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									Is Your Marriage In Trouble The Answer Inside

Is your marriage in trouble? This is a question that many people ask
themselves, and the answer, unfortunately, tends to be yes. More than
half of all marriages end in divorce, so the odds are already against
you. But finding out if you have a marriage in trouble early can be the
key to fixing the relationship before it falls apart.

A marriage in trouble can be saved, but you need to be willing to ask the
hard questions and do the work necessary to make it work. The earlier you
can figure out that something is going wrong, the easier it is going to
be to fix it. The key is you need to know the warning signs.

Warning Sign Number One: Lack of Communication

This is usually one of the earliest signs of a marriage in trouble.
People stop talking, which just leads to problems festering beneath the
surface. If it seems like your spouse or you just aren’t interested in
talking, then this is a sign of trouble ahead.

Warning Sign Number Two: Less Time Spent Together

When a relationship starts going bad, people start to pull apart. They
will start finding more and more reasons to be anywhere other than home
with their spouse. If you realize that your partner is spending lots of
time away without much of an excuse, then this too could be a sign of

Warning Sign Number Three: Less Physical Intimacy

If your spouse seems to be losing interest in sex, this is a big sign
that something could be going wrong. There can be other reasons for this,
but a sudden decrease in sexual interest is not something you should take

Warning Sign Number Four: Lack of Respect

When you have a marriage in trouble, you may notice that your spouse
seems to have lost all respect for you. They don’t take your problems
seriously, and they don’t seem to care when they’ve hurt you. Mutual
respect is key to any relationship, but especially marriage, so this is a
sign you really need to keep an eye on.

Warning Sign Number Five: Apathy

You’ve stopped fighting. Your spouse isn’t arguing with you anymore. This
may seem like a good thing, but you need to determine whether or not
you’ve stopped fighting because the problems are solved or because your
spouse has just given up. If it’s the latter, this is a bad sign. It
means your partner no longer cares, and has disengaged from the
relationship. This is one of the worst signs of a marriage in trouble.

Once you’ve figured out that you have a marriage in trouble, then what?
Well, then you need to start the process of finding and fixing whatever
it was that brought you to this point. It’s not going to be easy, for
most of us, but it can be done with the right plan.

Fortunately, there are many good, effective guides and systems out there
to show you the steps you need to take to fix things. You just need to
find the right one to save your marriage in trouble.

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