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					          St. John’s United Church of Christ, Fullerton
             575 Grape Street, Whitehall, PA 18052
                   Church office: 610-264-8421
                           MAY 2007
For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he
withhold from those whose walk is blameless. Psalm 84:11
Dear Church Family,
                     I hope this newsletter finds you on a sunny day. For the last few days we
                     have had rain, rain, rain. The weather people tell us it was a Nor-Easter –
                     what ever that means. All I know is that basements are flooding, the rivers
                     are rising and our spirits seem to be sinking. We need SUN!
                    A bright sunny day makes all of us feel better – even when we are
                    physically sick. The sun seems to have a way of sending its rays right
                    through windows, our clothing, and into our very souls. A sunny day puts
us in a better frame of mind and it makes all the difference in our moods. The sun is a good
thing in our lives.
As I sit in my dreary office today I‟m thinking of all that is ahead for us. I hope that the sun will
come and things will begin to happen. Soon we will see the great beauty that nature bursts forth
– flowers, trees, children playing in their yards. Springtime also brings some events into our
lives such as the Mother-Daughter banquet, Penny Party, Car washes, church picnics, and
more. Spring is the season when we all want to head outside and take a walk, clean up our
yards and get ready for summer swim parties. Springtime is such a wonderful time of the year.
All this hinges on the sun showing up – doesn‟t it? We need the sun to brighten our spirits and
get us all out of doors. Right?
I wonder if I‟ve got it right. I strongly believe we do need the sun but I‟m wondering about my
spelling. Is it S-U-N or S-O-N? Which do we need more in our lives – that bright shiny thing in
the sky or the son of God?
First and foremost let us remember who can add all the sunshine needed for our daily lives –
the Son. We recently celebrated Easter and the joyful reason for Christian existence. The
knowledge of all that was done for us by Jesus Christ is ample reason to get over the fact that
each day will not always be filled with sunshine. Instead it can be filled with the Son‟s love. All
we need to do is invite him into our lives.
I hope you have a wonderful spring 2007! I hope the Son/Sun shines brightly in your life.
See you in church,

Rev. Dr. Becky J. Beckwith
Sr. Pastor
                                           PEOPLE PAGE

              BAPTISMS                            Dear Dr. Beckwith,
                                                  We have received and are grateful for the
Alexander Robert Bryant was baptized on           $445.50 in support of the Souper Bowl of
April 15th during the youth service. Alex‟s       Caring. Alleviating hunger is one of the
parents are Tara and Craig Bryant. Alex is        major focuses of the Lehigh County
the couple‟s first child. The Bryant family is    Conference of Churches… We are grateful
in our new member‟s group.                        for your support.
Upcoming baptism:                                        Ira Faro, Development Director
May 13th   Connor William Strauss
May 27th   Nathan Eugene Suggs
June 17th  Lucas Scott Giannotti
                                                  Dear Folks, I want to say thank you to all the
                                                  persons who helped me when I fell, Sunday,
                                                  March 25, 2007 carrying daffodils from the
    UPCOMING WEDDING                              altar. My arm is healing and should be A
                                                  OK in three more weeks.
May 5th Erin Scheirer & Todd Troxell                            Thank you so much,
                                                                Gene B. Dotterer

           THANK YOUS
                                                  St. John‟s UCC,
Dear Becky,                                       Thank you for the fresh flower bouquet.
Thank you for the visits, the cheer, the          It was lovely.         Your thoughtfulness
concerns, and the prayers.        To your         is appreciated.
congregation – thanks for the well wishes                 Susan Beitler, Whitehall Day Care
and prayers.                                             (Her mother passed away recently)
                Sincerely, Walter Ebling

                                                  Thank you so much to all of you who
Dear Pastor Becky and Congregation,               expressed your thoughts, your concerns and
Thank you for all the wonderful help that has     especially your prayers for my successful
been given to me over time. I would like our      surgery and recovery during my recent
gift (monetary) to be used to help support        hospitalization. I can‟t express enough how
other people in needy situations. For now,        grateful I am for this, as well as for all of
after a long and difficult period, we‟d like to   your cards, visits and phone calls. You
repay the blessings and give thanks and           made me feel that I was really in God‟s care
praise to God for a congregation with a           throughout.
Christ-like behavior! It is hard to be needy,
especially for so long. Love in Christ.                 Peace and blessings to all,
                                                        Jean Coombe

Hugh Vrablic, a member of St. John‟s, was
recently accepted into Moravian Theological
Seminary. Hugh leads the Sunday morning
Breakfast Club and directed the Maundy
Thursday service. Congratulations Hugh!

