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Anticipation Guide Web Resources


									      Anticipation Guide – Web Resources
                      True or False

1. New Jersey standards, activities, and power point
   presentations may be found within EACH of the fifteen
   (15) historical categories/units of study found within
   Cicero – Teaching Beyond the Textbook.

2. Instructional videos may be accessed directly from Cicero
   for immediate classroom use and may serve as an
   overview and/or introduction to specific historical time

3. The American Institute for History Education grant
   fellowship web site allows access to ALL A.I.H.E. Teaching
   American History grants from around the country,
   including best practice lesson plans.

4. A.I.H.E. TV is a program designed for history teachers,
   students, and history buffs that may be accessed free of
   charge from Teacher Tube.

5. Talking History presents monthly professional
   development opportunities on a variety of history topics
   and also includes live video feeds to encourage viewers to
   become interactive with featured historians.

6. The New Jersey Amistad curriculum web site provides
   twelve (12) units of study and activities designed to
   mirror New Jersey C.C.C.S. in social studies.

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