performance evaluations

In every organization there has to be a policy of reviewing the performance of the
employees on regular basis in order to evaluate the proper execution of responsibilities
allotted to the employees as far as their work is concerned. Employee performance
reviews help us to understand the exact status of the employee, the areas of development,
what is expected of them by the company and it also helps them to develop an inter-
personal relationship with their supervisors or seniors.

Employee performance reviews are mostly done annually. The annual performance
reviews are vital. Organizations are distressed to find reasons as to why they are unable to
arrange an hour long session or meeting to understand whether or not the common needs
of the employees or the organizations are met. Employee performance reviews helps in
an honest interaction between the management and employees. The employee gets a clear
understanding as to what the organization expects from them, they understand their
achievements, personal strengths and drawbacks and are advised on the improvement of
their shortcomings, if any.

To have an employee performance review at least once in a year is very essential for an
organization as not doing it may demoralize the employees and may lead to decrease in
overall efficiency of the organization. It may spread a sense of disbelief about the
management amongst the employee.

To structure accurate employee performance reviews, conduct the following eight steps:

1. Program a legally approved employee performance reviews procedure. It should be job
related and a valid review, thoroughly analyzed, based on the performance and should be
standard for all the employees. It should not be biased and the review should be done by
people having domain expertise. There should be a process planned out for the employees
to approach their seniors if they feel that their work is not being justified in the appraisal
process. They should have all the freedom and levy to ask for recourse of the review.

2. A standard format of performance appraisals should be maintained for all the
employees. It should include all the necessary details of the employee including the
name, job description, specify the time period over which the employee performance is
evaluated, the attributes and dimensions including their responsibilities, job description,
the set goals and the required skills like communications, IT skills or administration, etc.
Provide place for rating system like poor/ average/ good/ excellent. It should have space
for overall opinion and suggestions and plans for improvements, duly signed by the
respected authority and the employee.

3. Have a standard schedule for the employee performance reviews, such as quarterly,
half yearly and then the final, yearly one.
4. Keep the employee informed about the scheduled performance review and its details.

5. Be open for suggestions from the employee regarding any work updates. Take written
inputs from him related to the appraisal.

6. The employee performance review should be strictly professional and evaluated by

7. It should include the total records of the role of the employee in the major
accomplishments of the goals of the company, have details description of their strengths,
plus and minuses and actions should be suggested for improvements, such as training and
development etc.

8. There should always be a two sided communication in a performance appraisal
meeting, the employee should be given a chance to speak about his achievements and
give his inputs. Feedbacks should be exchanged. Always end the meeting with a positive
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