May 1       Mary Ellen & Bill Kukitz
May 2       Lee Ann & Robert Lopez
May 9       Faye & Earl Baylor
May 10      Lois & William Wasley, Sr.         MARK THESE DATES
         Donna & Christopher Baumann               ON YOUR
May 13      Robin & Kerry Dorney
May 14      Susan & Wilmer Miller                 CALENDAR
            Betty & Doran Hamann
            Darlene & Illes Nagy
            Christine & Peter Ruth                       May 6th –
May 16      Annamae & Robert Folk                   9:30 AM – 1:00 PM
            Rosemary & Bruce Hess              “All You Can Eat Breakfast”
May 17      Larissa & Glen Bruder
            Jill & George Williams                     May 10th
May 20      Barbara & Ned Bateman
            Stacy Broad & Thomas Craig
                                                  Hoagie Sale Pick Up
May 21      Nancy & Walter Ebling                 Flower Sale Pick Up
May 23      Ann & William Firman
            Eleanor & Earl Wuchter                May 19th – 1:00 PM
May 25      Candra & Ernest Zellner, Jr.             Penny Party
            Susan & John Weldner
May 27      Claire & Paul Knecht
            Marion & Vincent Kulhamer
                                               May 20th – 12:00 – 2:00 PM
May 28      Lucille & Gene Schock              Youth Car Wash/Bake Sale
May 30      Lisa & Alan Weiner
                                                  May 27th – 10:45 AM
                                                  Confirmation Sunday

          YOUTH NEWS                                   YOUTH UPCOMING
Youth At General Synod…. We are
pleased to announce that two of our Youth
will be joining Laurie from June 22nd thru      April
27th in Hartford, Connecticut for General       April 27th-28th:
Synod. We will be staying in the dorms at       Lock-In @ St. John‟s and Come to the Well
the University of Hartford. We will spend the
week getting to know Youth from around the      May
country, attending workshops, worship
                                                May 18th 6:00 -10:00
services and lots of other great activities.
We will also be spending the day at Peter‟s
                                                Dorney Park Outing
Retreat, a shared residence and support
                                                (Meet @ Dorney Park)
program for persons living with HIV/AIDS.
We will be doing maintenance and repairs of
                                                May 20th:
the facility. We will be having fundraisers
                                                Car Wash & Bake Sale
throughout the next couple of months to help
                                                12:00 – 2:00 p.m.
defray the cost of the trip. The cost for
each person attending is $500; if you feel
                                                ***All Youth in 7th thru 12th grade as well as
a call to sponsor a Youth for this
                                                friends are always welcome!
awesome experience please see Laurie
                                                May 27TH: Confirmation

                                                June 3rd: Sunday School Breakfast
                                                Church Picnic---2nd Annual True Faith Talent
                          Well, the Youth       Show
                          Group has an
                          answer to your        June 10th: Summer Sunday School Begins
                          dilemma!!      The
                          Youth will be         June 22-26th Youth to General Synod
                          holding a Car
                          Wash/ Bake Sale
on Sunday May 20th from 12-2:00 p.m. (Rain
date June 10th) Come and get that car                    YOUTH SUNDAY
sparkly clean and pick-up dessert all in one
stop! See ya then!!!                            On April 25th we held our first Youth Sunday
                                                services during the 8:15 & 10:45 services.
***All proceeds from the fundraisers will go    The Confirmation class did an awesome job
towards the Youth at General Synod and our      of planning and presenting the entirety of
year-end trip to Dorney Park!***                both services. Thank you also to the
                                                Preschool thru 1st grade and 2nd thru 6th
                                                grade classes for singing during the
                                                services. Also, a big thank-you to Lauren
                                                Williams for doing a great job playing the
                                                Prelude for us. All of the Youth worked very
                                                hard and we are so proud of each one of

                    CHRISTIAN EDUCATION NEWS
       SUNDAY SCHOOL                                    SUMMER SUNDAY
          MISSIONS                                     SCHOOL TEACHERS
For the months of April & May, the Sunday
School classes will be collecting baby items
                                                  Before you know it, the kids will be out of
to make baby kits for Church World
                                                  school and summer will be here! Since the
                      Services.         Each
                                                  summer is creeping up quickly, it is again
                      Sunday school class
                                                  time to think about our
                      is    asked    to    be
                                                  Summer Sunday School
                      responsible          for
                                                  program here at St. John‟s.
                      bringing in a certain
                                                  Each Sunday beginning
                      item for the kits.
                                                  June 10th will once again
                      Please      have      all
                                                  have a multi-age Sunday
                      donations turned into
                                                  School class for Preschool thru 6th grade
your child‟s teacher by May 27th. The class
                                                  children. We are in need of a few people
assignments are as follows.
                                                  looking to share their faith with our children,
Preschool: Receiving or knitted blankets
                                                  by team teaching with one other person just
K-1st Grade: Gowns or Sleepers
                                                  one Sunday out of the summer.
2nd thru 3rd Grade: A sweater or sweatshirt
4th thru 5th Grade: Under shirts
                                                  We will be using our regular curriculum
6th Grade: Cloth diapers & diaper pins
                                                  Seasons of the Spirit; the multiage version,
Confirmation: Washcloths
                                                  so all of the lessons are mapped out for you.
Adult Classes: Cloth diapers & diaper pins
                                                  Our Summer Sunday School Program is
Thank you so much for helping us to instill in
                                                  held after the children‟s message each
our children the importance of reaching out
and helping the community!
                                                  If you are interested, please see Laurie
                                                  Morgan for more information or to be added
MARK YOUR CALENDARS!                              to the schedule. Thanks so much!!!

June 3rd: Last day of regular Sunday
School---Year end Breakfast 9:30 a.m. in               PNEC CONFERENCE
Fox Hall                                                OPPURTUNITIES
June 10th: 1st day of Summer Sunday                          PNECommUnity Camp
School                                                      “SURFIN THE SEASONS
                                                               Camp Mensch Mill
July 9th thru 13th: Vacation Bible School         A Christian retreat experience for children
                                                  who have completed 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th
July    15th:    Vacation    Bible    School      grades; for teen mentors 16-19 and for adult
presentation during the church service.           counselors.
                                                  Sunday, August 5th @ 6:00 p.m. thru Friday,
                                                  August 10th @ 7:00 p.m.
                                                  Cost: $240.00 per camper
                                                  Plan your summer now…register your
                                                  children for PNECommUNITY Camp!
                                             5    Please see Laurie Morgan for registration.
                        MAY & UPCOMING EVENTS

      HOLY COMMUNION                                SPRING 2007 Luncheon
                                                     “Celebrating the Days of Our Lives”
Holy Communion has become a first of the
month occurrence at St. John‟s. With that in      Everyone is invited to attend a luncheon at
mind, we felt it important to tell you of the     Phoebe Terrace Dining Room, 1940 Turner
                      upcoming change.            Street, Allentown on Wednesday, May 16th.
                                                  Lunch begins at 11:45 a.m. The cost for the
                        Holy Communion will       luncheon is $12.00 per person. Pamela
                        be served on May 6th      Varkony, Founder of Power of Women and
                        and May 27th. The 6th     Commentator for The Morning Call will be
                        is the first of the       featured.      To register, or for more
                        month and the 27th is     information,     please    contact  Phoebe
                        confirmation.   Holy      Ministries, Institutional Advancement Office
                        Communion will not        at 610-794-5132. A flyer is posted on the
be served on June 3rd. We will then go back       bulletin board.
to regular first of the month communion on
July 1st.
                                                            PENNY PARTY
    ALL YOU CAN EAT                               The Penny Party will be held on Saturday,
                                                  May 19th. We need volunteers and 400
  BREAKFAST – MAY 6TH                             items (canned vegetables, fruit, soda,
                                                  cleaning products, paper products) or any
A Breakfast buffet will be held on Sunday,        item that will fit on a tray.
May 6th from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Cost –
Adults $6.00; Children $3.00; 3 and under –       Tickets are $1.00 and doors open at noon.
Free. See any Kitchen Krew member to              The Penny Party starts at 1:00 p.m. Food
purchase your tickets.                            will be available.

                                                  There will be a box in the rear of the
         MOTHER’S DAY                             sanctuary for donations. Contact Nancy or
                                                  Bob Weaver 610-264-7202 or the church
                    Mother‟s Day is on May        office 610-264-8421.
                    13th. It will be another
                    special time in worship.
                    Both services we will be       PHOEBE HOME WORSHIP
                    remembering        women
                    and celebrating the joy       On Sunday, May 20th, St. John‟s UCC,
                    they have brought to our      Fullerton will be leading the afternoon
                    lives. Make it a special      worship at Phoebe Home at 2:00 p.m.
day in your family – bring that special lady to   Pastor Becky has been asked to preach and
church so we can honor her.                       Gail Hanzl will lead the music portion.

                                                  Phoebe Home is a United Church of Christ
                                                  facility. Two of our members are currently
                                                  living at Phoebe Home in Allentown.
         CONFIRMATION                                    PET BLESSINGS
May 27th at the 10:45 a.m. service we will be   Pet What???? Pet blessings are a way to
confirming the faith of nine individuals –      both give God thanks for those special
pending successful completion of the            critters in our lives and to also offer our
                          program. This is      beloved pets a blessing.
                          an exciting time in
                          the life of our       Pastor Becky offered every-other-year pet
                          youth and also an     blessings in her former parish and she has
                          exciting time in      been requested
                          the life of the       to start them
                          church.               here.

                          The class being       June 10th at 1:00
                          confirmed      has    p.m. we will be
                          completed      two    having a service
years of confirmation learnings.        Sue     in our gazebo
Weldner teaches them on Sunday mornings         area. Please bring along a lawn chair, an
and Pastor Becky meets with them for an         open mind and a pet. We will be singing,
hour and a half, twice a month during the       praying, blessing, following some liturgy and
week. They are also asked to participate in     having a “pet procession.”
youth group events. We saw what a great
job they did recently leading worship for us    You are responsible for your pet. If there is
on April 15th.                                  a mess – it is all yours! If your pet is not
                                                friendly, you will need to make sure he or
Please support our youth by attending this      she behaves. An important rule is “don‟t bite
service. The next newsletter will include       or spit at the pastor!” We don‟t worry about
their names and interests.                      barking, meowing, mooing etc.

                                                This is a fun, yet great way to celebrate
        CHURCH PICNIC                           God‟s wonderful creatures.

                    The church picnic is        You don‟t need a pet to join us!
                    being planned. Please
                    mark your calendars for
                    June 3rd from 12:00
                    noon – 5:00 PM. There                   GERANIUMS
will again be a Talent Show at the picnic!!
Watch your bulletin and June newsletter for
                                                There is an order form in this newsletter if
more details.
                                                you would like to order geraniums for display
                                                on Pentecost/Confirmation Sunday. The
                                                cost per plant is $3.00. The deadline to
     SUMMER SERVICES                            order is Sunday, May 13th.

We have again decided to have one worship
service throughout the summer.        Our
services each Sunday will be at 9:15 a.m.
The summer service begins on June 10th.

   UCC GENERAL SYNOD                             ASSOCIATE PASTORAL
The 26th General Synod of the United
                                                    SEARCH TEAM
Church of Christ is going to be a special
                                               A Search Team was
occurrence. We are 50 years old! The
                                               appointed          by
synod will be held in Hartford, Connecticut
                                               Consistory.      The
from June 22 through the 26th. The theme is
                                               team consists of
“Let it Shine! The UCC at 50 years.”
                                               Kathy          Kaintz
                                               (Chairperson), Larry
Many special events will be featured during
                                               Albright,        Don
this time. There will be mission projects,
                                               Foellner,      Kathy
youth gatherings, synod in the city.
                                               Nelson, Mary Jane
                          Opportunities to
                                               Ott, Bob Scheirer and Patty Schaffer.
                          learn about our
                          denomination will
                                               If you have any questions on this exciting
                          be         readily
                                               new step, speak with a team member.
                                               And . . . watch bulletins and newsletters for
                                               the next steps.
                          Each of the UCC
                          39 conferences is
                          invited to send a
                          delegation     to
                          attend the synod.
                          This year the         NEWSLETTER DEADLINE
                          Penn Northeast
Conference has lined up two buses to           The newsletter deadline to have articles into
attend. We have elected delegates but the      the church office for our June newsletter will
synod also welcomes visitors.                  be Sunday, May 13th. The newsletter will be
                                               assembled on May 22nd.
The elected PNEC Moderator for this year is
our Pastor Becky. She will be a leader at
the synod. Also attending from St. John‟s
are two of our youth and Laurie Morgan who
will be with the youth delegation.

We ask that you pray for the UCC and our
future. May God speak clearly to us!

Will you be graduating this year or have you
recently graduated??? If so, let the church
office know. We want to put the information
in the next newsletter so we can share your
exciting news with others.

                             MUSIC NOTES
                                The church library has received a book called
                                “Then Sings My Soul”, by Robert J. Morgan. It
                                contains stories of 150 hymns. The book was
                                given to St. John‟s by member, Paul Geissinger,
                                Jr., and we thank him for his contribution to the

                              Paging through the book, I was intrigued by the
                              story of the hymn, “I‟ll Fly Away”. It was written by
Albert E. Brumley, who was born on a cotton farm in Oklahoma, in 1905.

As Brumley worked in the cotton fields, he sang a sad ballad, made popular by
radio, called “If I Had the Wings of an Angel”, which said:
                          Now if I had the wings of an angel,
                          Over these prison walls I would fly,
                          I‟d fly to the arms of my poor darling,
                          And there I‟d be willing to die.

As he sang this song, the idea of flying away from the cotton fields seemed
appealing. He composed “I‟ll Fly Away” on the spot.

“I‟ll Fly Away” expresses Brumley‟s personal hope of eternal life through Jesus. It
was just one of a number of gospel songs he wrote and stashed away in drawers
and boxes, unpublished.

While teaching a singing school in Missouri, Brumley married Goldie Schell; and
with her encouragement, he mailed “I‟ll Fly Away” to the Hartford Music company.
In 1932, the hymn was published and Hartford hired Brumley for $12.50 a month.
His next 34 years was spent writing for the Hartford companies before he formed
the Albert E. Brumley and Sons Music Company. He composed over 800 songs
and became a well respected name in the development of twentieth-century
Southern gospel music.

“I‟ll Fly Away” is hymn number 595 in the “New Century Hymnal”. Read the words
to the hymn when you are in church, for now you know the story.



   HOLY WEEK & EASTER                                   NEW MEMBERS
        SERVICES                               Wow! This is an exciting time here at St.
                                               John‟s. We have 20 adults and 12 children
Holy Week was a very special time here at      who are joining with the church. They are a
St. John‟s. We give many thanks to those       gifted group of individuals who are looking
who participated in the Maundy Thursday        forward to becoming active at St. John‟s.
and Good Friday services. The Maundy           The new members will be uniting with us at
Thursday reenactment of the Last Supper        the 10:45 a.m. service on April 29th. The
was directed by Hugh Vrablic.                  next newsletter will feature these new
Good Friday was a deeply moving event that
touched many within our congregation. Both
of the services were well attended with more
than 150 individuals at each service.               NOTES FROM YOUR
Easter was also a hopping day! Three
services, a breakfast, lots of music and       March was a busy „bill paying‟ month! My
celebration took place as we celebrated the    report indicates that our
empty tomb. Almost 500 worshippers came        General Fund is
together to honor our risen Christ!            -$50,343.84 (Note #6).
                                               Please see the Balance
                                               Sheet located in this
      PRAYER CANDLES                           newsletter to refer to the
                                               items listed in this article.
Prayers of Compassion lined our sanctuary      A couple of factors have
windows during Lent. Everyone was invited      caused this large change. The month of
to light a candle as prayer for some one or    March required that some of our larger bills
                      some situation.          be paid; as well as, three employee payrolls.
                                               Also, we were under our budgeted income
                      At first some were       by $4,388.12 and over our budgeted
                      hesitant.   Soon the     expenses by $14,234.56.
                      idea was embraced.       April will bring some positive numbers! The
                      Now       many    are    month of April has 5 Sundays, including
disappointed that the candles are gone.        Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Also, our
                                               total assets, compared with last March,
Because so many requests came in to keep       reflect a $10,030.07 increase (Note #3). We
the candles, the Worship & Music               are not „fund less‟, but I do suggest that our
Committee has placed this upon their           top priority should be focusing on how to
upcoming agenda.    We will keep you           offer more towards our Current Operating
posted!                                        Expenses.
                                               Thank you and God Bless,
                                               Kristen Riedy
    NEW SIGN UP SHEET                                  MILLER-KEYSTONE
  Do you want to decide when you will                   BLOOD CENTER

                  Here is your chance to         Thank you to the
                  decide which Sundays           following people who
                  you will usher. A              donated blood in the
                  convenient sign up sheet       month of March:
                  is posted in the back of       Ronald Glass, Brian
                  the sanctuary. You can         Fisher, Luther Smilth and Betty Millham.
                  sign up to usher when you
                  would like to usher.

It has been difficult making phone calls and      NEWSLETTER MAILINGS
getting callbacks. Last year the Worship
and Music Committee decided to schedule
                                                 Was your April newsletter late?       Many
those who agreed to usher and sent a letter.
                                                                newsletters did not arrive
Some of the weeks did not work. We came
                                                                in our members homes
up with this compromise. If you would like to
                                                                until mid April.         Our
schedule your own time to usher please sign
                                                                Publication‟s     Committee
up in the back of the sanctuary.
                                                                has been in contact with
                                                                the Post Office to find
                                                                ways to remedy this
    WE NEED USHERS,                              situation. The newsletters were mailed
                                                 March 26! We are sorry if yours was late.
      GREETERS, &
Our service to God takes so many different
shapes and forms. Helping to lead worship
is an important way to serve. If you would       CONSISTORY HIGHLIGHTS
like to be a scripture reader please call Mary
Jane Ott (610-434-9732). She will gladly                The January and February
schedule you for the service time of your                Treasurer‟s reports and Financial
choice.                                                  Secretary‟s reports were reviewed
                                                         and approved.
Would you help with ushering? Sharon
Foellner (610-767-1686) has been gathering              Motion made to use AD Computer
names to help usher at both services.                    for payroll outsourcing.
Please let her know your interest.
                                                        Motion made to proceed with
Would you like to be a greeter at the door on            preparation for an
Sunday morning? Then call Suzie Fahringer                Associate/Assistant Pastor here at
(610-264-5234) if you would like to help at              St. John‟s UCC, Fullerton.
8:15    a.m.     and     Ruth      Christman
(610-264-3450) if you would like to help at
10:45 a.m.

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT FOR                                       ST. JOHN’S UCC
      YOUR USE                                            SOFTBALL SCHEDULE
Many of you may not be aware of the fact that
our church has an inventory of durable              Come out and support our team. Listed
medical equipment for the use of anyone in          below are the dates of the upcoming games.
our congregation if the need should arise.          5/6    St. John‟s vs. Good Shepherd
There is no charge to you for the use of this              Slatington            Field C
equipment. All you need to do is call Bob           5/13   St. John‟s vs. Hope Lutheran
Coombe @ (610) 264-9316, if you have a                     Cherryville           Field B
need for any item that we have in stock, or call    5/20   St. John‟s vs. St. Elizabeth Whitehall
                   the church office and                                         Field B
                   Susan will put you in            5/27   NO GAME
                   contact with me.                 6/3    St. John‟s vs. Faith Lutheran
                   I will then meet you at the             Whitehall             Field A
                   church and check out the         6/10   St. John‟s vs. Union Evangelical
                   needed item to you, or if               Neffs                 Field C
                   this is not convenient, I will   6/17   St. John‟s vs. Good Shepherd
                   arrange to deliver it to your           Slatington            Field C
                   home.                            6/24   St. John‟s vs. Hope Lutheran
                   I will assist you in the                Cherryville           Field A
operation of the equipment, and if necessary,       7/1    St. John‟s vs. St. Elizabeth Whitehall
set it up for you.                                                               Field A
                                                    7/8    St. John‟s vs. Faith Lutheran
All equipment will be maintained in a clean
                                                           Whitehall             Field B
condition, and stored at the church.
                                                    7/15   St. John‟s vs. Union Evangelical
Currently we have:                                         Neffs                 Field C
4 pairs of wooden crutches                          7/22   St. John‟s vs. Good Shepherd
1 pair of aluminum adjustable crutches                     Slatington            Field A
4 aluminum folding walkers                          7/29   St. John‟s vs. Hope Lutheran
1 aluminum folding walker with wheels and                  Cherryville           Field C
tray                                                8/5    St. John‟s vs. St. Elizabeth Whitehall
2 aluminum non-folding walkers                                                   Field B
1 aluminum adjustable cane
1 four prong aluminum cane                          8/11-12 Tournament – All day vs. all teams
1 toilet frame with seat & chute (out 3/1)
                                                    Field A – North Whitehall (Field #1) North on
1 safety toilet frame with seat
                                                    Mauch Chunk Rd., turn west onto Levans
1 bath bench with back (out 3/1)
                                                    Road at red light by elementary school, turn
2 wheel chairs (folding for transport), 1 with
                                                    left into drive of N. Whitehall Twsp. Bldg., field
foot rests
                                                    closest to road (hardball field)
If anyone has any medical equipment out for         Field B – North Whitehall (Field #2) same as
use at this time, please contact me with the        above, field by basketball courts
status of this item; or if anyone has any           Field C – Kolapecha Park (Field #3) North on
equipment which you have purchased in the           Mauch Chunk Rd., turn west onto Levans
past, and no longer are in need of, your            Road at red light by elementary school. Turn
donation of this item to the church inventory       right onto Maple Street. At end of road turn
will be greatly appreciated!                        right onto Coffeetown Road. Turn right into
Thank you,                                          new sports complex.            Field closest to
Bob Coombe                                          playground.
                                                    Any questions call Don Schneck
                   MAY 2007
May 6th – 8:15 and 10:45 AM              May 27th – 8:15 and 10:45 AM
Fifth Sunday of Easter                   Pentecost/Holy Communion
Holy Communion                           /Confirmation (10:45 AM)
Scriptures:                              Scriptures:
Acts 11:1-18                             Acts 2:1-21
Psalm 148                                Psalm 104:24-34, 35b
                                         Romans 8:14-17
Hymns:                                   John 14:8-17 (25-27)
To You, O God, All Creatures Sing
Spirit of The Living God                 Hymns:
Help Us Accept Each Other                Let Every Christian Pray
                                         Breathe On Me, Breath of God
May 13th – 8:15 and 10:45 AM             Child of Blessing, Child of Promise
Sixth Sunday of Easter                   Spirit, Spirit of Gentleness
Festival of the Christian Home

Acts 16:9-15
John 14:23-29

Your Love, O God, Has Called Us
Every Time I Feel The Spirit
Glorious Things of You Are Spoken

May 20th – 8:15 and 10:45 AM
Ascension Sunday

Acts 16:16-34
Luke 24:44-53

Christ Is Made The Sure Foundation
O For A World
Some Glad Morning
                    WORSHIP PARTICIPANTS –
                  8:15 AM & 10:45 AM SERVICES
May 6th – 8:15 AM                              May 6th – 10:45 AM
Elders: Kathy Nelson, Bob Weaver               Greeter: Jo Ellen Wexler
Ushers: Head Usher – Donald Foellner,          Scripture Reader: Eleanor Wuchter
Kathy Kaintz, Sharon Foellner, Dick            Acolytes: Amy Conrad & Alex Peters
Fahringer, Susan Rarich, Gary Madaus,
Lynda Marks, Linda Apple
Greeters: Dick & Suzie Fahringer
Scripture Reader: Ellen Eichman
Acolytes:                                      May 13th – 10:45 AM
Christina Harrison & Zachary Young             Ushers: Head Usher – Donald Downing,
                                               Shirley Downing, LeeAnn Lopez, Bonnie
May 13th – 8:15 AM                             Greeter: Nancy Bowman
Ushers: Head Usher – Richard Knerr,
Carol Knerr, Nancy Smith, Luther Smith         Scripture Reader: Nancy Bowman
Greeters:      Jean    Heffelfinger &   Dale   Acolyte: Marissa Wexler
Scripture Reader: Sue Weldner
Acolyte:    Dan Buss                           May 20th – 10:45 AM
                                               Ushers: Head Usher – Terry Brokenshire,
                                               Gina Brokenshire, JoAnn Sutter,
                                               Kim Devers
May 20th – 8:15 AM                             Greeter: Doris Smith
Ushers: Head Usher – Bill Wasley, Keith
Held, Donna Held, Cindy Reck                   Scripture Reader: Mary Jane Ott
Greeters: Jim and Mary Lou Tretter             Acolyte: Robert VanLieu
Scripture Reader: Evelyn Broad
Acolyte: Emily Heydt
                                               May 27th – 10:45 AM
                                               Greeters: Sally Gibson & Bonnie Cocivera

                                               Scripture Reader: Linda Powell
May 27 – 8:15 AM
Greeter: Lynda Marks                           Acolyte: Kyle Piskula

Scripture Reader: Brian Brensinger             Altar Guild:
                                               8:15 AM – Nancy Weaver, Linda Apple
Acolyte: Jenna Bruder                          10:45 AM Gladys Comfort, Betty Hamann,
                                               Renee Spielman

April 1st – 10:45 AM
Ushers: Head Usher – Tim Christman, Karen Christman, Ron Christman, Tammy Christman

Greeter: Shirley Abel

Scripture Reader: Paul Geissinger, Jr.

Acolyte: Curtis Christman

April 8th - 10:45 AM

Elders: Ron Glass

Ushers: Head Usher – JoAnne Sutter, Brent Nailor, JoEllen Wexler, William Meckes, Pat
Harrigle, Terry Brokenshire,
Tom Gersbach, Doris Smith

Greeter: Barbara Marinkovits

Scripture Reader: Noreen Miller

Acolyte: T. J. Brokenshire & Marissa Wexler

April 15th – 8:15 AM
Youth Sunday

Ushers: Richard & Stephanie Conrad and Youth

Greeters: Youth

Scripture Reader: Youth

Acolyte: Steven Snyder

April 22nd – 10:45 AM

Ushers: Head Usher – Doris Smith,
Beth Neitz, Eugene Gallagher, Barbara Thomas
Greeters: Beverly Peters

Scripture Reader: Kim Devers

Acolyte: Kaitlyn Hanzl

April 29th – 10:45 AM

Ushers: Head Usher – Kristen Riedy, Ellen Eichman, Laurie Morgan, Renee Spielman

Greeters: Ellen Eichman & Rachael Eichman

Scripture Reader: William Meckes

Acolyte: Myles Silfies

Altar Guild: JoAnn Sutter, Faye Baylor, Sallie Everett

         St. John’s United Church of Christ, Fullerton
           575 Grape Street, Whitehall, PA 18052
                Church Office 610-264-8421
                    Fax No. 610-264-4300

       Rev. Dr. Becky J. Beckwith’s email
 Susan Kuder, Office Administrator’s email
           Laurie Morgan, Director of Christian Ed. & Youth’s email
                          Church Office Hours
                   Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
        (Will be closed ½ hour for lunch)
                  Worship Services
              8:15 a.m. and 10:45 a.m.
             Sunday School – 9:30 a.m.

              Pastor: Rev. Dr. Becky J. Beckwith
             Pastor Emeritus: Rev. Aaron W. Fox
             Director of Music: Mrs. Gail Hanzl
                  Pianist: Mrs. Emilie Moyer
           Office Administrator: Mrs. Susan Kuder
Director of Christian Education & Youth: Mrs. Laurie Morgan
   Sexton/Custodian: Mr. Bill Kern and Mr. Scott Weaver

                     CHURCH OFFICERS
                 President: Ms. Kathy Nelson
             Vice President: Mr. Robert Scheirer
                Treasurer: Mrs. Kristen Riedy
   Financial Secretaries: Mr. & Mrs. Tom & Emilie Moyer
St. John’ s UCC, Fullerton    Non-Profit Org.
575 Grape Street              U. S. Postage Paid
Whitehall, PA 18052-5245      Whitehall, PA 18052
                              Permit No. 8

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